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General discussion / FF Tactics: Advance
« on: 2003-04-17 07:21:15 »
Yes. It's me. Back here as there is no one to talk to about FF stuff.

No it's not a remake. No one from the previous FFT is in there, although the world is called Ivalice. The job system has a major revamp. Everyone gets the same amount of AP. JP is only when you kill someone.

Cid is a durnken guy who in the world of ivalice becomes a general-judge. His wife is Queen Remedi, the villan of the game and son Mewt is a sickly guy who is Marche (the main character) 's little brother. The world got transformed into Ivalice because of a magic book that Mewt has.

if you think Remedi is ridiculos, there's more. A girl called Ritz and a guy called Babz. You gotta agree that Enix has made the names ridiculos.

The clans/species like FF11 are here: Humans, Moogles, Bangas, N'mous and Vieras. Moogles look more like rabbits now.

General discussion / FF Tactics: Advance
« on: 2003-04-16 07:11:10 »
Played? I hate the law system and the recycled sprites from FFT. Overall, it's a good and addictive game.

General discussion / FF10 for PC...or not?
« on: 2003-01-18 03:14:44 »
Burn Square's headquarters.

Burn the board

General discussion / FF10 for PC...or not?
« on: 2003-01-16 10:55:59 »
I'm sure Mr. Hirobu has lots of Ideas.

Quote from: Sir Canealot

Joey: Stfu....

Wtf does diffrence between the 2 codes have to do with the price of fish? From Ps2-PC they'd adapt the code, probebly changeing a hell of a lot of it to go from Ps2-Pc. Why would there bugs and diffrences? It sounds like Square tried to get FFX working on a Pc by putting it into the Pc Dvd try and hoping it worked by the way your explaining it.
Any way. That FFXI teaser works fine...

The cult of Sony ahs just released the new Anti-PC virus. It's first victim is Sir Canealot.

Sir Canealot, If you have not do game programming before, I suggest you apply with sony. I know this things because I have worked in a game design company before.

If that's the case you put it, then PCs can run PS games without emulators but they cant. PS and PS2 DOES NOT use C++, just a language similar to that. Why? because as you apply with sony to make games, they will give u a CD with the pS/PS2 emulator, compiler, converters and source code. The programs won't run on the hard drive.

Snub and Scoff and Bash me if you want. This is the truth, and if you Sony-Zombies want to kill me, go ahead.

General discussion / FF10 for PC...or not?
« on: 2003-01-13 09:11:56 »
Quote from: Aaron
Pretty old news.  I think that Square was originally going to release FFX to PC but they abandoned the project.  (They probably got way more sells for PSX FF7-8 than the PC version, but hey, I only bought the PC ones :P)

If they ever do release it, I'll probably get it.  I have FF1-9 on my PC and I have yet to buy a PSX or PS2 :P

True. It was abandoned because of the bugs and diffrence between PC and PS2 code.

General discussion / Rikku in bikini
« on: 2003-01-03 01:01:33 »
Rumor has it that FF12 won't be out this year...wonder if it's true....

General discussion / Rikku in bikini
« on: 2003-01-02 02:15:23 »
That picture is really awsome!! Funny!!! Cool!!! :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Squall, following the sex-change tradition like Harisu, decide to have a sex-change himself so that he can dress up in skimpy outfits.

Anyways, I'll put up the pics of Wakka and Lulu, as well as the Al Bhed  tribe and Kimarhi later.

General discussion / Rikku in bikini
« on: 2002-12-31 08:21:48 »
Lulu and Wakka is still there. So is Kimari and the rest of his tribe.

Maybe this will intrest you, Cadberry.

the game takes part 2 years after FFX so Rikku should be 17.
Still underage :lol:
her wallpaper, for those who drool over her

FF5? Sequel? Never heard of it.

Let me intrest you with...Paine!!! she is a little like Lulu except that she has more flesh exposed!!!

here's her frontal view

Cadberry, want another version of Paine's pic with her frontal view?
Get it here

PS: the theme song for FFX2 is Real Emotion. It is sung by some japanese lass called Koda Kumi

General discussion / Rikku in bikini
« on: 2002-12-30 04:47:16 »
So, no one saw it yet. Forget Tifa. Rikku is hotter.

General discussion / Square Enix
« on: 2002-12-11 05:47:43 »
FF:TSW would have been a lot more better if at *least* some of the protagonist characters stayed alive and rebulid the world with aki, and then let us see and old aki telling children about the movie. The movie is obviosly inspired by FF7.

Speaking about square's movies, FF Unlimited and the the 2 earlier cartoons trying to cash on FF's name failed terribilly as fans could not relate the anime with the actual game. Another cause to blame was because square did not promote them well.

But considering the revenues generated by the game sales, which should be more that enough to cover the losses, I think that something is up to square's sleeve in this merger. I smell something fishy..... :z

General discussion / Square Enix
« on: 2002-12-11 00:05:49 »
Hmmm...but according to the stats, Enix only sold about 2++ bil copies while square sold about 3-4bil copies. By the way I see it, Enix is losing money.

General discussion / Square Enix
« on: 2002-11-28 00:10:00 »
Or, might it be something like that HP and Compaq merger?

Also, it wasn't at square's website, but onlyt at Enix. Is it just a proposal?

Well, after both sides has get what they wanted, they will split, I suppose
(Enix - Source code for FF game engine, translation(?)
(Square - Financial stuff)

General discussion / Square Enix
« on: 2002-11-27 00:44:51 »
Might that be a rumor? IMHO, Square has been making lots of dough and Enix has been losing a lot of money because their games are not released to the western market except for a few titles.

If square is disbanding or merging, it would have made headlines around the net but now, only 2 sites are reporting it.

It seems to be very unlogical if we see square's profit in the past with FFX, why would they want to disband?


This isn't even a buy-out, as RPGamer says, Square is officially being disbanded and its resources absorbed into Enix. There's a report available on Enix's site (it's the bottom PDF link). It's in Japanese though, but at least it has some sketchy details of the new company formed

Maybe Enix is the one who is being absorbed by square...

General discussion / FF7 Questions..
« on: 2002-11-25 02:35:10 »
The game is predictable but the amount of freedom given in the game scares me. I missed a few stuff and I had do use a [pec] to get it back.

comparing it to FF4, FF5, FF6, FF8 and FF9 this is a game which offers true freedom meaning we can do lotsa things without restrictions.

But the only thing that gets on my nerves is that the level up system is too slow...

Anyways, I'm very blur about the game and It will take a lotta time 2 complete it...mebbe someone here will give me an explaination on blue magic and what I should steal...

General discussion / FF7 Questions..
« on: 2002-11-22 16:57:54 »
Sorry but I have another question on FF7...

I can't find a decent walkthrough/faq in the net about FF7 so here's my question again...

So, how does a character learn an ability permanently even when the materia is unequipped? is it when all the Huge amount of APs is learnt?

General discussion / FF7 Questions..
« on: 2002-11-21 02:53:49 »
Thanks and also I have a question...

I've equipped the all materia to tifa and she also has the restore materia. I understand that the All materia enables me to cast cure to everyone in the party but so far I can't do that. Please help..

General discussion / FF7 Questions..
« on: 2002-11-21 00:14:03 »
I thought I'd barge in as I have bought FF7 and playing it in EPSXE.

I have a question: Does Cloud walk *that* slow in the entire game, or can he be changed to [Run] like in FF9?

General discussion / the rules of ff
« on: 2002-11-01 01:44:15 »
...Yeah, waaaay too long and still unreleased by square...

And u guys missed out one thing in the FF Rule. Love

FF1,2 and 3 =?
FF4=Cecil and Rosa
FF5=that guy and Lena
FF6=Locke and Celes
FF7=Cloud and Aeris
FF8=Squall and Rinoa
FF9=Zidane and Garnet
FF10=Tidus and Yuna

General discussion / Final Fantasy X: Another Lord
« on: 2002-10-30 05:37:28 »
Tell me bout it. Last year, my girlfriend wore a Yuna costume for haloween and forced me to wear a Tidus costume whtch was VERY tight. Well, maybe she would, emulate Yuna this year maybe, again? NOOOO!!

BTW, she looked *exactly* like Yuna in FFX last year, maybe again this year? What about me? AAAHHH!!!

Ok, I think that FFX2 is just Square tring to cash on the sucess of FFX. Most probally, another FFX2 will popup, which would, most probally, tell Tidus's side of the ending, if this Yuna side story is sucessful.

$ is what Square thinks...sheeh...

It is great on my computer too except for the menus and dialogs which looks as if they're rusty. Also, the details looks blur. Might it be DirectX 8.1 causing this? Everything was OK back with DirectX 6.

General discussion / uncanny resemblance...
« on: 2002-07-26 07:37:30 »

Here's the orginal Siren from Devilman. Dosen't it have an uncanny resemblance (except for the claws) to that one in FF8?

Anyways, Hirobu Sakaguchi plagarised Siren in FF5 which is actually from Devilman (Siren is the evil character in both)

Any more uncanny resemblance?

General discussion / Anime = Ranma 1/2
« on: 2002-07-26 07:00:28 »
Do u have Devilman? I like the concept and the storyline.

General discussion / Anime = Ranma 1/2
« on: 2002-07-25 09:59:55 »
I'm into manga too. But unfortunately I only have the sypnosis to Ranma 1/2 and only one manga book...the 1st episode with lots of....u know...

Well, try out other, more available stuff

nayoung: U sound VERY famillar...


Geez, we don't even have that service in my area...

FF11 won't be shipping to Malaysia, right?

Well, it was the funniest joke about crashing computers since Win98 crashed right in front of Bill Gate's face.

And now...PlayOnline's server crashes!!! Barely 24 hours after the release, and having invalid serials!!!! Wonder what OS was the server? Win98? As far as I know, other online game servers can handle more users than that...

Square derserves this for not releasing FF9 & 10 for PC.

What's your comments?

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