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I love your New Threat mod so much.  I would really love to upgrade to version 1.5, but I use menu overhaul, and the ff7_mo.exe does not have some of the custom changes that you made to ff7.exe for this version.  Therefore, I have to have crappy menus to use your most recent version or go back to 1.4 with ff7_mo (which I have done.)

Is there any chance you could tweak ff7_mo.exe to be compatible with this newest version of 1.5 and include it in your download like you have with ff7 and ff7_en?


This is really awesome work.  It really should be included in the iros that come with Tifa's 7th Heaven.  I hope you complete your goal of making FFVII high res.  All you really need are the field textures now, in my opinion.  There is already good work done on the world, menus, magic, and such.  Hope you keep at it!  I will be using your mod, that's for sure!   :lol:

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