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This is insane! Thanks a lot :) hope you continue with this textures improving :D

Nice work man!I already rework on magics textures and magics models effects but i’m not satisfied for ice magic if you can make a good render this can be really good!

You can see a part of my work on my YouTube channel

Mate any chance to share your magics textures and magics models effects? Would be great.. thx and Happy New Year to all!

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2016-01-04 15:52:01 »
Hi guys any news about others models release (Guard hound, ecc..) ? Thanks ;)

Nice!  :) yeah i saw the thread about your HEROES project and looks amazing, the thing is that for the moment i want to re-play the game with "default" story..without any Sephirot mod, because i play the game with Sadnest italian translation patch and I suppose both things are not compatible. Would be great if you could release a part just the models improvement for default game (ntsc US version off course  ;D) cuz all looks really great.. meanwhile i'm using yours "Better Models" and Cloud Mako Eyes" patch on my psp eboot and all work like a charm. Thanks a lot  ;)

Mate do you still plan to release this along with the the Buster Sword patch for Ntsc US version too? :)

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-04-14 21:20:10 »
ok nice news, thanks for answer  :)

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-04-14 18:26:26 »
Dio's model is the one included in Unshaded-Models-1.63, employee model if from bootleg, suppose is a prp model don't know. My quote is from Bootleg's configurator thread, first page I only tryed to follow PitBrat fix instructions. I think the "incompatible" files are gbaa.P (Cloud's Bike Model and Dio's Model) and eaaa.p (Cloud's bike model and employee n2's model). When i import Cloud's bike model those 2 field models looks like this:

instead if a reimport gajc and dzgf models againt cloud's bike model looks like this

As searching i found that explanation in Bootleg's therad i thought the cause could be your model was based on TA original one. I'm not using reunion, only Bootleg with some models (Kaldarasha's, yours's ecc) added "manually" with lgp tools.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2014-04-14 16:56:24 »
cmh175 first of all thanks for your great models, right now i'm using all of what you posted here in my game  ;D. Just have some issues with Cloud Bike model, is already known that origianl TA Cloud Model broke Dio and Employee n 2 field models as PitBrat wrote here

Spoiler: show
Cloud - Bike Fix Fixed
TOOL: Kimera
NOTE: Allows the Bike Fix to work with the Dio Field Model
WARNING: EAAA.P and GBAA.P in the 'Cloud - Bike Fix' folder are bad files.
WARNING: EAAA.P breaks the Employee 2 model-- DZGF.HRC.  Do NOT copy EAAA.P.
WARNING: GBAA.P breaks the Dio model-- GACJ.HRC.  Do NOT copy GBAA.P.
WARNING: Do NOT copy these files from the 'Cloud - Bike Fix' folder: EAAA.P and GBAA.P
WARNING: Do NOT replace C:\temp\char\GBAA.P and C:\temp\char\EAAA.P
    In the 'Cloud - Bike fix' folder:
        Rename the file 'gbaa.P' to 'gbaa1.P'
        Rename the file 'eaaa.P' to 'eaaa1.P'
        Rename the file 'ibaa.P' to 'ibaa1.P'
        Rename the file 'hbaa.rsd' to 'hbaa1.rsd'
    Open 'brib.hrc' in Notepad and make the following change:
        1 hbaa1       
    Copy and replace the files in the 'Cloud - Bike Fix' folder  into C:\temp\char\
    Run .\tools\Kimera\Kimera.exe
    In Kimera Open C:\temp\char\brib.hrc
        Click on the funny looking left leg of the model.  Selected Bone l_tibia-l_femur
        Click on 'Remove Part From The Bone'
        Click on 'Add Part To The Bone'
        Select the file C:\temp\char\GBAA1.P
        Click on the funny looking butt of the model. Selected Bone hip-up_bane
        Click on 'Remove Part From The Bone'
        Click on 'Add Part To The Bone'
        Select the file C:\temp\char\EAAA1.P
        Save and replace the model to C:\temp\char\BRIB.HRC
            Click YES to combine P Bones into 1 file
    Open C:\temp\char\hbaa.rsd in Notepad
    Change 'ibaa.P' to 'ibaa1.P' for all three occurences
    Save and replace 'hbaa.rsd'

So i tryed my self to fix it but i still have some problems with hands and feets.

 So please can you check yourself the cloud bike model to make it compatible with others ones? I uploaded separated models here (cloud one is your default, not the one i tryed to edit).!YJQCwDaA!GjAVQI7QbjjTcuuXBBpcvgbyvEddWn9Xa9jvPz8jufU. Thanks in advance :)

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2014-04-14 13:04:18 »
Guys there are some graphic glitches with grimmy's upscaled textures, e.g here (black squares around rock parts)

The textures that give this problem are energy00_00.png and energy00_03.png into C:\Games\FF7\mods\Bootleg\Magic\ff7\data\battle\special\hado, without them looks like this (pixelled rock parts)

I tryed myself to give a shot with PS for remove the "black" backgound as grimmy sayed in his thead but stil not looks good (white lines)

Anyone please could give me a feed about how fix the textures correctly?  :-)

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: New FFVII Intro FMVs
« on: 2014-04-07 14:49:06 »
thanks for answer! You're right there are severals eidos logos video which i can chose the one i like.  :) About opening video right now i'm using your version, best quality so far.. only little thing (for my tatste) is that i think it would be perfect without the "retro twist transition", so i would to know if maybe you have a "cleaning" version without it. It would be great so far :)

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: New FFVII Intro FMVs
« on: 2014-04-07 12:13:50 »
thanks so far for intro videos, Great quality  ;) But  can you reupload eidoslogo video please? AND a request, is there any chance to have the opening video without the "retro twist transition"?  :)

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2014-04-02 12:31:59 »
Sorry for noob question maybe, but Is there any correct procedure for replace music with custom tracks using bootleg? My procedure was ff music.exe > Config > files > double click every track and select new track from my custom music folder on my desktop. But in game i have some issues.. or background music is not loaded at all, or tracks are loaded simultaneus (background song with battle song, ecc). What i want to do is use "Fantasy VII OST Symphonic Remaster" from Captain Eric.

And Little ot question as usual  ;D is this battle scene ever released?

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2014-04-01 11:45:47 »
sorry didnt see the thread  ;D thanks mate

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2014-04-01 10:16:19 »
Please anyone could reupload last version of kimera? All links sems down. Thanks in advance  :)

Ok I will give a try with 7h, thanks for answer and for those great models :)

I'm not using reunion mod right now, just bootleg with some more graphical paches that was recently released here in the forum. I'f i manually pack the files to a flevel.lgp archive with ulgp tools there's coul be any incompatibility issue?

Hi there, thanks for the great models updates.  :) Just a question, does the pack of first post include all fixes and updates posted all around the thread? And what The Community Flevel Project do?

Graphical Modding / Re: Graphic updates for Steam vers?
« on: 2014-03-30 13:05:36 »
It definitly works, tryed myself.

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2014-03-28 09:00:42 »
thanks for answer :) The soldier's models seems to be part of a full pack.. or at least i thought that watching this video. Are freacking awsome.. shame that are no released :(

Well if someone else would help me about figure out  how 7thHeaven works with bootleg in pm will be great ;)

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2014-03-27 20:08:42 »
Ok, I bought on steam FF VII yesterday just to give a try to this compilation, and I would give thanks you to who make this possible (modders and compilers of bootleg). The game is awsome..  :)

I didn't have many troubles to install all, just converted the game with gc..loaded EQ2Alyza's profile for bootleg (made some changes about models in config for my taste) and let's go all. Now i have just some questions.. Can I install manually some others graphics mods that came out recently (i would think to all last cmh175's great models) using 7thHeaven?  IS there any incompatibility issue? because if I understand well, after i will load and apply the mods with 7thHeaven i have to lunch the game with its launcher, so all bootleg's mods will be load anyway?

I have another question a bit ot, can anyone tell me where can i find this shinra units models?
I tryed to search it follow all mods recompilation thread but didn't find anything.
Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english.  ;)

Mate i tryed myself but have some issues.. cam you add your code lines for long range mod to ARMs Damage Limit Break patch? here are the files Eventually thanks in advance :)

I saw Multi-language Compatibility packs in the release topic. How does exactly they work? Does they change dialogs in game?
I would like to know if they use the install disc to extract the text data and replace the one in installation folder, leaving as they are all the other elements installed by the Remix Patch.
If so i could use it to apply the Italian patch made by Sadnes City ( to translate the Remix installation. This patch simply check the ff7 files and replace them with the Italian ones (this causes the loss of 3d models and the other effects of the Remix patch). The Idea is to make a fresh install and use Italian patch, make an installation disc with the italian version of files instead of original and then run the language patch.
Is that possible?

Looking forward for this, would be great if someone could do that. i'm really a noob in FF7 editing but if someone explain what to do i can help.  ;)

First thing really thanks for this amazing project  ;) ;)

I'd like to ask one thing, is possible have also an Italian traslation?

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