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great stuff!

nah   it's way longer even without

   _snprintf(dds_name, sizeof(png_name), "%s/%s/", basedir, Mod_ID, name, palette_index);
   _snprintf(png_name, sizeof(png_name), "%s/%s/%s_%02i.png", basedir, Mod_ID, name, palette_index);

Looks suspicious? 

(dds_name, sizeof(png_name)

-- Additionally, png loading times are around 4x as long as they were under aali's opengl code.  So something is making it take a long time to load compared.

Your shader settings are wrong, so your FMVs are playing without full 0-255 range (so black is not black).  This was fixed a while back in Reunion by changing the shader file - but your shaders are different.  Definitely something to look into.  You'll need a properly calibrated monitor to see this and also need to set graphic card to use full range in main graphic control panel.

Reunion yuv.frag

#version 110

uniform sampler2D y_tex;
uniform sampler2D u_tex;
uniform sampler2D v_tex;

uniform bool full_range;

const mat3 rgb_transform = mat3(
   1.0,    1.0,   1.0,
   0.0,   -0.344, 1.77,
   1.403, -0.714, 0.0

void main()
   float y = texture2D(y_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x;
   float u = texture2D(u_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;
   float v = texture2D(v_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;
   if(!full_range) y = (y - (1.0 / 255.0) * 16.0) * (255.0 / (255.0 - 16.0));
   vec3 yuv_color = vec3(y, u, v);
   vec4 rgba_color = vec4(rgb_transform * yuv_color, 1.0);
   gl_FragColor = rgba_color;

oooo clickbait!

When compromise is the song that you sing, it's been going on too long.

WIP / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2020-04-19 12:30:06 »
F10 freezes FF7.  Gonna have to sort that.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 remake discussion time!
« on: 2020-04-06 19:02:56 »
Also, anyone else noticed how the big gaming reviews are
Spoiler: show
massively understating these changes
?  Once again, slapping 8,9,10 on it and glossing over it with their verbose waffle.  Every time.  Can't expect any of them to be truthful.  The verdict will come from the end user as always - gonna be fun.  I'm already seeing huge backlash.

Spoiler: show
I think the biggest issue with changing the story, is Nomura isn't a good writer at all. I would go as far as to say this is probably a case of someone's ego getting in the way. Nomura probably looked at the story of FFVII and thought "You know what? I can do better." Which is insane and stupid for two reasons:

1. FFVII's story is great as is and at most would only need certain elements fleshed out more to deliver a better experience.
2. Fans have been asking for almost two decades for a remake of the original game, just with modern technology. Then after years of teasing, blue balling, and flip flopping on whether or not they'd remake it, they finally decide to do it, with thunderous applause.

So to drastically change the story is just an insane move, and to be frank, in bad taste imo. I wonder how many people involved in making this game thought this was a bad idea, but couldn't do or say anything. But more to the point, IF Nomura had a track record of being a well respected and talented writer, I think a lot of people disappointed that this isn't a true remake, would be willing to give it a chance and see where it goes. But Nomura isn't a good writer. He's the kind of writer who just does whatever comes to his mind, without thinking about how coherent and logical the overall narrative would be as a result of it.

What we're probably going to get from this whole thing, is a great roleplaying game, but an absolutely butchered retelling of FFVII's story. And unfortunately, as fun as FFVII was to play, it was the story and characters that made people fall in love with it.

Well... an approximation of their placement

need app.log, reunion.log, audio.log - as the first post requests.  See the first post of reunion thread.

Metterò su la nuova fix per touphScript a breve, è la stessa versione usata in R06c. Cercherò di sistemare anche eventuali problemi di compatibilità con il tuo progetto se si presentano. Tra l'altro sarebbe una buona opportunità per aggiungere supporto per people.bin se possibile.

I'm creating full people.bin support for R06d but if you want to add it to ts for non R06 then that's cool too.  We could work on format together too so both are same?

An aside... I am not sure it's a good idea to overwrite BASE folder.  But I guess with completely different translations, that's an exception and I should probably encourage it for that purpose.  My installer will always delete BASE folder though, so mods will need to be placed back afterwards.  Should be noted that anything that changes from this point will need to be revised in your release.  It's not clear what things will stay the same or change with future revisions format wise.  I certainly think the current BASE folder format is more or less complete.  Also note that my flevel makes a LOT of fixes and is definitely not complete.  I'd suggest waiting until a lot further in the future before making use of my flevel - if you are using it.

it will be out of sync since it's hard coded to play on a certain frame.  It's easy to alter with hex editing. Oh NFITC1 mentioned it.

He probably uses Reunion.

Of course...  it could be that your computer is poor spec as well and isn't able to provide full frame rate.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Player's Poll
« on: 2019-11-18 12:56:48 »
Gameplay is and it's not even close.  Graphics alone couldn't start the franchise in the first place.  Think Pong.

R06 won't work with 7h because 7h relies on aali's old driver and its own processes.  There's nothing I can really do about it...   And i get the sense that if we did work some sort of fix for that...  the result would be anarchy.  It's a much better idea that people can just disable reunion whenever they want - then 7h will be loaded instead. The workload for me is already crazy - adding in checks and balances and work arounds for 7h would make me retire. 

I'll not say another word - good or bad -about 7h from this point. It's up to everyone how they proceed, what they use, how they use it. 

The reason you didn't hear back from me was because R06 is a killer of a project (11000 lines of code alone for my own dll) and sending you it half baked was not a good idea.  But now I've gone into it, it's a moot point anyway because they can't coexist properly. Your accusation that I was never ready to help is not warranted.  I know I did want to help. But don't you think I have enough to do?

It also seems that 7h has a ton of its own bugs and that Iro has vanished off the face of the planet.  It's not looking likely that 7h can be sustained long term. My biggest gripe with 7h is that it creates more trouble than it resolves.

I'd also say your conduct and conversation with me has not been ideal, either. You've been far from open minded or reasonable yourself.  Not asking for permission to add mods wasn't a good start.  That's how we've reached this impasse. I also let it slide. Even though I continually have to put up with bug reports all over my thread that are really 7h issues.  I still didn't ask for it to be removed.

I also do what I do primarily for the community. Statements intended to make it look like all I'm after is fame are nonsense. You can't do what I've done and spend this number of hours on something for free just for that. I love the game and I'm tired of having to justify myself or my mods. 

Now, I've got work to do.  This isn't how I intended to be spending my time before release day - with this nonsense.

Bootleg was terrible - just a  different type of terrible.

This part should really be the end of it:

"to be fair, i've had a look and it's highly unlikely the two would work together even if I wanted them to."

The rest is irrelevant. Having R06 run alongside 7h would create an even bigger mess. There will, of course, be mods that won't work outside of 7h.  For those, R06 will have to be disabled.  One thing R06 is not is a way to merge incompatible mods.  There's no flevel chunking or any of that nonsense.

to be fair, i've had a look and it's highly unlikely the two would work together even if I wanted them to.

Yes, it's known by now that you want 7H to sink and your work to take sole control. Them coexisting is not your decision though. The public will use what they want to use.

A few things:
1. 7h is an awful, convoluted, badly designed, gimmicky solution that tries to be an all size fits gauntlet.  Even installing the cretinous thing is a chore. I hated it from the start, but hoped it would get better.  When I realized it wouldn't, I decided to make my own solution.

2. You've caught me on a very bad day.

3. I didn't like the fact you or someone else decided to add Reunion without my permission to that pile of turd to begin with - but, that aside, the biggest problem is that an old, crap version of Reunion is out there and I can't stop it being installed and used when my intention was for it to die.

4.  The co-existing is my decision. R06 will check for 7h and will refuse to load when it's detected. Disabling R06 is VERY easy.  It's an option at the top of the Options.ini file.  So, if people want to disable it and use 7h, they can at any time. 

5. Until your response, I was willing to work with you to come to some sort of compromise.  That's gone now.  My aim is to kill 7h off.

6. It's nothing to do with "taking control"  It's the following:

a. 7h causes confusion and problems and I get bug reports because of 7h.  Nightmare.
b. It takes MY control of MY mod away from me.  The same way it takes away control of any modder's mod.
c. People start to believe 7h IS the mod.  That the work was done by 7h team.
d. My solution gives control to the modder and to the end user in a more or less painless way.

Very easy.  Easier than you can imagine.  And it's not IRO form.  In fact, I am hoping R06 will be largely used instead of 7h.  I haven't made up my mind whether the two can even co-exist.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-10-21 20:24:18 »
and I'll update the readme for it.  There's been quite a few changes by Luksy.  8)

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-08-23 12:29:17 »
I don't rule out  adding hext support to it.  But def not the audio component.  Looks like I won't have to.  8)

I'd only change my mind if there were significant improvements and we can mod those god awful models

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Remastered
« on: 2019-06-28 19:32:01 »
The character model is shockingly bad. Doesn't even look like Squall. The first PC mod version is very good. The bottom one is atrocious.

The backgrounds... again it's a simple upscale.  There's nothing really different here.  More of the same. Blurriness instead of detail (with pixellation) - which I find a crap tradeoff.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2019-06-23 12:52:50 »

PC is unknown.  It's assigned values but we don't think it's used.  P Counter or something, I recall...
  RT Count:  A counter connected to RunType regarding feeding
In the guide above.

I've added UTF8 support because that will make things easier for people intending to translate to their own language using R06.

There are a total of 224 free spaces - and I've made it so each character code can be mapped to a new UTF8 char.  I've also allowed for custom tags.

We're fast approaching the release day and I'm sorting out left over issues and updating my tools.

Completely Unrelated / Locking threads
« on: 2019-05-16 18:13:30 »
Locking threads because one fool turns up and abuses me isn't really cool.  It just plays into the hands of the troll, so I request it be reopened.

Second, Ric instigated it and was 100% worse, yet is not moderated.  That needs addressing.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2019-04-26 00:41:51 »
Only works with 1.02 English exe.

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