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Hey there.
How is this mod compatibility wise?
7th heaven seems to be way outdated now. Is it better to use the sandalone install?
Is it compatible with because and menu overhaul (without the stats bug)?
I seem to recall seeing some talk about 2.0 version. Is it still on the works?

Sounds nice.

Doesn't jet engine allow some nice refines early on?

Jet engine from tri point?

I got doomtrain on disk two due to item import on boko (just for testing though).
Also accessed holy and some other nice spells. And  stats items.
Item importing is just sort of cheating, and can be abused, but I guess it's mostly a player choice to cheat or not. I don't think people play chocobo world for the fun of it. The same way people can use hyne to cheat stuff in.

Other than that, in my normal playthrough, speed seems to be the most unbalanced stat. Even before auto-haste. It's like str before and after tornado. Huge bump.

I liked the idea of diferent stats for diferent chars. You can actually see the differences in game (spd, str and mag mostly). But magic join makes the diferences be minimal. Perhaps reducing the increase value from join could benefit overall game balance and make chars more unique. Make it impossible to achive 255 for example.

Using latest Raw.
FF8_CapBreak_EN does not work.
FF8_KeepMagic_EN works fine.

Finished disk 2.
Too much access to high level magic...
Card mod could be moved to after ragnarok (bahamut or eden).
Speed is way overpowered still. After spd j it's just not fun anymore. Auto haste will just make it borring.
Can you delay access to chocobo forests to after ragnarok too?

Don't use the installer. Download the folder from the github.

From some point you have break, stop and death on each status attack. Very few enemies are resistant to all.

Sorry... my mistake. It's Elvoret card that refines to windmills.
Death is not from draw point. It's from some monster I can't quite remember... Vysage? Or perhaps latter esthar cyborg? It's before Deling for sure.
Also break from iguion is extremely effective against 90% of enemies (including sub-bosses like balamb garden norg vs cid battles). Perhaps adding some resistances would be nice.
Mug also seems to appear to soon in the game (makes item collecting from enemies too easy). Perhaps moving it to alexander would balance it.
Overall, I'm loving the mod. Great work.

Just finished the prison.

Before Deling city there's already access to Death magic on world map. Perhaps overkill for disk 1?
Another unbalanced magic is Tornado, by converting Abyss Worm cads into windmills. Makes str go way high.
Armadodo and T-Rexaur also give access to Dino Bone which gives access to Quake.

Loved the new battle on winhill. You could add a few dozen more :) it would give more new content. There are quite a few monsters you will only see once in the game (like some castle bosses). Perhaps add a low level version here and there :)

In the prision, the human guards do only one attack (stop). Is this intended? With 3 members its easy, but that screen with only zell it's a coin flip.

Just got killed by Diablos. Graviga + 3 fast stabs did not allow me to even blink :(
Bad luck I guess.
Second time was a charm.
Stop is an interesting concept, but then ultra cure always removes it (intended?).

What optional battles? The GFs and weapons?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 small visual bugs
« on: 2018-11-24 13:45:23 »
A few more issues.

Not that far in. Just past Ifrit cave. Normal enemies are a breeze, not a single challenge in them. Bats with sleep are interesting, but not enough. Ifrit itself was more challenging (loved fira and the new all attack), but with an infinite source for cure (both stock and draw), you can just kill it in one minute the same.
After str-J, enemies are still OHKO.
Overall I like the mod, I will definitely play it all the way and report, but it still feels it need some kick (force the use of scan to see vulnerabilities cause everything else does little damage for example).
Another thing I never liked is the 0 exp from bosses. It makes the game all about grinding. Bosses are supposed to be a major push up to npcs, but FF8 only gives AP and some items. Is this changeable?

Perhaps I spoke too soon... Difficulty just tripled on the way to Dollet tower. Red galbadian soldier hitting for 300 and Anacondaur for 450 per squeeze is interesting, specially at those two screens when Seifer leaves.

Just a thought. Even as a rebalance, this mod still makes the game extremely easy. Enemies have low hp and low vit and spr.
What could help:
- double all enemies HP, increase def and spr, but also double exp and HP. Longer and more difficult battles, but worth the time.
- recomend players to never import chocobo world items. Instead give some nice items as sidequests rewards.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 small visual bugs
« on: 2018-11-21 18:56:27 »
Is the field bug fixable?

Hey there.
Is this "square lights" an AngelWing issue?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 small visual bugs
« on: 2018-11-21 09:52:17 »
The lines in text seem to be caused by gedosato, but the squares-for-lights is not.

This one caught my eye.
I wonder if there is a full sidequest list.
Most original game made sidequests useless (except GFs amd weapons), so it's interesting to have a list.

Troubleshooting / FF8 small visual bugs
« on: 2018-11-20 18:42:39 »
Hey trying FF8 again, bug I have some minor bugs.
Mods in list in pics.
Using GeDoSaTo and reshade also.

Any insights? Thanks.

Hey there.
I'm guessing this and KLITLIKA'S MOD are incompatible, right?

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-06-11 09:53:34 »
Nope. I used this feature before.
Forgetting abilities allows to learn new ones...

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-06-09 19:14:40 »
New bug: cannot forget GF abilities (when you change tabs, the get defaulted)

And have you thought about doing another MO for the community? For the next Christmas perhaps? :)

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