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awesome mod <3
quick question, in some bosses you literally mod the AI? using some program?

You edited every encounter in the game?

How the draw works now? already draw 100 magics or something linke that?  :evil:

Yeah i have being trying alot of cameras, but in the end the magic still getting the original way to show  :x

Gameplay Modding / FF8 PC/Steam - Apocalypse camera issue
« on: 2018-08-13 14:42:06 »
Quick question, why the magic apocalypse always bug the battle scene camera after finished? The angle is always bottom to top, and against the final Ultimecia the angle its ok? Its possbile to fix that to normal battles?

I was just playing now and in the middle of the battle the game pause and the PAUSE button and the SELECT button doesn´t work anymore O_o
I changed the buttons foor other and again the SELECT and PAUSE dont work, the menu button and cancel button are fine
im playing on the keyboard and untill i get into the game everything work, when i load the save game....

Ok then XD now i get it, in ifrit i know how to change the AI to in this case hit all party (you need do change the number stats 201,202,203 for 204) but when you do that in IFRIT, some bug will happen in the battle, some grafics will be messy or something like that =/ for ex:

Edea woulnd´t appear, Seifer gunblade will turn into a green line, Diablos magic animation will crash.

Wow a awesome and complete info there XD
Well let me understand, single magic can´t hit all party like fire right?

What i trying to do is use the catastrophe magic, or replace a firaga magic to another one that should hit all enemies in stead of one, fro exe:

Edea firaga: replace firaga for ultima (but if you do that in IFRIT, ultima will still damage ONE party member)

I need to change some stats from the magic on doomtrain or in ifrit? My test subject is Diablos, im trying to replace DEMI for catastrophe or ultima, but i want that the magic hit all party not only one.

qotsaninsoadkorn a little question, how do you made Catastrophe hit all enemies/party withou using Ifrit AI mod?

Gameplay Modding / Re: [FFVIII-PCSteam] OGG questions
« on: 2018-07-26 05:09:55 »
OK thank you guys 8)

Gameplay Modding / [FFVIII-PCSteam] OGG questions
« on: 2018-07-25 21:59:33 »
Hey there, i was thinking and it´s possible to change the music from some battles? Like in FFX the boss theme it´s different for all of them (the most part), and in FF8 only have 2 "Force your Way" and "only a plank between one and perdition".
Make some time of event to start a different music?

And how do i make a new battle song? That is a rule to make a ogg to FF8? A limited time, or cut the music in some moment to make repeat?

Because of that (before i lost all my work with a damaged HD Ç_Ç) i was using ifrit, doomtrain and cactilio to changes stats, magic and attack powers from the enemies to make a hard mod, the Sorceress MOD.
When all enemies have stats changed to a little hard, bosses more powerfull and the sorceress boss are the true challenge, i had catastrophe magic with ultima animation too XD
Maybe soon i start all over again, i really wanted to use the AI to make littles stuffs with magic combos nothing complex. but i will keep the waiting untill the Ifrit become perfect *_*

yeah i having that sort of issue even with no AI changes and only some magic swaps...
tried restoring orig files for those enemies/bosses but i seem to still have issues.... maybe i've messed something up in cactilio i guess though...

Indeed i was changing some basics things like the number of targets that some magic would hit, and the visual game was a mess, strange colors, enemies missing, or crashed battles  =/
i wanted so badly that Ifrit work fine, but its ok

Just be careful, because if you change small things in the AI the game will be bugged or crash. I'm still waiting sum update version of Ifrit to go back in my mod.

FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2018-02-01 14:23:47 »
Some one could tell if Ifrit tool was recently updated? I was have some problems in the old one, messing if the graphics in the game after you change something in the AI

Audio Modding / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2017-11-25 03:15:15 »
Can´t wait for this job is done  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-17 17:22:48 »
He said something about it, but i guess it still having some issues, like that and if you change anything in the Ai section, in battle some graphics became glitch  :'(

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-17 14:13:48 »
Syntax error on line 6: no viable alternative at input "if(self.varDD ==1) {unknown'

I wish learn how to understand and edit the AI from every enemy

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-17 02:07:52 »
After a alot of tries, didnt make it =/
Im leaving that for now, and i want to ask, in Seifer´s last encounter it´s possible to remove the 13 turns to Gilgamesh appear and end the battle?

For exe: Keep the animation from Odin / Seifer / Gilgamesh, but after the 13 turn, Gilgamesh will not appear and will only do that after the HP from Seifer become 0

if (self.varDC == 0) {
    self.varDC = 1
    if (unknown(0x12) == 1) {
        if (self.varDE == 0) {
    else {

And Girl ty for the idea before ^^

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-09 22:23:30 »
I switch the c0m to 000 (dummy) and still didnt appear in cactilio. I open with ifrit and pack back to battle, and with deling open the new battle to extract the scene.out, and in cactilio when i search on the list the dummy it still there. I tried to edit dummy to but a error appear  >:(

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-09 21:10:28 »
Hm has a limit. Ok i copy Ifrit c0m and i renamed to c0m144.dat (a dummy) and replaced.
Load the file in ifrit tool and maked te changes in the name, stats and hp.
Pack the files into the battle, theoretically its a new enemy the only issue its to find him in the cactilio tool. :|

And ty so much for the island codes \o/, im trying to make like a monster arena in both areas with stronger enemies and super bosses.

Assuming this is for FF8. Why don't you try it? Make a copy of your 'template' enemy (doesn't matter if name, stats, etc. are left unchanged the important thing here is adding a new ID), give it a unique comxxx.dat ID, set it in a formation using cactilo (replace a boss one so you can trigger that particular fight for faster testing), then import it to the battle.fs using Deling tool. I haven't tried to add a new enemy to FF8 yet but I definitely plan to give it a go. Don't expect to be making unique models + animations though, we don't have a tool that can manipulate either of those; best you'll get is a palette-swap at the moment.

Once i tried but i forgot to put the enemy in the game, and he crash XD, but in the cactilo the new enemy didnt appear. I will try again thanks for the idea ^^
Oh the palette-swap, besides photoshop, what else i need to do? For exemple create a event like you did in FF7 to encounter the boss, step-by-step if possible, or not XD

Just a curiosity, this is really possible? Create a new enemy?

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-05 17:38:08 »
Anyone has the encounter codes to the both insland heaven and hell?

I didn´t find it in here:

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF VIII How to MOD?
« on: 2017-11-01 16:57:01 »
Well seems that Ai its still leaving some issues =/ some idea came.

It´s possible create new enemies? For example copy Abadon´s c0m103.dat renamed to c0m144.dat (a dummy) and change the enemy names, abilitys and AI (when works). I saw too inside Deling that you can save a photo from the enemy, maybe change the colors and import back to the new c0m144.dat?

My mod its kinda simple, bosses boosted (stronger and with new attacks), and when you get in the 3 disk and access Ragnarok, in the 2 island Heaven and Hell you will encounter new hard enemies lvl 100 (Tiamat for example) and the created ones (if possible, im working on it, or better trying).

What im trying to do is something like monster arena from FFX to both 2 island, unfortunately you can´t choose witch monster will fight =/

Lunatic Pandora and Ultimecia´s Castle will be in the same way, new hard enemies on lvl 100.

What did you guys think? ^^

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