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Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-07 18:30:12 »
Be nice now. Attacking other people is not allowed.

you are the one who is attacking with that idiotic matter about double posting -.-

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-07 18:18:17 »
Indeed. Maybe you should jump ship instead of sinking?  Just a thought

no you d*ck head

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-07 17:40:10 »
Sure. Of course i have my head up my ass and cannot see the light. Either way i am just going to continue deleting your double posts (I am sure you have noticed already) until i tire of it. Then I am going to ban you entirely for repeatedly breaking the rules. Have a nice day.

your rules are ruining your forum itself

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-07 14:16:55 »
We dont have to try and understand. It is up to you to understand our rules. Not for us to try to conform to your thoughts of how this place should be.

again , you are wrong, that's a wrong rule , and you can see from yourself , this forum is almost dead , and that's because of this stupid rule about double posting

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-07 10:11:35 »
Too much attention given to something that doesn't need it. Don't want to follow the rules? Warning. Still don't want to follow the rules? Ban.

you are ridiculous and you aren't even trying to understand

there's another thing that is unclear : why hades workshop disable the options for the battle fields in the steam version ?

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-06 15:44:49 »
ploppo, everyone who has responded to you has been around this site for years. We've seen firsthand what works and what doesn't. Your methods DO NOT WORK for getting help and support, no matter how many times you say we're wrong, the fact is we know what we're talking about and you don't.

they did as you can see from the conversations that you were bitching about , infact the only problematic thing about them is quite the useless rule about double posting that you all invented , but come to think about it, i already said that isn't necessary to keep telling this

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-06 15:35:16 »
Additionally, what makes you think people ignored replying?  I saw this and genuinely can't help.  And I doubt anyone would help because it's a non trivial undertaking.  The odds that you will get the tool creators seeing "please help" and even remotely being able to fulfil your request is slim at best.

You should have at least found the official threads and made a polite request.

On the bright side, you smoked SL1982 out of his retirement hole. :)

wrong , but i explained myself well enough , no need to repeat myself , you are just an administrator that think to always be right

the program work perfectly , but the size of the window can't be modified

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-05 00:35:01 »
You know what? I dont care. People arent obligated to answer to anyone. Least of all people that spam the crap out of topics. So the rules stay the way they are and you either accept them or you go away.

you are still wrong , of course nothing is physically forcing anyone to answer , but still isn't right , still this site would be meaningless and non existent at all if wasn't for people that help each other , so in the end everyone should always reply and i have all the right to make sure that this happen , again  ,if anyone ever reply to anything , there wouldn't be any forum at all , the rule that you like so much is also the cause of the partial death of this site

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-05 00:17:14 »
When you reply to yourself repeatedly in the span of just a few hours, that's not people ignoring you, that's you being impatient.

no , is people that are ignoring, and not only me , there are many posts that are dead only because most of the people just read and don't care to reply , and as you can see , the notification storming is the only way to stimulate everyone to reply , and your rules about double posting is making problematic to do the only thing that can solve this problem

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-05 00:10:03 »
as you can see from the message that you yourself suspended , even after two consecutive replies i don't get an answer , even knowing that i am asking something that the interlocutor know , do you finally realized that i need to reply multiple times because otherwise none will ever care to reply ?? :O

@Incinerator hey , what do you think i did wrong about the latest thing that i asked you ?  ???

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-05 00:02:09 »
I am not going to repeat myself again. You have been warned

i also have to repeat myself , if i need to reply a second consecutive time because people deliberately ignore my messages or if someone that want to help me require some more explanations , i will have to do what you call double post , and again , you are wrong

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-04 22:37:21 »
DOUBLE POSTING IS NOT ALLOWED! IS MORE CLEAR NOW? Do it again and your posts will be moderated.

Just so you are aware double posting does not mean posting the same thing twice. It means two posts back to back without a reply.

you are wrong as i already said , and once again , double post must only be considered the copy of the previous message , explain things better with a second message can't be considered double post , and i already explained that sometimes is necessary because it happen that the first message just get completely ignored  ,so if you care so much about this foolish rule , just remind everyone to reply to the messages instead of ignore them just because they aren't catchy enough , otherwise i will have to send a second reply in order to  make sure that people reply , you can tell that by reading the conversation , without some little pushing , even years can pas without get any answer , the result is that none get the required help , understand now ?

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-04 22:04:19 »
I made absolutely no mistake and suggesting that i did is not in your best interest. The fact of the matter is you were told politely to stop double posting as it is against the rules. Just because you have some sort of reasoning does not mean the rule does not apply to you. Nobody double posts because they were talking to themselves anyways.

is not double posting , i pointed things that in the previous message wasn't clear , is different , and as i said , everyone need the notification to read the new messages , they will never read again the same message since they don't even know or care if someone explained something wrongly , so yeah , this time you did the mistake , not me , i didn't just copy and paste the same message twice , i write more than one comment to make things clear for the person who replied , is more clear now ?

Model importer update: still can't swap weapons. Tried swapping Javelin GameObject with Kain's Lance GameObject, to no avail.

i am interested in this , what was this about ? for now the only cool thing that i can do with the weapons is to give them to people that usually can't use them , like for example give the save the queen to daga and zidane :D

@Incinerator  i finally assigned the ost theme of zon an thorn to the respective bosses by modifiyng the btlbgm data , but the strange thing is that even after that modification , the only ost that run during the fight with them is still the one of the bosses encounters , the other strange thing is that in the btlbgmmetadata i only found the enemy id 74 , and that is the id of zon and thron the first time , the other two id were just not present in that file , what do you think ? where i am wrong ?

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-04 20:53:59 »
Look, I don't really care if you think the rules are meaningless or not. You either follow them or you will not be welcome here. Stop arguing.

just calm down , as i said before , there is nothing wrong if you admit that you did a mistake , just because you two are the administrators , doesn't meant that you can't make a mistake , as i already said , i wasn't reply to myself at all , i send more than one message because otherwise none would ever care about a modified message , whoever replied to help me had to notice the notification of the new reply , without the notification , none would ever reply again to make me understand better , make sure that the rules aren't an obstacle to the visibility of a post , because as you can see is really hard to get some helpful attention if someone need help, just learn to read the situations , my intentions wasn't to spite everyone , the same goes for the post in final fantasy 9 , if i just modify the comment that everyone already read , they will never notice it , is yet a miracle if i get all those replies to my comments , and you also expect to stop doing the very only thing that allow me to be noticed by the people who helped me ? and let's not forget the other reason why i can't avoid to post multiple comments , the fact that sometimes , people just read the comments and literally ignore them  , so i have to write something more catchy in order to get an answer , as you can see , i am doing this because there really isn't any other way , i am not doing this to be spiteful 

Troubleshooting / Re: please help
« on: 2018-06-04 20:39:57 »
Saying you did nothing wrong is not true. The rules say to use the edit button instead of replying to yourself, and the rules say to post things in the right places. If you break the rules, you did something wrong, period. Instead of arguing, follow the rules, and you might get to have a pleasant stay here in the future.

that rule really is meaningless , also i didn't answer to myself , i give one more reply because i had to better explain myself , and for the replies i only used the "quick reply" button , or the quote sometimes , that's all , and i post in the right place , in the section about the modding tool for final fantasy 8 ,look if you admit that you did a mistake nothing will happen , don't worry , and again , i never wanted to reply to myself , i had to explain myself better for the person that helped me instead of just read and go away, and if i just modified my previous comment , none would ever read it because they already read it , and so never notice what i meant to say, just learn some flexibility

@Tirlititi  sorry lol , i misunderstood about the ipsen curse , about beatrix , i take a look in the little tutorial you posted in the post of steam and the one you placed in one of the pages of this post , and i understood that you didn't used the same method to add beatrix in the party selection , infact as i said i never saw the lines that incenerator suggested me to use some messages ago , but i am only interested in know how you make her appear in the character selection , i don't need to add her in the cutscenes  , i hope that this time i managed to be more clear

please check out my previous comment , now is readable XD , i was distracted so i just put my reply inside the quote

ok my bad , now i know that the blue magics in blank are displayed correctly , sorry for the inconvenient :\

Posts merged. Please use the edit button in the future. ~Covarr

Which string and which tutorial? What I did for Alternate Fantasy is a lot like what is described there.
For the Ipsen Curse, it's only a flag in the battles: you see that all the enemies of the Ipsen castle have this "Ipsen Curse" flag enabled.
It's a bit different for the Oeilvert Curse because that one also has an effect out of battles (you can't use magics). For this curse, there's the flag in the battles but also a general variable that is changed in the "Entrance" field of Oeilvert (I don't remember if it's turned off in the field where Ark is or if it's in one of the Desert Palace fields). The general variable is "Setting_MagicOff": as long as it's 1, magic is disabled in the player's menu.

what's exactly the function of the ipsen's castle field were the curse id placed ? wait , you said that the ipsen course is only that flag in the enemy list , so i only have to remove that flag

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF8 steam editor request
« on: 2018-06-04 15:45:44 »
I've just checked again, they are compatible with the steam version. The only problem I could imagine is not knowing where to find the files that the editors require due to the way FFVIII files are packed. The kernel for example, which is edited by Doomtrain, is inside the main.fs file, and you need to extract it first using Deling. In your FFVIII steam folder, go to data-> lang(your language, in my case lang-de). In this folder you find several .fs files, all of which contain a plethora of other files. Once you've extracted the kernel.bin from the main.fs, you can edit it with Doomtrain, and then you have to again use Deling to re-insert your edited kernel.bin back into the main.fs (always make backups, of course).

thanks , i will try and let you know :D

Which string and which tutorial? What I did for Alternate Fantasy is a lot like what is described there.
For the Ipsen Curse, it's only a flag in the battles: you see that all the enemies of the Ipsen castle have this "Ipsen Curse" flag enabled.
It's a bit different for the Oeilvert Curse because that one also has an effect out of battles (you can't use magics). For this curse, there's the flag in the battles but also a general variable that is changed in the "Entrance" field of Oeilvert (I don't remember if it's turned off in the field where Ark is or if it's in one of the Desert Palace fields). The general variable is "Setting_MagicOff": as long as it's 1, magic is disabled in the player's menu.

those informations are extremely important :O , and yes , i like to know what you did in alternate fantasy about the injection of beatrix in the character selection, i also find out something really funny : i give to blank one blue magic , the 1000 needles , now , he performed it perfectly with the right animation to cast the spell , the problem is that instead of the 1000 needles , he launched the holy magic , why that happened ? i noticed the same problem wen placing a magic in the command panel of techniques that aren't considered ordinary magic ( when i placed holy on the saiken panel , instead of the holy , i obtained the animation of a poisoning magic ) ; about my curiosity for your method to add beatrix , i am not a modder , not an hacker , and not someone who want to become an hacker or a modder , i only want to know that so i can set in the game the changes that i prefer and enjoy it , i am not a triple crosser or someone who want to take the credits for someone else work , it would be really stupid because at some point , people will start to ask to the one who steal the credits some informations , just like in your case , but in case of those who steal the credits , they can't be of any help at all , and they end up begin spotted in their ignorance , so don't worry , you can tell me that without fear any act of ingratitude :D

is there any modding program for the steam version of this game that will allow us to custom the game and make it more easy ? you know i am one of those who like easy life rather than get hysterical wen play videogames , but there isn't still nothing complete and specific to mod final fantasy 8 steam version in a more deep way

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