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If you go to and use 'save 3: Adventures in the South' under the my saves section. You'll find a save about 10 min before you first recruit shadow. If that is still too far away. Let me know and I'll shoot you one a bit later right outside Kohlingen.

Edit: to reproduce. Recruit Shadow, then just keep staying at the inn until it triggers the dream sequences.

Edit: as a bonus this srm also has a save right outside the opera house.

When using this hack on Brave New World all seemed to be going well. Untill I got to the floating continent. When here it stopped Shadow gaining SP (spell learning points used in BNW), and when he left the party all the SP appeared to go to another character.

I also cross checked it with BNW without Dancing Mad, and the SP gain worked as normal
I'm pretty sure that this may be outside the scope of things you want to fix. But I thought i'd let you know.


Last night I did the opera scene on the sd2snes with Brave New World over Dancing mad. It all lines up pretty well. Only for the very last page (4 or so lines) did it start to get out of sync, but not by much. I think it all went over very well. I did notice a bit of a rough cut/jump when Draco sings when he comes in on the chocobo. But I was really quite impressed.

I did record it, but You Tube wouldn't let me upload it. Probably due to my account settings.


I think its another fade issue. I think the town music didnt fade out. The Shadow theme had already finished playing.
Its not the Shadow theme. It's the first Shadow dream. Where it just has a singular low note over and over.

Hope this helps.

If you post what virus scanner you use, Insidious can report it as a false positive and get that fixed. IIRC he had a problem with this on AVG when he switched to Python 3.6 for coding the installer.

The Black Mages did the following FFVI tracks:
The Decisive Battle
Dancing Mad
The Opera (Darkness and Starlight / Maria and Draco)

The Decisive Battle and Dancing Mad are included in the installer under OTH, for the Opera... See my next post.

The other OTH tracks are either a few good single-track remasters (rather than them remastering the entire album/soundtrack), or in one or two cases one of the existing tracks that I fiddled around with enough to warrant keeping separate rather than replacing (an example would be the Phantom Train's OTH track is the SSC track with train effects added in, so you can hear the train moving on the tracks the entire time you're on the train, really enhances the immersion).

I was using avast free antivirus.

I have basically installed the developer recommended files with dancing mad and decisive battle under OTH.

3 Issues I have found so far.

After the Sabin intro scene the music swapped back to the spc track untill I left the room.

During the Phantom train exit the music kept playing.
Spoiler: show
 I remember it being silent while Cyan mourns the loss of his family.

When I recruited Shadow in Cohlingen after Battle of Narshe, I slept straight away and the town music was still playing in the background
Spoiler: show
while the 1st dream sequence was happening.

I'm doing the opera tonight. I'm going to record it and upload to youtube to see if it is all good.

The rom I'm playing is dancing mad with Brave New World 1.9.0 patched over the top, with some additional changes.
But it still appears to be working mostly fine.

Also if you are interested, I have recorded the intro and ending scenes from the ps1 version. I think I have converted them correctly to msu1 files, but have no real way of testing (other than trying them out in zelda msu1).

If you are interested I'll see if I can upload them somewhere.

I just used the installer for SD2SNES. I had initial problems with my virus protection not liking it. But once I was past that I had no issues.
I did it twice, once on a Vanilla rom, and then I did it again and added the TWUE which both appear to work great.
I then patched Brave New World over the vanilla rom and it also seems to work.
I went with the custom options, with the suggested files, then selected all the OTH that I could (assuming that these are Black Mages files)
I'm unsure about all the looping and fading that you are looking for but I can assure you upon initial inspection this patch works on SD2SNES.
it may take me a while but I will report back with my opera findings as soon as I can.

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