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The IRO is fine but the other one is not (which is the one im using, the normal patch) Also if you got somewhere the patch notes for 2 SEPTEMBER   2017s and JANuary 2018 It be great to read them if not, could you tell me if you remember if the only major differences would be the INNATES or do you remember if maybe you added another BATTLE which are my main concern anyways, I think you changed the INNATES from then Cloud had 2nd wind thats the version that Im playing , just curious

Oh well the last one the july one from here on page 1 I think its broken its only 126 kbs, and when i try to use winrar it just says its broken ive downloaded twice now

Jeez man you are right im such an idiot, since i had battles in over world I did'nt notice jeez thank you, anyways Sega if you still read this I would still like to know the difference between the versions from september 2017 to the current one, thank you for your time

So going to the september one didnt work nor using the hotfix november 2017 unless it did and mt nibel is scripted to NOT have encounters until uve beaten the spider Scorpion robot, if so I didnt check if the september 2017 one fixed it since I went directly to Mt nibel  but on the November hotfix I went to both palces to see if I cold get a random encounter which I was not able to do. I will stop messing around with the patches and wait until I read your advice

Hey chief can you do me a favor, can you tell me, or tell where to look to see the differences between the September 2017 - January 2018 and the July 2018 patches?
Specially in arranged mode

By the way I am playing arranged right now already beat normal mode and I have come across places where there are no random enemy encounters and also places that I think make the game stop making u have random encounters until you hit the overworld again, I THINK it started happening outside midgard as soon as the mythril cave, then again in Zachs town I think also in the first 2 parts of the Red 13s father dungeon (altho I might be wrong on that one) again in the in shinra mansion and now again in mt nibel, I just repatched to a previous patch the SEPtember 2017 one to see if that fixes it

Hey dudes, anybody know if the Yan Enemy was also modded?

Hi Vir

           The downloads for
Are down, I will wait until they are up again I guess, can you let him know or can u uploaded them?

2 Followed the steps by patching  but  its just a black screen I will try with the hades method

I look forward to playing your mod :)

Had to take note of what the weapon seller asks me for, and yes its from the WHERE IS THE THING document which is in both The september and  january patches

Just below that you will see a list like this, this one however I already added the differences as to give u hand bro:

Yoshiyuki: SOLDIER M-Class, Drop (Junon, Alarm Junction)

Heaven's Cloud: Iron Man [Drop/Morph]

Ragnarok: Iron Man [Steal]
---Zenogias feather instead of Yoshiyuki (DROP ULTIMA WEAPON)

Pile Banger: Armored Golem [Drop/Morph]

Max Ray: Armored Golem [Steal]
+++++   X- atm core(DROP}

Powersoul: Materia Keeper [Drop], Mt. Nibel

Master Fist: Ho-Chu [Drop], Ancient Forest

God's Hand: Mover [Morph]
------God Hand, Crystal glove (hard attacker Steal), Micro Engine

Behemoth Horn: King Behemoth [Drop/Morph]

Spring Gun Clip: King Behemoth [Steal]
++++Red Crystal (dont know probablyy obtained at the same time as limit)

Fairy Tale: Jenova DEATH [drop] & Junon Shop (Disc 2)

Wizard Staff: Pollensalta, Drop
+++ Gospel Spark

Grow Lance: Crater Dragon [Drop/Morph]

Spirit Lance: Crater Dragon, Steal

Flayer: Gold Saucer, Speed Square (Disc 2/3)
-----Luvluv G instead of flayer

Oritsuru: Christopher [Drop]

Magic Shuriken: Christopher [Steal]
+++7777 needles

Platinum M-Phone: Mover [Drop]

Starlight Phone: Master Tonberry [Drop]
-----Crystal phone(STEAL senior grunt )  ,Starlight phone and dark matter

Sniper CR: Malboro [Drop]

Outsider: Junon Leagues Tier III Prize & Malboro [Morph]
++++Pulse Ammo

the === mean there is something different
the +++ means that was added but isnt in the list

Sega well again for the ultimate weapons IN game , the weapon seller asks me for different things as what is on the WHERE IS THE THING document,  I actually have the things for tifas ultimate weapon per the documnt :Powrsould master fist and gods hand, the weapon seller says I dont have the materials I need,
He asks for God Hand, crystal glove and Micro engine
I search for some of the items the wapon seller asks  on the enemy items document sure enough some are there, but I know at least one isnt, iahvent searched the whole thing but the X ATM Core isnt I am guessing that I get it at the same time I get barrets limit 4,
still there are inconsistencies and some items are not listed thought id give u a headsup since u just updated them

The restorative not taking Mbarrier into account will make the game much easier maybe too much? unless ur materia penalties make up for it in some way, what does passive exp mean?  would the game give us more exp normally?
 if so we didnt need that one. Being able to sense those enemies will/woulda (haha too late now) bring so much joy to my life haha

Maybe think about the game letting us now when a missable fight is near? like the chocobo captain, I didnt fight scorpion in corel and dont have morph either,
I guess the other missable would be in the ancient temples when you fall, Is there another one that I didnt fight?

Hmm or addind a list for the prizes of the phoenix fortress,

You know what I have troubles with, the cursor in fights even when the camera is fixed Sometimes Its so hard for the cursor to select the target/ally u want and I always play on active
Dont think theres anything to be done about that but well Im just saying it

 Thats it I guess, thank you for your time and everything Sega, gnight

Forgot tot tell you that I read the documentation and the items thst u require for the ultimate weapons on the documentation are not the  same ones that the weapon dealer asks of you now, just thought I should let you know

Thanks a lot for answering back bro, yes u can find the status boost in the wikia page, its 100% boost on defense and Mdefense tho, with no HP boost Chaos that is

Oh since I forgot Vincents I assumed it was a past one where he regained MP thorught the battle, both innates are good tho, tho the mp mmust had been too exploitable I guess,

Sega for a FF9 do you have a mod Or do you have oneor 2  in particular that u reccomend?

Hey sega notices 2 things today that I dont know if they are on purpose

Spoiler: show
for Battles

When fighting Marlboro he gathers neurotoxins and ur supposed to  give him a status right? I saw on older versions that it actually says like he left out the enuro toxins and does a counter attack or something?
Well  in my case he didnt counter attack at all and It did not indicate that the neuro toxins dissapated or whatever But I guess it was working bcuz I didnt get controlled/defeated, I just spammed Break and he just took chillin like a villain, I imagine it was doing the trick only that the game didnt let me know it was, my party was yuffie, aeris and cloud , Maybe it was yuffies evade on/off message that override it?

The second was that I grabbed vincents limit back on cd 2 and Man the boss from the downleft area was mean(the red behemoth) Well  I wouldnt had been able to take him down if not for vincents Chaos stupid tanky This guy kills me in one shot but Chaos just doesntdie he only took 1 damage  for his attacks and everynow and then chaos regenerated all the HP, is that suppose to happen? I can almost be sure that unless an enemy does dual or manipulates Chaos I could win everyfight with only vincent now as long as he trnsforms. altho Im just not gonna use him anymore if he truly is unkillable bcuz I feel it would be cheating

I am also curious as to how you did or how is one suppose to beat the behemoth the normal way, granted I was using red 13 and aeris  before i switched to Vincent and they arent the tankiest but damn! altho I guess if I had barret and made him super tanky and cover plus sadness maybe that woulda had been a way to deal with it?

- XP Gain seemed to be massive towards the end of the game, I went from level 60-80 odd without breaking a sweat, Seemed to level every battle post Gaea's Cliff, Not sure if this needs to be looked at or if its what you were going for.
- Physical/Magical power balance fell off completely late game, Anything post Gaea's Cliff my Physicals capped out at around 1200 damage on my strongest attackers, whilst my magic could consistently hit for 5000+, I ofc read the documentation you wanted magic to be more of a longer time spent and MP use = more power but physicals became pretty much useless in the crater. This was amplified by the massive AP gain and Planet being extremely easy to master, With Added Cut my spell would hit for 4000+ and the physical for around 500 in the front row, it just seems off. Midgar Raid onwards the most efficient strategy was just to load Planet=MP Turbo on each character, Magic Counter=Comet 2 on one and just spam spells and Turbo Ethers. Physicals were next to useless, Im unsure how the endgame content and new weapons will amend this but for the storyline enemies magic is extremely unbalanced late game, in my opinion. Through Disc 1/Early Disc 2 though balancing was spot on, a level 2 spell hitting for 500 odd and a physical for 250 odd seemed perfect through the Gold Saucer-Nibelheim segment.
- A lot of status effects had no visual indication they were present, Dual only had the HP drain, then the battles where characters were rendered immune to barriers/healing had no indication this had happened until I tried to Wall my party and see it didnt land on one, although I understand visual effects for these would be extremely hard/if not impossible to code. Same for the status menu screen, Dual wasnt present there likely due to it being a non-stock status effect.

If a character ends a battle with Dual, their HP will drain to 0 and they will "die" during the victory animations, and be "dead" in the results screen but still gain XP, and after battle they will be alive with the HP they had when the finishing hit was dealt, this is a purely visual bug but thought id raise it.

Hey bro about the first one yes magic attacks are stronger however my physical attackers (Cloud barret, cid) are very much relevant with their normal attacks maybe its of how u went with Smileys power ups?
Plus having the ability to counter  several times and in the mean time regen doing its healing helped a lot once regen was unlocked which took a lot for me since I did minimal grinding So I have much use for them,
im in the crater now im level 76 I say this bcuz of the second point about super leveling up once u are out of gaes cliff made every battle after that barely take into account all of the avoided grinding since it super mega levels you however u do need it at the end at least if you are underleveled so I didnt care much for it,
And yes I can understand the status bosses do onto themselves being something you have to discover but when they do a status onto you that doesnt show  visually  or by word it throws u off a bit, The one where u cant barrier yourself id idnt even notice since i havent used barrier much but I really  get your point

hi Sega , this  is  normal in NT 1.5?i just up video to confirm  >>

It is normal  bro SPOILER I beat that one by summoning  I  think It only takes 2 or 3 I know I used Shiva I probably used bahamuth probably with mp turbo, he says thats cheating but dont worry its not like a warning he just says it

          Yo Sega 3 questions bro Does it matter if I win all battles in junon braquets or is it the same as long I win first place?

I got a first place class B prizes So I dont know if thats class B if its becuz the second braquet or bcuz I only won 4 out of 6 fights

2nd question: I was told that to activate the new threats you have to go into the crater so you get a phone call and they get activated, however I did Lucrecias cave in disc 2 before fighting diamond and as soon as 3rd disc begins there is a highwind worker that already tells you about the new threats, my question is:  is it neccesary for me to go down the crator for them to activate? or did you activate them as soon as u hit disc 3 on this version 1.5 or maybe even before if you have the right characters on your party on disc 2 as happened with vincents?

3rd one is do you have a FAQS somewhere? I dont want to be asking questions that maybe u have already answered and waste ur time :(
P.D. ive been making the list of optional content and when is the soonest to attempt them if you want to use it, I will be updating it for my own,here is what I got so far
Optional content  order
Battle Speed Active: 3/4 speed

1st tier
When I did it:  I left the optional enemy here until after  I went to cosmo canyon and bought/gathered Items however you should be able to get him if not very underleveled, the turks battle however I did ASAP

2nd tier
Lost number safe/look alike Monster
You maybe able to do this ASAP if not just let it go and return later when you have the tiny bronco or even after wutai if you had that much problem with it but do it before hUGE materia train mission odin can KO the first fight +sneak attack and you save much time   

3nd tier level 40ish?
Wutai  materia thief part
 Wutai Tower if you cant do it ASAP you woudl still be able not long for now
Done before Train huge materia mission or even before that I font remember exactly
Ancient forest items without the last chest/boss (breed a gold chocobo)
When I did it: ASAP

4th tier level 50
Submarine Turks
When I did it: Before Rocket huge materia

5th tier Level 60
Lucrecias Cave hard but not impossible level 60
Junon league Pugilist and brawler
When I did them: Before MIDGAR RAID

Shinras 65th floor Carry armor look alike
Level 65
When: you have to do it during midgar Raid

I appreciate that list I really do, altho I still have some not included which are near the point of the game where I am now such as The Steal as well materia fight, the ancient forest monster, the submarine fight I havent done any of these, Level 50 right now, tried to do rocket Tseng he kills me with his limit break even tho I was fully full or almost full HP, 2 characters on sadness and when I get rid of his minions I Change rows to both Cloud and Cid , aeris is my 3rd, why do I have aeris? bcuz I know she and Tseng have a thing and I wanna know how you guys made her character react.

Which leads me to this, some of the bosses Ive tried to sense just say cant be sensed If I knew their level I would have an Idea of the order or if they maybe out of my league right now and not tru to ubber prepare my materia and armor or accesories to a fight that just may be next to imposible to get through bcuz i just dont have the level neccesary, most people might not have this issue since most people grind or at least not try to evade leveling up as much as I do as I try to get the most challenge out of the game,  to me tho the lsit would be most benefficiary
And my second question is should I expect like something substancial at any point from the dialogues in which Aeris is included after disc 2 so as to keep her on my party in case she says something peculiar or is it more of a basic addition of dialog everytime? I want to know bcuz I keep her in my party a lot in case she says something I might wanna see

Thanks Sega I just did it now before checking on the comments but I am still  interested in the when to do and in what to do order of the optional content in your opinion

The way I did the train was the following if someone is interested
Every character level 47 or less Cid, Aeris, Barret

Cid weapon Elemental-lightning, Added efffect-time
,restore-all and etc which i dindt use

Barret FRONT ROW  weapon Elemental- lightning  Command counter-deathblow
Cover or counter-added cut and another slot with eiter cover or counter,   Odin, restore-all etc

Aeris Slash all with a hp recuperating weapon in this case Slash all and the weapon which gives us 25+ magic u can find it in ancient forest if u have gold chocobo

Aeris with MP TURBO-COMET Neo-Bahamuth, restore all etc

1st battleI quickly put before the first battle preemtive attack-Odin - no turns for them and dead
2nd battle I changed premtive to aeris with neo bahamuth for second battle bcuz it inflicts dual

take off preemptive materia

3rd 4th and 5thh battle  everyone just attacking normally and aeris using comet
I stopped the train with more than 3 minutes

QUESTION for Everyone

I want to ask your opinion since I have no frame of reference here, I am in disc 2 when you dont have cloud or tifa,  im below level 50 already have gold chocobo and I like beating bosses as underleveled as I can.
Right now I have access to the materia caves and their bosses and ancient forest and also maybe midgar if there is additional content there I guess?

QUESTION im looking to level up a bit so I can succeed in the train corel mission, can I or should I try and beat some of this bosses or additional content or are they just too difficult for me right now??My goal   is to not level up by grinding which I am trying to avoid but at least by additional bosses
ALSO is there a list or can you guide me as to the additional content order as a whole icluding disc 3 extras ? by that I mean would you be able to make  a list of the OPTIONAL content in order from less difficult to the most  difficult, ?

Just registered Sega to let you know of course 1 that I enjoy a lot and so do at least hundreds of people your mod it rocks and it made em feel like I was in a new adventure with all of them ff7s

To ask of you to not be so hard on yourself you may think it was bloated and had many little details here and there, but it doesn't not that one should really care for them, the only ones I kinda cared was that the stealing is very random and that I dont understand how are you suppose to kill Lost Number Thank God he is optional

Ive found myself smiling a lot bcuz of the changes you did, and how they make me think how to take care of some eneimes minor or bosses

I appreciate many of the details you had put in this game you resparkled the light of it for me and OMG how many replys are on this thread alone Jeez man ur are not short of admiration just by the amounts of replies u have done

P.D. the innate abilities are fine as they are, I use cloud's as strategy  actually I use everyones as a strategy in mind and thats what RPGs is about, This is a thing of beauty bro, and u are the artist and imlooking forward to your future projects

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