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Tirlititi has a mod for trance models defaults!.

it sets all characters on trance model but can be edited with the provided .hws!.
First things first. Thank you all for your help and instructions! I'm very glad to see how supportive this community is :).  I know that mod, and I have used it. But the problem is that it sets all characters into their trance model, I only wnat it for Zidane. Evenmore, I don't know why, but when casting spells with that mod on, there is always a kind of shadow shilouette behind the spellcaster which looks quite weird.

You must not have the game's files opened in the main frame of Hades Workshop (the tool should have poped up a warning about that).
Close the main frame and the importation will get available.

Ooops! my bad!!! thank you for your help :). And what about changing Zidane's model for his trance model?
EDIT: I don't get animations working, everytime I try to swap characters' battle animation they remain in T pose.

@eugene9: Ah, I didn't understand exactly what you wanted.
I still don't really do. In most cases, you can't just "make someone uses someone else's animation". For instance, Zidane as a tail, not Steiner, so there's no way to use the animations of Zidane for someone who doesn't have a tail and vice versa... most of the time.

What you can try to do, using the Unity Assets Viewer:
1) In Hades Workshop, open "Tools -> Unity Assets Viewer", then "File -> Open -> FF9_Launcher.exe",
2) Then "Archive -> Streaming Assets -> p0data5" ; you should see a bunch of animation files appearing,
3) Select the animation you want to replace (you can sort the list by the "File Name" to have them grouped by models or by "Infos" to have them grouped by animation name), then "Right click -> Export Selection",
4) Select the animation by which you want to replace the previous one (let's call them A1 and A2: you want to replace A1 by A2) and "Right click -> Export Selection",
5) In the folder of FF9, there should now be a folder called "HadesWorkshopAssets" that contain the two files you just exported,
6) Copy A2 inside the folder of A1 and then rename it to replace it (give to A2 the name of A1),
7) Back in the Unity Assets Viewer, select A1 and "Right click -> Import Selection",
8‌) Done: the animation file has been replaced in the game's archive (if you have several copies of the game, the archive updated is the one corresponding to the "FF9_Launcher.exe" that you opened).

However, as I said, you will likely have bugs and non-working animations... But there might be a few animations that can be compatible with 3D models they were not meant for... if you're lucky.

Sorry for being an annoyance, but the option "Import selection" remains unavailable even after I have renamed the archive the way you told me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Possibly... do I need to rename also the folder? Do I need to reload ("F5") the  Unity Asser Viewer?


About modifying the animations, you should try using the Unity Assets Viewer: it allows to export animated 3D models (most of them are in the archive p0data4). Unfortunatly, re-importing a modified 3D model bugs and is hardly working at all. However, for modifying the animations only, it should be working. Follow the tutorial there and make sure that the option "Automatically Convert 3D Models -> Import Meshes/Materials" is disabled.

Thank you very much for all your help. But unfortunately, I'm very clumsy in terms of modding. I have tried to do all what your told me (and what I have read in your previous posts) but without success... If you don't mind, could you tell me, step by step, how I could change Zidane's battle animation like his pose, attack and casting by any other character's? I mean, a guide for slow learners like me to follow. Thanks in advance and sorry for being an annoyance.

Hello!! Is there any way of changing Zidane's casting animation for Kuja's, Freya's, Vivi's or Garnet's? If so, could you tell me how I could do that, pls?
Thanks in advance  :)

Hello! Just a short quick question. Is it possible to change Zidane's battle animation? I mean, Zidane using Cinna's animations, for instance.

Gameplay Modding / [FFX] (Steam) Mod Battle model swap
« on: 2017-12-02 19:44:44 »
As it is stated in the title. Is there any way to change a character battle model for another one?
I remember that it was possible through CodeBreaker change characters' models (e.g. Lulu's model for Seymour's) in FFX PS2 version.

Yes, I am! sorry for any inconvenience I have just realized you're the same person who replied me in that post. I'm sorry to make a nuisance of myself but I have seen that with that trance mod, when you cast white magic a shadow appears among the casting lights. It resembles to a transparent figure of the original battle model. Is there any way to remove that? Thank you in advance, and thank you also for all your work and concerns.

Hello! first of all, thanks for your amazing work! You did an amazing modding tool. I want to ask you if you know a way to change Zidane's battle model into his trance's one using your mod.

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