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Sure, I don't mind.

Thank you greenflashlight and Barachiel for your comments :D.

EDIT:  Okay, I'm having an odd issue.  I can't get this mod to work with Reunion, at all.

I tried installing it to "<basedir>/data/Music_ogg/".  Doesn't work.

Then I tried installing it to "<basedir>/Reunion/CUSTOM/<my_mod_id>" along with a couple other minor mods. Those mods work.  This mod still won't.  Um, what am i doing wrong?

Reunion has its own audio engine and uses the tracks inside the mod's GLOBAL folder. You need to change the names of my tracks and match them to the ones inside the correct folder in order for it to work ("ob.ogg" would be renamed "002 Bombing Mission.ogg" for example)

Thank you Kade, meeko and Orichalcon for the comments! :D

And sorry for taking so long. I still can't quite get to continue working on this, so don't expect an update anytime soon, but I haven't abandoned this ;)

I added a zip in the OP so that my soundtrack can be used within The Reunion mod.

Also new tracks soon, I haven't abandoned this! Just postponed it until work and other stuff stop getting in my way :P.

EDIT: I removed the link in the OP.

Another beautiful track!

May I suggest a variety of it. I replaced this song a while back with this one My suggestion is to give the original track also an intro maybe mixture of Sephiroth's theme and Janova's theme. I really like the heavy bells at the beginning of the song from within temptation.

Again, great work and I hope to hear more songs from you.
Big thanks as always! I am actually planning to spice these songs up later. I'll take your suggestion into account.

This sounds awesome.
I will wait for all of the soundtrack to be complete, so I can use it in the game.
Glad you liked it!

Well, my three month break is over. I've updated the OP, both the GDrive folder and the IRO file have 7 new songs yei.

Flow of Life
Temple in the Forest
Cait Sith's Theme
Birth of a God :D
Land of Exile in the Sand
The Great Warrior (and the return of the Shakuhachi)
Descendant of Ninjas

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-28 00:00:08 »
I didn't say we shouldn't compare it to the original, maybe I worded this the wrong way. My point was that we should keep in mind that the games are very different and we should be careful when deciding the criteria by which the remake would be "inferior" or otherwise to the original. For example I really don't think the battle system of the Remake should be compared to the ATB system, they are too different, it should be judged on it's own if it ends up being good or bad, because comparing it to the original it will most likely be bad even if it ends up being fun.

Being inferior to the original doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad, and if it's not bad then there's no reason not to enjoy it. We'll know when it's released of course.

It's not like I think it will be exactly great either though, some of the things said about the Remake by the devs do worry me, like how they don't seem to know how many episodes it will end up being, that screams bad preproduction to me.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-27 20:36:43 »
SE wants to tone her down because SE wants to tone her down. Hasn't it always been the case that companies restrict creative freedom to ensure their bottom line is not affected? Gaming is not the only industry where outrage happens, Elvis or The Beatles come to mind, it's nothing new; if anything, censorship in gaming is less prominent now than it was in the 90's (well, maybe not in japan). Just look at Platinum Games or the stuff Destructive Creations puts out.

I personally don't really mind the redesign, I don't think that changes like these can really be telling of how they are handling the remake, we are only gonna know for sure when it finally comes out. And when it does, I think it would be fair to judge it by it's own merits and not compare it too much to the original, even if it's a remake; a lot of people who play this will not have played the 1997 game anyway.

I just realized I forgot to upload the "nointro" version of that. You can download it HERE. I also put the link in the post you quoted; i'll add these to the OP later.

Again, thanks! And yeah, it was worth it.  ;D

Greatly appreciated! Hopefully the switch to the original OST for the songs I haven't finished is not too jarring :P .

General discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-29 10:41:17 »
Some audio mods maybe... a certain soundtrack remake... maybe? :-D

If not I still recommend changing the music files with mods provided in this forum (like "Anxious Heart" or FBX's mod) since the tracks in the steam release have issues - "cintro" and "tb" are wrong and "walz" is incomplete, for example.

That's awesome! Thanks!

I added the packed IRO file with some corrections (sped up versions of nointro and the opening FMV with my music) to the OP. I'll be updating it along with the GDrive folder.

I decided to try something out with The Planet's Chosen One. I'm really happy with the results (my throat hurts though, haha).

Again these are looped OGG files ready to be used in-game if anyone wants them.

: Added the "nointro" version of the track

Thank you!

You mean like this?
I chose not to do it like that because I felt it didn't really fit; it's a weird track, the original doesn't even use orchestral strings, it uses electric guitars. However the only difference between the two is that the chorus (which is not made of samples btw, it's 15 layers of my own voice 8-)) is turned down, but it's still there.

I'm gonna leave this alternative version here in case anyone wants it, it's looped and everything.

Update!... a smaller update than usual though, these ones took me a while.

Those Who Fight Further/Fight On/Still More Fighting has been completely remixed; it sounds way better now.

The Planet's Chosen One - all three versions (cintro, cephiros and nointro)


And having the loop information in a separate file from the audio actually makes my own work easier, haha.

Looking forward to the release.

Cool! I know I'll be using it.

Can it also play ogg files with loop metadata?

Thank you! Aerith's Theme is one of my favourites so far.

...also I have GOLD SAUCER stuck in my head now... I had to listen to it like 100 times while mixing it...


Hear the Voice of the Planet
Aerith's Theme (now with a thicc Cello)
Treasured Memories

Blood Trail
Fort Condor
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony
Standing on Two Feet is Hard!
Mark of a Traitor
Gold Saucer
Waltz de Chocobo
Coast of the Sun
Coal Mining Town

This mod is now halfway finished!

General discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-10 17:28:00 »
It's only a teaser, the game can still end up being completely different when it finally releases in 2036.

Even Square will have to get their strawberries together at some point... I mean, if Capcom can do it then any company can. Maybe they'll surprise us... just maybe.

Until they release the next teaser where they show Genesis there's no reason to lose hope :D .

Yeah, mine sounds just like that one only mine is 6 seconds shorter (because the scene in R05C's version is very slightly faster than the PSX one). Again, if the speed of the scene changes in R06 I'll resync my track so that it's exactly the same length as the one you just posted.

Since the opening song is within the FMV and not played from an OGG file, I had to remake the audio with sound effects and then remux the avi file (I used the Steam FMV, the video is not reencoded). I think it turned out pretty good. However, if someone managed to get the opening and ending2 FMVs without the music and with the sfx, please let me know, that would really help me out.
Turns out I only had to rip the FMVs from the PSX version to get the audio without music encoded in it... wow I feel dumb, I spent a while redoing the sound effects... Well the OP's link to the opening.avi is updated with better quality audio!

... Also I added Aerith's Theme and Hear the Voice of the Planet which sound really cool, check them out!

As long as it's still a separate track then there's no problem from my end (cuz not only does it loop in the middle, the composition actually changes); I'll resync tb.ogg to R06 as soon as it's available.


Barrett's Theme
Anxious Heart (apologies for the horrible sounding harp before)
Mako Reactor
Those Who Keep Fighting (added some power chords 8))
Canyon of the Falling Stars

Shin-Ra's Full Scale Offensive
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (my favourite one so far)
Main Theme's shorter version: Synced to The Reunion R05C's version of the scene since the original cuts off the song at the end and plays Mako Reactor instead.
While Travelling
Farm Boy
Electric de Chocobo
Cinco de Chocobo
Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak!

Also, thanks for the feedback on Cosmo Canyon. I decided to use the Shakuhachi one but I tweaked it a little so that it sounds a little stronger on the mix.

The last one is my favourite. For the sound replacement we can edit the sound with Cosmo or Ultrasound, but DLPB has made a full audio replacer which will replace any current attempts.
Looking forward to R06!

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