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As a bass guitar player who's been playing for about a year and a half now, I'm looking on finding a band or two to join and jam with soon.

As such, this would be completely gay and stupid. I don't understand. Especially when most night clubs are in places where you're not going to annoy anyone with noise. Most night clubs in London you can barely hear anything coming out the front.

Perhaps there should be a law about live bands turning it down slightly. It seems most of them think there shouldn't be live music without people going deaf, but maybe that's just me.

Edit: Signed, and I'll post this in some other forums...

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 7 Source
« on: 2007-03-20 10:05:19 »
Look, the guy said he had some free time.


If he has some free time, he'll definately get it done!

I mean, wtf? ^_^

Completely unrelated / Re: Is Qhimm dead?
« on: 2006-12-08 13:21:53 »
I claim his brain! I have become too... lazy... to use mine.

General discussion / Re: What's this place?
« on: 2006-12-08 13:03:57 »
I vagully remember this being discussed years ago on here...

Wasn't this a concept shot, and while that scene is in the game, they changed it somewhat?

That was used in a scene around when sephy was in the crystal egg-thing. We only saw the *VERY* bottom right hand corner in the game.

Or that, yeah...

Hoax? It's a player-build emulator, isn't it?

Archive / Party disappears after the midgar parachute jump
« on: 2005-11-28 18:11:38 »
Does your party LAND? I remember I used to have this problem all the time, and I'd just have to get to the next screen before they'd reappear. Basically, Cloud exists, but you can't see him... if you can manage to navigate yourself to the next screen, it's fine (I always used to; it's not very hard)

Archive / New version of FF7Music
« on: 2005-11-24 12:07:03 »
Do I have to do anything special to get this running PSFs? I'm sure I've reworked the .ini correctly for my filenames, but it's just giving me odd errors. I've seletected Winamp's PSF plugin and checked it's configured right, but no go...

I can't think what I'm doing wrong (this is quite a simple program!), but does anyone have any ideas for getting PSFs working? I don't have the errors with me (no internet at home right now), but I'm just posting this anyway since there's a slight chance someone will have my miracle cure :P



Where exactly do I find this "codec patch thing"?

Is this refering to the normal Truemotion codec patch that Eidos released? I'm having problems with the movies not working at all and I'm wondering...

My movies won't play at all in game or in VirtualDub if I open them, but they play fine in WMP, even showing the correct "Truemotion 2.0" filter (I think that's correct anyway ^^;;). Then again, maybe this is the wrong Truemotion codec it's trying to use, so maybe I'll try deleting this Truemotion codec.
It's very odd because if I set the movies to run from the CD-ROM it doesn't even try to read the CD :/
I'm wondering if I just need to reformat or not (I really, really do); I'm having a somewhat similar problem to this with an encoding program not reading my video files correctly.

Urk, this teaches me for leaving Final Fantasy VII alone for years and not keeping up with tech support issues ^^

The battles don't run at 15fps. Compare a Psx/Ps2 running FFVII to a PC runnning the game. The PSX version is hella more jerky (actually 15fps), while the PC version is hella slow.

The frame rate limited in battle is either different or broken or something. Battles may be called to run at 15fps, but do they actually run at 15fps on anyone's computers? I remember the battles would run at like 100+fps on one of my older, around 1.5ghz or more, machines. And the battles don't run faster either.

Or am I just picking up the wrong end of the stick? :/

General discussion / cheats for ff7
« on: 2005-09-16 16:08:50 »
W-Item is a cheat, but it's so accepted and standard now I wouldn't say it's a cheat any more :/

I mean, it's basically 100% essential for completing the game "properly" — cloning elixiers for use on Magic Pots ^^;;

I didn't mention FFXII's music.

And I loved the multiple composers in FFX. Infact, I liked Masashi Hamauzu's stuff more than Uematsu.
But, in ten years' time, if it comes to a FFX remake, am I wanting Uematsu to re-do Hamazu's music? No! They'd need to get Hamazu back to re-do.
Although I am a Uematsu fanboy, it's not a case of the other composers not being good. It's a case of the same thing as me saying: "Who drew (drew, yeah?) the Mona Lisa? I am a badman on Tekken and can do hella combos. I will redraw it and make it badass."
As I said: it's really not a case of different composers. It's a case of those are Uematsu's songs, and anyone else touching them without his guiding hand is just stupid.

Does anyone know if he did the music for the tech demo? I remember hating it quite a bit...

Actually, who did the Valkyrie Profile (same person who did Till The End of Time, not that I've checked) OST? Bun the VII OST; it's all about the Valkyrie Profile OST.

And Uematsu has more than just working on a popular series. I wish I knew more about music so I could explain it, but, alas, I don't.

... Name me one video game company that ISN'T out to make money please Canealot, I'd love to know.

No, my comment meant that every person in every company on the planet isn't going "Money! Money! Money, money, money!" Some of them actually have a case, you know. Feel free to guess which ones.

Quote from: Lieron
well ti depends who wns the rights to the music in ffvii.. they could jsut recreate it ya know 0.o

and secondly money is what  games are for.. no mater what you feel or believe, companies make games to make money, simple as taht.. so the'll put resources into whatever they think will sell the most

Are you mad? Who do you think owns the rights to FFVII's music? Magic Harry? There's never been any question as to who owns the music; it's just a case of they WILL recreate it, and unless Uematsu does this there is NO chance of it coming out sounding good (by my standards).

And, yes, all video game companies are just out to make money. You just go ahead and believe that.

No remake for PS3? Good.

Whether or not a remake would be good shouldn't even be considered. Square is just breaking too many rules these days. All they seem to be saying to me is "money, money, money".
Square should move onto new projects... I feel spending money and staff on making FFXII kick ass would be better ^^;;

Anyway, did anyone hate the music in that trailer? There's no way they can match Uematsu's original arangements. I've only watched it once (it digusted me), but I don't think they had Uematsu do the music. Considering he's retired from Squaresoft to expand his horizons, I wonder if he'd come back for a remake...
Without Uematsu, there's not a HOPE IN HELL that the music will work.

General discussion / Is it worth it? What's new?
« on: 2005-08-23 18:19:30 »
The PC version's dialogue script went under major changes and revisions.
Basically all the Engrish from the PSX version has been removed. It wasn't just some "minor change" at all.

Archive / ff7 movie enhancement?
« on: 2005-08-18 10:57:48 »
Why the hell would you use the PC audio?
Use the PSX audio, and add audio delay or something.
The PC audio is like 22khz wave or some crap like that. The PSX audio is well... doesn't sound like crap ^^

Archive / ff7 movie enhancement?
« on: 2005-08-17 22:47:24 »
You won't get anywhere with VirtualDub's or FFDShow's filters. Nether of them are smart enough to filter the huge amounts of noise in FFVII's movies and leave any detail.
Your only hope is some very smart filtering with AVISynth, and possibly a lot of PhotoShop work. Nether of which are ever going to happen.
For instance, in the intro movie when the camera pans out over Midgar, the whole screen becomes a mass of blocks. There's not really any way to clean that very well on such a low-resolution image.

And even if you planned to tackle this, I'd highly recomend working from the PSX movies — the PC movies were re-encoded from the PSX ones, so the PSX movies are closer to the original source. You also get MUCH higher quality audio — the audio on the PC movies is HORRIBLE.
Edit: though, if I remember rightly, the PSX movies have a slight green hue for some strange reason... :/

Also, if you don't want compression artifacts in your re-encoded movies, try a lossless codec like Huffy or CorePNG. CorePNG might work well.

I might try to tackle this again at somepoint (when I have a bucket of time free). There are newer filters these days that might be used to do a somewhat decent cleanup. But like I'd get through all the movies anyway. And "serious PhotoShop work" still looms, and I suck at PS.

I think I heard that the movies are actually done in 8-bit. Urrrgh. They look better loaded into WMP.

Edit: This is because FFVII seems to skip anything modern like "post processing" or "a decent resizer" (FFVII uses point resizing, I think).

Perhaps FFVII's movies could be bettered just by doing what a media player would do for the movies: some sort of filter for some of the noise, and a bilinear resize for the movies (which would blur them out and remove a lot of the noise anyway).

General discussion / Final Fantasy VII - Last Order OVA
« on: 2005-06-28 11:36:53 »
Damn them.

Can't they just leave my game alone? -_-

Every new FFVII product they bring out just makes it feel "cheaper" *shivers*

Archive / Editing teh text
« on: 2005-05-07 20:31:55 »
Quote from: Qhimm
Hmm isn't the UK version already censored like that? At least the version I have is. :P

It's just the UK version? I don't see why one earthy they'd just censor the UK version; and, if they did, why haven't I heard about it before?

I thought all the PC versions were... "censored" ^^;;

RPGillespie: how old is your friend? If he's over 13 I recomend chinese salt water touture on the mother.


IS anything being done about the backgrounds or the movies?
Or is this just forcing FFVII to pointresize everything even higher than before? ^^;;

Diablos. Because Darkside makes the game broken :)

General discussion / PS-PC USB2.0 Convert V
« on: 2005-04-02 20:56:44 »
I remember I had this problem the last time I tried to play FFVII.
Gave up in the end.

However, I'm sure there was mention of some people working with Psx adaptors fine. Anyone?

General discussion / Yet another new FF7 game
« on: 2005-04-02 20:54:31 »
Quote from: Bunnie-Maru

So you love the game, but would rather not see it anywhere else? Usually when you like things, you want more of it.

And of course, when Square gives the people what they want, they're viewed as greedy savages only looking to make a buck

Square desecrate on the spirit of Final Fantasy with all these spinoffs and sequals.
Those that want more are fools: Square are just breaking tradition, and they are nothing but the bastards for doing it. They wouldn't break this set of traditions because people want it; they'd do it for money, however.

General discussion / How fast did you beat FFVII?
« on: 2005-02-10 22:57:19 »
Quote from: Qhimm
Punctuation is your friend; that includes the sentence delimiter, or "dot". While certainly not to be overused either, a lack of it produces sentences so wide your brain can't keep the entire meaning in focus at once. [/i].

I'll note that in short-term memory, people generally have 5, 7 or 9 memory slots.
This means you have up to 9 places to store information.
However, people 'chunk' (I think that's what it's called) things. So home telephone number, when you re-call it, will take up one slot, as it is one object in your long-term memory.
So, therefore, if your sentance grammar is sound and normal, each clause (part of the sentance) won't take up more than one or two slots (or at least that's how it is for me: I can't claim to generalise my ability to everyone else; not everyone else spends so much time browsing writen text :P), so, more than 5 clauses seriously pushes it.

Anyway, just some random information I thought related to this topic... Don't really have any big reason behind posting it. Maybe I just wanted to show off my 'C' at AS Psychology...? ^_^

General discussion / How fast did you beat FFVII?
« on: 2005-02-10 10:21:03 »
Quote from: Jari Huttunen
Oh hell. :evil:

While it is possible to write a grammatically sound 200 word sentence, it doesn't mean that everyone should try writing one. :z

Pffft. Doesn't even use any colons or semicolons :P

Edit: I actually checked an essay I wrote where I used long sentencing... but it turned out the sentance was only 60 words long... bleh.
And that sentance is really boring. I can't read it after the first couple of lines...
Whoever wrote that should be slapped.

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