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I tried everything in this post, but it doesn't work for me.

When I launch scpad2Vjoy, I can see in Vjoy Monitor that the D-pad is recognized as the analog stick, so this part is good.

When I launch FF7, I can remap the controller in the settings, the D-pad is recognized. Everything looks fine.
But still, when I launch the actual game, the controller does nothing, even if the pad is detected by the config tool of the game.
No buttons work at all, not just the D-Pad.

Does anybody has an idea about this?


I found the solution on the PCSX2 forum, i will describe the solution if ever somebody else has the same problem:

FF7 uses the preffered controller from the windows option. When you use scp toolkit, your DS3 is emulated as an XBOX360 controller, so the preferred device is the XBOX360 controller.
When you launch scpad2Vjoy, the DS3 is now recognized as a vjoy gamepad, so it is no longer the prefered device, and FF7 won't work.

Go to "Set up USB game controllers" in control panel/settings, find the vjoy controller and then click the "Advanced..." button to configure the vjoy device as you preferred controller.

Edit 2:

The file "Default_vjConfig.txt" must be placed in the "SCPad2Vjoy -V1.6" folder, not the directory of ScpToolkit.
It took me a while to figure that out.

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