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Completely Unrelated / How old is everyone? v2
« on: 2009-01-18 17:17:50 »
The original topic: ; dated 03 Jan 2001.

Quote from: Ged
Going back to the topics, me is 15 yrs old from PL. Hell i'm young :wink: Future awaits (and a test from Biology today - hate that mitosis, meyosis, those damn viruses and bacteria) :lol:

Now it's 2009, I'm 23 years old, and the damn biology got to me - 5th year of veterinary medicine and going.
And how are you doing..? Anyone from the 'old team' still here? 8-)

P.S. Belated happy birthday, SaiNT :)

General Discussion / Final Fantasy VII - Last Order OVA
« on: 2005-06-25 11:28:15 »
Here it goes - along with the limited edition of Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, there will be a animated OVA released, most probably regarding the Turks, and Zack-Cloud-Sephiroth part of Nibelheim. Said to be a typical length OVA of about 30mins, Tetsuya Nomura artwork, animated kind of like the Before Crisis ads.


Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

General Discussion / Vincent Valentine
« on: 2005-06-02 08:52:14 »
Pardon me for bumping the old topic..

But "a mere vampire"... this is something that should be said. Vampires aren't "mere". They are one of the most interesting phenomenons, and I'm pretty sure every person that read some of Anne Rice's books will think of a vampire in different means, then a person who knows "vampire" from M&A where they swarm everywhere and are more common then potion drops.

Vincent fits the true vampire view quite well, and I'm pretty sure the creators meant him to be one by heart, but not by body.

Using a expression "mere vampire" is like saying Sephiroth is a "mere madman" (and he's not both - he is *not* a crazy madman for heaven's sake!).

Archive / who made the sephiroth over the cloud skeleten?
« on: 2005-04-26 17:06:16 »
Getting back rather late, sorry...

I made the one in the topic, yet I couldn't make a proper patch file for that.. So.. you just have to put one hour of work and do it yourself. Find Sephiroth battle model, find Cloud battle model, check files and switch not via names, but looks -- as in saam = Sephiroth torso, but caan = Cloud torso, you have to switch saam=>caan not caam (which could be leg). Use a viewer for that. It doesn't take long - unpack the LGP file and toy around a bit. Don't switch the animation and skeleton file though, eye/mouth texture you can. Oh, and the filenames provided are most probably wrong. Use the database on those.

General Discussion / Vincent Valentine
« on: 2005-04-26 16:59:44 »
I heard a lot of things about him.. But.. My small insight on the character.

Many treat him as just-another-member, yet I think of him as "the only optional character in any RPG ever made that you can miss, and by missing him, you miss one of the most important characters ever". Some just bring him down to a guy who was experimented on, just-another-hidden-character-dont-need-him-to-finish-the-game, period. Well, it's as bringing down Sephiroth to a crazy-mad-guy-who-likes-to-kill.


So.. Vincent's storyline as him being a Turk is quite known. Yet the experiments that Hojo performed on him and their results were never clearly explained. That he was implemented Jenova Cells - I have no doubt. The reason he always is so clothed is because of countless scars left by Hojo when experimenting on him - I guess the golden arm and leg are just a addition he put in, after checking "let's see when more I can do with him". Though I doubt he expected such results from Jenova Cells living inside Vincent's body. He can mutate - and these are the main reason for that.

Going back to "current times" of the main storyline, many see Vincent as a vampire. Well, I think he is eternal, and that's the saddest part on his character, but he is far away from a classical vampire. Whatever Hojo planned, it turned out this way, doubtfully what Hojo wanted. As a random side-effect. Vincent knows much more then he should know, and I'm quite positive he posesses the wisdom of the ancients. Think about Sephiroth.. he was given birth to by Lucretia, with countless Jenova cells implemented in him in prenatal stage. So he became a sort of a hybrid between a human and Jenova. Vincent was given birth to, lived, and then was forced to become a clone, so he is demi-human. With being eternal, and the wisdom he posesses, he decided to leave the world, and bear eternal rest, yet one thing moved him - it wasn't Sephiroth exactly, I think it was the need to understand himself who he really is. And Sephiroth, as a sort of a "brother" might've known the answer.
Trailers from Advent Children suggest even far more on Vincent's knowledge and the mystery surrounding him. I guess DoC will shed light on him too.


Just something I came up with.. =)

Archive / Switching in-battle models
« on: 2005-04-09 06:37:58 »
It is possible - but the thing is that the enemy would have to be based on Cid's skeleton so he would lookf pretty deformed. The aa-ab-ac-ad files hold the eye/mouth texture and skeleton + animation. The latter two you cannot change - it equals crash. Others you can change freely, but bear in mind that for example am can be body for one model, for second it can be right hand. You have to check what looks how and switch it... That's how I made a young-Sephiroth based on Cloud model - looked funny, but worked, had all LB's etc..

Quote from: Aaron
AFAIK, FF7:AC has been planned as a direct-to-DVD release from the beginning.  No theaters. mentions - "New from Square Enix is Final Fantasy Advent Children products that will tie in with the brand new CGI movie due out in the USA later this year with a limited cinema release then a full impact DVD launch after." Also Tetsuya Nomura mentioned Cinema release plans in his interviews..

Archive / Remaking Sephiroth. C&C wanted.
« on: 2005-03-10 18:12:40 »
I don't want to go picky again.. but..
If C&C wanted, here I come.
First of all Mother Anathomy is in the works. Really, get some reference pictures, you don't seem to be using them.. In example (random google find) this one. Check the abdomen looks. Where the front torso muscles end, they don't extend to the armpit. After all, the muscles are positioned on bones. They somehow limit the possibility of muscle shape. This one might not be the perfect example, but it shows how the neck-to-arm muscle is build, and it cannot go making a extra hill. Classic Nomura art is the perfect one to check the face and just grid it and try to fit the shape/sizes. There is no "bulge" between the eyebrows/topnose unless you hit yourself real hard. And this artwork (which I must say is one of the best Sephiroth fanarts I have seen) shows the neck muscles. The parts that are exposed should be ligther, and it's majorly a tendon. Check the ear size. He looks really old.
/rant1 end
Some basic I help I can whip up in limited time, other then that I am impressed by your skills, they indeed went up.. but 3d modelling without basic knowledge of human anathomy, or reference is really a hardcore experience. Use a mirror, search the net, for every artist it's a grave difference.
I'm pretty sure that the vision of Sephiroth mine and yours differ like ant and lion. I see him as the slender, fast-bladed ultimate-bishounen, you seem to do the muscled insane killer. So there will always be scissions between our views.
Good luck~!

General Discussion / Yet another new FF7 game
« on: 2005-03-08 16:30:39 »
Quote from: Chesso
They are *REALLY!* sqeezing the crap out of this franchise eh.

C'mon, that's overdoing it. Squeezing crap by just porting the same thing but to another system? That's what many want with other SE things. I personally think it's a nice idea to have a piece of FFVII nearby. If they made a whole new-great-graphics-Ps2 game out of this part, then this would be squeezing crap. But this? Naah, just a little fun for FF fans. No news on mobile type though.

Archive / Crash in mako reactor (not the first fight)
« on: 2005-02-13 07:53:42 »
Quote from: bulk_4me
Mmm.. Seriously why would SP2 be more "buggy" than SP1?


General Discussion / Apologies to all sephy fans
« on: 2005-02-11 13:57:22 »
Reading back I noticed that I heavily implied that the sentence is the one and only proof, the godly sentence that has all written in it about Sephiroth.. Well, uh, didn't mean to stress on it *that* hard >_<

General Discussion / Apologies to all sephy fans
« on: 2005-02-10 18:05:38 »
Actually his closing line can be interpret both ways. Mine, and Qhimm's, and both are right. My friend that has been studying the language not as learning it, but mainly concentrating on its structure has analyzed the sentence as a FF7 fan and came up with two options. Both written above. In japanese it really matters when and to who you say it. And we cannot tell that about the "watashi wa ..".

mirex : Higuri Yuu ("Seimaden"); Maki Murakami ("Gravitation"); Yoko Matsushita ("Yami no Matsuei") are famous yaoi/shounen-ai artists from Japan. People when buying mangas in Japan tend to make blurt of authors towards the shop owner to find the part of the store with the particular genre. "shounen-ai" is exactly boys love (as "bishounen" is beautiful boy). "Watashi wa omoide ni wa naranai sa" is Sephiroth closing line for newer AC trailers and means something like "I will not/I shall not (you pick) become a memory".

General Discussion / Apologies to all sephy fans
« on: 2005-02-10 07:26:49 »
Read through this thread for more on it - .. Really, the whole Zack x Cloud x Sephiroth material is exploited there..

Yaoi does not exactly stand for gay.. It's more of the "plot? what plot?" translation for gay themed things drawn.. If you actually come to a store and say "yaoi" they are "?". Say "higuri yuu, maki murakami, yoko matsushita" and they are "aaa...! shounen-ai!". And that's the term for "boy love".

And about Sephiroth and AC. He's proven his feminity in one, very strong way - the end of trailer sentence "watashi wa omoide ni wa naranai sa". When a man is using "watashi" it already is a 'subtle' hint on him, and "sa" as well (though it can also imply feminity and sub of the person he is talking to). What EmperorSteele said about men-view-in-Japan is true. The more feminine the better a hero will be. For Japanese for everone to have a pinch of homosexuality is the perfect resolution, contrary Europeans which have a thing against that..

Quote from: halkun
1st, Spirited Away was probably the best dubbing I have ever seen done with Anime. Sadly, there was a bit of a plot point that was mistranslated, but it's forgiviable.

Offtopic - which point of plot? I saw both the japanese and english, although a long time ago so I don't remember...

A downloadable version is avaialble here.

Credits go to Zer0 from ..

Releases / Re: Sephiroth Patch
« on: 2004-12-23 21:12:06 »
"Sephiroth Patch" sounds good enough.. I guess that for each and single mod, there will be a different topic. Not many out there though.

Releases / Re: Sephiroth Patch
« on: 2004-12-23 18:54:02 »
Qhimm - maybe you could change the topic name..?

The Sephiroth Patch (for TNT patch version) is available here..
The Sephiroth Patch (for normal version) is available here..

One thing tough. It's always safe to install the Sephiroth Patch after applying all other patches you want to use (bear in mind - Sephiroth Patch alters the main FF7.exe, so if the file is changed by any patches (incl. Sephiroth Patch, Chocobo Racing), other patches (also incl. Sephiroth Patch) using the file might not work/not work properly - before applying make a backup of the file and check different combinations of patch-applying-order).. Most probably the readme.txt links/e-mails are outdated (file is of 08.08.2000).


Teknoman Midnight's Play as Sephiroth Patch for FFVII PC.

Title                   : Final Fantasy VII =Sephiroth=
Included File(s)        : ff7.isp, char.isp, tools.exe, readme.txt (this file).
Author                  : Teknoman Midnight (Michael Riseborough) edited to fit the TNT Patch
Email Address           : [email protected] (any suggestions/opinions/help please.)
           [email protected] (converted to the TNT Version)
Description             : A patch to alter Final Fantasy VII for the PC.
           With the patch you play as Sephiroth pursuing the Jenova
           infested Cloud across the world. (Instead of the other way
           around) Lots done, lots to do.
Additional Credits to   : SquareSoft (They kick ass!)
           And myself!
Available at      :

* Additional Information *

Version 1.10
Sephiroth in the Dress

Version 1.00

What's Done?

- Play As Sephiroth (In battle)
- Play As Sephiroth (In Towns, Buildings, etc... Note: His hair isn't quite right yet.)
- Play As Sephiroth with sword (In Towns, Buildings, etc... Note: His hair isn't quite right yet.)
- Original Sephiroth in battle replaced with Cloud
- Original Sephiroth in towns, buildings, etc... replaced with Cloud
- Original Sephiroth with sword in towns, buildings, etc... replaced with Cloud with sword
- Cloud In Wheelchair replaced with Sephiroth in Wheelchair (Note: His hair isn't quite right yet.)
- Character name is now Sephiroth by default instead of Cloud
- Music Swapped: LB1 (Bizzaro Sephiroth Fight) with BAT (Battle Music) and LB2 (One-Winged Angel) with CHU (Boss Music)
- Young Sephiroth replaces young Cloud in first Tifa & Cloud flashback (and all the other flashbacks)
- Young Sephiroth replaces young Cloud in Temple of the Ancients sequence
- Young Sephiroth replaces young Cloud in Cloud's Sub-Concious
- Small and large Sephiroth and Cloud images swapped on Menu
- Menu Text changed

What's Not Done?

- All references to 'Sephiroth' changed to 'Cloud'
- Other minor changes to in game text
- Cloud in Shin-Ra uniform replaced with Sephiroth in Shin-Ra uniform
- Fixed Sephiroth's hair
- Sephiroth in the Bike mini-game
- Sephiroth in the Chocobo mini-game
- Sephiroth in the Snowboard mini-game
- Sephiroth on the world map
- Sort out the Sephiroth battle animation (This will be really hard)
- Sephiroth head replaces Cloud head on the rail map monitor sequence

What will never be done?

- Cutscenes (DAMN IT!)

* Construction *

Base            : Final Fantasy VII PC
Time Taken      : The patch isn't finished yet but at current I'm looking at around two weeks.
Known Bugs      : Sephiroth's battle animation for steal, throw, item, and other commands is
        not present in the game so he just stands there, not to worry he still
        performs the action he just doesn't move. Using a limit break other than
        Braver delivers some really weird results and if you want to avoid these stick
        to braver until I can sort this out. If all else fails I'll give him summon
        spells and magic for limit breaks.

* Instructions *

I used to do patches for SNES roms and I found that I could
use the same type of patch for anything and because the patches
are so conveniently small I've stuck with them.

You will require the Maximum Install of FFVII
Remember to apply this patch after updating FF7.exe with the EIDOS TNT Patch!
Unzip the SPATCHTNT.ZIP anywhere on your hard disk.
Move FF7.IPS to your FFVII directory.
Move TOOLS.EXE to your FFVII directory.
Move CHAR.IPS to (FFVII directory)\data\field
Copy TOOLS.EXE to (FFVII directory)\data\field
Go back to your main FFVII directory
Select Apply IPS
Select FF7.IPS
Select FF7.EXE
Press ESC and exit the program
Go to your (FFVII directory)\data\field directory
Select Apply IPS
Press ESC and exit the program
Go back to your main FFVII directory

* Misc. *

You may distribute this patch and/or change it in any way. If it improves it that's even better.
Please give me credit in some form.

So far mid 2005.. But Square never keeps deadlines.

It stands for pairing, what they are doing in the doujinshi musn't be love-making..

Quote from: EmperorSteele
btw: the white-cloaked man IS Rufus.   He's refered to as "Mr President", and the name "Rufus Shinra" appeared in the credits at the Venice film festival.

It's called a spoiler..
Though, nobody saw that coming.

General Discussion / FFX Seymour strategy?
« on: 2004-12-15 10:54:06 »
Nope.. It's not that you rushed or something..
His just unbelievably hard. I also had problems with him, even though I didn't speed the game or something. He's just freaky-hard - really, later on only two bosses might pose a problem. But be sure to stock on Holy Waters still, you're desperately going to need them!

Just to info.. The 4-minute trailer Aaron posted is a the 2-min trailer from Young GanGan DVD (with subs) and another 2-min trailer from E3 (eng) joined into one file. Although the quality is outstanding for both, so it's definaetly worth downloading. The E3 trailer is still my favourite (YazooxCloud on highway + TifaxLoz in the church)..

General Discussion / FFX Seymour strategy?
« on: 2004-12-14 20:09:59 »
Better go back to the Ronso's or Oaka's bro...

General Discussion / FFX Seymour strategy?
« on: 2004-12-14 14:46:26 »
I also got the Intl. version. Nope, the boss is sure there, and he is friggin hard. He was just one piece of a bastard.. Maybe they wanted us to level up on the mountain? Although I hated the location for the amount of savepoint..

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