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General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-20 19:26:20 »

I firmly believe that the story is less important then how a game plays, which I find it quite fun, story is just a bonus, that being said they are extending the original story taking in lore elements from the ff7,cc,doc,AC,BC and a light novel or 2, so more story from the same world, which is being ajusted by most of the original team and people who grew up loving ff7.

I wouldn't say that original ff7 was manga art style, exaggerated characters sure but that can be chalked up to hardware limitations, in specific max polygons displayable by the PS1, unless your are talking specifically about the concept art, which while nice to look at isn't reflected in game.

Reforged was received so badly blizzard offered no questions asked refunds, RE2+ sold so well Capcom chose to continue remaking games... I would suggest that is a fair indicator that reboots/remakes handled well perform far better then remasters sales wise.

Whether on not you like RE2+ is irrelevant it was entirely to point out  difference in reception.

Square-enix likes to make money, they sure as hell wouldn't have made ff7remake part 1 if they weren't gonna turn a tidy profit.

At this point I'm fairly sure your just gonna continue bashing it because it's not exactly what you personally wanted, all I'm  suggesting is try it out before you choose to be vocal in your dislike

Story is just a bonus - if we are writing about an action game, a first person shooter or a strategy game.. Story is half the game if it's an RPG like FF7- You can have the best gameplay and a sucky story and no one will play the game through to the end and praise it. An RPG is really in need of a great story arc. That said, with bad gameplay and a great story i would say that some people would enjoy it more than vice versa- but that the bad gameplay would still land the game a bad review. An RPG, which FF7 is - really needs a great story and great gameplay. But unlike you i'd say the story is more important than the gameplay in an RPG game. I also disliked DoC and don't want that game to be the basis for any story in the remake.

You are also totally wrong about the art-style and the look of the models in the original. The art-style by Tetsuya Nomura were the actual basis for the battle-models of the game, and the field-models were reduced versions of the battle-models because the PSX were mistakenly thought to not be able to handle more. Something FF8 proved were not the case, but remember that FF7 had better graphics than ever before seen in video gaming when it released- it's a shame it didn't look as good as FF8. The reason the field models looked so bad was because of hardware limitations of the PSX, and they didn't know it could handle a game like FF8 back then.

Compare the Rufus battle-model with the art-style version of Rufus and you can clearly see that he looks the same- but not as gorgeous as the art-style due to the PSX limitations. If FF7 orignal were made today it would have probably had cell-shaded graphics like Dragonball FighterZ. Square-Enix didn't create Final Fantasy VII- it was made by Square-Soft- back then Square-Soft and Enix were two different companies. If memory serves me right then Enix had Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball Z, making the art-style for their rival RPG Dragon Quest. To counter Enix and Dragon Quest Square-Soft had a different artist drawing the FF7 characters in similar style but different. It's not the Akira Toriyama-style- but it's certainly the style used by manga/anime-artists.

For example this Tifa had great proportions. The shirt ends just right under her stuff. Her stomach is perfectly drawn. There is nothing that doesn't look perfect on this picture. A realistic Tifa didn't need a change of proportions, just a realistic face and that's it. This art is great.

And to show Rufus:


One can clearly see that the hair etc is the same as on the official art- just a shame the game wasn't made now when it comes to it's graphics. Because this art-style is better than the Remake.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-20 18:34:30 »
I was just pointing out that these things came from the modding community rather then from square, to the point there was a fair while there where the "official" patch was actually made by someone on this forum and was downloaded from here without permission being sought using up qhimms bandwidth at the time.... Gee I feel old remembering that.

RPGs really haven't exolved much in the last 20years unless you count the shift into action RPG territory, so there really isn't much in the way of quality of life improvement available, they literally could make it a bit prettier and smoother, but that's really about all, maybe tacking on a new game+ or story DLC while maintaining straight remaster status.

Looking at reforged as an example, the hardcore fanbase wanted this se game just prettier but no-one wants to pay $60us for a game that they already own, and new players who came from SC2 lol and Dota all think reforged plays likes.a bag of soggy vibrators, going back tto wc3 is regrettably the same.

Re2 isnt a direct 1-1 remaster because there were innovations in RE gameplay mechanics that kept the overall feel, looks good , plays good reviewed good

A direct remaster plus a couple of spare minigames is a waste of time and effort because they do poorly sales wise, you don't work for free why should they, anymore the a straight graphical update is major work even, even if it's something as simple as streamlineing or updating battle ai, how long has Sega chief been working on new threat, with current tools, how long did it take gjoerulv to make nightmare, both of which play completely different to ff7 base, how many hours did aali put into his driver, what about the hours spent just on making the tools to make modding ff7 possible, all of these where labours of love for a game all of which happened because people had issues with the original that weren't story related.

Point is I've bought reg ff7 3 times because I love the game mainly for nostalgia reasons, it's story while good had many unfinished threads to its tapestry,and didn't feel finished,  it's graphics really don't hold up well today, neither does it's gameplay, there is very little you can do to improve base rpg gameplay without a full rebuild of the battle module at which point pretty well anything you make is no longer base ff7.

As for the style updates on no Tifa now has stockings on and shorts instead of a skirt and bare legged(I don't play games to perv it's kinda creepy if you do) and Barret wears sunglasses at night and clouds hair is mildly less super sayan, or are you talking about the no SD/chibi (my least favourite artstyle) because really the arts fairly consistent with the original aside from those changes with the exception of a couple of colour changes on clothing.

I maintain I don't see the appeal of same game again with a couple of bonus goodies, a full remake/reimagining peaked my interest to the point I played the demo and gosh golly it was fun enough to make me wanna spring for the $750 copy, that sold out mind you, to the point they had to ramp up production of the $200 version to accommodate the pre-orders, pretty sure I sit with the majority that gave it a go and liked it that much

Square-Enix should have updated the models, that's the most important thing- especially on the field. A Remaster without new field models based on the original art is not the remaster most people wanted. I would personally have wanted models looking exactly like the original art in a remaster.

RPG's have evolved a lot. For the better and for the worse. A lot of people i've spoken to have agreed with me that the change from FF9 to FFX with too many videos playing all the time was bad. Another bad change were the FFXII to FFXIII where the world-map disappeared. Making the experience less epic and smaller. Also less free as you were led through the story and couldn't go where you pleased in the world like in the PSX titles.

Blizzard didn't do a good job at avoiding bugs and issues. They did remove the old in favor of the new system- and they did replace the old one for the old game as well. If you owned the old game and tried to login online you would get your game updated to the new- with lots of unstability and issues. Of course it's a very bad idea to replace the original with the remake. It's like if Square-Enix would replace the original FF7 with the Remake ruining the multiplayer experience of the original in the process. Fortunately FF7 isn't a multiplayer game. And it's not on PC only- so it's impossible to ruin like Blizzard ruined WC3 multiplayer of the old version. They kind of put the classic out of action when they released the new. Not good if you did prefer the old one, thereby saying to their customers that now you'll need to play the new one instead. Sure, there is an option to use the old models but players have reported that it has a different that is less stable and prone to crashing often. It's true that WC3R still has the outdated playstyle, and unlike FF7 people don't enjoy that as much today.

I've bought FF7 for 50$ back in 1997 for the PC, then i did buy it again from another guy for the PSX and played the full game there as well because i wanted to know the difference. I also played the game on both Win XP with good graphics and on the original Win 95 with worse resolution. After that i've played it countless times using different mods- starting with DLPB's Rejuvenation project in 2007. Then i did buy the game for the full price again in 2013 from the Square-Enix store due to the CD not working when trying to install it. I've bought the game many times over, and played it even more times- it's true that i didn't bother buying the Steam-version when i already have two PC-versions with the CD:s and one S-E Store version. I actually bought a used version for the PC in 2016 i think because i thought my original version had been stolen. Then i found it again, so i have two CD-copies. But the one i got in 2016 didn't have the original package that my old version has.

Real FF7 fans are prepared to buy the original over and over again just to be able to play it again- and that would be true for a remaster with new models as well. The reason i re-installed the game when new cool mods released is because i wanted to play with the many new features- new models being the most interesting new feature. I did never really like the old chibi-models and always wished that the battle-models would be in the field as well. Something made possible in 2007 when i found the first graphical mods which added the battle-models to the field. After that even better models have been made, that are looking like the FMV-models (a dream come true) or even the art-style (perfect). But imagine if the official game had such better models and kept to the original- i woul certainly buy it even though most people might not. But the hardcore FF7 fans would.

Rebooting FF7 might be the best choice if Square-Enix wants it to get out of the originals shadow. There is a risk people would prefer the original over the remaster otherwise- because unless it's perfectly done people would rather play the original. I'd love better models, but that is not enough- if too many changes are made the new models won't make the game better. WC3R changed the models, but they did also change the overall style from cartoony to modern WoW style- in my opinion the new style is inferior to old WoW as an example. Too much modern values in it - and the female units are less attractive. Many modern games are plagued with this.

The original game isn't perfect, if it were there wouldn't be mods that are aiming to improve upon it- but it's story and gameplay were almost perfect. Of course everything can be improved without changing it. Changing things could also improve it- but that's a risk.

Agreed that the story felt rushed in the third CD. I did always want more in the last one to be honest. I were also disappointed that the fight against Sephiroth weren't against him as he looked like in the Kalm flashback. I thought that Sephiroth were the best looking one- i were obsessed with Sephiroth during high school and searched like a mad-man for mods that allowed me to play as him- or trainers. He weren't as cool in the final fight in my opinion.

The graphics were the best ever seen back in 1997 lol. But you're right about them not holding up today. The PC version can look quite well using mods. But those old chibi-models can't be used without the game looking outdated. Gameplay is still fun for us old folks i think. I don't know what young people below 25 think.

Eh, Tifa still has a skirt but it's not a leather-skirt and it's not as wide as the old one. The stockings are an annoyance to my eyes. She doesn't have shorts thankfully, but the new skirt is less hot than the old. Now, i'm not playing to perv or whatever you wrote- but i enjoy my girls to be eye-candy while playing. I do always choose a hot female character over a male one when i play. I'd keep Tifa in my party because i like looking at her proportions. Change that and i'll use something cool instead- ruining my Tifa experience. Real life women are hard to deal with in this day and age. Sometimes hot models of female characters in games could be nice for people who don't have girlfriends and who like to be less bored while playing. I think that's what's great about the 90's- females in games were always as sexy as possible. That's how it should be done. I do not care about Barret's sun-glasses. I do think Barret is looking much better in the Remake than in the old Advent Children. In the original game he might have looked more aggressive but that's because of the style. Cloud's hair on the other hand could have been more "Super Saiyan"- there were people like that in the 90's. Pop-stars with such hair. Anyway, Cloud looks much better than in Advent Children though- much better pants. But they could have been more like the WW2 Germans because they were more like them in the original.

I have already bought the remake, so i'm very much looking forward to it. It being different does peek my interest as well. But i'm still disappointed about the Tifa eye candy.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-17 06:34:13 »
Use of qhimm stuff has already happened....aali driver, 1.04patch, the spirit/mag def fix, just not models animations or textures

He didn't say that Square should use Qhimm-stuff..

He said that he wanted the Remake to aim for the same goals as the Qhimm mods- improvements upon the original including re-translations, graphics, better AI.

In other words the original game with modern quality-of-life changes. And i'd never buy the remaster when i have the Qhimm mods that looks a million times better.

What Dlpb meant is that the Remake could have been like a mod but better in every area that mods are improving. Instead Square went for a Reboot- meaning it's a different game than the original, with different graphical style as well.

We original fans mostly wanted just a graphical update when we asked for a remake in the past- i do think that's the majority.

However, seeing how bad Warcraft 3 Reforged did (and it were a remake only updating the graphics) when it released maybe it's for the best to make the Remake different. If it were the same as the old it would certainly look prettier- but would probably get a lower rating.

Still- the style of the characters didn't need an update.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-16 19:25:51 »
Personally, for a remake, I want to see an evolution of the game, I want something more brought to the table, i want a different experience playing the game that is different to the last 38 times i have played the original with and without mods and i want more detail to the story line. I don't want them to change the battle system between episodes/parts/chapters/whatever name you want to put to it, i want the battle system to be the same across all parts to keep that feel though out the whole experience. I hope it comes to PC to have the chance to mod it like the original

I have played every FF game there and completed them all, some more times than others, i have my favorites and there are some that i just despise, the ones i like, some people don't like and some that i despise some people love. Not everyone is the same. I own every FF title released (legitimately) and on multiple platforms from NES to current gen console and PC regardless if i like them or not because i am a fan of the franchise and I want more FF games so i show my support with my money. All i know is that i want more Final Fantasy and if it means remakes of originals i don't care, i will play though them regardless and would like to see FF8 and FF9 get the same treatment some day.

I want FF7:R to be a massive hit because I want more remakes like what they are doing with FF7:R and new titles too. I get that some people are not happy with the remake and its impossible to please everyone, it will also bring more of an audience to the franchise and i am sure people have been playing FF7 for the 1st time because of the remake, in turn generating more money for SE. what i do know is that if they feel that continuing will be too much of a hassle than its worth due to the backlash of the fan base they will just decide to stop and we can only blame the fan base if that does happen,

Some of the anger on here between old Tifa and new Tifa, Barrett with glasses or without glasses, old battle system vs. new battle system, i just find it a little petty. its just evolution of change, if you make something now and then make it again in 20 years time, you will make it different because you learned new things since, you have discovered how to improve it based on your own ideas, evolve it based on new technologies, etc. That's what SE are doing for FF7:R

I see no point in writing it off and calling it a failure till i have seen what they have done overall. I will give it a chance, i am open minded and will play though it regardless if it is a disappointment or not. At least i am willing to accept change and give it a fighting chance.

I agree with the decision to improve upon the original, expand upon the games story and locations etc- i always thought it should have been even more grand in scale. I also wanted them to add multiplayer so you could play with friends in the battles, for example having friends controlling the other characters- but that might not work too well in the ordinary story. But in the Gold Saucer area they should in my opinion add a VS mode for multiplayer duels. The battle-arena but versus other players as well. Also, i always thought it would be cool to play as the villains as well- some sub-story where you control the bad-guys would be awesome! So i wholeheartedy agree with you on not wanting the exact same game- even though i would have loved that as well.  I can't really play FF7 too many times, it's my first PC-game that i ever played - and it's the best FF period.

I 100% agree with you that they should keep the battle-system the same throughout the entirety of the original FF7 story. I wouldn't want the other parts to feel like different games. At least not when it comes to the battle-system - of course they should be different in terms of story and world building. The world map will be very interesting, and how you will travel the world on a Chocobo now. Will they make the world detailed and huge? Or keep smaller areas like the Chocobo Farm and Kalm? It would make sense to turn Kalm into a city in itself, and make everything bigger- i did always think everything but Midgar looked so small. Wutai being the only major contender to the Shinra besides Fort Condor.

Absolutely, a PC-port is a must for the game to have any chance of surviving as long as the old game has. And unless they add DLC for character costumes i believe it's needed for us who'd want the traditional clothes on the characters.

I haven't owned all the FF games.. I used to own Playstation CD's with FF1-2, FF6, FF7, FF8 and FF9, i do own FF7 on PC, i do own FFX on the PS2, FFX-2 on the PS2, FFXII on the PS2, FFXII on the PS4, i own Ehrgeiz for the PSX which is a fighting game from 1998 with FF7 characters- and i do own FF7 Crisis Core on the PSP, FF Dissidia (all of the games- but i disliked the PS4 version due to not being exactly like the PSP-titles -especially that it didn't have 1 VS 1 and also no RPG-styled combat that i used in the Duodecim12.). Only FF7 game i really dislike is the Dirge of Cerberus game because it ruined Hojo's original story by having him survive.

I didn't play all these games though- the games i finished were only the PSONE titles. But i liked FFXII in the sense that i couldn't stop playing. But after i finally shut it down i never returned. It had the power to keep me at the screen when i had it on though. I wasn't a big fan of the combat but i found the story fascinating at the time- i bought it on release.

I also do own the bradygames strategy guides of FF7, FF8 and FF12. So while i am not as big a Final Fantasy fan as you- i am a hardcore FF7 fan. I owned FFXIII as well but i didn't like the game. It lacked an open world and you could only go one way.. It sucked in comparison to FFXII even though it had better battle-mechanics. The PSX-games were superior. FFX had too many videos playing all the time. I enjoyed in the older titles that videos were rare. That made them something to look forward to. Unlike you i don't feel like i do need to play all the titles.. I simply play them if they're good. I've thought about playing FF6 because it seemed really good, and i love it's music- but i just can't stand old graphics. Even though i am from the SNES generation.. But back then i played Mario and Donkey Kong Country- FF7 was the first FF game i ever played. Final Fantasy 8 deserves a remake as well.

I also want the new FF7R to be a massive hit. Because otherwise we won't get the full story and that's what i don't like about the episodic nature of releasing the game- in my opinion they should have waited for three more years and released all three CD's at once. Because we're risking the first game to flop- resulting in us never getting the later parts. The whole game would have been better off sold at once even if that meant a longer waiting time.

Yes, i'm also worried there won't be a part 2 and part 3 if the first game doesn't do well enough.. But the demo has gotten well received by fans and new players alike.

Finally i don't support the style change of characters. They looked good already, especially in the case of Tifa- the only one i have a problem with to be honest, because she was gorgeous in the original. They've made her less attractive which is a minus. The black clothing beneath the white clothes especially. Just change her back to the original in my opinion. Let her have bare legs.. That's a clear minus for the Remake as i always wanted art-Tifa in modern graphical quality- or FMV-Tifa.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-16 18:27:31 »
I am rather surprised on a lot of the comments about FF7:R. For years people have been wanting a remake and now that we have seen game play, screenshots, renders, etc. all people can do is criticize it to pieces, and there are a ton of people making assumptions relating to things we have not even seen yet.

TBH i think its rather shocking. I am a fan of the original game and the whole series and when SE finally announced the remake i was all excited. The episodic nature of the release is one i do not mind. ask yourself this, would you rather wait another 4, 5, 6, 7 or more years for a remake? or be able to play a remake a lot sooner.

As for the changes to the combat system, its to be expected that there would be a change, and tbh, i personally like the hybrid system they have in the demo. It give a modern spin to it while having some throw backs to the turn-based system at the same time. Sure not everyone is going to like it, and making a game you really cannot please everyone as everyone will have their own take/spin/thoughts/ideas how things are to be done/written/designed/etc. The new battle system was really easy to get into while still feeling satisfied that they have not forgotten the roots of the core game.

The remake is larger in size because of how games have evolved since the original and the fact that they are adding voice acting to the game just makes that even more so the case along side higher quality textures, lighting, models, animations, etc.

Ask yourself, What is a game remake to you?

"Ask yourself, What is a game remake to you?"

Well, a remake to me would have been the same game with only new graphics originally. What Square-Enix is doing now is a re-boot of Final Fantasy VII, and not really a simple remake like the name suggested.

Because ask yourself what a remaster is to you? It's not a game with chibi-models, or is it? I'd say the Remaster was disappointing- i'd much rather play the PC version using the NinoStyle models - and if NinoStyle ever completes the full game with those battle-models that would be a true remaster, or is that a remake?

If Square-Enix's remaster is a remaster, then the mod would be the remake with the same game and new models- and the FF7R is a Re-Boot of the entire franchise.

At the end of the day i didn't want the old game with better resolution like in the official Remaster, but i did always want the old game with better models- best of all if they looked like on the art by Nomura himself -or like in the FMV-videos - NinoStyle and Kaldarasha have made this a reality for the PC-version of FF7 and i just wish all the models had both styles. Especially NinoStyle's style which is the same as the original anime art.

The Remaster with the old chibi models is not good enough, and the Remake is very different- i'm certainly going to love the Remake but when i first heard Remake i thought of an official version of the mods with even better graphics but the same old game.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-16 18:08:31 »
I just finished the demo, and I don't like it.  But then, I didn't like FF7 to begin with.  Still, was anyone asking for Final Fantasy 7 to be turned into a Dynasty Warriors/Kingdom Hearts amalgamation?  The battle system is deeper than "hammer Square until thing dies", but the problem is "hammer Square until thing dies" works WAY too well for every enemy in the demo except the boss... Who is an annoying fucker because the battle system doesn't allow for the kind of indicators the ATB system used to, meaning that most of the battle is "hang back until the boss is vulnerable, and then hit him hard for a few minutes"...
I have a suspicion that unless you prefer this kind of combat, most fans of the original FF7 are going to pull the new HQ cutscenes from this sucker and load them into the old engine...

I for one hate the Dynasty Warriors games.. That's why i never liked the One Piece games and always wanted a proper fighting game with realistic characters in that world.

Anyway, i do think the new FF7 Remake looks fun to play, but i haven't played the demo yet- just been watching at least five different playthroughs on Youtube. I kind of like the look of things. And i absolutely loved the original ATB-system. Unlike FF8 and FF9 i always enjoyed FF7's materia-system more.

Dynasty Warriors sucks because it's just slashing at multiple enemies without any thought or need of strategy..

I actually do like Kingdom Hearts 2 though, but Kingdom Hearts 1 had way worse battle mechanics than number 2. I had almost finished the game when i managed to delete my save..

Point is that FF7R is looking great- and i hate Dynasty Warriors.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-07 22:07:25 »
To be honest i still hate the leggins and the black stuff on Tifa.. She needs the classic look.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 04.2020 - News
« on: 2020-03-06 12:05:14 »
Thanks for the read.  I'm afraid you and I are in a minority overall where applying logic to storytelling is concerned and, you know, 'Strifing' for better.  Instead, people are happy if visuals look good and their understanding for storytelling is as low as dinosaur bones.  I've made the point numerous times across forums and on IMDB that the reason AC failed with a general audience is because the script was crap and no-one can care about characters that defy logic and reason every second.  And this sad, pathetic little remake ticks the same boxes.  The dialogue is shite.  The script reads and sounds like it's been created by a Mom's basement dweller.  The eye candy is all over the place.  Logic is out of the window there too.  The pacing looks crap too because battles last way too long.  There's no tactics to be had.

And the extra visuals are like Lucas dumping dinosaurs onto the screen because he could - not because it's good.  Same here.  More visuals just takes away from what made FF7 so good.  And, the main point, as you say, is that believability is zero. 

The redemption arc for Barrett - all gone.  The darker tones and more adult themes?  Cartoon teeny bopping.

It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Shakespeare was how long ago?  And the phrase applies to this dreck more each passing second.

And guess what?  I knew all this years before the remake was even released.  I knew if they ever did make a remake, this is what they'd do.  And I said so.  Nomura needs to be assassinated.

I liked Advent Children simply because it were FF7- but i hated the new style and wanted them to look like in the first few scenes (original looks) the entire movie. I do also agree that the new style of fighting introduced by Advent Children looked good in the movie, and worked well in FF Dissidia/Duodecim (a fun fighter and i have all the titles) but doesn't work well in a realistic sense. It doesn't make sense for Cloud to be able to fly and i think he should be grounded, as should the others- in the original game he couldn't jump as high as Goku, or fly like Superman. Frankly the movie made the fights less grounded and i didn't really like that when implemented into a real FF game. Frankly if you don't have wings (like Sephiroth) you shouldn't be able to fly. That's what i like in the classic FF7 that they run forward and doesn't fly forward- much more realistic.

"The redemption arc for Barrett - all gone." Explain?

I am mostly worried about two things, because unlike you i think the Remake is looking awesome in it's own way, as it's own stand-alone game (but it isn't the remake of the classic that people might have wanted with simply updated graphics) - the things i'm worried about?

1. Multiple games. I'm worried they will lack the same quality, that they will take forever to release and that gameplay will change from one of the games to the other. I'd like the games to be the same with just new story. Not a FFX2 styled different game as a sequel. It should be FF7R Part 2. Not a completely different game, and i'm worried it will be totally different from the first game.

2. I'm worried that Square-Enix will remove any dark scenes- Dyne, Sephiroth killing people in the Shinra HQ and in Kalm, blood on the floor in the Shinra HQ, dead bodies of slain Shinra/prisoner bodies, blood on the walls of the Shinra HQ etc.

I don't want a child-friendly game. Remember that we were all kids when we played the original. The age restrictions on the original were 15 years in Sweden- i did play it as a six year old. So no need to censor the blood, death etc- it would make it worse than the original.

A warning sign was the Game Over screen.. I watched someone get beaten by the Sentinel Scorpion during the boss fight.. Neither Barret nor Cloud fell unconscious.. Instead they were on their knee's when the game over happened. Not only that- but a text clearly said they fell unconscious..

In the old classic you thought that they died.. Because they all would lay down like dead characters, and there were no text saying anything about them falling unconscious. I really dislike this censorship and childification. I could handle the gore of the original as a six year old. Modern six year olds can handle the gore of the new version- if it's kept at all..

I don't need the characters to stand up when they have 0 health.. That just screams censorship to me.. They should lay down, even when someone is fainted as in not dead they would still lay down on the ground- an unconscious person would still lay down but they censored that to them standing on one knee. That's a minus for me and also makes me worried about all the darker scenes that i need in the Remake- or it will get one point less in my review for each deleted scene of that nature.

Final Fantasy VII should be dark.. People should die in it visibly. If not then it's worse than the original.

"2. Shera should stand up to her abuser

- Its more realistic that she doesn't because most women don't. It sheds light on real life and doesn't ignore it."

Not to mention Cid sacrificed his life dream to rescue her life- so she lives thanks to Cid but he is abusing her with harsh words due to his dream being ruined in the process. He could have let her die but chose to save her over fulfilling his life dream. So Cid is a hero- and Shera doesn't stand up to him because she knows he is a good person, and is just angry about his dream of going to space being destroyed.

She knows that she caused this.. And that she kind of deserves it.

lol nice concept :P

Thanks mate, this project isn't dead but the old computer i used when modding this game is broken at the moment. While i could mod on the new one it's not as easy to do due to using a widescreen. I might continue the project on it though and change the screen to a smaller old-school one. I find them easier to read the text on, and as such i can sit for longer periods of time working on them.

Btw- in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer they've made Scaret justice. She's absolutely gorgeous!

I do hope that they'll still keep Rufus Shinra's cool look from the original. I wasn't a fan of his Advent Children look due to his clothes looking less cool. Something about his look in the boss-battle with double pants etc that made him look bad-ass.

I'm also still worried that Dyne will be cut but hopefully not.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 04.2020 - News
« on: 2020-01-31 14:13:26 »
New trailer, big spoiler for who is picky (promise Cloud and Tifa, Jenova, Red XIII, fights, crossdressing)

They basically show us everything.

An amazing trailer that has it all it seems.

But i think i saw one censorship area: Don Corneo!

In what sense?

Yes, I did get the impression that the team of Cloud, Aerith and Tifa will challenge the Don already at the "chosing the bride" stage. He won't be going with one of them into his bedroom for some "fun"- that's my bet. At least you won't be allowed to see any sexist moves of the Don against Tifa inside that room.

Aerith looked fabulous and i'd surely enjoy using her the entire game in that hot style.

Scarlet of the Shinra looked better than i had thought she would- i thought that Square-Enix would make her less beautiful in this day and age. Well, i was wrong- she has the same hairstyle and is gorgeous. Now, i got the impression she has pants instead of a dress and pants but that was hard to see really.

She seems to be somewhat of a dominatrix towards her troops- while she didn't do that in the original she did indeed kill a few of them for aiming badly.

I hope her signature laugh and pose is still kept. I'm not happy about Tifa's leggins but otherwise Tifa looked great as well. Scarlet used black leggins in the original though so Tifa stole that.

Overall an impressive trailer and all the scenes were amazing. It's also cool that they've made the mouths follow the English words spoken in the trailer/game. That means they'll lipsync it in Japanese for Japan, and in English for everyone else- pretty good effort by the company.

Seeing as how modern Blizzard released a buggy and unstable Warcraft 3 Remake- i can at least praise Square-Enix for putting in the extra hours to make the FF7 Remake something awesome! Just a shame about the Tifa censorship.

As for extra stories they are kind of a gamble- they could be good, or they could also be bad.. It's interesting that Square-Enix is willing to take risks where Blizzard plays it safe.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-09-28 14:26:33 »
Official box art:

The ugly logo basically ruins it completely.

What ruins it is Clouds hair. It were much more bad-ass looking and pointy in the old cover/game. I'd think they should have made it more pointy.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-09-28 14:12:10 »
So they've changed the sequence before fighting Air Buster... instead of getting President Shinra in the helicopter, you get a couple of drones and a giant hologram of the President and Heidegger...

Looks like the summons are playable and/or at least the summoner stays in the battle (something like FF12)

There are rumors about Don Corneo being voiced by Mark Hamill...

Also every character has his/her own frog model when in Frog status (i think Cloud's has a sword lol)

I wonder who's that new biker?

I loved what they did with the summons, as that's one of the things i always wished for as a kid/teenager - to be able to control the summons!

However, i do not like what they did to President Shinra in that scene before fighting Air Buster - it can't be too hard to just have him do what he did in the original. No need for pointless changes like that. The helicopter-escape made him more like his son Rufus who also escaped by a helicopter.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-08-03 17:06:03 »
I've also gotten the impression that aali was compensated for it in some way

Very odd..

I agree that all the mods should have been integrated in the official remaster, nobody (or at lest not i) wanted the chibi models remastered. I'd be happy with the entire game using NinoStyles models.

I wasn't aware of a soft-lock on that fight, were there any model mods on?

Hey Sega Chief, i read about your mod and wanted to play it using NinoStyles models. Unfortunately most NPC are chibi-models.. Is it possible to use the PRB-models with your mod instead?

Edit: Your special edition using default enemies and combat systems worked with PRB-models - very nice. I am going to try it out! It still has those encounters in cities with party members right?

He asked for it to be removed as he wanted to put a bit more work into it before re-releasing.

Ah, that was unnecessary lol - now he might never release it again  :P.

Fixed all the issues, thanks for your help LordUrQuan. Now i can enjoy the mod with the new models by Ninostyle - the absolute best in my opinion! I wish the entire game had his style.

That's ok, just choose "Overwrite" at the beginning.  From the screen shots you edited in, though, OpenGL is definitely working (otherwise MO, dialog transparency, and the rest wouldn't be), so it's more likely a problem with your load order, or because you mention a modified char.lgp file in your original post, stray files laying around that don't belong and are getting in the way.  Are you playing from CD'98 or Steam?  If the latter, you can do a "verify/repair" to make sure everything's the way it should be, re-run the converter, and end up with a clean "vanilla" install that should be ready for modding again.  If the former, you'll need to do an uninstall/reinstall to get back to basics.  Either way, once that's done, post up your mod config/load order, and we'll see if maybe something's in the wrong place.

Graphics fixed, but now the text is messed up and the res is no longer widescreen - no matter if i return to the FF7.exe or use the other one. And even when disabling the Menu Overhaul the graphics remained great while the res is not widescreen, and the text is messed up. I did check all the active mods but there are none active messing with the text. Maybe the converter enhanced the graphics, but messed up the text? And Fullscreen doesn't seem to work after using it. At least not full screen without the black borders.

Edit: Fullscreen were fixed by placing the mod in "stretched".

However, the text is all messed up?

It should have been dropped by the conversion program.
You did run the converter, right? 

Fixed :), thanks man - it were the converter. I had tried to install it but the program said it were already in place so i cancelled.

Now, what i did was that i uninstalled the converter and re-installed it - it works :).

It should have been dropped by the conversion program.
You did run the converter, right? 

Yes, but it said it had already been installed before.

That's the Menu Overhaul mod from Reunion R03c.  You can still get it by activating the "Reunion - Beacause and MO" mod and turning on the menu overhaul option, and changing your .exe from "ff7.exe" to "ff7_bc.exe" in the 7H configuration settings.  However, DLPB no longer supports that overhaul, and has removed it in later updates to Reunion.

I tried activating that mod and changing the line in the General Settings but the 7th Heaven program says there is no .exe with that name. So i'd need that exe from somewhere?

Also, it's not just the menu - i mean the graphics have low resolution. Everything looks like the old resolution of FF7 - it's like OpenGL isn't doing what it should be doing.

The pics i'm about to show might look fine because they are smaller - but when using fullscreen it's very blurry compared to how it is for the Youtuber. I also had way better resolution when playing Bootleg before. The pictures look better than in-game view oddly enough.

I'd like the resolution to be like in this video:

But it looks like the old game.

Hello, i've finally gotten Tifas 7th Heaven to work  properly, but the resolution in the game is not good - it's blurry! I've followed the guide by Eq2Alyza and i've tried changing the openGL settings in the catalog but the resolution still refuses to become better. I do also get an error-message with the postprocessing and sound if trying to use the modified alternatives.

Anyone knows how to increase the resolution? I believe i had a much higher resolution in the past, but it would seem now all start-ups of FF7 ends in this blurry resolution.

Bootleg had a much higher res, but now even Bootleg has a lower  res.. And for some reason 7th Heaven went from working to not working.

Edit: 7th Heaven works again, it stoped working when i used my modified char.lgp-file.

However, the resolution is really low - it used to be much better in the past?

Hello, looking at the Tifa's Seventh Heaven page there was a Sephiroth Story mod in the past, but it isn't in the catalog now - i need this file to be able to test that mod. I already have the .exe-files but not the IRO. Thanks

PS: Genesis063 is the creator.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-07-03 04:12:21 »
I mean I doubt you have any studies or large sampled randomized polls to reference here which is obviously fair enough and would be an unreasonable/silly expectation, but any explanations to actually back up this claim you present in such a strong/factual way other than feelings based/anecdotal ones stemming from exposure to what is a, in terms of distribution of opinion regarding this topic, potentially very biased echochamber (used in a relative and non derogative, but merely descriptive way here, replace with environment if it helps) that is the qhimm community (which apart from a few others is the central hub for modding the original game) or your close friends.

Look man, the original players of Final Fantasy VII dreamt for years about the original with better graphics than the original blokes. That is also why in the year 2006 people started to mod the game and add the battle-models as field-models - which was revolutionary! I do remember how excited i were back then to play FF7 PC with the battle-models in the field. It felt like an entirely new FF7 - the way we always imagined it.

It started with just the main characters and the main enemies - such as the Turks, Rufus, Sephiroth, Palmer and Hojo - and expanded onto the rest of the characters and even the NPC:s. What we all wanted, both modders and players - was to play the game again with good models in the field instead of those old original models. The battle-models were not used in the field in the original PSX-version because of the limits of the PSX - when we wanted a PS2 port the whole idea was the same game with you know PS2 models.

Same is true for the PS3 port and later PS4 - of course we are happy with whatever we get, but i am 100% certain that most players and fans of the original only wanted to play the same game again with better graphics/models - that is why the modding community here was super-big back in 06-07. I had a Youtube channel back then (it got removed because of some videos breaking copyright) where i did play the entire FF7 PC game with the Rejuvenation project models - i did have videos with over 200k viewers etc. All the videos back then were limited to 11 mins. So i had about 210 episodes with FF7 and the modified models. Nowadays the modded FF7 is old news, but back then it was basically the remake we'd wanted - the only thing better would be an official remake with even better graphics than what us fans could accomplish.

Well, FF7R is that project, but not everyone likes the changes or the new style of the characters - many would have kept to the original.

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