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thank you for the suggestion. I added the folder to my anti-virus exempt list and it works just fine now.

So I've tried using this and all it ever does is bring up the interface for MAYBE 15 seconds then closes the game and brings the launcher back up before I can do anything. Then to top it off the .exe disappears and I have to create a new folder and re-download the program. Am I missing something here, because I couldn't find anything in the help file.

7th Heaven / I can't get past "New Game/Continue" screen
« on: 2017-12-27 04:26:06 »
I apologize if this is somewhere answered already but I couldn't find the answer with the search function.

So, I just got FFVII on steam and downloaded the 7th Heaven program and followed all the steps to set it up. I have the load order for what mods i have downloaded set as the tutorial says and for some reason I can not start the game. It is as if the game does not recognize the keyboard. I also get an error message at launch that states "Postprocessioning initiation failed" and I have also turned off all mods but Beacause+MU.

Any insight would be appreciated and I will do my best to provide any other information required.

Thank you in advance.

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