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This can be used to inject files into VBF archives without having to fully rebuild them:

its made for FFXII TZA but should work with FFX HD.

good luck, I don't think many people are still interested in modding this game, other than texture mods.

What FFX needs right now is a way to mod the files without having to rebuild the entire 20 gb vbf file every time, that takes way too long and makes testing almost impossible.

I agree. But its hard to do if you don't have the sourcecode of the game to tell the ressourcemanager to load the files outside of the vbf file.

General Discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-31 06:25:06 »
The PS2 version had some kind of character table where you could swap out characters.
not sure if this applies to the HD remaster, I haven't tried it.
But since gamelogic and everything is the same I guess it might still have it.

For the filename, I don't know, but I had the memory adress and LBA adress in the iso.

General Discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-16 20:17:54 »
it just lets you replace DDS textures without having to rebuild the .phyre or .vbf containers.
you just need to put the DDS files in the inject folder.

General Discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-16 15:45:35 »
its not that this is a full price game   :roll:
And it was on sale recently as well.

General Discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-15 20:37:52 »
now we just need a tool that does this so anyone can make their texture mods.
using an hexeditor just takes too much time.

General Discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-15 17:55:48 »
Look on nexusmods there are a couple mods up for FFX.

Those are all texture replacements that require UNX. There is nothing so far that does more than this.
Nobody managed to rebuild .dds.phyre or dae.phyre files yet so there are no mods that work natively.
modding would of been a lot easier if you wouldn't have to rebuild a 20+GB vbf file all the time,
if someone can reverse engineer the ressource management and change it so the game takes the files outside of the vbf that would be perfect.

Also. About Kaldaien,
He says that 60fps breaks the ressource management and you get infinite loading screens.
He recently lifted the fps cap in loading screens so without vsync it goes up to 300+fps and there doesn't seem to be an issue with that.
But it instantly falls back to 30fps when everything is loaded, like before you get to the next map.
So it sounds a little bit odd if you think about his previous statement with the infinite loading screens when the framerate is higher than 30....
He also hasn't even bothered implementing an experimental 60fps hack for the modders or people that just want to mess around, even though he said he did manage to get 60fps or even more.

The other person who tried getting 60fps, Naxshe or something like that, never released anything.
He removed the video he made on youtube and nobody ever heard from his 60fps hack ever again.

And I don't know if there is someone else who worked on this, I haven't seen anything.
It's like people don't even try. Wheres all the 1337 modders and hackers? people just forget about this game because its 16 years old.

Modders also never really had an eye on the PS2 version because of the weird hidden filesystem Square was using.
there was no working tool that was able to rebuild the ISO properly. I've tried several tools but none of them worked.
A person that would of been able to do it was Yaz0r, but he had no interest in rebuilding the ISO.

Support / Re: [FF9 PC] Re-mastered music
« on: 2017-07-23 21:27:56 »
I'm trying to make my own music mod for the Steam version of FFIX using Hade's Workshop to import assets.
My only struggle is the AKB header, is there a way to reconstruct or generate them and automatically add them to the BGM file you want to add?
right now I only see a way to do this manually with an hex editor, but that's gonna be a bit of a tedious work to do this with 100+ files.

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