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Completely unrelated / Re: Happy Birthday, Covarr!
« on: 2017-10-28 19:54:14 » are not our bdays lucky. too bad i didn't play that day. huh? woulda have to have picked 13 & 69. but i like those numbers. if i played i would have had to have played hard.

edit: i suck at grammar... "have to have" or is it "had to have had" or...

wow. this forum actually works 100% via a kindle paperwhite 1st gen...

 Wow. Tirlititi, you are a saint! A god among Programmers... Please don't forget my silly request of modding "Change" & "Defend"?!

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Thanks for looking into Defend/Change for me, Tirlititi! i'm prob the only dude looking forward to that kinda edit

Tirlititi, does the macro for giving Beatrix learnable skills work for PSX?

the US one, Tirlititi. Thanks for considering!

I have a idea/request? Remember how I wanted to edit "Change"? To be a custom movelist? Have at it! Macro Style! Please Tirlititi? PSX ver. Of Course!

General discussion / Re: FF7 backgrounds - Ben Nicholas
« on: 2016-10-18 12:41:47 »
wow! inspiring work! can't wait to see more, I followed him on twitter, post haste!

No, do it! Nao!

I see, Thanks! I had a sneaking suspicion that HW, would be more likable for ppf makin'... Nao! if only you'd make my dreams come true and make HW able to mod ff8 and Chrono Cross?

After that, replace your modified binary file (which is still opened in HW) by the original game file...
I don't have HW in front of me now, can you elaborate via a video or gif? Or more details? I just simply go to File then Open? Then it'll open vanilla right next to modified?

my Q-Gears quip! Of an Acronym! 'Gya ha ha!' and 'Kya ha ha!'

Here's another. Directed towards you SE!

Quit Giving Everyone Asinine RPG Software!

Tirlititi, how the heck does one make a ppf outta Hades' edits? An "ALL CHANGES" .ppf. not just what is edited after last save?


General discussion / Re: FF7 Remake general thread
« on: 2016-07-31 01:20:12 »
*sigh* why he so skinny?!

I know, I know, this is kinda off topic but what about changing Seifer's "No Mercy" to look like "Bloodfest"? Is that possible? At least?

General discussion / Re: FF7 released on Android
« on: 2016-07-27 17:50:18 »

Danetta, how the heck did you get cc to emulate so smoothly? Look at mine...
i figured out how to remove that awful regular battle music... but, it takes like 7sec to load, any clue how to speed up?

Thanks, Now i saw something about how if one were to link Dagger's Eidolons & Beatrix's Seiken, one would get 12 free slots to put spells anywhere? is this still true?
Here's the quote:
- Commands spell lists are also limited. You may link 2 commands to increase the limit (they would share the same spells). White Magic and White Magic+ are linked by default, as well as Black Magic and Black Magic+ but you can link Dagger's eidolons (trance and normal) and the 2 Beatrix Seikens (dunno why there is 2 of them) so you win 12 spells to put anywhere for free.

oh? Marcus bugs? I can do without starting equips and custom abilities, then. Forget that! Now I wanna have a few items available from the beginning in inventory. Can you help. Tirlititi told me it's in the script, for Cargo Room/Prima Vista.

Tirlititi i can't figure out scripts. I took a look and couldn't find Starting inventory in Cargo Room/Prima Vista's script. can you show me what it looks like? it looks too much like code to me. i wish it were menu driven, but oh! well!  Finally, You said before that changing starting equips, makes the game glitch up. Is this true for psx or just steam. Now REALLY finally, can Blank,Cinna, & Marcus be given Beatrix's moveset? and Beatrix's moveset be given support abilities? Heck! even the equip ability option be enabled for her?

@itoikenza : There's unfortunatly no way to replace Beatrix inside the menus and battles and not on the field, besides doing what I described several times (replace Beatrix by a normal character at the beginning of the field's "main" function and replace her back in the party at the end of that same function).

I plan to make HW compatible with the Steam version (actually, if everything goes well, the space limitation should be removed, enabling a bunch of cool stuff), but I can't tell before I see it ^^"
Too bad about Beatrix, Tirlititi, thanks for considering making steam ver. compatible.

Remember this?!

How about that editing "Change" into any other movelist, or even a custom one called "Killer"

Tirlititi is there any way to make Beatrix replace Quina in menus and battle only? have you ever thought of this? Quina would stay on screen during cutscenes but Beatrix would be everywhere else in its place.

Edit: check this out! there's also a Steam ver. in the works. Tirlititi, it would be awesome if Hades could edit these versions. i doubt for IOS. but maybe Steam & Android?

Tirlititi is it possible to replace "Change" into any other command list instead?

here's what i tried, but nothing worked...
also the only reason i linked the "itoikenza" command list, is because it won't let me add moves otherwise...

@Tirlititi, Remember that?

have you ever fixed the change/defend not being changeable into a moveset yet?

well, i was thinkin' of chopping reeve's head off and putting it atop Rufus' .lzs model...

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