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Well glad nothing is wrong with my game then.

To be honest, about the battle on Nibelheim with no music, it just adds to the atmosphere on that particular situation in my opinion, so no problem at all.

I'm enjoying this mod again after a few years and now I'm playing withh the Steam version.

However I encountered two bosses with no boss music and I wonder if that was intended. The first one is the boss you encounter with Sephirot with you (Cloud telling the others about the journey on Nibelheim), the second is the Choco boss to gain the Choco materia.

I don't remember any particular problem installing teh patch but maybe something went wrong.

Hi gjoerulv,

do you think the changes in the Steam version may affect your mod?

You can check them here


Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-09-09 12:58:04 »
not as much as you might think. The red light attack isn't registered as fire, and that seems to be the way i get wiped out everytime. Normally it'll come in 3 back-to-back rounds, with no chance of recovery(3000+ each shot). That, plus the fact it causes confuse AND 1-minute countdown make it seem a wee bit to powerful imho. I've been stuck at this point for quite some time, and still get stomped everytime i attempt it again.

yeah for the first time I've been stuck on a boss fight for 1 month, after tried about 10 times I gave up and never played again, but I think I'll use Proud Cloud as you did. The fact is that her Red Light (used very often 3 times in a row) is an instant kill if you don't manage to cast MBarrier quickly, and usually she doesn't give you time to cast it. And even if you do she's very fast and not having proper defences againt death and confusion will lower your chance to win to pretty much zero.
The last time I was stuck was with the first 3 soldiers encounter, but with a good strategy and spotting their wek points it was quite "easy" to defeat them, but Jenova Death is almost impossible, at least for me.

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-05-21 21:05:04 »
oh, yeah totally forgot about those... too long without playing the game (about 10 years...)

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-05-21 20:51:53 »
Master Materias don't exist anymore. There are some name changes.

What do you mean? I do have a mastered materia right now, but I can't remember how it was in the vanilla game  ???
What was changed exactly?

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-05-21 20:19:16 »
I suppose that without the 9999 limit break patch the game is quite harder towards the end than with it, am I right?

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.3
« on: 2011-04-13 01:46:39 »
I also remember that Sephiroth isn't controllable at all. Not totally sure since last time I played the vanilla game was several years ago.

However I'm playing with this mod now and I must say that is great. I don't agree with the ones that say it's too easy, I think it's just perfect. At the moment my first encounter with Jenova ended up with a quick slaughter, obviously it was my team that was slaughtered :P

I had a lot of fun trying to beat the "new SOLDIERs" in the Shinra HQ, without grinding (I took about 10 attemps to beat those fools :D ). However I think Jenova is a lot stronger and I'm doing normal battles to see if enemies give some usefull items (and to raise my level too).

No bugs or glitches found so far. Well tbh only one, after having been beaten by the above mentioned soldiers the game over screen often didn't appear and I had to cntr-alt-del to exit the game. A very minor issue anyway. Great mod.

Only a question, are Ruby and Emerald supposed to be still the hardest battles in the game? I had a quick look at Sephiroth stats (the final battles) and now he seems really the "god" he was supposed to be :P

Releases / Re: FF7Music Installer
« on: 2011-04-09 02:11:03 »
In fact it was the driver not working. After reinstalling everything three times now all is fine yay! I think my mistake was creating the save files after installing the driver  :P. That's what I think... if it's not that I don't know why it was not working before.

Releases / Re: FF7Music Installer
« on: 2011-04-09 00:56:06 »
Yes, everything is as you said. I remember perfectly that it worked on a laptop with XP, but it won't work correctly on these other one. However it seems ther's something wrong with the drivers. I enebled fps to show in a screen corner, but they never show up. Oh boy oh boy

I see. Well I think I'll have to try it. However I'd be glad to help in an Italian adaptation if it's needed (and if the modder is willing to do it  :-D ) .

Releases / Re: FF7Music Installer
« on: 2011-04-09 00:08:17 »
Problem here, I can still hear midi music. I'm on Win7, any idea how to solve this?

Very interesting! I suppose that the PC version works also with non-English versions? or not?

Well it seems was my fault, I'd mistakenly set FF7Music.exe to W98 compatibility   :roll:

Everything now works fine, only one question: what is supposed to be played at the first boss battle with the robot scorpion? It starts the bombing mission theme, and I don't think it's the right track. Have I to modify some filenames?

No, I'm using Windows XP, I will try everything from the beginning but I fear the result'll be the same. In some way, even if I delete every FF7Music file and reextract it into FF7 folder, everything is still messed up.

First time you hear about this CHAOS? Any idea?

I've tried this wonderfull program. Here what happened, not good things  :P

First I've tried with remastered music, I've followed every single step of the tutorial. But when I've launched the game, the beginning movie music was the original midi (I selected the "mute midi" feature). Out of the train, when the real game begins, the remastered music has started, but it didn't work right. It stopped and restarted, and often seemed as "disturbed". Anyway, any theme played didn't last too much, it could restart in any moment.

Arriving to the boss battle with the scorpion in mako reactor, the beginning movie music started, it wasn't too good for the atmosphere! ;D

I stopped playing, I would have liked to try with psf music, but troubles weren't finished. Executing FF7Music, OstRE and another profile (not PSF) were vanished, and the paths for the two files "mad" and "wave" (sorry but I don't remember well their names, at the moment I've unistalled everything) had been resetted. But the worst thing is that if I tried to resume those paths where the file were (by clicking on the button near the file paths), the program simply quit.

Not even with a clean re-install of the game the problem stopped. This is the most surprising thing for me. Deleting everything and re-extracting the FF7Music files into FF7 folder hasn't worked! Everytime I do that, after launching FF7Music I see the resetted paths and OstRE/""the other one" profiles vanished. I have thought that some data was stored somewhere else (eg into system registry) but I haven't found anything.

I don't know what to do. Cannot find a solution.... someone help me!

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2010-01-25 18:58:36 »
Thanks for the answers! I've forgotten to include "also" in the phrase "since I have the psx version"  :-D If the situation is this, then it's better to play it on PC, although I'd have preferred to play it on playstation! And thank you very much for this work gjoerulv!!!

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2010-01-24 19:23:32 »
OK, time to try this mod! Only one question, since I have the psx version, is this mod compatible with it or I must play it on PC? If the answer is yes, is it difficult to apply the patch to the psx version?

I was wondering if with such a program it could be possible to have monster levels set from the beginning. Always hated the fact that the monsters could level up with me...

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2009-09-22 17:36:56 »
Any news about the final version?

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-08-28 18:41:30 »
Great!!! Downloading!  :-D

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-08-23 10:04:51 »
How your PROJECT is going? Take all the time you need, but still i can't wait for the release  :-D however try to make everything all right  8-) great job!

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-10 19:23:33 »
I didn't mean to diminish the quality of the mod...absolutely! And i think that there's been  a huge work to make it...
But as others said from JDeath to the end is easy to beat bosses, that it is the point I don't like.
I hope that this mod can become the Ultimate Hardcore Mod for ff7  :-D

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-10 16:49:46 »
this mod could be the only reason to replay ff7, i jumped on my chair when i found out someone made it  :-D
But i think in this condition it isnt worth... i just dont like it....

You are saying that still sephirot is the same easy fight??

what a pity....really. isn't there any way to have a better mod? Or it can cause only more problems (crashes) in the game?

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-09 21:34:19 »
hi all, i ve just finished to read this topic and I'd like to know other comments about this mod!

Anyone got to the end with it?

Is it really challenging now? or there's problems with it?

gjoerulv are you satisfied or you are trying to modify it again? i have to say that i agree with you about making ff7 very hardcore in the way you said  :-D

waiting for replies.......bye!

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