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Also, FF12 uses Phyre Engine same as FFX.. Any existing FFX modding tools could be adapted.. just needs motivators to the right people to work on it


VBF Browser can open and view the main database... Most of it is BIN files though


FF12 Zodiac Age was released on steam about a month ago, and so far there have been some strides forward with new mods coming out every few days; though so far most of these have been limited to custom license boards, graphical tweaks and character replacements.

We are really hoping to see a mod to increase the FOV. A mod for a 4 character party (currently the game supports 4 characters in an active party and you can use the party editor cheat table to add any hero to the 4th party slot, but as soon as you go into the menu the game will make you remove the 4th party member if they are not a guest character).  I believe enemy, skill and item modifiers are currently being worked on to some degree.

Here are a few resources if anyone can help, or has questions?

Much appreciated!


Not sure if anyone here cares, but an active modding community for FF12 Zodiac Age on PC ,which was recently released, has already been established. Could certainly use the help of some talented people here that might allow it to evolve further and quicker.

There are also a few really handy cheat engine tables already.

I haven't enjoyed an FF entry since 9 and it's my first time experiencing 12... I personally found it to be among the best in the series.

I have created 2 license board mods for the game. One that revises the 12 boards but stays true to the 2 job system and another that replaces all 12 boards with a master board similar to the FFX sphere system that includes all licenses but your starting job determines where you begin on the board; with some paths locked until you fulfill a specific condition.

The biggest thing we need right now is an FOV mod, difficulty modifiers and a true 4 party mod that doesn't depend on/get restricted by a 4th guest character. You can kind of do it with the party editor but as soon as you go into the party menu the game forces you to remove the 4th character.

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