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Releases / [FF7PC-98/Steam] TheStrahl's Pincer Mod v1.5
« on: 2019-05-05 19:38:21 »

The Pincer mod is a project I did for my youtube channel. I do a variety of Final Fantasy Challenge runs and had basically run out of ideas for Final Fantasy VII so I decided this would be fun. With some help from my friend SegaChief, I managed to put this little mod together. What it does is take every(mostly) Boss/required battle in the game and turns it into a pincer fight with a second copy of each target. also exp is halved, so you essentially gain the same amount of exp that you would normally gain.  I also took the liberty of adding a few extra save points to make resets after battles less of a pain.

Download Link


Use these files to replace your current ones found in your FF7 PC folder. If you're using the steam version it can be found in your program files/Steam/steamapps/common/Final Fantasy VII/

Final Fantasy VII/ data/ field

Final Fantasy VII/ data/lang-en/Kernel

Final Fantasy VII/ data/lang-en/Battle

Known Bugs/Glitches/Issues
There are some issues currently in the mod as a result of making them into pincer fights. Issues that I currently don't have the AI scripting knowledge to fix. Any help and advice is appreciated.

-Some battles have had death animations removed to prevent softlocks. Mostly fights with unique non-death endings such as Rufus, Palmer, and Diamond Weapon.

-The Midgar Turks fight will give an error message after Elena says "Take that!" unless she is poisoned.

-Jenova Synthesis gives an error message at a certain point in the battle.

-Bizarro Sephiroth has too many pieces to make into a pincer fight. The enemy maximum is 6 enemies and he takes up 5.

-Safer Sephiroth gives an error message at the starting animation for Super Nova.

-The Ruby Weapon fight works, but after you kill one of them the other dies as well.

-Emerald Weapon has too many peices to make into a pincer fight, and also gives an error message at some point in the fight after i tried to make Two of them with two eyes each.

-One of the layers in Shinra HQ level 1 is missing. This can be avoided by simply not copying the flevel.lgp, but you lose the extra save points that were provided.

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