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Hi guys,

I recently started with Hades Workshop. I have a few questions:
First: Is there a maximum Hp cap for enemies? I'd like to push them over 65k, like in other FFs.
Second: I saw that Ark from the Alternate Fantasy Mod could actually hit twice. Hows that?
And last: Where or how do I change the Status Set? Sometimes, when I changed a causing ailment, a other spell had this change too.

I'm currently in the forgotten city where aeris gets stabbed. Right before that, i had two options: [Wake up] and [Wait]. I dont know whats actually the difference because there was written something after [Wait], but I could only read the two characters "Sa", so I dont know what it wanted to tell me.

I got a problem. It says that the Damage.dll, hard.dll, hp.dll, magic.dll and publish.dll were loaded. So I cheated and tried to push my hp over 9999 with hp-ups, but nothing changed.
Here is the log:

FF8_Launcher.EXE opened successfully.
Succeeded in loading by Process Name.

No instruction lists detected.
Please check HL_files\DLL_in\Hext_in\

Damage.dll was loaded successfully.
Hard.dll was loaded successfully.
HP.dll was loaded successfully.
Magic.dll was loaded successfully.
Publish.dll was loaded successfully.

26.09.2017, 17:11:09

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