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1.13 has been released. It's not a massive update, but includes some minor fixes and changes to monsters, mostly miscellaneous stuff in the early game. Most notable is that Lani can actually hit with Gravira now, somehow I managed to do what Square had done with Steiner's Thunder Slash, which is kind of funny.  Some text that I hadn't properly restored when fixing the mod for FF9's August update has also been brought back.

1.13 can be downloaded here:

That's interesting. I've been mulling over looking into what exactly I need to do to make the mod compatible with Memoria since I started working on this, but it's not really ever been a big priority. I've got a few balance and testing passes I want to do on the mod to get everything right where I want it, but I think that'll probably be the next big step afterward.

I'm not actually too sure, haven't yet tested it with Moguri. If all Moguri is doing is replacing graphical elements, my initial thought is that it should be fine, but I'm not 100% clear as to how Moguri functions and what files need to be replaced when it gets installed. It's something I need to read more about and experiment with.

Quick update in case someone reads this before the OP: version 1.12 is out and it fixes the issues that the mod was having with the update for FF9 that came out in early August. I'm still in the process of testing it, but so far I'm confident that it should be working properly, aside from of course the standard jank that comes from this mod of course. The new version can be found at the following link:

There's not any real changes aside from the mod working with the new version of FF9. Shouldn't be anyway.

If anyone was waiting on this, apologies for the delay on it. The update came out immediately after I had finished a marathon of work on the mod and the whole situation of figuring out why it was broken wound up feeling more than a little discouraging. As far as I can tell it was some minor tweaks in the World Map settings (not the scripting, thnak god) that I had made ages ago that were screwing everything up. I've omitted those changes and it shouldn't really make any serious differences to the full product.

If anything isn't working as advertised or otherwise falls apart entirely (like with producible crashes) please let me know!

I will also be adding smaller updates to the OP, so I'd recommend checking there to see what the latest version is.

After a long hiatus, I've just finished version 1.1 of FF9 David Bowie Edition! The download link is as follows:

Little heads up if you downloaded this version before July 22nd, after I uploaded the mod I almost instantly realized an oversight and corrected it, reuploading the mod once I was able to. So if you got 1.1 before that time, maybe grab it again. It's a pretty embarrassing oversight but won't break anything and might not be obvious.

You'll also be able to find a link in the OP.

It should be possible to continue playing from a previous save, but a few things will wind up looking kind of funny. I'd recommend starting from scratch if possible, but no big deal if you can't. You can also start the mod part way through a vanilla playthrough but it will be weird and probably unbalanced, I don't really recommend it.


- Memoria has been completely revamped, with new monster formations. The encounter rate has also been raised slightly, closer to what it was in the PS1 version. This is partially due to self-indulgence since I made a bunch of new fights, but also because I found it was kind of weird to be able to pretty well just sprint through the final dungeon with like two random fights total. Every area with random battles will have at least one new monster formation. I won't lie, some of it is a wee bit janky, but it's all playable and I think the new fights are fun to figure out.

- Skills have been changed for some characters, with a few new skills and some others shuffled around. For instance, some Thief Swords have a variety of buffs for their status effects and you can use Soul Blade to buff party members.

- There are a variety of equipment and item changes, some minor, some major, some more for flavor.

- A bunch of bugs and oversights in previous versions have been fixed, for example it's now possible to actually target dispel tonics on enemies, something that has been bothering me for weeks now! Hopefully I have not produced too many more issues.

So have fun, let me know if there are any bugs.

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And watch out for Warmech!

@Clem Fandango: I don't know that bug.
Are you sure that this "loop" function is what makes Zidane big? If you remove it (or keep only "return"), then both the monster and Zidane get regular sized?
If yes, you can try to use something like this instead of "set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144":
Code: [Select]
set 16[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144Use "16" for the first enemy, "32" for the 2nd, "64" for the 3rd and "128" for the 4th. It may be not the best way to do (if you have several Plastique in the fight, they share the loop function... there should be no problem having a line for each one of them). At least, you can see with that if the problem comes from "SV_FunctionEnemy" for some reason.

Also, double-check that your enemy groups have the correct number of enemies (and with proper enemy type) and that the "Main_Init" function creates them properly as well, with the correct IDs.

Thanks for the assist Tirlititi, that alternative did the trick.

It was definitely the SV_FunctionEnemy causing the issue, seemingly. If I removed that one line or otherwise just left the Loop function to return, both the monster and Zidane would go back to their regular size. Main_Init was okay too, the monsters were behaving as they were supposed to and there wasn't anything amiss otherwise. Very weird!

Hey Tirlititi, I've got a peculiar issue that I'm hoping has an easy answer that I'm missing.

For context, I'm trying to add new enemies to battles, largely to increase the number of battles with multiple opponents in the end game, since FF9 tends to be kind of deficient with that sort of thing. So I've been creating new versions of monsters from different parts of the game with increased stats, attacks and so forth. This has been going rather well, except for one thing: I'm trying to increase the sizes of the monsters.

I have already been able to do this to original monsters in the game (for instance making the Gigan Toad much larger than usual) and it works fine with no bugs I can see. When I do the same thing to monsters I have produced, this results in a very obvious problem: when the battle loads, not only would the monster in question be increased in physical size, so does Zidane. He becomes HUGE.

The size modification that I've been using is the same one found in Torama's loop script. This is what it looks like for the working Gigan Toad:

Code: [Select]
Function Gigan_Toad_Loop
    while ( !( GetBattleLoadState & 8 ) ) {
        Wait( 1 )
        set VAR_GenUInt8_206 = GetRandom
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[STOP_ANIM] =$ 2
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[PLAY_ANIM_ONCE] =$ 0

And it works perfectly fine. What I'm using for my own monsters is not unlike that, so for example:

Code: [Select]
Function Plastique_Loop
    while ( !( GetBattleLoadState & 8 ) ) {
        Wait( 1 )
        set VAR_GenUInt8_206 = GetRandom
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144

The monster increases in size as expected, but this produces BIG ZIDANE, who is very amusing but not really what I'm looking for.

I've been fiddling with this on and off for about a week and I'm not entirely sure what I'm missing. Any idea what I have done wrong?

After a hiatus I've gone back to working on the mod a little bit, I've thrown together a new update (also updated the link in the OP):

(Note that there was download up for a few hours pointing at a 1.02 version, if you got that and haven't installed the mod before, grab this and install it instead.)

This is a fairly small update, I've fixed the scripts for Chocobo Hot and Cold so that Mene should now properly prompt the player when there aren't currently any available Chocographs to dig up. Thanks to Caledor for the info on how to do that, worked like a charm.

Additionally I've completely redone the scripting for the Quale fight. If I'm being honest, he was totally an afterthought in the first release and I didn't really spend a whole lot of time on him (IE, I literally didn't touch his script at all and just kind of shrugged). He should be a lot tougher now, far more than vanilla, but not impossible or anything. Hades is probably still the hardest optional fight at present barring Ozma.

Going forward my plan is to change up some of the encounters, specifically in Memoria. One thing I've never liked about the area is that almost every fight is against one big tough enemy, which is fine but causes certain attacks and techniques to wind up far more useful than others, so I'd like to add encounters that feature a more diverse array of enemies. Not entirely sure what it's going to wind up looking like, but I've got some ideas that might wind up being fun.

Good stuff, thanks. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, work is a circus right now and I haven't had much time to think about the mod. My hope is that I'll have some time to look at it this weekend.

Finishing up Ipsen's castle should allow you to acquire the last two pieces. After you do that you can complete all of the Chocograph activities outright, outside of the shimmering island treasure of course.

Clem thank you for talking about the Mene issue. To fix it, try dumping all the field scripts, with comments for readability. Then look for the dialogue that Mene says when there are no chocographs to be found. You'll see a few boolean vars like Chocobo_NoFindChocograph and Chocobo_NoMoreChocograph around there, used to trigger the dialogue.
Those must be coherent with the changes we made.

EDIT: The link below is the modified script for Chocobo Forest that should work with your mod (and mine: i applied the same changes to chocograph avaliability as you did). Since this comes from an italian script, compare it to yours and apply the changes i made. Also, remember to apply the very same changes to Chocobo Lagoon and Air Garden's scripts. That entire portion of code is repeated among all three. If you happen to make some tests, please let me know how it goes.

Thanks Caledor, I'll give this a whirl and let you know how it goes.

The way it's set up the Chocograph to grant the Sea ability can't be found at all until after the first airship is acquired, so once you get that you'll be able to find the Chocograph. I ran into the same issue with Mene not mentioning that you can't find any new Chocographs as well, never got around to fixing it though.

Weird about the Dagger thing though! I could have sworn I had that working, I'll see if I can't fix it up quick and upload a new version of the mod.

EDIT: I've uploaded a new version of the mod that should fix the issues with Dagger, I've updated the link in the mod's description so you can download it from regular location, simply copying the files over from the new version should fix it. Note that Dagger will probably still have command issues at least initially, since the game checks for that state at four points. Depending on exactly where you are it should clear itself up once you go to Esto Gaza, assuming you haven't gone there after the Desert Palace already.

I've tried to replicate the issue myself and I haven't had a whole lot of luck. I'm sorry, but I don't really know what's going on there.

This is kind of a long shot but where do you have Steam installed? My understanding is that you can run into problems with overwriting files if it's located in Program Files (not the x86 folder), with many games, not just FF9. Then again I've heard of other folks that don't have the problem so it's a bit of a stretch.

My best guess is that some of the files are successfully copying over while others aren't, that would explain why there's changes but they aren't showing up quite right.

Tirlititi was able to help me out with changing when the different Choco changes are available. Basically it involves changing some figures in different Barrel functions in each field script. Check this post for more info:

Yeah for what it's worth I've never really tested the mod when used in conjunction with Moguri, or anything else for that matter. Strange things may happen.

Yeah I found there's a lot of Chocograph treasures that are similar to the Holy Lance, but I don't think any of them are as nearly significant a boost. I found it really hard to balance what exactly you get in Chocographs, it's surprisingly tricky to predict what exactly will mess up player progression, especially once party composition is opened up.

Yeah I felt the need to mix those up a bit, mostly towards the early game. I wanted White Wind to be more readily accessible early on due to the fact that enemies typically do more damage than they used to and as handy as potions and Reis' Wind are, the player doesn't have many options for group healing at the start.

Having said all that, I wish I could change White Wind's formula around a bit. It always heals 1/3 of the caster's max HP and the amount is hard coded in for the formula. Kind of a bummer, it's not bad when Quina is first introduced, but as characters gain more and more HP and monsters get tougher and tougher, it doesn't really hold up all that well. I tried it as a more traditional Cure style formula at one point and it stopped feeling all that unique and still had scaling issues. Not sure if there's a good solution for that.

For the most part I didn't make many changes to weapon damage calculations, the lone exception I can think of is that Zidane's last dagger takes his Speed into account when dealing damage, but that's about it. The most major change at the start of the game is that Steiner now starts with the Iron Sword outright, no need to deal with the Broad Sword's middling damage at all.

Glad you're enjoying it, more major changes come up the further in you get.

I'll see if I can replicate any of that. Dagger's spell should be called Dia, odd that it's not coming up with the correct name, I've actually never had that happen during testing.

The soft lock though seems to be (at least from my experience) something that the PC version just kind of does. I had that happen even before I started modding anything.

Edit: Are you sure you copied the x64 and StreamingAssest folders in their entirety when installing the mod? I just tried installing the mod from a fresh install and it looks normal for me, stuff like the Dia problem and probably the Plant Brain thunder thing might be due to not every file being copied over.

Lightbringer is gone, it seems I missed that reference in that part of the documentation. Basically it was a holy attack that was replacing Iai Strike, could be obtained in the later stages of the game. I wound up scrapping it because it didn't bring much to the table, I was feeling like Steiner already had a lot of potential elemental options in his kit and that it really just became a "use this on undead" button for him, which is fine, but other characters already had that kind of thing but in more interesting ways.

So that instead got changed into Shadowblade, which is a totally different idea (self-heal that can maintain combat momentum) and way more niche, but in practice it felt much more interesting to play with. I think that might actually have been the very last ability change before I posted this.

I'm still mystified by Gighee existing, easily one of the weirdest monsters in FF7. I didn't ever know there was a connection until maybe a couple of years ago.

Going forward I will also list smaller updates at the top of the OP. Each version of the mod will also include a listing of changes in previous versions. You do not need to download older versions of the mod, simply download and install the latest version.

1.13 Notes (Oct 12)

Version 1.13 includes some tweaks and fixes to certain monsters and restores the text lost when I rebuilt the mod after FF9's August update.



- Memoria has been completely revamped, with new monster formations. The encounter rate has also been raised slightly, closer to what it was in the PS1 version. This is partially due to self-indulgence since I made a bunch of new fights, but also because I found it was kind of weird to be able to pretty well just sprint through the final dungeon with like two random fights total. Every area with random battles will have at least one new monster formation. I won't lie, some of it is a wee bit janky, but it's all playable and I think the new fights are fun to figure out.

- Skills have been changed for some characters, with a few new skills and some others shuffled around. For instance, some Thief Swords have a variety of buffs for their status effects and you can use Soul Blade to buff party members.

- There are a variety of equipment and item changes, some minor, some major, some more for flavor.

- A bunch of bugs and oversights in previous versions have been fixed, for example it's now possible to actually target dispel tonics on enemies, something that has been bothering me for weeks now! Hopefully I have not produced too many more issues.

So have fun, let me know if there are any bugs.

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And watch out for Warmech!

Final Fantasy XI: David Bowie Edition

What is this?

Final Fantasy IX: David Bowie Edition (DBE) is a gameplay mod that is meant to function as a rebalance, or better yet a remix of the original game. This mod includes new skills, items, enemy behavior, Chocograph locations and a number of smaller tweaks. I've been working on this on and off for around nine months.

What's with the name?

There's two reasons. First is that Zidane has a physical resemblance to a young David Bowie and that's always been hard for me to ignore. Early on in the planning for this mod I wanted to double down on the resemblance as much as I could, to the point that there are minor references to Bowie's music and associations in the mod and more overtly, all of Zidane's basic skills are named after different songs by Bowie.

Secondly, I also just really like David Bowie. Also I found it funny to name the mod after what amounts to a tiny part of it.

Is the mod complete?

Pretty much! There's a handful of things I might add in the future, but otherwise it's more or less complete, barring any bugs I probably haven't noticed.

Is this meant as a hardmode mod?

Not at all, though it is definitely meant to be a bit more challenging than vanilla is. I wanted DBE to be less Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 and more Final Fantasy 7 New Threat, so accessible, but not something you can necessarily sleep through the whole time. The objective is for it to be engaging.


- All characters have been looked at and rebalanced, with more of an emphasis on buffing characters rather than nerfing them. Abilities that range from "mostly useless" to "literally does not work" have been either improved or completely replaced. Character skill sets in general have been reworked, with an emphasis of characters having a wide variety of possible uses at all parts of the game, for instance I didn't want Steiner to just turn into a Shock-bot like he does in Vanilla (although it's still possible to do that, albeit a little bit harder).

- Some characters can actually play quite different from they do in vanilla. For instance, Dagger now has Red Magic and Amarant has a particular focus on his Trance abilities that he never had before.

- Almost all enemies are modified from vanilla. For the most part, enemies are more powerful than in vanilla, but not to a dramatic degree, just enough to keep you on your toes. These changes include stat changes, but it can also include changes to enemy behavior, what attacks they can use as well as the properties (status effects) of those attacks too. There's a few enemies that go unchanged, largely early game story battles that don't have much options available to the player yet. Also Tantarian, because frankly I think that fight is perfect already.

- Random encounters are designed around some of the unique features of the Steam version. Because the encounter rate is lower in the Steam version, I wanted fights to feel more substantial since the player will be having fewer of them overall. This means that you're not going to be having lots of single round fights against individual Skeletons in the middle of no where, instead fights will be a bit more involved than that. I wanted the fights to not exactly be super difficult, but more something that you do have to think about.

- Weapons and armor have been modified, sometimes with different stat changes, other times with new names and effects. The abilities learned by equipment have been changed quite dramatically as well. End game weapons have been changed quite a bit, since I wanted there to be multiple potential options for a character to use at end game. I didn't want it to be a case of Zidane getting the Ultima Weapon and having no reason for him to use anything else, for example.

- Support abilities have different AP costs and characters don't necessarily have the exact same options as in vanilla. For instance Quina can learn Long Reach and actually learns it far earlier than other characters, which can give them some unique options should you want to gamble with their physical attack. Additionally the effect for some skills has changed, for example Stone Killer is now gone and replaced with Armor Killer, which now applies to various enemies with natural armor like shells and carapaces, which winds up being a much more numerous crowd than the three monsters Stone Killer works on in vanilla.

- Ability Up is now available much later in the game. However, the AP costs for skills are now much lower than in vanilla. I did this for a couple of reasons, the first being that I imagine most players slap on Ability Up on all of their characters as soon as it is available (thereby robbing the player of some magic stones for the sake of convenience). The second reason is that I wanted the player to feel more free to switch between different pieces of equipment as the situational called for it, rather than thinking to themselves "I'm 10 AP away from learning Beast Killer, I'll stick with this terrible Broadsword a little longer."

- Incidentally the Broadsword is actually gone.

- Chocographs now have different rewards, with them largely being more incremental improvements rather than the sometimes over the top upgrades that they can be in vanilla. For the most part, a player getting Chocographs as soon as they can will be better off than a player who is not playing the mode at all, but it's less "Freya gets the Holy Lance early and now skips like three of her spears" and more "Freya gets a really good and cool spear, but it's not going to be a total blow out."

- The specific Chocographs that allow Choco to change his form are available at different times. Basically what this means is that Choco is no longer able to go from his Mountain form to his Sea form over the course of like, ten minutes, instead this can only occur if the player has already completed the events at Mount Gulug.

- There's a number of little quality of life changes to make parts of the game feel a bit better. Dagger no longer has performance issues half way through the game (although I admit I like that whole thing as a concept). Vivi no longer asks for a card during the festival of the hunt and asks for something that's actually worth getting. If you're catching frogs you only need to get 69 frogs to finish the end of the sidequest, which is Nice, and also makes the whole thing drag considerably less than it normally does. Frog Drop is not a thing anymore so you don't really need all of those frogs anyway.

What is next?

Not really a whole lot. I think I might at some point overhaul all of the equipment in the game, but it's a massive undertaking and a balancing nightmare so I'm not really sure I will wind up doing it. On top of that, there's a couple more optional fights I have in mind, but I'm not sure when that will come about.


The mod can be found at the following link:


To install, you need only copy the StreamingAssets and x64 folders to the root of your FF9 directory. The download also contains documentation to help with installing the mod, provide some basic gameplay tips, and also some much more detailed lists of character changes.

I'd recommend starting a new game entirely to play the mod. You can install it and play with a pre-existing save but it's definitely not intended. It's also not meant to be played in US English, any other language settings and the descriptions of various things will look a little strange.

If you notice any bugs (and I highly doubt I've been able to make this free of those), please let me know in this thread with as many details as possible (where were you, was it in combat, what were you fighting, etc).

Special Thanks

I just want to throw out a shout out to Tirlititi, for not only developing the Hades tool and its various documentation, but also for answering the mountains of questions I had while I was working on this. None of this would be possible without Tirlititi's work. Also thanks to Caledor for providing some solutions for some issues with Chocobo Hot and Cold, it was a huge help.

Okay, thanks. All of the death misses I had must be due to something else, I'll have to figure out what that is. Truth be told I'm not sure if I'm going to wind up sticking with the status anyway because it seems way too situational to be worth it much of the time. It's kind of fun to play around with though so if I can find a way to make it more practical I might work it in somewhere.

Hey Tirlititi, I've got a quick question regarding the normally enemy only Easy Kill status: would anything go horribly wrong if the player were to have access to this status in any way? Specifically I'm wondering if it persists outside of a fight, I'd assume that if it does it'll never wear off, which presents a bit of a problem if I wanted to try to turn it into a buff.

The main reason I'm asking is because I've been messing around with this concept a little bit just to see how it works and unless there are a number statistically unlikely things happening in a row during my testing I'm getting the distinct impression that the status doesn't ever wear off. It doesn't seem to wear off after a character is killed, which is good,  but it seems as though it's lasting forever on top of that.

This is great, thanks. All I need to do now is refit a few of the other bosses with this method and I should be just about ready to get this whole thing out there.

Also thanks for the rundown on what the different functions do, especially the field scripts. I've got it in my head to eventually make a couple of bonus fights in Memoria but I had no idea where I would even start with that. I think I'm going to get this project out there before I get going on that though, I think it's going to get fairly complicated as the enemy scripts go assuming I really run with what I have in mind.

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