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Choo Choo... All aboard the hype train!  :-D

Yeah, I didn't see the "will be" part of the text and went mad thinking it was a problem with my internet lol

Just redownloaded the game. MY BODY IS READY

Glad to see you're still at it. Keep'em coming!  ;D

Beautiful work, satsuki! I'll be upgrading from v3 ASAP

I decided to try something out with The Planet's Chosen One. I'm really happy with the results (my throat hurts though, haha).

This version sounds EPIC dude! Sorry about the throat, but I think it was worth it!    ;D

Hey guys! Big noob question here. I'm modding my game a bit for my first playthrough (late to the party, I know).
I'm trying to keep things as close to vanilla as possible while still improving them, So I'm using The Reunion r05c (Menu, retranslation and 60fps Battles), Mxster's Chibi Reconstruction V1.6, Bloodshot's FF7 Re-animated, 0.1 and Bynyl's FF7 Soundtrack Remake.

Is there any way i can use this mod without downgrading the game to the 98 version? I'm using the Steam version and this seems to be the only mod on my list that requires it.

These sound awesome! Very close to the original, but with much better quality and instruments. I'm about to start my FIRST playthrough of FF VII in anticipation for the remake and it'll be with your music. Thanks for that!

Team Avalanche / Re: GUI 2.1.0
« on: 2019-04-09 16:26:19 »
I have the same issue with the apostrophes. Using Reunion R05c.

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