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In the sense that there are people running around sacrificing virgins to a goat's head at the top of a pentagram?  No, not at all.  In the sense that are philosophies and religions that use the story of Lucifer/Satan either in a deistic fashion or in an allegorical manner, yes, Satanism is a real thing, I can confirm that 100%
Satanism is a way for dorky weirdos and try-hards to seem edgy and get laid.  It impresses fatties and looney women who are attracted to serial killers and rapists.

In any case since we're now talking about Comet Ping Pong et al, I would be remiss if I didn't post a link to the MPC thread about it.

Quote from: That One Guy
The reason were even talking about this now is because NYPD found Weiners email stash and they contained common pedophile codewords.  NYPD obviously know what these codewords mean as they have seen it before so they went to the FBI and Comey re-opened the case.  Lets all pray to God that the NYPD still has a copy of the emails they found on Weiner's computer.  PMan, you and I dont know what pedophile codewords are, but that doesn't mean they don't exist and there are many bizarre emails that dont make any sense.  People talking about sharing a single slice of cheese pizza?  They want to know how many people are coming so they know how thin to slice the slices????  This makes no sense in the context of food, but in the context of pedophile codewords, it does.

And youre right, we dont know for sure if this is pedophilia or not, which is why we need several investigations done.  Im boggled as to why not a single investigation in 9/11 and this pedophile s**t has been done yet.  At the very least, the Molesta emails looks like satanic ritual abuse and it needs to be investigated thoroughly. If Podesta the slimeball sits there without being investigated then all is lost.  Trump must press charges and have the AG go after the devil worshipers.  Investigations for every pervert involved.  If we lived in a moral society, Hollywood and the government would have been investigated for pedophilia long ago.

I'm not saying there's nothing to any of this, I think there are likely pedophiles in that circle simply because you always see gay men in that milieu and where there are gay men, child molesters are never very far behind.  It's an open secret among these people that gay men f**k underage twinks, they consider it acceptable for their own demented reasons, and pedophiles benefit from this.  I don't know what the pizza stuff is about, but it's easy to read a lot into an inside joke.  I think if there is really something going on the FBI will find bigger evidence than some vague innuendo about food.  And at this point it will be difficult to cover up, given the animosity within FBI ranks.

I don't doubt for a moment that there is pedophilia among other sexual crimes rampant among the elites, and that those who don't partake turn a blind eye to it.  We know it happens because we have so many criminal cases--Jimmy Saville, Dennis Hastert, Jerry Sandusky, Rotherham--in which it's been exposed.  In every case there were people who knew and said and did nothing.  Most likely these cases are the tip of the iceberg, and there is even more going on that is better concealed.  People like Podesta mix with this element blithely, and that in itself should be cause for alarm.  Nothing about what has come out reflects particularly well on him, the most charitable interpretation is that he is basically a nihilist whose interest in sexual images gets close to sadism.

It is the nature of today's elites and the perverse environment that shapes them that nihilism and sociopathy run high, and those are conditions that will always lead to abuse and exploitation.  The banal form of that abuse is Hillary Clinton mistreating her underlings, the more sinister form is sexual.  I can't at the moment describe exactly why sexuality is the special target of this kind of evil nihilism, but it always is.  It's an aspect of sexual morality that liberals are always in denial of.

Quote from: I Love Carbs
I think pman nailed it. When I was growing up in DC, there were always rumors of sexual impropriety discussed in hush tones, and I met some profoundly weird f**kers (especially at the Unitarian church), who produced broken relationships and damaged progeny. But I never caught anybody red handed.

Still, this is one of the reasons the contrast between Trump's family and the Clinton's is so viscerally startling. It's one thing to cheat on your wife because you can't control your horny levels. I do NOT condone or excuse that, but, truth is, in the grand scheme of things, it's a pretty normal mistake. Trump obviously never stopped loving his kids for a second, it shows in their health and vigor (and easy, natural smiles). I also strongly suspect that he was much less of a playboy than he wanted you to think he was (for marketing purposes) but that's a different story.

At any rate, there's a big difference between that sort of thing and true depravity. You might laugh at this, but another somewhat Trumpian figure is Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan. While he ultimately found God and patched up his marriage, he lived a famously lecherous life in his early years. Again, his kids turned out great, the happiness and wholesomeness is plain to see -- and it triggers the f**k out of the perverts.

Now, here's where I'm going with this: I know several other examples from my personal life of guys who struggled with fidelity, and they fit a pattern similar to Trump and Robertson. One key thing is their kids turned out great. "By their fruits ye shall know them" indeed. But the other thing that REALLY stands out in my mind right now -- and this might sound silly, bear with me -- is that they're all grossed out by buttstuff. Remember that GQ interview with Phil Robertson where he said he didn't understand the sexual appeal of an anus, nor why any man would choose that over a vagina?

This is important because it indicates the difference between simple sexual incontinence ("damn I want to hit that but I'm married but damn...") versus an addiction to transgressiveness and depravity ("man it would be so hot to cheat on my wife, so naughty, I want to be naughty..."). In the beginning, these two things look alike from the outside, but over time, they diverge, because addictions always escalate. Hence why gays in particular almost always go from bad to worse in their behavior. Homosexual intercourse is by its nature transgressive, so it's not just about the physical sensation but about the "high" that comes from being naughty. And the exploits of homos are well documented elsewhere on MPC.

But this sort of thing can apply to heteros as well. If the pleasure of sexual intercourse doesn't come from the physical sensation and the feelings of pair bonding with your mate, but rather, comes from the "high" of being "naughty," you're looking at a situation that will almost certainly progressively escalate to worse and worse things to get that "naughtiness" fix. I take it I don't even need to explain how the use of pornography aids and abets this process.

So, does this pizza stuff really indicate a pedo ring? I don't know. On the other hand, all of the trappings absolutely indicate normalization of sexual transgressiveness. And because that inevitably escalates -- and because these people have the money and resources to get away with it -- there are almost certainly lots and lots of people with varying degrees of guilt by proper moral standards. But is it actually a pedo ring? Or is it just someone like Lena Dunham who didn't see what was wrong with molesting her sister? It's hard to tell, and the one certainly doesn't preclude the other.

In conclusion, I recommend that our weaponized autism division continues to dig -- but also to be patient, and accepting of messiness and ambiguity. Things might be worse than the current theories, but then, they might also be "better" in that they don't involve sex slavery, but perhaps just diddling a permissive neighbor's kids. I don't know, but I guarantee you that if you keep digging, you will find some incredibly ugly s**t that will leave normal America aghast. At the very least, bringing the true depth of depravity of our elites to light can open the eyes of a public that is largely clueless.

Take that image I posted and show it to people who are reluctant to get on the Trump train, or who tepidly supported Clinton. Explain that this is the type of crowd that the Clintons run with. They will be appaled.

Normie twitter thinks we need to be gracious in victory. Well, against those of good faith and basic decency, yes, for sure. But for the deranged and degenerate true believers? Hell no. Run them down and destroy them. Find and expose all of their dirty laundry for the public to see. Drive them into exile. To the extent that they are depraved, even if they aren't kiddie diddlers (or prostitute beaters, or...) they one day would be, given the time and resources to feed their inevitability escalating depravity. Their disgusting behavior must be exposed, and they must never have the resources to get away with their indiscretions. Cast them into outer darkness, forever.

Quote from: Moishe Schwartzmordstein
I have to agree here, that the essence of what is going on is not pedophile rings so much as banal tolerance of depravity by the powerful and their gay social circles.  As far as the whole Illuminati or Satanist angle, I honestly believe that it is just part and parcel of the leftist need to worship themselves and transgress normal moral and social boundaries.  The essence of modern occult movements are Luciferian and their beliefs resemble the self-love and license that typifies purely secular leftist ideology.  In fact, I find little space between the two.

A question that I always wonder about is this - these people all start off as basically secular nihilists, in thrall to their appetites and loyal only to their own ambitions.  I don't doubt that the more sadistic of them are drawn in some ways to Luciferian doctrines since they boil down to "worship yourself and do as thou wilt," but I'm sure that most who actually engage with actual occult rituals start off doing it mostly as a joke.  How many eventually take it seriously?  I have known people who join a church because they want their children to have a moral foundation, and eventually buy into it all after a long period of LARPing.  I imagine that the same is possible with Satanists.  How many start this s**t as a way to network with like-minded, transgressive sociopaths and show how they are "in on the joke" and can be "trusted to keep secrets," and eventually get to a point where they believe it on some level? How many true believers are there in high places in this country?

I still bet not that many, but even one is too many.

Quote from: The Unready
Satanists/Gnostics/Frankists all come to the same thing: transgress rules and morals. Transgress social rules. Shock people. Transgress God's rules. Transgress the basic fabric of the universe and then you can become like gods. Then you can make the rules. You don't have power only over people, but of the whole structure of society, of physics. You can have power over God.  That is the promise.  It's a false promise of course, but for these people it seems to be seductive.

What is all this trans nonsense, but an attempt to break through the roles that nature has given us.  They actually think they can get one up on their own DNA. Cut off your dick to show that you won't be bound to your DNA.

Ejaculate in a woman's anus, isn't that defying nature? Take it a step further and ejaculate inside a man or inside a child.  Isn't that sticking one to God? Who does he think he his to tell you what to do, anyway, Dad?

It might sound like nonsense to you, but they seem to believe it.

Quote from: GhostfaceCracka
The other thing is that, if you accept spiritual reality as real, as I obviously do, then the evil rituals and practices and symbols and all that have an objective reality beyond whatever the fool who dabbles with them intends, and by making use of them and staying in prolonged contact with them, he opens himself up to malevolent influences - demons - who will gain influence and power over him. He will not have the latitude for long to think of it all as a lark, a joke or performance art. Exorcists like Fr. Amorth and Fr. Ripperger have described many, many exorcisms  that were necessitated because someone, a kid usually, dabbled in occult stuff and let something in. Now imagine what is let in if you, God forbid, do something really dark like what is being suggested here?

BTW I haven't looked at any of the images in the links and I wouldn't recommend it, or if you do, don't keep looking at them. These kinds of things can affect you in bad ways and especially graphic images of this sort of thing are bad for the soul. Church exorcists warn against morbid interest in these sorts of things. Pray for police investigators who have to view this stuff as part of their investigations.

There is a lot of evidence that gay men like to have sex with boys, but even in the scientific literature it's handwaved as gay men "seeing" the otherness in a lonely children and "inducting" boys into gay culture by raping them.  If normies knew there was more to gay men than being catty, superficial, and dying of AIDS, gay men would not be held in high esteem by anyone of worth.

It seems we are capable of compartmentalizing our butthurt.

Completely Unrelated / Re: WOOHOO ENGAGED
« on: 2017-01-03 18:48:48 »
Not anymore, I have a fiancee :P

It's probably more interesting to check out people who are in a position of trust. Certainly the worst abusers of power will seek to gain such a position. This has happened a lot with priests and even doctors.  Look up Harold Shipman.
That's something I noticed regarding social justice types as well.  They seem very good at using social leverage to get into and stay in positions of power and authority bottlenecks, after which they promote their friends and generally wreck up the place.  It usually starts with heavy-handed moderation in the name of fee-fees.

Qhimm has generally lax moderation; all the better to let little arguments burn out instead of letting lots of tension build up.  Everyone's allowed to argue to the point where it becomes mud-slinging (entertainment, argument for its own sake) and then someone shuts it down, but leaves it public.

Any organization can only serve once master.  For us that master is rom hacking, but if we were supposed to do rom hacking and social justice (or any other form of evangelism) it would quickly become unbearable.

We don't even know how much people out there are paedo. As far as homosexuals are now accepted by society still some are slandered, in pedophilia nothing changed, it's heavy taboo and negative talk. Society thinks pedos are perverted predators raping and killing children. Many of them are living a happy life with adult spouse and had never touched any children in inappropriate way, yet still they can't say who they are. There aren't many statistics about paedos because everyone is hiding.

Kiwi Farms has a great write-up on Allison Rapp.  She is a pedophile, a translator who apparently censored "problematic" stuff in Nintendo games before being fired, a hooker in an open relationship who also got her husband to be a gay hooker, and an all-around dumpster fire.

Warning: NSFW nudes from her (and his) escort website and terrible jokes in poor taste.

While I don't think that pedophiles should be executed, that is because we are better served by studying them.  Preferably in a prison somewhere.  Once we know how to spot them and we know what causes pedophilia, we can make sure that no more pedophiles are created.

As for why I think pedophiles should be exiled and studied; they are a threat to children and to public health.

No I mean legit kiddie porn, not loli (although there isn't much of a difference, both are for perverts)

I vaguely remember that someone at Zophar has a conviction for possession of kiddie porn.  Didn't someone at RHDN get busted too?

I ask because I'm curious how prevalent this phenomena is.

Completely Unrelated / Re: WOOHOO ENGAGED
« on: 2017-01-02 01:27:16 »
Covarr has a girlfriend?

General Discussion / Re: The voice in clouds head ....
« on: 2016-11-26 21:59:01 »
The word "remote" is good, but maybe you could call it an imprint.  You put a mark on someone, biologically and spiritually, that gives Sephiroth a chance to manipulate them if they are weak-willed.

A better word would be "infection".  A Jenova infection grants you improved abilities, but it also allows Sephiroth to manipulate you if you can't resist him.

Look at the Ex-Soldier in Junon at the end of Disc 2.  He's on the third floor of the last shop in the far side of town, by the cargo ship.  I guess as you age and your will slips, Sephiroth can take over.

It would be like the Star Wars movie, where the petite white female character can out-perform every other character in the story despite lacking training, muscle mass, and experience with weapons.  She will win solely on the power of her woke-ness.

I was going to crush all your feeble poasts, but I started seeing weird lights after planking.  I think I was holding my breath during leg press, I've had a headache since then.  It will wait until tomorrow.


Now's not the time for fear, that comes later.

Seriously though, in what other ways is FF7 haram in THE CURRENT YEAR?

All Lucky Sevens!

The other day, someone replied to a comment I made on YT accusing me of glorifying beheadings (because I have a mod of Sep slicing a guy's head off haha).  I can't tell you what I said back.
You have a video of that?


Alright well...  First off, DLPB... just... no.  Statements like "He verbally abuses her due to his belief she wrecked his dream for no good reason." make it sound like his behavior is justified... Which it isn't.  It's really that simple.  He's a piece of shit at the beginning of the game.  That's kind of the whole point.  His abuse of Shera is part of a broader storyline that culminates with that tank exploding and her having done the right thing.  He realizes that when the tank blows, and realizes that he's been a douche the whole time, that's the fucking point.  You can kick and scream all you want about "special little snowflakes" being unable to handle shit; but you're just being an idiot looking for things to kick and scream about.  You've shown over and over again that you're a sexist xenophobe, that can't handle anybody not agreeing with that viewpoint.  Fact of the matter is; the guy posting is right in that he isn't supposed to really like the guy (despite his misunderstandings that A) Shera is his wife, which is explicitly stated in that very scene he's talking about, and B) he's never shown to, or hinted to be, beat her), he just missed the part where it's part of a larger storyline.

tl;dr  You're both wrong.
Beating women is part of their culture, BIGOT!


So, I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy 7 (I never got past disk 1 when I was a kid) and I'm finding it really interesting...

Basically, most of the dialogue dialogue in the game is fucking mental.

I've just met Cid, an engineer who wants to go into space, right? I meet his girlfriend, Shera.

Poor, poor, Shera.

I go back to their place. Cid storms through the door.

CID: <obscenity> Shera. What are you, blind!? We got gusts!! GET SOME TEA <obscenity>
SHERA: I...I'm sorry."

Cloud and the gang stand there, pretty awkwardly. "Really," he says, "don't mind us."

After essentially telling us to sit the fuck down and drink out tea, he shouts "Damn, I'm pissed!"

Aeries asks if he's always like this. She's consumed by self-doubt. "It's my fault," she says. "I ruined his dream."

Flashback to Cid watching his wife work away at the rocket, telling her to get her ass in gear and that she "works like a snail."

Everything's getting prepared for the big rocket launch and Cid's ego-fuelled space exploration adventure. His wife couldn't get something finished in time. She's still working away while he's attempting to take off. Obviously, he's wondering what she's still doing down there, and tells her she's obviously going to be killed if she's in this area while the ship takes off.

Her response is pretty much "I get how much you're into this. I'm cool about dying"

But hey, guess who pushed the emergency engine shut down switch and aborted the mission, saving her life in the process? Good guy Cid.

And now for some reason, he's justified in treating and talking to his wife like shit?

Am I meant to like this character? Is this going to be PC for the FF7 remake? Is the vast majority of FF7 going to be suitable for a modern day audience or are they going to have to make a HUGE amount of editing to the story and text?

A better trolling opportunity is to use the Aeris/RedXIII "breeding" scene as evidence of anti-furry bigotry.  Or Barret Wallace as blackface minstrel show.

As weev indicates in his glorious poast at MPC, the best way to mobilize nerds is to provoke easily misled SJWs into attacking them by ironically positing SJW attacks on nerd media.

Quote from: weev
No community lived in more blissful of an ignorance than nerds. People too sperged out to spew anything of significance to anything outside of a text editor were the least likely to stumble into a career ending faux pas. The remainder that did frequently saw their missteps excused by the fact that they were obviously big f**king nerds. This was a problem because tactically, engineering types were the highest priority recruits for the coming conflict. Compounding this was the major enemy organizers being really smart. Valerie Aurora of the Ada Initiative, for example, grew up Scientologist and took a lot of lessons home from Sea Org. She never made herself a public actor except when it radiated professionalism. Her one major foray into spectacle was getting a degenerate sex worker's talk shut down at a hacker con, which only made her look spotlessly clean. She kept all the bad stuff in private, most of it arranging blackmail against tech people through the use of prostitutes.

I didn't want to confront actors like that as my opposition. They were careful and moved in the shadows. I needed to do what America did and create something that would shout itself to the world like thunder and herald the arrival of opposition movements.

This is where framing the dialectic comes in. Dialectic progression in abstract is always set, but if bullets are not flying yet it is easy to replace one central actor with another in people's minds, as long as the replacement is louder and gets more attention. I needed actors which were not funded by corporate shakedowns and thus were incentivized to lean towards spectacle and getting in the face of common people. I needed an enemy that would bring the terrors of cultural Marxism to their doorstep and catalyze their migration to the next phase of the dialectic.

I switched my racism from overt to absurd and spewed constant disinformation. I cried about the rise of fascism in America :gooncry: at Occupy Wall Street while running dialectic transformations on its intelligentsia and encouraging its worst actors to descend to the final conclusions of their ideologies. Nobody ever bothered to go far back and read my honest and heartfelt posts about racism. Liberals who would otherwise oppose me welcomed me into their circles, and I responded by f**king their friends and recruiting them into schemes that would turn them into unhireable crowdfunded feminist activists screeching at the top of their lungs in the most objectionable way ever-- all the while simultaneously bullying more ugly specimens into arriving at just the same point. I was still free to spew racial rhetoric all the time and it was accepted as fun and subversive by even the most die-hard anti-racists. Anyone who criticized me was the butt of a joke and to some extent that even remains true today, even as my real intent is laid bare. For this period I was the most free acting agent of white supremacy on the planet, and cultural transformation soon came after.

Turning mentally ill women into a salaried force incentivized to act as badly as possible towards disinterested nerds in public paid huge dividends. After a couple years gigantic reactionary movements of nerds were formed. I had enough pieces in play to use opportunistic media personalities riding the wave of this new attitude to remove one from play when it began destroying infrastructure deemed by my associates as too valuable (my repeated condolences to the Duck). Suddenly the problems I confronted became conscious problems of a much larger population. When you make your problems the problems of a huge culturally influential mob you will do well.

The cultural transformation on the Internet was palpable. So many I hear from today stumbled upon the truth of our world by laughing in disgust at someone I've f**ked, or keeping the greasy feminist paws off their pacifiers.

This transformation happened just in time for :trump:

I accomplished this on no budget. This took absolutely no resources besides my time. If I can do this, you can too.

Always remember, if your opposition has not raised a military you have an opportunity to help them redefine themselves in an advantageous way. Even if your enemy is smart enough to preempt your redefinition by injecting a louder actor, they've still brought themselves out of the shadows. Reactionary sentiment to your newly selected opposition will push people to the next phase of the dialectic. Always provoke reaction by enabling your selected opposition to be extremely effective against common people, but never against political elites.

As for the inverse, things you want to accomplish for your side to defend against this sort of subversion: you want your own extremists targeting elites (like big media and politics Jews to get them to scream about cartoon frog Twitter bullying and look like idiots) and never targeting the common man. Create concrete political entities and elect leadership early, and aim for the most conservative and least narcissistic party leaders you can find as fast as you can.

For a while I worried about describing my involvement with leftist movements and feminists out of fear that people would feel manipulated, but after letting some of the people I turned in on the joke it seems that this is a magic trick that only gets more magical when it is explained. Once you see the truth you won't be upset at how it was revealed to you.

Hail victory.

Gamergate was an entry point to the alt-right for a lot of young men who were wasting their lives on vidya and junk food.  The FF7 remake is another chance to stir up the neurotic Rachel Maddow types and have them deposit red pill suppositories into the trusting orifices of young men the world over.

Well, I'm gearing up for a trip to London for mass protest.  Not even I believed they would have the audacity to block Brexit - but it does appear they are trying. So we will see what happens.  I think May is in on it as well.  She could have enacted Article 50 immediately but has left it on purpose imho.,  Now some awful foreign nobody and her allies in the far left have gone to corrupt judges to have the referendum set aside until it is ratified by paraliament... which could see it overturned or watered down.  The elite are truly wicked.  It's even worse in America, where they may as well hold a sign up during media broadcasts "I'm with her".

The contempt they all have for democracy is breathtaking. America have a chance to stop the corrupt government and get someone in there who will sort out the establishment.  But they are all crying that he says mean things. haha.
When your hobbies include raping children and literal satanism (Alex Jones - of all people - was right?), denying the will of the people is what you do before breakfast.

DLPB, I'm proud of you English standing up for yourselves.  Freedom for Britain; we don't have to talk about the other part.

How is life with you?  I'm doing good.

Well said.  Hillary will turn America into Germany - all for the vote.  Trump has already shown up the media of America for the farce they are.

The antecedent is the Weimar Republic - joblessness, bondage to foreign bankers, hatred of your people and your culture, violent invaders, massive degeneracy, legalization of incest and pedophilia, women earning bread on their backs.  Only this time the leftists and their handlers have turned every ethnic European country on Earth into Weimar Republics... and we all know what follows that.

My hope is that if the Left try to do to America what they have done to Sweden, the Americans will come out shooting. They at least have guns. Sweden just have a bunch of rather dopey feminists.
The Swedes are too nice to their women.  Women don't care about politics, they want strong men and children to care for.  We'll teach the Nords how to be strong again.

The best situation would be Trump getting >60% of the popular vote and then being denied the presidency via electoral college shenanigans or something else equally absurd.  That way we could continue to wage a cultural insurgency against the lugenpresse and other tools of the establishment.

Hillary said something like she would have amnesty within 100 days, so if we're busy bringing down the media (peacefully) while tens of millions of central and south Americans rush the southern border to get free shit from US taxpayers it will redpill the remaining Americans who refuse to see what's happening.  The best thing that could happen then is if Hillary tries to arrest the cucked Republicans, removing alternatives to the Alt-Right and opening the doors for conflict escalation.

The goal isn't to win the election or to get Trump elected - though if he does win we can work with that.  The goal is to bring down this entire rotten system.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-07-03 16:48:13 »
Build Wall makes some good points, that being said I'll probably vote Hillary since it's obvious from my real life experience, from history and from this forum thread that people are still too comfortable as our societies are slowly rotting away from the same people who always try to rot our societies. Unfortunately things needs to get worse before they can get better.

Yuri is my idol!

An accelerationist, I take it?  Electing Hillary would accelerate the decline, which is actually my goal (besides making others aware of the obstacles we face), but the absolute best red pill to the general public and the fastest acceleration would be if Trump won the election but was somehow prevented from taking office.  Doubly so if this was some sort of soft-power play, or if he was arrested by Obama.  Unlikely, but it would be a huge coup for us.

Trump winning is nice, but it's ultimately a secondary goal.  The primary goal is to crash the system.

That being said with other original post - it is important everyone is treated as a human (and every animal treated with respect too) AND that we have equal opportunities.  That does not mean what the feminists mean - as in "positive discrimination"  - which is sexist by definition.

Treating each other, other animals, and the environment with respect is something which only ethnic Europeans care about, unfortunately.  Look at what China did to their own nation.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-07-02 05:08:44 »
For someone who "doesn't know if the holocaust actually happened", you seem to "know" a lot about primitive humans before civilization.  :-P
It is a crime in many places to deny or even question that the Holocaust happened, the degree to which it happened, or the culpability of the perpetrators.  That alone - the quelling of objective research - is enough to make me want to learn more about it.

Beyond that, there is plenty of peer-reviewed research on population genetics, population migrations, and the genetic components of intelligence and behavior.

The key difference between you and I seems to be that you believe genetics have the predominant role in human behavior, and I argue that not only are humans spontaneous in their behavior (much more than any animal ever will be), but also that culture and tradition has a much greater impact than genetics do.
The research says otherwise.

For instance, men have more testosterone than women so they tend to be more violent. This would seem to be an observation that would lend credence to your argument. So then what should women do to force men to behave more peacefully?
Men commit most of the violent crime and they usually have much higher testosterone levels, so yes that makes sense.  I don't think that women actually want men to behave peacefully, they seem to prefer violent men in my experience.

The problem I have is that I have an abnormal amount of testosterone compared to most men (I looked like a yeti since like 6th grade), and yet I am one of the least violent people I know. Humans still have the cognitive ability to refuse to act on animalistic urges and tendencies (yes, even those with very low IQ's).
Unless you have been tested for hormone levels this isn't necessarily true.  Africans have the highest testosterone levels in humans, yet they are not very hairy unless they are mixed with Europeans.  The biochemical pathway for increased hair growth isn't that simple.  While testosterone is definitely a variable for both hair growth and violence, it's not the only one.  Others for hair growth could be testosterone sensitivity of hair producing cells, and the number of hair producing cells.  Other variables for violence are intelligence.

I admire the effort you put into your posts, and I commend you for being civil while discussing issues that could easily become heated and emotional. That being said, your viewpoints are definitely racist even if they are not meant to inflict harm on other races, just with the justification that you believe evolution and modern science support you. And in a way they do, but I think you have lost sight of the fact that humans are NOT animals, and so using studies of animals to understand human behavior is insufficient.
Humans are 100% animals.  I'm an atheist, that won't work on me.

Besides that, do you seriously expect that the biological mechanisms that influence behavior would change that much between the time when the common ancestor of foxes and humans diverged?  Why does everyone believe, contrary to all evidence that I share with them, that biological evolution stops below the neck?  We are not special.  We are simply hairless tool-using apes, so why does everyone insist that they are not like other mammals?

The term racist is not a valid argument.  It is an emotional argument meant to shut down discussion.  Considering that ethnic Africans suffer just as much as we do in the current system, you'd think that liberals would be willing to disregard crimethink to find a way to make them function in our society; but apparently mouthing the party line is more important than bringing about actual, material improvements to the lives of the poorest and least-fit people in our world today.

Humans have so much more to them than animals do that no scientist alive today or that has ever been alive can fully comprehend. If you keep trying to categorize people by their evolutionary history, your models will always be demonstratively lacking. Humans will always surprise you with their unpredictability. I guarantee it.
If you had read my collection of hatefacts you would have found much to dissuade you from these untested beliefs.
No evidence of racial discrimination in criminal justice processing: Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

When controlled for IQ and self-reported past history of violence there is no evidence of racial discrimination by justice system.

In other words, three people with the same IQ and same self-reported past histories of violence (or the same levels of violence, if such a thing can be measured) have the same outcomes in the US criminal justice system.  Since ethnic Africans make up a disproportionate amount of the US prison population (and the prison populations in most other countries that have significant populations of ethnic Africans), this means that ethnic Africans are more likely to have low IQs and to do violent things.
Serum testosterone levels in healthy young ethnic African and ethnic European men, by Ross et al. 

Ethnic African men have 10% - 15% higher testosterone than ethnic European men.  Note that this was a study to test a hypothesis that ethnic African men have higher levels of prostate cancer because they have higher levels of testosterone, so it's unlikely to be tainted by bias as it was done to address an entirely unrelated problem.
Saliva testosterone and criminal violence in young adult prison inmates.  More violent inmates and inmates rated as tougher by other inmates have higher levels of testosterone.

This is another study which confirms that violence and being physically intimidating is strongly correlated with testosterone.
Thirty Years Of Research On Race Differences In Cognitive Ability.

This is a survey of dozens of research papers (which are themselves built on other research papers) - I think about 60 or 80 papers, which demonstrates a number of things.  Namely that while childhood IQ is dependent mostly on environment, adult IQ is dependent mostly on inherited variables (genes).

Notable takeaways are that after about age 12 (and even more so after about age 18), intelligence is determined mostly by genes; and that Africans, Europeans, and Asians are biologically very different from each other in many ways.  Asians are the most intelligent, have the largest brains, are the fastest, and develop the slowest.  Africans are their opposites, and Europeans are in between.
Genetics and intelligence differences: five special findings, by R Plomin and I J Deary.  Replicates what several other papers demonstrate - IQ is at least 80% heritable.
Humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races.
Genetic analysis "supports the traditional racial groups classification."
"Human genetic variation is geographically structured" and corresponds with race.
Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals.
Oral bacteria can be used to determine race.
Race can be determined via brain scans.
Common-sense racial categories have biological meaning.
Human intelligence up to 75% inheritible
Human intelligence is highly heritable.
Scientific consensus is that IQ tests are not racially biased.
Very poor Whites are comparably intelligent to very wealthy blacks.
Privately, intelligence experts hold more hereditarian views than they express in public.
Black children raised in White households have similar IQs to black children in black households.
The average African IQ is estimated at 79.
The average African-American IQ is 85, compared to the average White IQ of 100.
The white-black gap in SAT scores, a proxy for IQ, is increasing.
Genes for large brains, linked to high IQ, are common everywhere except Africa.
Intelligence has at least a 40-50% genetic basis.
IQ scores are the best predictor of success in Western society.
IQ is 75% heritable among Whites.

I'd argue genetics is the biggest factor - but definitely upbringing is also a huge contributor. We know for a fact that Africans have an average IQ of around 70-80 - and so you can easily infer from that the reasons for so many of the problems on that continent.  And IQ is largely genetic.  It's a proven fact that men and women and different races have massive differences caused by genetics.  Just looking at men and women's brains shows we are wired differently - and no matter what you do in life, that will stay true.

It's the reason men are better at sport, for example, than women. Especially at the top levels.  Not just speed, stamina, strength - but spacial awareness and reaction time. We are not born equally from human to human, let alone race to race, or gender to gender.

A 52 year old trans woman is playing in college basketball.  She clearly has the bone structure of a man.  She has had something like 35 years of male hormones affecting her brain structure, bone structure, eyesight, muscularity, and who knows what else.  Yet, according to liberals, it is perfectly acceptable for her to play against college aged women in a competitive sport.

A slightly buzzed male smoker beat the Williams sisters in a 2 on 1 tennis match.

I don't deny that there are genetic differences between all peoples, including the sexes. I just don't believe all behavior can be attributed (some can, obviously) to the way our brains are wired, or even the things we learn through upbringing.

Humans are currently unpredictable through modern scientific methods. The secret to human existence is the secret to life itself, and if scientists could quantify it we would already have fully cognitive androids to replace human beings all together. So the best compromise I can say is that we don't fully know (yet).
Nonsense.  You don't need to understand everything about a system to figure out how parts of it works.

To understand my stance on the matter we'd have to get into randomness and how I don't believe it is real. That if one could know all the variables in the universe at every given moment, we could predict everything. It's just our lack of perspective and understanding that gives the illusion of randomness.
I think it's funny how liberals deconstruct the concept of knowledge when confronted with evidence that their beliefs have no basis in reality.

Now where science obviously cannot prove and thus I have no evidence to argue, is that I believe humans are the only known creatures in the known universe that ARE truly random. I believe genetics, culture, environment, etc. can influence a person's behavior, but not account for all of it. If you knew all the variables in the universe I believe you could predict human behavior 99.9% of the time or maybe more, but never fully 100% for everyone. I believe that artificial and natural are relevant terms despite the fact that technically humans ARE part of nature and therefore any course of action we take could be considered "natural" (the best argument against environmentalists, really), but in reality it is obvious that there is a difference. Somehow humans CAN manipulate the variables in the universe in ways that other animals simply can't, and whether we evolved to this point, were created to be like this, or some other third unrevealed option, I believe humanity is a unique species of animal and valuable in this way.

It may just be a rationalization for my own existence, that I'm not just some organic machine stuck on a rock floating in a vast endless void, but I reject the notion of fate entirely and have hope that every human being has the potential to be more than the sum of their parts and choose to do what's right, regardless of genetics, culture, or upbringing.
Tactical nihilism, also known as the propensity of progressives to deconstruct reality when it conflicts with their belief system.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-07-01 18:05:26 »
It may seem contradictory that I have a problem with Islam and not with other religious groups or or people of another ethnicity, but I have sound reasoning I think. The difference is not only that Islam has such a high murder rate compared to any other religion in modern times, but also because in the teachings of Muhammad himself it is okay to murder others for various reasons. It is a fairly easy root cause analysis of the violence Islam commits on a daily basis.

High murder rates in a particular culture must be linked to something tangible, like a violent doctrine they follow or something. At that point, I can agree that there is an issue with said group. However, the color of your skin has always been and always will be irrelevant to the sane and logical person.

I don't deny that there are high murder rates among black Americans in America (because there definitely is), but I would not say black people are inherently violent like Islam is. There is definitely something in the culture of black people in high crime areas that is causing the behavior (I suspect it has something to do with the government, welfare in particular, in addition to an irrational tradition of not integrating into "white" society stemming from a rational fear of racists pre-civil rights movement).

This is not about skin color (though skin color is a correlating factor since it follows a similar evolutionary path as other traits in response to certain evolutionary pressures, which will be explained soon).  It is about intelligence and behavior, both of which are highly heritable.

Behavior is highly heritable and can change quickly over several generations.  To support this I submit the Russian fox breeding experiments.

Consider the environment in which Europeans (and to a similar degree north-east Asians) evolved.  There are mountain ranges which separate north-central Europe from the Mediterranean.  In an ice age, these mountains would be covered in glaciers and impassable.  Thus any populations north of them in lower elevations would be genetically isolated from much of the rest of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

One characteristic of European winters during the last ice age was winters which could sometimes last up to 6 months long.  This had a eugenic effect.  It killed off the dumbest individuals (especially the dumbest men), and it forced people to cooperate to survive.  Those who couldn't cooperate would jeopardize the survival of the family, tribe, or clan, and would presumably be killed by their relatives.

Homo Sapiens also interbred with the local Neanderthals, who had slightly larger brain cavities than our species and had been in the environment longer than we had (which means they were likely to have alleles that enabled them to survive in that environment, such as increased intelligence).

In time you ended up with a localized subspecies that was more intelligent than their ancestors and more socially cohesive.  You can still see this social cohesion in how quickly white people ostracize those who violate their collective norms, whether they are liberal or conservative.  Before anyone argues, liberals and conservatives have very different norms and what counts as violation will vary between them.

In Africa food is abundant and there were never extreme winters as there were in Europe and large parts of Asia.  With no evolutionary pressure to kill the least intelligent and essentially unlimited food (to the hunter-gatherer, that is), survival became a matter of competing with other individuals to reproduce as quickly and as much as possible.  You can compare this to the reproduction strategy that a resource-limited (warmth, food, light) population in Europe was forced to evolve, where children were valued and the murder of a child was a capital offense in pre-Christian times.

In Africa, to reproduce the most you must compete, and to compete effectively you must be violent.  There are numerous histories of tribes conquering other tribes, where they exterminated the men and enslaved the women and children.  The Zulu invaded and exterminated tribes in what is now South Africa within the last 400 years, so this has been going on for tens of thousands of years.

This seems to be the same case in other areas.  In the Americas the Aztecs practiced mass human sacrifice, but the tribes to the north of the Rio Grande - where water and arable land was scarce, and they had to be intelligent and socially cohesive to survive - would routinely defeat Aztec invaders from what is now Mexico.  Unfortunately the native Americans suffered from weak immune systems as they were isolated from the rest of the world, and introduction of things like tuberculous (which came from migrating seals, of all things) and other pathogens exterminated much of the population north of the Rio Grande... though that's not to say that they were all nice guys and noble savages.

Behavior is heritable.  People of African ancestry commit a disproportionate amount of crimes because they evolved in an environment where violence was a successful reproductive strategy, and because there was little selection pressure against low intelligence.  Does this mean they are subhuman and that they lack emotions and should be exterminated?  Of course not.  It simply means that they can't function in a society where following the rules, displaying low time-preference, and regularly making rational and informed decisions is taken for granted.

What you do from there is up to you.  Do you want to change your entire society to accommodate them?  Do you want to repatriate them to Africa?  Do you want to embark on a eugenics program to weed out the dumbest among them (pay them $300 to be sterilized, because anyone dumb enough to do that is probably not someone you want to reproduce), while rewarding the most intelligent to reproduce (subsidized housing, subsidized education, basically what we already offer African Americans)?

Like I said, this isn't about skin color.  It's about intelligence and behavior.  I've never had a problem with African Americans who have average IQs above about 95, which is roughly the minimum to function in modern society.

The problem with Muslims is the incentive structure their religion imposes on them, and the genetic consequences of those incentives.
Estimating the Inbreeding Depression on Cognitive Behavior: A Population Based Study of Child Cohort, by Mohd Fareed and Mohammed Afzal.  Marriage between first cousins causes about a 13 point drop in IQ.  Note that cousin marriage is allowed in Islam.

I don't have time to continue effortposting, so here is my current up-to-date collection of hatefacts.  The latest batch isn't annotated yet, peruse at your discretion.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 01:05:19 »
Ah, that makes more sense.

But yeah, totally not going to give you his contact info to verify it.  I hate that little fuck.


On the subject of counter-semitism:

It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses
By James Traub

Ivory Tower Intrigues
The pseudo-meritocracy of the Ivy League.
By James Traub

t turns out, ironically enough from the point of view of my family trajectory, that the admissions systems at the Big Three were built expressly to keep out people like my father—smart, driven Jewish kids from gigantic New York City public high schools.


We can't let European people have democracy if they don't vote how we want!

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 00:59:33 »
It's a long nose.

This was before I became race-aware.  He was Ukranian, but he was a degenerate NEET loser.  I don't think he was Jewish, so no long nose.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 00:57:10 »
Yeah, that was due to some kid who wanted to dox me.  I banned him from my forums (and later deleted my forums and all my hacking info) because he wouldn't leave me alone.

It's a long story.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 00:51:50 »
As easy as exposing your antisemitism :P
C O U N T E R - S E M I T I S M

I don't believe that cop out for a second.
I seriously haven't researched it exhaustively.  All I have to go on is what other guys in my circle say, and while I trust them I always research it myself.

Also, don't bother editing your posts (I see you have a habit of it) - I back up all arguments like this.
All of my edits are grammar, punctuation, dead-meme links, or additive.  I wouldn't do that to you, man.  Arguments are sacred. /autism

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 00:42:24 »
Haha, obvious antisemite is obvious.  Using your language. You didn't even have the decency to admit that you think the holocaust is a hoax.
I actually haven't researched the Holocaust yet, so I can't say anything either way.  And I prefer to think of myself as counter-semetic.

And, no, I am not Jewish; I would have thought that absolutely obvious by my posts. I was raised Roman Catholic but now realize what a load of old horseradish all religion is (although your opposition to Jews is not just Judaism but the people itself). I am an agnostic at worst and an atheist at best.
There, isn't that better?  How easy was that?

My opposition is mostly to them not policing their assholes the same way we do ours.  If one of our people murders someone, we kick that person out.  One of theirs murders someone, they close ranks and start crying about the Holocaust.

Case in point: Jewish Rabbi's bodyguard driving drunk, kills 1 boy and injures his sister when he runs a redlight.

There's a really great play by a black lady about it.  Forgot what it's called.  She's an amazing actor and play-write.

Completely Unrelated / Re: What Leftism Is
« on: 2016-06-30 00:16:57 »
Basically, you are an antisemite.

Rhetoric != Dialectic

Perhaps this thread is the place for it, after-all.  Since that also seems to curry favour with the far left.
Butthurt doesn't make for effective dialectic, fam.

I hope I am not correct in thinking that you also consider the Holocaust to be a myth?

It's a shame, too, because we need people like you to fight against the tyranny of Islam, but this anti-Jew rhetoric is a liability and makes things ten times worse. It pushes people away from the debating table and makes my side of the debate look like it's dominated by rabid racists out to preserve the world for White Guy.  As I have said repeatedly, it isn't Jews or any other group slaughtering people all over the world and spreading Sharia Law like Tyrion Lannister does Wild Fire.
Have you ever argued in real life?  No one likes a pussball.  Trump didn't win the nomination by being a nice guy; he won by bullyciding Jeb Bush and being a controversial asshole, but one who always told the truth.  If you can find it within yourself (hint: check beneath your penis) to be bold, it will help you win arguments and respect.  Who cares if someone calls you a fascist, a Nazi, or a racist?  If you're conservative, they're going to treat you like one anyway.  You may as well do whatever you want and have fun while you're at it, or at least tear a hole in their ass when they try to take you down.

As I noted in the links I posted exclusively to Jewish produced and owned websites and media earlier which you really, really don't want to acknowledge for some strange reason, these things don't really matter.  Anything which is not pro-European will eventually become anti-European.  If you let in one special group of non-European people because they aren't as destructive as another group, eventually this group of people will want to bring in a worse ethnic group so you won't kick them out.

Look at it like this.  Men in Asian countries HATE European men because their women prefer to date European men over Asian men.  Weaboos and losers abuse this to date women who are far, far beyond anything they would ever get in their home countries.  Should Asians continue to let in unlimited numbers of Europeans and European men simply because European men aren't blowing themselves up and beheading people like Muslims are?

Of course not.  European people and European men may not be evil, bad, or particularly destructive, but they are doing real harm to an entire generation of young Asian men (and to the Asian women who end up birthing future spree-shooters with European guys that probably shouldn't be allowed to breed).

Any Asian man who is okay with this either has some skin in the game - he profits from it somehow, possibly by owning a "karoke bar" - or he has abandoned the ideals and best interests of his people.  It's one step from abandoning your people to advocating for the opposition.

The term "cuckservative" is defined as "someone who identifies as a conservative while holding liberal ideals dearer than conservative ideals."

Calling someone a cuck is simply a rhetorical flourish on a logical argument, and one which dramatically improves its effectiveness given that I got a warning for using it.  But it really means something else entirely.  What does it mean?  What is another word for cuck or cuckservative?


But of course I would have no need to use such rhetorical devices (which actually contain truth) if you would look at the links (from Jewish-owned and operated media, no less) I posted and provide some sort of explanation for them.  It would make you look less insecure, mentally unbalanced, or blind to our audience if you could come up with a reason for why these things exist.

The Catholic church and other religious people are already doing that in Britain - so they'll have to get in line.

The biggest reason we have a soaring Muslim population (and immigrant population in general) - that's only going to get worse - is the poor leftist education system, traitorous politicians that line their own pockets, and useful idiots, like the ones mentioned above. It isn't some Jewish conspiracy. I don't need to go looking for a scapegoat when I can just talk to my own deluded family (non Jewish), their friends (non Jewish), my friends (non Jewish), and listen to the MPs and celebrities (largely non Jewish) of Britain.  That's reality - not a hocus pocus cauldron of blame to one section of society. Note, I am even blaming MY OWN FAMILY for contributing to this.

If I were going to look for a scapegoat, I'd have to start with the Christian denominations who welcome dangerous people into the country with open arms (and like in Sweden, state that it's a great thing).  But, see, that's where logic kicks in for me... I don't see a big behind the scenes scheme, I see a bunch of silly, naive people, who have no logic but honourable intentions.  Like my own family. Because that's reality.  There is no scheme.  There are just dumb people, naive people, and devious politicians that want to further their leftie self-hating cause.

All you need to do is go online and look at the people holding up "Refugees welcome" placards.  Most of these people are ordinary citizens. So why should I blame the Jews for it?  If your logic were applied, I'd actually have to believe that most people I know are secret Jews.

That European people do it too doesn't mean that Jewish people don't also do it, and at disproportionate rates compared to European people.  European people seem to have a sort of pathological altruism, wherein they project their own psychological proclivities onto other groups of people that evolved in radically different environments.  My people are very trusting of others, to a fault; I'm not surprised that they would adopt the attitudes that benefit non-Europeans at the expense of Europeans.

The real question is, where do these beliefs come from?  Who is putting this stuff out there?  And what exactly are the beliefs that make a person advocate against their own ethnic group?

Exhibit A: Tim Wise

Ctrl + f "Jew"

Wise was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to Michael Julius Wise and LuCinda Anne (née McLean) Wise. His paternal grandfather was Jewish (of Russian origin), while the rest of his ancestry is northern European, including some Scottish. Wise has said that when he was about 12 years old his synagogue was attacked by white supremacists. Wise attended public schools in Nashville, graduating from Hillsboro High School in 1986. In high school he was student body vice-president and a member of one of the top high school debate teams in the United States. Wise attended college at Tulane University in New Orleans and received his B.A. there, with a major in Political Science and a minor in Latin American Studies. While a student, he was a leader in the campus anti-apartheid movement, which sought to force Tulane to divest from companies still doing business with the government of South Africa. His anti-apartheid activism was first brought to national attention in 1988, when South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu announced he would turn down an offer of an honorary degree from Tulane after Wise's group informed him of the school's ongoing investments there.

Wow man, how weird!  Here we have a Jewish man who writes books and is paid to give speeches to 18 year old freshman at universities about how he is ashamed of all the evil things that people who are "White" like him did.

Hmmm, but that's only one man.  Let's see what's floating at the Times of Israel:

Oy vey!

But surely there must be at least one person who hates White people that isn't Jewish!  What about Susan Sontag?  She once said this:
"The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself."

That's about as anti-European as it gets!
Ctrl + f "Jew":
Sontag was born Susan Rosenblatt in New York City, the daughter of Mildred (née Jacobson) and Jack Rosenblatt, both Jews of Lithuanian and Polish descent.

How exactly is it scapegoating WHEN THEY FUCKING DO IT?  Is it scapegoating when I blame black people for committing a disproportionate amount of crime WHEN THEY COMMIT A DISPROPORTIONATE AMOUNT OF CRIME?

Does the definition of scapegoating change when it suits you?

I have a proposition.  You find me a liberal that is vehemently opposed to the mere existence of ethnically European people and who claims to be White.  I will prove that this person is Jewish, involved with Jewish people, or a complete and utter degenerate who deserves to be deported as much as the most violent Muslim invader.

Or you could just ignore my rational arguments, call me a conspiracy theorist, and then have the gall, the utter hypocrisy to claim that I am trolling when you have not made a single rational argument to rebut my claims.  One of us is trolling, but it isn't me.

Then that's another thing we disagree on.  I care about all people. I don't think we should interfere with these places, because we end up getting another Iraq/Afgan.  But I do care.  You could just have easily been born there. They are humans, not "other people". They are as much a victim of Islam as we are.

If I was born there, then I would have an entirely different genetic makeup, which would make me very unlike what I am now.  In fact if I was born there I would probably want to kill Westerners because the guys who preach to me every day say so.

Instead of spending trillions of dollars in outreach to make everyone like us - what Justin Trudeau apparently wants - I say that we use this amazing technological innovation called a WALL and that we physically remove people who are not like us to their homelands.  Weird, I know, and there are very few instances in history were having a big beautiful wall between you and people who want to kill you has ever helped anyone, but I want to give it a try.  Somehow, I have a feeling it will work.

Besides that, how do you propose we police them and stop them from killing each other?  Should we only import the gay Muslims?  Wait, maybe you want us to invade them and slaughter our sons and brothers so their gays can have unprotected group sex with each other?  That sounds like the most conservative thought of all time, surely it will be a hit with John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan.

This is more evidence that you really are more of a liberal than a conservative.  If I go to a feed store or a barber shop and ask the farmers and old men there if they are conservative and their opinions on Muslim immigrants, none of them give a flying fuck about Muslims - even gay ones.  The only conservatives I've ever met that care about people from outside their nations are:
1. Women
2. Non-Europeans
3. Politicians who expect cushy lobbying jobs when they finally lose an election

More than that, it's honestly kind of racist that you think that Muslims are so lacking in agency that they need a European there to babysit them.  I mean, why can't they take care of themselves and build nice countries where they want to live?  Is it institutional racism, fam?  Hmm, maybe it's our unexamined Huwyte privilege?

The ultimate conspiracy theory. It does the rounds an awful lot, although it's the first time I have been accused of being part of the evil and all-seeing organization that's out to get you.

There is another explanation - and I have given it to you in this post.  I don't suppose that it will change your mind, because you're already sure that the world is made up of powerful all-seeing Jewish overlords that are in control of everything - and actually plot their own destruction. It really is possible to have an opinion contrary to yours without being part of the grand conspiracy you think exists.  But I am not even sure yet if you are a troll or not.
So it's a conspiracy theory to assume that someone who apparently cares more about other ethnic groups than the one he claims to be may not telling the truth?  I mean, when have Jewish people ever done that?

TBH fam it don't matter if you're really ethnic European or not.  The end result of not advocating 100% for your own people is always the same.

One last thing: I noticed that you never actually said that you're not Jewish.  Technically, you haven't answered me yet.  No pressure!  Don't be concerned how your inability to answer this simple question makes your arguments look.

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