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Hi there. I´ve been trying to understand how the battle scenes have been textured in Final Fantasy 7, cos it seems it is not the same method that the battle character uses. So well, I have been doing some experiments with the first battle scene we see in game (opaa -  train station), and I ´ve seen that this scene uses 7 different textures (from opac to opai), and most of these textures are asigned to one single part of the scene, it has given me to understand that there must be pre-textured sub objects in that part. How can I do this in PCreator if I have different UVs to each of the sub-objects from that model?.

On the other hand, after some other testing I have replaced one of the parts of the battle scene for a custom train model  and also one of the 7 textures; since the train was not using its own texture in Kimera I changed its Texture ID to 1 (cos the texture of this train is opad), when I do that it looks perfectly textured in Kimera, but in game it seems like it keeps using the Texture ID 0 so it looks wrongly textured. Why is this happening?

This is how my battle scene test looks in Kimera:

And this is how it looks in game (wrongly textured):

Hi there, since the pre-rendered backgrounds from the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 are of a very low res, I wonder if it is possible to use the pre-rendered backgrounds from the psx version to replace them.

Thnx in advance and sorry my english.

Hello guys, this is the first time I´m posting here, although I´ve been reading a lot of posts and learning stuff about how to modding FF7 in this forum for the last two weeks, so before asking for any help, I would like to express my grattidude for the nice forum and the very good tools that some people have released in the past through this forum to make the modding of FF7 possible for everyone. Thnx!!

So well let´s get to the point, the problem is that I´m unable to get the textures I´m using in my custom characters working in game, even when they are showing perfectly in Kimera and Biturn. I have installed Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver but idk if maybe i need to adjust some other parameter in the CFG file to get my textures working, but that makes not sense since I got APZ´s cloud mod and other isntalled and their textures are showing perfectly in game, so idk.. pls  Help  :-(  I´ve even tried the LGPtools trick to "successfully" convert any BMP to TEX, but no success, all what I get is a blank texture in game, I tried all I´ve read to get a working  texture in my custom characters but when I run the game it is just blank

Edit: Also I´m using 8 bits and 256 colours BMP image files!!

Sorry my english and thnx in advance!

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