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Trying to look for the file in this thread

but all the links and and subsequent files are lost/broken. Tried Googling all over the interwebs, and old threads, but absolutely nothing.

Looks like the file name is 'CHIBICON.rar'.
Would love to use it — if it's an .IRO, even better :)

Does anyone happen to have this?

Is this the right forum to post this question? Should we move this to a graphical mods forum?

Yeah - updated all Nvidia drivers last night straight from Nvidia.

Checked all the 4 boxes within the menu, Vsync, New Timer, Textures Cache, Pixel buffer.

Still have the same issue... can't do full screen and there's weird vertical lines every other movement.

Here's a screenshot:

1) For some reason when I hit the fullscreen box on 7th Heaven, it gives me an error and says it's unable to load fullscreen and reverts back to windowed mode.

2) Also, when in game, walking in-field (not world map) there's intermittent vertical lines that flickers every other step Cloud makes when he moves. The text used to be crisp-looking on my other machine, but not my new one.

Is there something up with my graphics settings? It's a new machine with a GTX1070, didn't think it would have graphics problems. Currently running Windows 10.

What could I do?

Could I use my 1.4 save file with the new 1.5 version? Would there be any issues?

hey, been a while since I visited, but what's the difference between 1.4 vs 1.5? Anything big?

There is a notepad "where is the thing" where it has such list, except one or two that aren't updated, but they're end game. There is only 1 E. Skill in the game so people actually have to put some effort into the materia setup.

Where is this magical notepad? Is there a link / could you point me to where? Thanks!

I might have missed this, but has anyone posted a list of all the enemy skills / locations? Also where to get the 2nd (or 3rd) enemy skill materia? My enemy skill list feels barren right now and I can't figure out where to find the rest :/

Hey, just applied the most latest patches, and Mideel enemies still don't give Exp? Everyone's above level 60.

If it's directly after the FMV, then it's likely the scene that takes place in Shinra HQ when Rufus is talking to the other execs about the Mako Cannon. If you have anything that affects field models, disable them temporarily and see if that lets you get past it.

You're a legend, just did this and it worked!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, the game crashes right after you see the Midgar Cannon for the first time FMV. It's right after you put in the Key of The Ancients inside the Forgotten Capital. Not sure what causes this... any ideas? I have the newest patches installed, but also a bunch of graphic mods too.

this might have been answered already but I'm level 52 in Mideel, and none of the enemies give out EXP at all?

Is the latest flevel patch installed? I can't remember if the fix is in the current files.

Yeah, I have both of the latest patches installed (29th April). He doesn't seem to teleport after he says "bring 4000 gil for troops".

Not sure if this is a glitch but the Fort Condor NPC doesn't teleport back to Fort Condor after he says "you need 4000 gil for troops". He just stands there....Is something else supposed to happen?

This happened at Gongaga after Temple of The Ancients and now Forgotton Capital (he's blocking a treasure chest)


Live Wire should display correctly though it has some unique effects going on that might be tripped up by mods. Are you using that hi-res spell texture mod or anything for battle models?

He appears at random like the original mystery ninja encounter; there was an issue where a flag was being turned off during certain events though on the cargo ship + cosmo canyon but that should be gone from the latest flevel hotfix.

I do have the the hi-res battle textures turned on in 7thHeaven, maybe it's the load order that's making the electricity not appear you think?

Also I've fought a bunch of battles in the Fort Condor forests but he has yet to show up :\

Not sure if this is NT mod related but Vincent's Live Wire attack via Death Gigas doesn't show the orange electricity blasts like it's supposed to. Is this a graphical glitch via the mod or maybe 7th Heaven?

ALSO, I was fighting near the forests of Fort Condor and encountered a guy riding a warg, who
who then dropped an MP Plus materia after you kill him. I forgot to save, tried running into the same
Forests again but he doesn't appear. Is there a certain way to encounter him again?

They have very high defences but a Summon will cut through it, particularly Leviathan (they're weak to water, but halve other elements). If Leviathan isn't an option then use Aeris' Seal Evil Limit to open the fight and inflict Stop; then you can wear them down with Gravity to kill them.

Thanks man, that did the trick! I just beat Brass Dragon and then I fought some Black Commando's and stole a Crystal Sword, Organics and also a Diamond Bangle, is that normal? Or did I get lucky?

I just got to Temple of the Ancients. At the clock hall. I went to door #VIII, got the megalixer in the chest, then got hit with a fight with 8eye's. They do this light attack which hits me like almost 1000hp each time, and that's their main move!  Is this a glitch or are they supposed to be hard as hell?  I get whacked every time. If so any tips to beat them?

Where do you get Morph materia at? I think I missed it  :-\

I'm at the Gongaga town right outside the reactor (latest 18th April Build) and Boxer used Goblin Punch on me and it said I learned the Enemy Skill but then it doesn't show up on my list. Is this intentional or a bug?

I could cook together a list of helpful steals/morphs, if there's more interest. :)

*Raises hand* I for one would love to see this list for NT 1.4 (which is so far, amazing btw)

Feel free to add to that list if it exists too, SegaChief  8)

I couldn't replicate the problem; I'd suspect a 7H clash if you're using that, something to do with game audio. Some processes use the audio to complete certain events (chocobo dance at the ranch, for instance) and interfering with them can cause problems. Do you have any audio mods installed?

You're absolutely right. I have custom .ogg's in the /music folder but the custom sleep song (yado.ogg) was the culprit. I replaced it with the Original 'yado.ogg' OST version and wa-la! No more freeze when going to sleep!

You may have ran into this already but there was one more tiny bug I found (not so much a bug, I guess). When talking to certain people, the dialogue box takes a while for it to pop up. Example: the NPC in the blue shirt and purple pants in the Tailor shop at Wall Market. Whenever I initiate a convo with him it takes about 20-30 seconds for the dialogue box to appear...

Hey SegaChief, not sure if you caught this when I mentioned this earlier but for some reason the game freezes everytime I goto sleep. Fades to black, song plays, then it just stays black and nothing happens.

White Wind: I snatched a Mirror from the Plasma Buster (?), which I used on Rufus.
L5 Suicide: Mu enemies near the farm.

I could cook together a list of helpful steals/morphs, if there's more interest. :)

I'm not as far as you guys but I did steal a JEM RING from Eligor in the Train Graveyard last night.

Hmm it might be.

I have a good amount of mods activated thru 7H. If anyone has an idea why it locks when sleeping let me know since SegaChief is out... using Tents only can be pretty expensive :/

I haven't had any issues with sleeping.  I've slept twice in Wall Market and didn't lock.  Maybe a mod conflict as I only have NT.

Caught a bug for NT 1.4:

Right after you leave Aeris' house to goto Wall Market in the beginning of the game, if you go back to her house to sleep/heal up (after grinding the area for a while), the game locks after the song plays.

Actually, seems like the game locks up everytime you go to sleep. Locked up on me again when I went to sleep at the Wall Market Inn...

(Fresh install, only have a handful of mods activated  thru 7H)

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