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@Incinerator: I don't think that splines are imported correctly!
Triangularize the mesh before importing it. I think splines are not supported because there is none in the non-modded game and I didn't know how to handle them. If someone is expert in Unity serialized 3D models, he could explain how to handle splines.

I figured this may have been it!.
I've become triangulating the mesh, will need re-working, as I see spline are really not supported. I'm also researching the use of splines in Unity serialized models.

Tirlititi a new model being replaced/added is not limited to a certain poly amount right? I insured the model has the same bone hierarchy as original and model showed invisible in game!. My model has ~117289 polys. ~88790 without spline patches.

Ooops! my bad!!! thank you for your help :). And what about changing Zidane's model for his trance model?
EDIT: I don't get animations working, everytime I try to swap characters' battle animation they remain in T pose.

Tirlititi has a mod for trance models defaults!.

it sets all characters on trance model but can be edited with the provided .hws!.

Guys sorry..I have another problem, and I hope someone of you can help me. Now I've added extra dialogs on Burmecia field, before Cleyra..but for some reason, when it goes on World Map it happens something like..that?

Spoiler: show

So what happened? What's the problem?

I've experienced this glitch on to many times!. Not sure what causes this to happen, but it certainly is affected by modifying or adding certain functions in certain fields of the game!. This happened also if done on Madain Sari Disc 2 after recruiting Amarant and heading to the Iifa Tree.

I have also another question if anyone can help.. there's somebody who knows in battle, how to make a model closing their eyes when KO and not look wierd/"creepy" like this?? Unfortunately this happens also when they're sleeping, faint etc etc on the normal field..but..why?

Spoiler: show

UV texture errors from upscaled NPCs textures and the like of p0data4.bin!. High res textures damage texture animation + UV on some objects for unknown reasons; I have the same issue with my model's 4096x4096 textures. Have not yet found a fix for this yet!.

I am happy to announce, the Music resetting glitch has been determined addressed and fixed! It has been updated in Sounds fix main archive.
I've only tested about halfway through the game and haven't experienced a bug with it yet; I beacon and encourage users (should you experience any bugs) to post them on the bug tracker on the Nexus, or send post it in #ix-sounds-fix here:

Things to Note
Currently, the Reset glitch fix is only compatible with the vanilla game, Hades Workshop (to export Alternate Fantasy to and from) and Moguri's Mod
(Use Hades Workshop - Navigate to CIL_Code and activate the HD Backgrounds Marco - Save Mod - Done).
This fix at the moment is not compatible with Memoria yet.
Link updated via Nexus (Link in OP).

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX Type-0
« on: 2019-05-08 11:39:21 »
OP updated.

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX: Ascension
« on: 2019-05-08 11:30:00 »
OP updated.

Hello, people!

Is it possible to use this editor on Android, or maybe Switch ?

It could be a good thing using Unleashed or Alternate Fantasy (i don´t know which is better) on Android.


No, sorry!. Only for PSX & PC [Steam]!.

Audio Modding / Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix
« on: 2019-04-19 05:29:07 »

This re-release of the sounds fix mod fixes all the sounds and audio compression in Final Fantasy IX (PC).

Among the fixes are:

Sound Effects:
-Every sound effect is physically replaced with their correct, PSX counterpart.
Audio compression
-Sets the Audio Sampling Rate to 44100hz and removes the compression on BGM.
Enemy Death SFX:
-Returns every enemy's death sfxs battle cry as it was in PSX.

Some cosmetic fixes such as:
-Reflect sfx
-Jump and Summon Sfxs.
-Swd Art Spell: Shock and Tetra Master SFX fixes.

It is compatible with any and all mods (and modding tools [Hades Workshop]) for FF9 including: Alternate Fantasy, Memoria, and FF9 Ascension.

(It is not compatible with FF9 Type-0, however).

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Final Fantasy IX: Ascension
« on: 2019-04-13 14:31:36 »
Mod Status
100% - Completed. No changes or revisions coming.

What are the modifications?
Strictly scenaristical. This mod starts a New Game at completely different locations, with that said, any saves from any other mod not FF9: Ascension is not compatible. Saving in FF9: Ascension is strictly auto-saves as there are no save moogles anywhere. The gameplay is choosable in this entry. You can use Alternate Fantasy, FF9: Type-0, even Memoria for gameplay with this.

Final Fantasy IX: Ascension and takes focus on the events after the ending of Final Fantasy IX; following the rise of strange beasts breeding within Quan's Dwelling and the mysterious shrine that lies within.
FF9: Ascension was brought to light in its first, completed form after the discovery of abandoned files for FF9: The After Years (JP). The (US) version of it is forever gone; resulting in this translation and improvement. This entry does not feature any new models, and has very little random encounters and boss battles.

Join the era tool discord for updates on era tool's progress, and help/questions assistance on the 3 mods Final Fantasy IX: Ascension, Final Fantasy IX Type-0 and Facing Fate: The Zodiac Era.

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX Type-0
« on: 2019-04-13 14:29:01 »
I don't want to sound like an *** but i don't understand if DLC05 is available or not, i keep reading that it's released but there's no such thing yet.

DLC05 is integrated in the main game download; which includes also all the other DLCs!.
Since progress made with importing models (not yet perfect, but getting closer) DLC05 is released for early access!.

Final update for FF9 Type-0 will be with imported models. That, be announced along with the cg trailer and officially declared 100% complete, no further updates or additions afterwards for FF9 Type-0.


Also I was wondering... how can I have a second character that follows the Main? I Beatrix and Steiner at Alexandria while they're fighting the "Mist Monsters"?

For example, at Burmecia I'd like to have Freya that follows Zidane in this it possible?

Attempted this once before, never got it too work. Not sure how to mimic this in other scenarios, I would like to know as well Tirlititi if any way to do it.

Thanks alot Incinerator!I'll give a try right now!!! :-D

It's buggy,huh? So no way for adding sound on, for example, spells and victories? (the second one is interesting...because there is to consider a way to not play the sound of every character in the same time but only for the last one who "defeated")

I never got adding sounds to work in my scenarios, but it's likely very workable.


Uhm...where I have to work exactly? On CIL code?  ???
And the sound ID is in the document "Soudeffectmetadata" right?

Use dnspy for this one, editing it in C#. And you can find the relative Sound ID you replace in archive p0data62.bin/p0data63.bin in the Unity Asset Viewer.
Yes such ID can be found in Soundeffectmetadata.txt.

Great, thanks for the reply Incinerator!  You know I've got this idea thanks to your FF9 TZA!  I've seen you used the voices from FFXII so I said..WOW! Maybe I can give a shot  :evil:

Can I ask you now two questions?

First of all..what are exactly the unused sounds? How can I recognize them?
And did you put the sound to play exactly in the instant when, for example, a character die, or attack? I never tried something like this before :roll:

Some of them from FFXII, (iirc fran for Freya and Balthier for Zach) the rest from some old colleagues.  8-)

The recent version of HW should identify Unknown Sounds in the Unity assets Viewer as much 37c does. I've only done when characters are KO'd, attacking was buggy for me.
I still have my notes from Tirlititi from then, I knew I kept it for a reason when porting Type-0!

Ah, sorry, my bad !
I've misread the engine code ; I thought that "SetEnforceHP0" was executed everytime a fighter dies.
So, "SetEnforceHP0" is executed in most situations, except for the most frequent: when a character dies because of damage and that its death animation is not delayed or canceled for some reason (when you attack yourself, the character doesn't do its "Death" animation right there because it's already doing its "Attack" animations).

I would say to keep the code in "SetEnforceHP0" but also add it in another place: "btl_para::SetDamage".
At the end of the method, you have something like this:
Code: [Select]
btl.fig = (short)damage;
if (dmg_mot != 0)
else if (btl.cur.hp == 0)
Add the lines in the first of alternatives:
Code: [Select]
btl.fig = (short)damage;
if (dmg_mot != 0)
if (btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 0 || btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 1)
btl_util.SetBattleSfx(btl, ZIDANE_SOUND_ID, 127);
else if (btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 2)
btl_util.SetBattleSfx(btl, VIVI_SOUND_ID, 127);
// etc...
else if (btl.cur.hp == 0)

PS. : The way it compiled it in dnSpy is normal and perfectly fine. Even though it's not exactly the same C# code as you wrote, it is equivalent and leads to exactly the same CIL code.

Do this and now it should be finally ok:
Code: [Select]
btl.fig = (short)damage;
if (dmg_mot != 0)
if ((btl.cur.hp == 0) && ( != 0) {
if (btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 0 || btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 1)
btl_util.SetBattleSfx(btl, ZIDANE_SOUND_ID, 127);
else if (btl_util.getPlayerPtr(btl).info.serial_no == 2)
btl_util.SetBattleSfx(btl, VIVI_SOUND_ID, 127);
// etc...
else if (btl.cur.hp == 0)

Really, I'm sorry, I got confused because there is not a single piece of code that is executed for sure when a character dies, and you have to add these lines in two different places (SetEnforceHP0 and SetDamage) that have different conditions to trigger.

I didn't do any more tests for the model importer. I've just decided to let the text auto-translation feature for the release after the next one because it'll take some time. I have a couple of things to fix for the text editing feature, then I go back to model exporter/importer to see what's wrong and then I release the next version of HW.

I really hope that the sound code works fine this time ^^'

Tirlititi just want/need to ask you an interesting question.. What's the best way to add/replace sounds??? I have not seen a tutorial about it  ;D

Be weary! Some sounds ignore the pitch and frequency set in Sdlib.dll! What you initially replace as say 44100hz can be played at frequency 22050hz in game! I still haven't understood this doing.

Great, thanks!

I've asked you about adding sound because i'm interested on adding voice to characters in battle for make something like "Opera Omnia" what do you think? It' too hard?

And tell me where I have to go exactly in DnSpy for making the source code?

ps: talking about sounds, is there a way to fix the reflex SFX (maybe adding another sound, instead of the sound of the magic is using..)

Sounds good to me!
On terms of difficult, well, way back when when I attempted to add assets for Voice line in FF9 TZA, I too had to add those assets with Unity Asset Viewer, and later work the source to make it use it. I didn't get successful with that attempt. IIRC, even when I added the assets in the p0data61-63.bin archives, updated soundeffectmetadata.txt and added the necessary functions in Assembly CSharp.dll, the audio still refused to play. I then settled with using some UNUSED sounds of the game for the voice lines. Just so one could still archive their ultimate goal whilst keeping everything else intact.

Thanks for the reply, as always  ;)

Just want to ask...whats the best way to install the Dwight's "SFX & Missing Enemy Death Sounds Fix" to  be compatible with my Mod? (When i copypaste the resoruce.assets, obviously, the game
looks kinda corrupted)

It's necessary to start from a clean project?

You can use that resources.assets as a base before beginning your mod with HW!.
If you still have your .hws file, you can do so.

I don't remember if that mod also update the sounds with better ones. If that's the case, it is files like p0data61, 62 or 63 that are not modified by HW so it's perfectly compatible.

It does and is compatible!.

also what does the symbol mean? "|=" in set Setting_PartyInitialized |= 4

It's Bitwise variable // assignment!.

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-28 06:52:33 »
60FPS bug has been fully fixed! Characters no longer have 2x run/walk speed on the Field! Entire game runs at 60fps!

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-28 06:02:45 »
DLC04 is released!!!!

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-25 14:38:08 »
Gameplay fix updated and applied, Summon abilities fixed correctly!

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-24 18:47:27 »
DLC03 is released!!

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-22 04:20:45 »
I know I haven't released yet trailers for the DLCs, that will all be revealed as a whole after DLC05; right now it doesn't make sense to release a trailer at this point, no, must wait.

in the meantime here's a preview cg render of DLC02, new Location: Mist Palace. Do mind the squares, still working that out!.
I also know my quality was degraded; again working that out.

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-20 16:26:20 »
DLC02 - The Mother of Carrière is released!!

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX- Type-0
« on: 2019-02-20 06:37:33 »
Preparing the release of DLC002!!

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