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What's the difference between this and Kayael FMV Replacement Pack? his post says:

"I've ripped the original .bik from 1st release and resized them to 1280*986 and applied a high quality smart smoother to get rid of the blocking. Thanks to Rob01m, I've also replaced the audio with the original PCM audio tracks from the PS1. Video is encoded in VP80 at 3600 kbps."

So, which should i choose?, i'm not able to tell the difference (the main post doesn't specify the improvements of this Replacement Pack).

Edit: this videos should be 30 fps?, because when i reproduce the intro "disc00_30h" my videoplayer says "15 FPS".

@qotsaninsoadkorn could you please upload your mods on Mega or Google drive?, because torrent it's pretty slow or sometimes unusable. (can't manage to download "LaMagica" and "BattleFieldPack - RECUT EDGES + COLOR BOOST" .

Following this guide D-Pad should work, but analog no more right?, there's no way to make both work?

"1. Install SeeD Reborn from the main post! (Italian users skip to step 2)"

Why we should skip to step 2?, Menu,GF, Character Faces and other things are missing from the italian pack, so the main pack i think it's necessary too ^^

Hi!, i think this it's the only "main" mod not available in Italian, @Mcindus can you make it in Italian please?  :)

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