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I've included ALL needed .tex files and text files to the new translation folder.  To make French (if planning to distribute to French owners only), you'd just change all those files and use 1.02 English exe.  All exe text is now external also.

In the future, I'll likely also have a way to display to people exactly which files are going to be loaded.  I'm also creating a front end for the options.ini

Yes, it should work fine.  The downside is that achievements and everything else the steam version adds is removed - since it no longer loads steam dlls.

Nothing stopping people from just disabling reunion whenever they want to use that.


Brief overview.

I didn't do a great job, I know.  But what can you do?  :o ;D

Suggest watching in high res or you won't be able to read text.  1080p 60fps is there.

It's simple, people.  Just ignore it and certainly don't quote it. 

I'm currently creating an overview help video. Should be done in next few hours.

--off tennis - video one is done.  20 min long.  I'll do next when back then upload to Youtube.

The walk through is a proof check of all the localization and to fix up the boxes.  I'll likely also be recording it to Youtube.

When R07 is released, that will be the finalized localization and it will have all proof check fixes + a final walk through from me.  So, anything i pick up that's weird will be changed.  In that case, I don't think there's a problem but I'll scrutinize it when I get there.

I've added an option.  It only applies to Vista and Win 7 anyway.

Just because there are 1.6 million results for "are we in time" doesn't mean that it's proper grammar. It should be "Are we on time?" or as mentioned before, "Are we too late?"

It's perfect grammar. Also, this is script - so it doesn't even have to be.  It's how people talk. On time is a completely different meaning - as in "on time for a meeting".  You signed up to say that?

I also realized what was causing the frame rate issues I was having.  Aero.  So, Ive added a check to disable Aero on game start and reenable on finish.  That - along with also giving ff7 "above normal" priority.

Should I make the former optional?

I've fixed the bug....  but i want Maki to give this a good look. My C skills suck and more so my ffmpeg knowledge.  But i think this one ive fixed was the root cause.


We have a serious bug in the movie module that is causing a crash. When this is repaired, The Reunion will finally be released.

I'm not taking any recommendations regarding dialogue - apart from Caledor, Luksy, Covarr, Green_Goblin, and Charlie Beer.  And that will end with R07 as well.

With non dialogue, as Lord says above - it's down to if an entry is green or red.  All other entries are finalized.

General discussion / Re: What am I missing in FFVIII?
« on: 2019-11-07 23:53:36 »
The characters are well written and memorable - Story is decent - battle system is at least original.  The game was too easy originally, but the appeal is in the freedom the system gives you to do what you want rather than watch mindlessly as a bunch of AI slash about for you.

If you don't like that, no-one here can change it.  No-one can make you like something or suddenly make you enjoy something.

It won't include the line stuff you need unfortunately... it's just for script call stuff.

Completely unrelated / Re: How old is everyone? v2
« on: 2019-11-04 22:27:49 »
I know... I was playing ff7 while still in the womb.

They are called by the engine.  Look at how they work in field code then play the game.

Look at other places that use them and see how they're used, MacReady.

Kal's fixed his side.  Maki is dealing with the aali dll issue for me - audio cuts out slightly in movies and the game crash issue.  I can disable that function entirely... but it's a bit like randomly yanking out an organ and hoping the body doesn't die at some point.

God speed your recovery DLPB

Thanks :)  I'm better now.

A serious bug cropped up yesterday that causes game crashes in aali dll build I have.  Disabling the function entirely seems to work but my guess is this will cause some sort of disaster at some point.  Hopefully Maki / Luksy can have a look into it.  Any case, I haven't been able to crash the game after I removed it.

Would it be possible that it was first intended as a "Tomb Bury" , as in a very bad attempt at "Gravedigger" ?

They clearly are linked to death, and their knife might the embalmer's knife/tools. I seem to recall they are also using coffins in their attacks but I can't remember where that idea comes from.

Anyway just my two cents while awaiting the release ^^

Oh now that's clever...  I'll run it by Luksy.  Even if not, it's a great coincidence.

The second one would also be the perfect end to a Brexit party on the night we finally leave the EU (whenever that might be)

If we leave.  The left are doing everything in their power to subvert democracy and make sure it doesn't happen.

Make the tutorial yourself.  The modder is not obligated to provide one.  He creates the tool and I have no problems using it - so that means  you need to stop waiting for someone to do everything for you and take charge.

On the basis of likelihood, it is tombe- 

It's a lot more likely than ton-  but the problem is we have absolutely no evidence other than the kana erring more to tombe- and the reference to tomb/grave which would fit the enemy.  Certainly, tonberry means zero.  But - it's always possible the original author loved berries.. a ton of them lmao.  I mean... without the original ff5 author telling us, all we have is likelihoods.  Sometimes, those likelihoods become almost certainties based on evidence.

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