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General Discussion / Re: Saga Frontier
« on: 2009-09-03 10:31:42 »
You might be interested in reading all the unused text that VanishedOne provided to me:

A better idea of what a few of the debug room options do:

-Oddly, the English (key) and (no key) options appear to have been mixed up.

No equivalent in the English files:

-Does anyone know if a -> Did not receive "(item name)". <- line is ever seen in the game?

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-06-26 21:09:52 »
Theclad, that's really cool! Looks awesome!

Genesis, yes.

Destiny, what are you planning on replacing it with?

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but that's 12 to 5 for Aeris. I'm sending in Aeris' first lines now, so poll closed (there's no 'make a poll' option for posts on this board, I'm afraid...).

As for Red XIII, I don't mind saying the whole thing, but Red is a good nickname too. It might be useful to change depending on what the mood of the line is and how well you know the character at this point. "Hey, Red!" as opposed to "Hey, Red XIII!" for example.

The Cait in Cait Sith rhymes with the English name Kate. His Japanese name is ケット・シー (kaytto shii). If it was Cat Sith, it would be キャット・シー (kyatto shii).

I'd be happy to use a poll if I could use polls on this board. This IS the vote, and it goes till we start recording Aeris lines. Which should be sometime tonight.

That's 11 for Aeris, 3 for Aerith, I think.

I'll keep this going until we start recording Aeris/Aerith, which will probably be next weekend.

What shall we call Aeris in the FFVII voice-over project?
(thanks to Tsetra for many of the arguments)


-The original game had Aeris

-We're not remaking the game, just adding voices

-エアリス (earisu) is her Japanese name, you can't write "th" in Japanese

-セフィロス (sefirosu) is Sephiroth's Japanese name, could be named after the Sephirot, Sephiroth, Sefiroth (singular: Sephirah,  Sefirah) of the Kabbalah. Could "Sephiroth" have been rendered incorrectly as well?

-Though some say Aeris is a mistranslation, Square surely saw the finished translation before it reached America and knew what their characters were named

-If Square was aiming for "Earth," why didn't they just call her Earth?

-Aeris can be said to roll off the tongue nicely, while Aerith might sound like one has a lisp...


-It's official

-According to Square, her name supposed to convey "Earth," thus "th" makes it closer to the spelling

-All Final Fantasy VII spin-offs credit her as Aerith


Vote and add arguments, please. I choose Aeris...

Completely Unrelated / Re: Forum Flaming....
« on: 2008-06-04 18:06:57 »
Griever, however stupid the arguments of others may be, I don't think starting a topic to talk about how amusing said arguments are is going to help matters. It's nice that you feel that way, but the involved parties are going to feel the need to justify their involvement in this thread, and now you're using it to talk about another member. Do you expect him not to reply to that?

Just to clear this up, I realize it's hard to fit a british accent into the Game, but Reeve would be a good choice for a british accent. If you want to voice one of the main characters, you would have to learn more of a north american dialect :P

Oh, I don't know about that. I don't think having an accent should deter people, let's see what they've got and then we'll decide if it fits or not. They can try both! Besides, the only reason that the characters have North American accents is because the dubbing was done in the United States. If Square had their main English division in Europe, we'd be hearing something much different. Foreign accents make Gaia really seem like a different world. And who says the characters are like us? =) After all, they're originally Japanese. If those voice actors started speaking English, hehehe...

As for Aeris/Aerith, wasn't there a point in the US game when you learned that Aeris' true name was Aerith, similar to learning Red XIII was Nanaki? Their working names stayed the same, as far as I remember. Either way, both Aeris and Aerith are romanized as "e-a-ri-su," pronounced "eh-ah-ree-soo." There's no way to convey a difference between "-s" and "-th" using the Japanese alphabet, so it's mainly a stylization, whatever you choose. Something akin to writing "Katamari Damashii" as "Katamari Damacy." You could even write her name as Earth, as that's what it's supposed to represent.

Personally, I prefer the name Aeris as it rolls off the tongue better and that's how I remember it being in the original game. I realize Square changed it in all media after Final Fantasy VII, but if Square Japan had a problem with how the name was anglicized originally, you'd think they would have said something. I've heard they're quite involved in the translation progress, at least with the later games.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 PSX NTSC vs FF7 PC
« on: 2008-05-30 20:34:04 »
This guy are sick

When I had a lot of time on my hands I actually went through all the dialog using Loveless and corrected all the grammar.  It took about 3 days using 12 hours a day to go through all of it.  I can't remember half the stuff I corrected though.

Wow, that's dedication... 12 hours a day? I miss summer vacation... You're as much of a grammar nazi as I am!

Some Japanese pages I know about with text from FF7. (Use Shift-JIS).

Awesome, Vehek, thanks. The first one ends at the Mithril Mines, but I wonder if the latter is the entire script? It goes up to the final cutscene, anyway.

General Discussion / Re: Does Qhimm have an IRC channel?
« on: 2008-05-29 17:59:10 »
I'll keep using it, and hopefully others will join to the point where it's useful. ^^

Sorry, I meant a more organized version specifically. I've found a couple of manually-written English scripts on the internet, but nothing for the Japanese (aside from the unused text, of course).

Ideally, something like this would be awesome:

Tsetra and I were talking about editing the scripts and in some cases it might be nice to have the Japanese version to refer to, especially if there's some ambiguity in the English version (which seems to happen a bit in FF7; Tseng's death, anyone?).

Wow, good to hear you've got it started, Tsetra.. that sounds like a lot of work.

How easy/difficult would this be? The Japanese and English versions would be necessary for organizing and editing the script for the voice-over project. Would anyone be willing to do this? Or do they already exist?

General Discussion / Re: Does Qhimm have an IRC channel?
« on: 2008-05-28 20:40:17 »
Hmm, it's too bad more people don't use it. If there were a lot of people on there, it would be easy to get in touch and request help or share what one has done, with prompt replies.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Foreign Counterpart?
« on: 2008-05-28 18:49:38 »
The girl in Advent Children is 19, she didn't grow since the time she was altered by Shinra, I think.

Surprisingly enough, I've found that the Japanese internet is much less... sophisticated? detailed? than the English net. Most of the sites you visit have very simplistic layouts, just black text on a coloured background and no menu or anything to speak of. Video game websites usually contained a few glitches and walkthroughs, as well as game news and discussion. You never see anything like Qhimm or the GSCentral forums.

General Discussion / Does Qhimm have an IRC channel?
« on: 2008-05-28 18:34:10 »
Sorry if I've overlooked it, but I haven't heard of one.

Final part now published! This one's long. Lots of debug text and developer's jokes.


Possibly already posted on this forum, but now compiled into one article. Videos and commentary courtesy of VanishedOne, some translations by GlitterBerri.

No worries, Griever, thanks for the speculation. =) There's a bit more to come, so I'll post when it's uploaded.

For those too lazy to read it all,
is the most entertaining!

Sorry for the new account, I mistyped the activation email on my other one and lost access.

Griever, seeing as it's in the Midgar train near the game's beginning, I don't think so. Only civilians make an appearance there, not Shinra executives. "Kyaa" is a pretty common Japanese female's scream.

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