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Hy Tirlititi!

I know that I asked before, that you could make an importing feature for the text, but you said that is not your priority.

We have started translating the game by exporting the texts, but it is hard and takes a long time, to copy paste every line one by one
and to resize the text bubble. It would be much faster if you could make an importing feature only for the texts.

But if you don't have time for it, could you please write a little instruction on how to make it, so we could search for
someone who could make ii


FF9 Tools / Re: [FF-IX] Hades Workshop
« on: 2014-05-19 12:45:55 »
Yes, there are some characters that I don't need, but I downloaded GIMP (it has taken a half hour to learn how to use it :D ), edited the charmap file, (deleted a char that I don't need, copied the normal upper case version and the accent from the lower- case version to make Ő and Ű) and the config file, and now it works perfectly.

The only problem is, that now I can't load the iso file with Hades if it's patched. But I can do make a mod :D

Anyway, thanks for your help. It will be much easier to do the translation from now on.

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF-IX] Hades Workshop
« on: 2014-05-18 12:55:42 »
Hello, your program works great, but I have a problem.

I'm not really good with creating charmaps, so could I request your help (or someone else's) to make
Ő, Ű, ő, ű characters for a hungarian translations? Only these characters are missing. It would be a really big help.

By the way, I see, that I can export text blocks, but cannot import them back. Is it possible, that in the near future you make the enviroment/texts part importable? It would fasten up the translation process, because it's really hard and slow to open, then close a text line, and repeat plus it would be possible to work with a group to translate...

Thank you! :)

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF-IX] Hades Workshop
« on: 2013-09-23 11:20:33 »

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.7b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2013-08-09 15:25:09 »
PSX version of the game doesn't have FS/FL/FI archives ;)

Ok, but this program can read the dialogi.

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.7b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2013-08-08 16:58:05 »
Somethings news about psx version  fs/fl/fi archive (read/write)?

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF-IX] Hades Workshop
« on: 2013-08-07 15:28:46 »

This is a great program,
I'm waiting for the updated version, that can handle more text in dialogue boxes.

Thanks! :)

Can you continue?

Hello! Can you write tutorial? I wont ff8 psx version Hungary transalation.

FF8 Tools / Re: [0.6b] Deling - a FF8 field editor
« on: 2012-04-30 17:12:10 »
This program is great. In the latest version maybe possible, the psx disc write, not just read?

Hello. Sorry my english.

Can you give us a program which can i the psx ff8 transalation?

Hi demeterf,
You can use my other tool, MassFieldUpdate, to save multiple files inside an ISO in one single operation.
Is it what you want to do ?

Yes! Thanks

Sorry my english. The Field mapp, how can i another ISO implant? Now  the English text will be Hungarian, musst i open In hack7 and the Field mapp. I choise 1 launguage file, open and push save in the iso. But this is slow, i open and save as the all ~750 file? How can i faster implant? Thanks

Hello! My Hungariyan transalate work fine! I hawe one question. How can I the transalate faster implant in the cd2, cd3? Thanks

Yes, window.bin

Can you write how can I make this? I do not understand it programming.

Sorry my english:-) 1000Thanks. I can the Hungary pc dialogo copy to the psx:-) This program not support the full Hungary character.: Ő,ő, Ű,ű, Í,. And the TAB key. Can you make when, this character support in this program?

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