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Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Image Request
« on: 2008-01-02 06:59:21 »
Now for the retarded question......

How do I open it?

EDIT: Ok, I managed to extract buster.tex but how do I open\view the image?

EDIT2: Ooow wow! I feel kinda retarded now.

Troubleshooting / FF7 Image Request
« on: 2007-12-26 20:19:31 »
I'm looking for the main title screen image of cloud's sword in the single ray of light only without the NEW GAME and Continue.
I have looked and looked and can't find it anywhere.
Please help.....

Archive / Discussion about the Patches & Mods-torrent
« on: 2006-11-29 14:34:15 »
You know, I've provided this Step-by-step instructions  by miracle.flame.txt with all the common problems and issues covered there with their solutions as well. In addition I made all patches as user-friendly as possible so if everyone follows my steps he should have no problem. And IMHO I think that my version of ff7music will stop massing of many if not all threads and posts questioning about how to run or use this.

And let me be the first to thank you for that!

I say good for you miracle.flame! You took the initiative and made something that most people wish would have happend AND you took the time to write a VERY descriptive readme that some people should have wrote.

There's something wrong when you release a program to the public, leave very little description on how to use it, and bash n00bs  and\or ignore their pleas of help because someone felt too lazy to write an atiquate description. So what happends after that? They are told to weed through months of old threads to find that ONE that briefly(at best) describes on how to use it.

Archive / Discussion about the Patches & Mods-torrent
« on: 2006-11-27 13:19:55 »
Kickass download.

If you released something then don't get butthurt if someone wants to add your stuff to a megafile. You're names there regardless. I'd personally feel ecstatic if someone add my work into a megafile so that people can get all their patched in one place.

The torrent idea is alot better anyways. The sites hosting the files should breath a sigh of relief since it saves on their bandwith.

I'm downloading it now and when it's done...I'ma seed it.

Archive / Re: Projects links and status
« on: 2006-11-22 00:40:52 »
owell...beggers can't be choosers but this will do very nicely anyways ;)

Archive / 9999 Limit Breaking
« on: 2006-11-20 01:57:50 »
Official support thread for 9999LB Patch.

Some screenies:

Download links:
Skerb.exe (see readme inside)
Patch (see readme inside)

Usage (probably the easiest way):
   1) Download both files and unpack them
   2) Put patch.srb with ff7.exe and Skerb.exe
   3) Run Skerb.exe and press any key when it asks you to do so
   4) Rename ff7.exe to something like backup_ff7.exe
   5) Rename patched_ff7.exe" to ff7.exe
   6) Check if it works

If there was any error message, you've probably done something wrong. Recheck everything, see both readmies and try again. If there is still a problem, PM me or post it here.




As far as I've read, this project is dead.

Archive / Re: Projects links and status
« on: 2006-11-18 20:43:35 »
Check the link for FFMusic.
It sends you to cosmo.

Archive / Re: The Idiots Guide To FF7Music (JK xD)
« on: 2006-11-18 14:02:00 »
FF7music makes use of WinAMP plugins, so if there is a WAV for similar plug in that you can configure from the UI then you shouldnt have problems using WAV files.

MP3s dont loop, FF7music loops them for you.

I have FF7 Music and it doesn't loop for me.
How do I do that?
I checked the little box that says loop but nothing happens.
I also can't play MP3s either.

This is my FF7 Music version....

FF7Music configuration tool

Configuration tool version: 1.1.0 build 2

FF7Music library located
FF7Music library version: 1.1.1 build 0

Soooooo...what am I doing wrong?

Troubleshooting / Re: Random crashes
« on: 2006-08-20 23:04:14 »
Try running in compatibility mode windows 95

How do I do that?

Archive / Re: Opening Video v2.0 [Released]
« on: 2006-08-18 00:11:08 »
Was this ready to replace the orginal opening movie cuz when i did, it made the screen balck except for the diolog box and the music didn't start untill I anniciated the battle.

forgive my 3rd grade spelling
EDIT:nevermind...had I read the first post,I'd have known my answer...

Completely Unrelated / Re: Super Nintendo (updated)
« on: 2006-07-27 15:50:43 »

Let us know how the paint job goes.
I want to know how (or if you do) finish the paint so it has a shine to it.

N00b alert: When I say finish, I don't mean complete.

Sweet Thanks!
I only had the lag problem when I used the FF10 music files.

I have the +9999 and Hi-Quality Cloud so I'll try it out and edit with results :)


(x)  This program failed to start because the application configuration was incorrect.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Logic Game
« on: 2006-07-19 23:50:00 »
I'm stuck on sept..

Back to FF7.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Crash at Startup
« on: 2006-07-19 23:34:39 »
Go to Start
Go to Control Panel
Go to Add\Remove Programs
Uninstall your codec pack whatever they might be labeled

Completely Unrelated / Re: Learn from my mistake...
« on: 2006-07-19 21:40:56 »
That sucks dude but after 15 months of riding a bike\bumming rides I'm sure you'll have learned your leason.

I Learned the hard way what crack would do to a person.
Befor you say it, it wasn't me on it.
I had a friend who had a problem with it but was fighting it.
I beleived that he was a good person as long as he wasn't on it but I should have known better.
Once a crack head always a crackhead!
We were driving around one night and we drove by this shady motel.
He saw a rather attractive woman (who also was a crackhead i found out later) and told me to pull in.
So I did.
I already knew she was a hooker and already knew what his plans were.
He had a wife and kid.
He's a grown man and he knew what he was doing so who was I to stop him.
He had talked he into a 2 for one deal if he bought her a rock.
He got the room and rock paid for and went to town on bangn this chic.
I waited in the car but he left his phone in the car and his wife had been calling every 30 seconds. She knew...
He had been in there for about an hour and I was get'n tired. We had to be at work in 7 hours.
I went to the door and was knock'n several times to get him to hurry but he eventually stoped answering.
Just as I was about to go back to my car and go home his wife pulled up like a bat out of hell with the baby.
Oh shit...
She went to pounding and kicking the door.
Eventually the manager came out and said the cops were on their way.
I paniced and went to go get the roaches out of my car. (marijuana)
Like a dumbass I eat them insted of throwing them in a neighboring field so I smelled like I smoked a pound. ...sigh...
The wife split and I went to telling the cop...get this...the truth.
I was so scared that they would find out otherwise.
They asked me if I had been smoking or drinking and the cop threw me down and told me bullshit.
He thought I had been smoking crack too.
I went to jail for PI and was release @ 5am just to walk for an hour to get home.
I was so f*cking ashamed that I could bring myself to call anyone for a ride.
My drama; My problem.
By the time I got home it was about 6.
I woke mom and told her everything becasue she had been worried sick.
I got away with paying a $250+ fine but he wasn't as lucky.
I snitched him out so him out so they had a bigass stack of charges.

For the longest I blamed myself for that night.
I was driving; Why didn't I just keep going reminding him of his family?
What kind of friend snitches his friend out?
But now I've grown to hate him.
I was so nieve to believe he could have been a good person.
SO many people warned me of him but I looked the other way.
True, I am at fault for some things but I don't blame myself half as much as I use to.

My point is, we all make stupid choices and sometimes we pay for them.
Learn from them and become a better person for it.

I don't mess with crackheads and you shouldn't drink ANYTHING and drive.

Archive / Re: Cloud High Quality
« on: 2006-07-19 02:40:43 »
Thank you.

Archive / Cloud High Quality
« on: 2006-07-18 22:02:45 »
How do I use the file?
I downloaded it from HERE but there isn't any instructions

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