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Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2019-01-23 19:27:41 »
You're doing an amazing job here, pal! I really liked some of the details you put into the last scene such as the "materia table" and such (such as your signature too)!

Releases / Re: FF7 - A faithful soundtrack remake
« on: 2017-03-11 08:53:17 »
Very nice Prelude!
As long as you're releasing true lossless audio (FLAC or whatever) with track duration
similar to the original soundtrack... I at least will be very pleased with your work, probably.

And if you're not gonna sell it, you should at least put up a system to accept donations or something.
I think you can do so for example... here:

And if you want some other FF7 OST example you can compare to this version too:
Please note, I am in no way affiliated with that site or that Dracula guy. Just trying to give you some additional chances to success.

Each game in the Fabula Nova Crystallis is set on its own different world and universe, only sharing little related concepts and/or myth.

Only real attractive for a FF9 mod would be a new game or fan prequel/sequel based on its engine, but anyway that's simply too overwhelming of a task so don't count on that happening.

FFIX is a much more rounded game than FF7.  FF7 is implemented very poorly and has numerous issues that have to be corrected.  It's no real mystery.


If they mess up with the audio i'm gonna be pissed... While i did love the new updated graphics on the PS3 version of Final Fantasy X, their "remastered" audio was simply distasteful... Lets hope 9 won't go down the same path and IF it does, let's hope there's at least an option to switch  between "original" and "remastered".
Don't worry about that. Since this port is not being done by any of the main development teams at Square, I don't think they're gonna put that much effort and call Uematsu for soundtrack re-arrangement.
Anyway I was not that pissed by the remastered FFX HD OST, some tracks seemed somehow better to me while others just had a different taste (not better nor worse).

There's also some games/soundtracks which tend to not be brought up since not many people played them:

Blue Dragon (Xbox 360)
Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS)
Estpolis Denki II (Super Famicom)
Final Fantasy XI (PlayStation 2/Windows/Xbox 360)
Gensou Suikoden II (PlayStation)
Lost Oddyssey (Xbox 360)
Wild Arms (PlayStation/PlayStation 2, both the original and the PS2 remake, though they have some notable differences in their OSTs)

And you people here forgot these too:

Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PlayStation)
Tales of Phantasia (Super Famicom/PlayStation)

PS: Yeah, mostly japanese RPGs. :P

Pre-applied filters look like trash. It's like the originals either A) rendered without compression B) rendered in a higher res.
From what I've seen it's like A. The teaser (keep in mind, it's just a teaser so it's all subject to change) is taking crisper looking original source. Still lots of upscaling artifacts in the teaser.
If you look closely you will see the traces left by the FMV super heavy upscaler (you'd be surprised by the quality produced by offline super scalers).
They might have used slightly higher res versions, but it doesn't seem like the source used is even DVD quality.
And it seems they've trimmed the upper and lower sides to make them 16:9.
That I'm going to disagree with. The image olearyf linked to cleary shows higher polycount models.
How is it "more probable" that they had higher polycount models since the beginning?
At the time the game was developed, it was usual to have reduced quality assets as the end product for a game.
So there is a high chance they had slightly higher quality models and textures during development.
Not with what we saw. Again, referencing the image that you say "agrees & aligns with what [you] said",
the collar on Zidane's chest is NOT the result of some stock filter. The ruffles have a different shape.
See point above.
OK, yeah. Backgrounds look like trash. I'm hoping it was just because they wanted this teaser out and just used hastily rendered/filtered original material.
I hope so too. I wish they surprise us with the original source backgrounds, but the chance is... near zero.
For a teaser weeks after the announcement it looks like work's being done to move the game to a higher resolution.
That's HD remake. I'm not going to say it's 1:1 with the original, but the Zidane model is definitely different.
Clearly what you mean to say with the word "remake" is remaster. It is not a remake. Which is what I was trying to convey the first time.

By the way, I want this remastered half-decent (until they fix gackgrounds) port to be awesome and polished, since FF9 is my favourite FF along with 6 and 7 (though I've never been able to put those three competing in a ranking since they're different enough).

Now let's just hope they don't mess up with audio quality. Should be lossless, ideally.

PS: Comparing screenshots from a seemingly half-remastered port with a glitchy and inaccurate emulator's barely enhanced output is... silly.
Example: super blurry or badly filtered output against crispy looking images.

Can't post this image with the img tags for some reason. Here is the link. Two photo comparisons of in game and then a video of the fmv comparison.
Here is a video where he shows the fmvs comparison at the start but actually syncs up and compares an emulated ff9 to this new one, there is a huge difference in the player models, the font looks crisper and hd, and the backgrounds look a bit less blurry.
And all that agrees & aligns with what I said.

Not sure what you're looking at in reddit /final fantasy a guy had screenshot comparison from the video to the ps1 to an emulator. There was a significant improvement on the models, on the cutscenes, and some improvement on the fields, though I wouldn't say significant. Then again it's just a trailer, maybe they did some video editing magic or something, but I doubt it, people would be pissed.
I only saw the teaser:
[OK] FMVs? The same originals with some nice pre-applied filter.
[OK] 3D Models? I doubt they have touched them now, it's way more probable they just had them from the very beginning in the PlayStation era (but ended up being polycount reduced).
[OK] Textures? Same as original, just with anisotropic filtering, probably.
[BAD] 2D Backgrounds? Same as original low res, except implemented poorly with visual glitches and of course, no image filtering.
[? ? ?] Audio.

In no way one can call that a "true HD Remake" like NFITC1 said.

It looks like a true HD remake of the original.
Gotta be kidding, right? ???

This is just a half-decent port, until you see the lazy work on implementing the background scenes even with visual glitches/bugs (teaser minute 1:01) and also seems to lack antialiasing on 3D models (FXAA at least as an option, Square Enix...).
Who knows what they've done to the OST, also.

May they polish it some more before release, please!

Most of you have probably already seen this but for those who haven't, seems like this is gonna be the new menu interface:

Looks quite cool to be honest and it looks like it can easily work for both PC and Phone versions of the game, Eiko's avatar looks so much better than the original, love it.
Seems mostly okay to me, just the same good old layout with some unnecessary spacing on menu commands though (I wonder what use is there for that lower "help" part, have they changed the usual moguri? Noo! Kupó!!! :'().
But seriously, is it really needed the explicit label over the time and gil icons? Aren't the icons already quite clear to people? Come on! :-o

I wonder what Sakaguchi might be thinking of SE porting his precious diamond to mobile/Windows... ::) "Better they don't mess up! :x", at least! :-P

That's a really strange change, considering they didn't do any model updates for any other FF game on Steam. Not that I mind it here, but I'm really confused why they've clearly put so much more effort into FF9 than into fan-favorites like FF6 or FF7.

I bet they either used the battle models, or just had the slightly higher polycount models from the very beginning at the time of development but lowered them a bit for PlayStation rendering.
Field backgrounds however do seem the same, except they look worse, and even have buggy effects/animations at times (like the path to Memoria scene at the trailer at minute 1:01).
The FMVs are clearly the same just with a very nice filter pre-applied to them, and not original higher-res version (unlike what you could find for FF7 in the 1997 special DVD).

It is nice they're doing this, but... unless they improve the backgrounds with at least some well-thought method... it will still be better to play this on the original console or an accurate emulator.

Team Avalanche / Re: I guess that's it, guys
« on: 2015-06-22 23:17:32 »
And this is what I didn't want to hear (read) from you...
Everyone else explained perfectly the same I feel.


I understand the massive scope of this project, but I always felt all scenes up until the party leaves Midgar could have been achievable and released as a demo showcase for what we'd consider a FF7 remake.
I hoped for this too.

Hah! Who knows? Maybe you will return to the project after the remake is out? :P
Or maybe they perfectly capture the original game's spirit and surprises us all with a "good enough" remake? (Or in emulation words: like what a good high-level emulation could do compared to the effort needed on a low-level one?)

You've done some amazing work anyway, and that's what counts after all. :)

Most bosses don't die by their HP being reduced to 0. Instead, if HP < 10000 trigger death script. This is why Ozma has 55535 HP -- he actually has 65535 but he dies when going below 10000 so he effectively only has 55535. You can't scan so you wouldn't know either way. If the boss's HP did reach 0 the battle just wouldn't end/would hang, which isn't a problem since bosses are immune to instant death attacks and other damage doesn't exceed 9999.
WTF?! That's so bizarre... :-o
Any idea on why they did that? :?

I find it kinda lame that in most battles there's only 1-2 enemies, and the maximum of 4 is hardly ever used.
That's certainly due to the limited PlayStation VRAM space for enemy textures during battle.
Remember there's already a fixed space for the stage's textures and up to four characters and character
weapons texture space, and a certain amount of space must be free for attacks/magic/summons textures too.

There could be a problem if you put more than 3 different enemies in the same battle depending on their specific texture data.
I guess they put thought on balance for texture data for each enemy formation.

the battle is usually automatically won when the boss reach 10000 HP, for instance.
What do you mean by that? Is it maybe that healing an enemy for above 65535 (HP overflow) automatically kills it or something?

Thanks for the replies!

Can someone better describe which files are involved in containing these animation scripts?
Am I right in assuming (as I said earlier) they're the files inside the MAGIC folder (at least according to the PS1 version)?
What are the differences between PS1 and PC versions?

It's a question I've always made myself but could never find an answer for, since first of all I see there's no flag for that in the attack data.
But then if you look at (for example) a Guard Hound's AI it's clear that it chooses between two attack IDs (one displays the name, the other not) and then performs the same AI command: dispatch the attack by ID.

So... do you think that could be hardcoded in the attack's animation script?

My bet is that (according to the PS1 data) it's there somewhere in the attack files inside the MAGIC folder. These seem to contain some code, geometry, and textures, all mixed up.

Do you have any info on this little mystery? Did I overlook something?

I summon you, NFITC1!!! (but help from anyone else is apreciated too  :-P)

Take no offence, but... can you answer the next question...?
Am I the only one who thinks this is a weird topic?

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Nibel Mountains
« on: 2015-05-24 00:24:29 »
A bridge at a 45 degrees angle, really  ::)    Quite a way to make a restricted access to the reactor!
That's why Shin-Ra sent 1st class Soldier agents there.
Either that or the Jenova sample needed some peaceful sleep so it went out of the seal and changed the way the
bridge was built, then returned to its place of rest to dream with giving some love to Lavos (from Chrono Trigger).

BTW, you are doing some beautiful work with that scene.

Thirdly, and most importantly, question: how would I go about modding the PS1 remake of FF1?
You'd better try it with the 20th Anniversary Edition for the PSP, for a number of reasons, like:
I'm fairly positive it will be easier to port them there as AT3 encoded files than on the PSOne version, and that PSP version is the best one out there right now.

Now, I'll proceed to listen to your work.

DLPB, would you please answer my previous questions? I'm curious. ??? Everyone else can do it too! ;)

Here's how First Past The Post "works":

Con (36.9%) Seats: 331
Lab (30.4%) Seats: 232
Ukip (12.6%) Seats: 1
LD (7.9%) Seats: 8
SNP (4.7%) Seats: 56

Use your brain for half a second and work out why this is a pathetic sham we (UK) live in.
So, are you against the result or against the method?

What do you think the result should have been?
Would the result change if the method you preferred was used?

I'm not from the UK but, I'm curious about this.
Also, isn't there too many seats in total? If I were from the UK I would prefer reducing total seats.

Completely Unrelated / Re: FF8 and drawing
« on: 2015-05-07 23:11:12 »
Edit: I've got a mod for the PC version of FF7 called NT that aims for what you're describing. It's not 100% yet (had a faux pas with difficulty modes recently that I'm working on correcting), but feedback tends to be mostly positive:

For an FF6 re-balance, I recommend a mod called BNW. It's hosted on Insane Difficulty's forums but it's a great re-balance of the game with a lot of depth in character builds, equipment, and strategies:
Oh well, I'll have to try these the next time I play FF6/FF7.
Still I don't like the idea of rebalancing mods/hacks introducing other kinds of changes like new extra enemies, replaced character/enemy models/sprites, scripts, new sidequests, or even music.
Would be much better to modularize all these many different changes so the player can make choices. But that is too difficult, if not planned that way from the very beginning.

So that's not what "to hit the sweet spot" means to me. But it can still be something interesting or cool to play, I'll fastily admit.

Completely Unrelated / Re: FF8 and drawing
« on: 2015-05-07 21:59:51 »
Potentially, couldn't we solve all this with a clever little mod?

-Buff up the stat growth
-Heavily buff the weapon upgrades
-Generously limit the gains of junctioning (kind of like trading the weight with what weapons normally give)

I don't think that's really necessary, but feel free to do so. I think the game is OK as it is.
It's just our hardcore FF player minds most of the time leading us to these nasty things trying to exploit the system.

As I said before, I don't find the need to do 100 magic drawing from enemies all the time, or even ever, due to other factors in the game mechanics.
Did any of you really feel the need to do so on your first playthrough?

Just try to remember the first time you played this game without even a guide or internet access, if possible.
How did it feel like?

Well, that's my opinion though, so my POV might not work for some of you.


There's bigger concerns with for example, FF7's lack of real practical use for some materias or spells in battle (like, Mistify and such), unbalanced easy battles, unused stuff, broken stuff...
I swear I can go through most battles just by leaving pressed the X/O/[ACCEPT] button. And this same happens too with FF6.

I would be more interested in a mod rebalancing things in FF7/FF6's battles and implementing interesting and practical AIs on enemies giving use for more skills or strategies in battle.
All that without unreasonably upping the game difficulty for non-experts or first-timers. This is a rule of thumb for me, even if I'm an expert I don't like too tedious battles either.

There should be a way "to hit the sweet spot" there.

Completely Unrelated / Re: FF8 and drawing
« on: 2015-05-07 13:43:20 »
I agree with you.
The first time I played this game so many years ago I didn't really bother with drawing magic up to 100 until near end-game and only with some very strong/useful magic.
The only thing I missed of the game on that first time was to get all cards collection, but on a second playthrough I managed to do so with the Piggyback official guide.

Now recently some time ago, I began a new playthrough and got obsessed with drawing all possible magic at the earliest possible moments in the game.
It is very tiresome, and really unnecesary. That, mixed with other real-life factors forced me to abandon that playthrough.

Anyway, I wouldn't say the Draw command is unnecesary, since it's useful too to get GFs (summons), and early in the game is near mandatory to get some nice magic.
The real issue with the magic/draw system comes later, when you feel it's a waste to use magic and instead go all the time with a near-death Squall slaying enemies with ease.

Near-death Squall with limits is unstoppable most of the time. That could be seen as a flaw in the system too, maybe.

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