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So I'm trying to get the vanilla unmodified games to work.

If I don't touch anything the credit roll just loops. I have no game pads plugged in.  If I plug in a GamePad I press a button on it I get the keyboard me binding screen that pops up and Google says to press x on keyboard to get past it,  but my keyboard is unresponsive.

Edit:  thank you for your suggestion. I reread my comment and I felt my tone was abrupt.  In just so frustrated with this problem and am at work so my responses are all from my phone.  I'll check device manager when I get home to verify nothing is hijacking priority that I can see.

Note that I can't get it to work even with the windows on screen keyboard.

So I have been all over the forums and google trying to solve this, but the game REFUSES to recognize any keyboard presses upon launching. I even try the "On Screen Keyboard" that windows provides. Ive tried a second keyboard and ive tried the numpad stuff.

as of early may this game worked. now it doesnt and all i can find online is other people with the problem with no answers.

So, i think i will have to give up. I get the following error and tried the things on the next page.
I got the launcher to start up with Method 3. however, the game then crashed. Im just gonna rest on this. im posting this incase it helps someone else.

So I am also having the  issue where direcX is being a jerk. Ive been working with McIndus via email and am posting here as a last resort.
I have windows 10, my steam overlay is turned off. Geforece experience monitoring is turned off. I use windows defender.

I run the directX installer to no avail. I opened the june2010 file itself, and the infinst.exe wont run. right clicking on the various inf in that .cad result in at least one install trial that did "something" and the game still wont launch.

the Ultima launcher quickly brings up the seizure warning and the FF8_ULTRA_LAUNCHER.exe states: "FF8_Launcher.EXE opened successfully. Attempting to laod by Process Name (FF8_EN.EXE)...  Still Waiting....Click "PLAY!""

however, once i hit ok on the seizure warning....big fat nothing.

McIndus and I believe it is an issue with the d3d9.dll, d3dcallback.dll, and zlib.dll.

It may be as simple as i cant install the DX properly cause im dumb? idk.

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