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Ficedula is also a woman.
Is not, (I've seen IRL pictures) unless you're making some kind of joke that went over my head. ficedula is a bird, though. ;)

I don't have much helpful to add, unfortunately, although I would also be interested in something like this.

I've also been meaning to ask, what does your username mean? Sorry to be off-topic on this part.
It meant I'm easy to find on the net, and I thought it sounded cool at the time.

I was more trying (or having an option to) stop abusing there PM privileges.

EDIT: If somebody could please explain (unless there is a mod to Qhimm site that auto logs in members of his choice) why ficedula profile current?...Can that guy rally be lurking around here for 5+ years without saying a word!!. Or fixing you web site? O_O;u=68
I haven't messed around with SMF in a while, but the PM thing is probably solvable by adding a custom user rank that doesn't have PM permissions. It could be called Cycl0wned or something. ;)

The forum software says ficedula's still around in some capacity. I've got no reason to doubt it. His site is still around (working just fine AFAIK, even if unmaintained). The link in his profile is just the wrong one.

Heh, there's no auto login script for people Qhimm tolerates more. Otherwise someone like dagsverre (hasn't logged in for the past 2-ish forum software switches) would be near the top of that list.

I'm curious what the benefit of removing registered users with 0 posts is?

Main benefit would be that it makes it easier for moderators to spot spambots. Sort by low posts+recently registered and there you go: a list of suspicious user accounts to once over. As a result, most of those random people who registered years ago yet have never posted are only noise that gets in the way.
(At least in my own forum modding experience, the sort by post method tends to work because, for whatever reason, spambots tend to not start their spam on the day they register with a forum. Just speculating, but they probably wait for some signal after their scripts sends out the, "I've succeeded in registering at forum X," notice to command and control.)

Possible secondary benefits:
1. Reduces clutter in the user list. That in turn saves on database maintenance, saves on bandwidth since (A) the user list will now be not nearly as many pages long and since (B) bots, crawlers and email harvesters do crawl the *entire* user list). This also possibly reduces the file size of forum backups, although that could be pretty negligible.
(2) Reduces people who will try to smurf for a rainy day.

On the other hand, manually cleaning the user list would be a lot of short term work. The obvious alternative would be if it was done via a fire and forget script. However, that has its own issues. Whoever wrote it would have to make sure it didn't accidentally ban the wrong users... for example: people who lurk, or (worse) users like me who have low activity levels, or (even) worse people who made valuable posts in the past but no longer post. I'd be pretty sad if a great forum member like Terence Ferguson accidentally got banned over something like that. That in turn involves testing and time which may make the whole idea unwise.

My bet? Chances are Qhimm will step in and say he doesn't have the money or the time to keep hosting+running the forum any more before it gets to that point. Be that as it may I do kinda hope FF7 and FF8 get re-released on GOG, Q-Gears finishes, and Square-Enix puts out a non-sucky FF7 HD Remake, ensuring that this place lives on at least another 10 years. ^_^

You've got over 1000 posts. I don't think he meant you.

How many people register, but never post? Those are the ones Seif meant.
Oh, yeah, if he's just talking about people with 0 posts, that's cool. That's not the way I was understanding it, though.

More importantly I think would be the powers to filter out those 239375735  quadrillion users that didnt post but have been members since 1802
Some of us oldsters like to lurk and post once in a blue moon. Thanks.

I had a similar reaction when a friend linked it to me. Pretty weird to hear your voice for the first time after so long, halkun. ^_^ Also, that Minecraft project is very cool. I realize more and more that the game is what every previous LEGO game should have been.

FF7Voice / Re: I been wondering...
« on: 2008-08-10 19:10:26 »
Agreed that it doesn't make much sense to give out the information at this point, but I don't think any legal types will pay much attention to this unless it's obviously (1) producing results and (2) going somewhere they don't want to allow.

Loveless was a 1991 album by British group My Bloody Valentine. Since you can see both on the posters, that's probably what it is.

I remember a long discussion when (if I'm remembering right) someone found the registry key that seemed to activate Glide in FF7. However, I hesitate to bring it up because it's thoroughly unusable. Glide support isn't actually there, it's just a remnant from an earlier dev stage.

Archive / Discussion about the Patches & Mods-torrent
« on: 2006-11-27 08:19:02 »
I was asked regarding my hand patch. I did not give permission (or refuse it), still deciding what I think about this (honestly under most circumstances I really wouldn't care but have mixed feelings about the way this was done.) Anyway, have continuous must-pass finals for 4 weeks which have to take precedence over this. I won't be on much. If you need to contact me, send a PM and then be *very* patient. I'll ponder this and post any conclusions I reach if I somehow get the time.


Archive / Laptop Input Problems
« on: 2005-09-19 06:29:33 »
I could be misunderstanding your question in horrible fashion. Are you saying that even the start button (IIRC, should confirm out of the menu) doesn't work? Also, you do realize that the laptop input patch remaps the numpad keys to the arrow keys, right? (seeing as how the average laptop doesn't *have* a numpad) If that's the case, you might want to try it without the input patch.

One related suggestion that probably won't work: hold down shift while pressing the keys you need to press in the screen you're having trouble with.

General discussion / Sumimasen?
« on: 2005-09-15 18:37:17 »
Sumimasen being the Pyramid battle sounds right to me as well. If so...then, yes, it's just a battle test Square's programmers used for debugging--it's a part of the Debug Room after all. In that particular battle it's very easy to throw in any status or spell in the game (*all* work on the pyramids, and it's easy to try since you can get whatever materia you need elsewhere in the Debug Room.) I may be really going out on a limb, but I think their health is even 7777 (for Lv7 death.) Of course I haven't used the DR in about a year, so I could be going senile.

Quote from: Aaron
There is no difference as far as most of the game is concerned (installs the same stuff, contents on disc 1, 2, and 3 are the same), but, the Platinum install disc has some patches from Eidos's site in the "Updates" folder (the Riva/TNT, Cyrix, and movie patch).

Also, Platinum comes without a physical manual, only having the copy on the cd. Of course there's no snazzy but impractical cd book either (the cds *always* fall out.)

Archive / New Project: Final Fantasy VII 2D remake
« on: 2005-07-14 07:59:02 »
Quote from: Josephfelicewilson
Or, they can lie and say someone hacked there pc and stole all there stuff and etc... And released it...

Except that if you've done something serious enough that the FBI or whatever equivalent security organization wants you (alleged damages over X dollars), they're going to check ISP logs, grab your PC and find out the truth via forensics. I don't actually know how mad the company would be if you weaseled around a cease and desist letter, but I can guess. Isn't it irrelevant if you don't get a C&D until it's too late if you *knew* you were going to get one by holding back the release? I know I'm not going to try it.

Or be descrete about it and upload it to a torrent or emule or some kind of shared program and make some bs about it and say that it got accidently uploaded.

Unfortunately those programs are not very discrete. Bit Torrent broadcasts your IP to the tracker and anyone you connect to in the swarm. Last I heard Emule still accidentally broadcasts IP addresses (and potentially dangerous data) to anyone who wants to listen.

The SaiNt: Well, before this topic gets completely derailed, I'd like to say that this patch is incredible. Many thanks!

Archive / FF7 playing on PS2 problems
« on: 2005-07-14 07:27:32 »
Maybe because most of us didn't think it was the best? I don't know...not sure what Threesixty's driving at. It's been ages since I've messed around with 9, though.

Archive / The FF7 systems database!
« on: 2005-02-03 06:45:55 »
Fine, I'll join in. I don't think having a spreadsheet is going to help much. The basic rule is, if you want FF7 to run with a minimum number of problems, have a high-end Pentium II with Win98SE and DirectX 5.1 (on the FF7 cd.) But even people on those systems get the Cosmo Canyon crash, so it's a moot point.

Operating System: Windows XP Profession SP1 (DirectX 9.0c)
Motherboard: ASUS P4S800
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz
RAM: 1024mb Corsair XMS DDR333
Video card: ATI Radeon 9600 (Catalyst from September, can't remember, hopefully not relevant since I only use FF7 in software mode)
Audio card: Creative SB0240 Audigy 2 Platinum
HD: Seagate 7,400 RPM 200GB, 3GB free.
Drive 1: Plextor PX-712A DVDRW DVD+R: 16x CD: 48x
Drive 2: Plextor PX-WA4824A CD: 48x

FF7 version: 1.0
Full install w/ movies on HD: Yes
Ultima version: No
Did you install the yamaha drivers? No. Installer gives error.
Did you install directshow or the truemotion codec? Both.
Any other patches or mods installed? Too many to list. No problems.

What res do you run ff7 at? 640x480
problems with other res Monitor doesn't know what 320x240 is. ;)
Hardware or software mode? Software

Movies: Do they play? No. Fixed with Duck Trumotion codec or Upside Down Movie patch.

Game crashes when trying to access the menu and/or when entering battle. Fixed by turning on Win98 compatibility.

Game crashes during Chocobo Races. Fixed with Chocobo Patch.

Other bugs:
Superspeed Bike. Playable, but can be slowed to original speed with Turbo CPU limiter.

Archive / New problem yay...
« on: 2005-02-03 06:11:09 »
hen I try to run the game the sound skips and performance is slow on any setting, and when the game is minimized, the sound returns to normal until I go back into the game.

I had a similar problem on a Win95 machine wayyy back in the day. It turned out to be a bizarre DirectX issue.

Archive / Hand patch problems...
« on: 2005-02-03 06:08:08 »
I just discovered that I accidentally removed the animation fixes in the latest version of the patch. >_< I'll release a correction when I get a chance. Right now I'm swamped and don't have time.


Ok, I'm the guy who made the hand patch. Yes it uses the hands from the higher-res Cloud field model. The two "higher-rez" (really just more realistically proportioned) models in question are:
clgd.hrc //Cloud
animations used by the game:

cmde.hrc //Jessie's upper torso, minus forearms+hands
animations used by the game:

halkun is correct. Both *do* appear in the game, in one scene: rootmap (the scene where Jessie shows Cloud the map of the subway system.)

There. If anyone wants a 50MB HTML presentation explaining all this, let me know. Any other questions?

Cool. I assume you're doing this in Max?

Archive / And of course, another At Gondola On Date crash
« on: 2005-01-03 21:32:30 »
Fine. Send me a little money and I'll buy a copy and send it to you. Fair enough? How much would it go for in Singapore, *if* you could find a copy? Here's the save. It'll be up for  1 week.
Out of sheer curiousity, do you even have a copy of moviecam.lgp?

Archive / And of course, another At Gondola On Date crash
« on: 2005-01-02 23:30:43 »
I figured i've paid for two copies but never got to complete the game, so, er, it's alright?

Well, if you're as serious as you claim about tyring to buy a copy, the PSX version is cheap and still pretty widely available. Just use an emulator and configure the controls to PC version controls and it will almost be like you haven't left (assuming you really ever actually owned the game.)

With no movie files.

Good Lord. I'm surprised you've been able to make it this far. There's a *ton* of scenes coming up with transitional movies. If you somehow make it through those without crashing, I'm going to stare in disbelief.

flevel/lgp is 272,240 kbytes.

What the heck did they do to it?! (or are you on a FAT32 partition or something?) It *should* be about 120MB. What's the size of moviecam.lgp?

Sigh. Anyone still want to help me out?

Well, I already played through the save. So, because of that (and since you've given me some useful info) I guess I can help you out this time...although I'd like to poke around with that flevel.lgp.
I won't help you once you get stuck in Junon (although hopefully you'll have wised up and gotten a legit copy by then.)

« on: 2005-01-02 20:34:14 »
I agree. I know it's no fun to have this problem, but please don't post in all caps in the future (thanks, at least, for not posting your WHOLE MESSAGE in caps.)

It's crash, not crush.

The following info is helpful:
(1) Are you running Standard Install or Maximum? (Maximum is better)
(2) Are you using the "running movies off the hard drive" trick? Sometimes it fixes the problem.
(3) Please post the exact size of the following files (right-click+properties)
flevel.lgp, found in [ff7 directory]\data\field

Archive / And of course, another At Gondola On Date crash
« on: 2005-01-02 20:27:12 »
Say, are you willing to be a guinea pig for a little bit? I've got a new idea on what might be wrong and just want to test it. If it works, then we can make a patch. If not, I'll play through the part for you.

What I need to know:
(1) Whether you have the Standard or Maximum Install
(2) Whether you're using the "running movies off the hard drive trick" or not

I'd like to know the exact size of your flevel.lgp file located in [ff7 directory]\data\field\ (right-click+properties) If the size is different between what's on your cd and what's on your hard drive, I want to know the sizes of both.

If you're not running the movies off the hard drive, I'd suggest trying it because sometimes it fixes the problem. If you're already running them off the hard drive, I want to know the exact size of the following files:
boogdemo.avi (since you're having Cosmo Canyon problems as well)

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