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Hehe thnx GlitterBerri I try always my best.

Oh I like what DLPB said, that sounds great. It would be nice to do some image editing on these backgrounds, and if someone want to teach me how to uncompress them I would try to improve them in photoshop (this is part of my work in my normal life) whenever I get some free time, Idk how hard it could be anyways, but I could give it a try.

Hmm I see, so nothing to do then... Well thnx anyway for letting me know guys :)

Well I have played both versions of this game and I can say that there are obvious differences between the resolution of the pre-rendered backgrounds from both versions, also the music and fmvs sux in pc version, and that´s why there are patchs such as the Aali´s one which let you set the game to a higher res among other things, but wait, most ppl know about this isn´t it? you just need to google it and you will find several threads about this topic, also in this forum.

For any reason the PC version res is much lower and since I got both version of the game and I have already the music patch and higher quality fmvs, I´m now interested in that replacement to get higher quality pre-rendered backgrounds aswell, that´s why I really want to know if that is possible cos I have no clue and I do not know where is allocated the background data in pc version, neither how it works.

Oh I see, I had no idea that it could be that hard, I thought it was maybe a common replacement since they are basically the same backgrounds with different resolutions, so maybe the engine in the PC version is limited to only display backgrounds in a certain lower resolution (?)... well I do not know what I´m talking about anyway hehe just thinking, but I would like to know if someone have even gotten any success doing this or at least tried it hard.

P.S.: omg yes my bad! I did not have in mind the area where I was writing this thread. Sorry about that!! Pls moderators move this thread to the right area when you have the chance.

Hi there, since the pre-rendered backgrounds from the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 are of a very low res, I wonder if it is possible to use the pre-rendered backgrounds from the psx version to replace them.

Thnx in advance and sorry my english.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Flickering Materia Bug
« on: 2011-02-21 23:00:01 »
Hi, I do not know if this is what you need to do to fix the flickering materia problem, but maybe it is the same problem that causes the flickering head of the field custom models, where you have to add a second head in kimera because the game makes the first head disapear every few seconds to display the second head, to create the effect that the character's eyes are blinking.

I guess that the materia does a kind of glowing effect in game or something like that, and it is probably missing the part which displays the materia glowing. In that case all you have to do is to search the file of the materia (after extract the char.lpg file) and then open it in kimera. Once you are in Kimera, double click on the materia part to see what is its name on the header of the new window that will pop up, and then close that window and finally hit on "Add part to the bone", and just add the same materia so that you will have 2 materias in the same place to avoid the flickering thing.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 field model Untextured - WHY?
« on: 2011-02-21 22:27:21 »
Hi, If I uderstood properly what you said, I was having the same problem some days ago, and it seems the problem was related to something that Kimera 0.95b (the latest version of kimera) does to your rsd files (at least to me). This version of Kimera seems to delete a kind of identification code that is in the rsd files of the model you are working on. All you have to do is to copy/paste that code in the rsd files and then you will see your character properly textured in game, otherwise all what you will see is an untextured white character.

In the following example you will see what I´m talking about:

When you open a .rsd file with notebook you see something like this:


- If I´m right, the code (in red) is missing in your .rsd files, and you will see a blank space on the first line, so all you have to do is to copy the code "@RSD940102" (it is always the same for all the rsd files) and paste it in every .rsd file of the model you are getting the problem, of course you have to save the edited rsd file or it won´t work lol.

P.S.: Kimera 0.95b is the best version to do things like rotate, resize and reposition parts among other things, but the 0.93 is in my opinion a more stable version and will never delete the identification code in your rsd files, also it won´t let you open the HRC skeleton file if its rsd files have not their identification codes in. So I use both versions, but I use 0.93 most of the time to avoid the rsd problem. You should check out your rsd files every time you use 0.95b version of Kimera.

Yea Obesebear i was about to post cos I figured out how to do it hehe, I did exactly what u just said and I also got the feet fixed, and the head looks more proportionated in game. Btw, I did a second texture for the second head which has the eyes closed, but for any reason and even when the head is not disappearing anymore, the Cloud eyes are not blinking, but well just like u said, no one cares about the eyes blinking, so no problem.

Thnx a lot for all the help, I´ll keep learning stuff, the next character will be Sephiroth or Aerith.

And this is the final result:

Cloud in Kimera:

Cloud in game:

Oh I see obesebear so that´s why it disappears and appears, but how can I give two models to the head, I guess I will need two different uvs isn´t it? or actualy 2 different models? Thnx!!

Yea Philman there are no holes in the mesh (which looks really ugly when any animation is running), but I would like to know how to fix some details, for example, Idk why the texture is messed up on the feet, it seems like the uv map coordinates are right, but the thing I like less is the slight deformation that happens to the model in game. Idk if it´s just me or, when you see the model in game, the head looks smaller, and the general appearance looks a little disproportionated; also the head disappears and appears very quickly and intermittently every 2 or 3 seconds (not that it is very annoying, but it is strange).

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I finally got the model showing its textures in game!!!!!   ;D  ;D

The problem was that alpha-numeric code in the rsd files, idk why , it was missing in all my rsd files so Copied the code from the original cloud files and it is working now!!!! Thnx a lot for the help anyways guys, I guess this thread will help some other newbies like me! Here is the model (with his head mirrowed btw xD) although the head looks a bit weird in game and also this head keeps very rapidly appearing and disappearing intermittently, but still I´m very happy with my progress today hehe.  ;D

This is how it looks in game...

And this is how it looks in kimera... Wha is the cause of this little differences between both models? Do i need to use the "Flat" buttom on every part in kimera to get a better look in game?

Wow this is weird, The "mirror horizontally" feature is not there in kimera 0.95b, so I downloaded an older version (0.93) and there it is, but now I can´t open my model in this version of kimera, it says "RSB error 5", however I can open it in Kimera 0.95b... This is weird, cos I could open other custom models from other ppl in this version  :-\

Edit: Hmm I have a question. May someone tell me what is the meaning of this alpha-numeric (The one in red) code in the rsd files? cos for any reason it is missing in all my rsd files. Sorry for the maybe silly question :P but I´m still learning!!   :D


Oh you are right lol!!!! I had not noticed that hehe, thnx!!! I´m going to fix it right now.  ;D

Done!!   I sent it to you.

Thnx for ur answer obesebear, so it seems like I´m doing well with rsd files. But after several attempts to fix my problem with textures, still nothing, this is so sad :( I re-converted the textures (8bits bmp) with image2tex and still it won´t work in game. I´ve tried everything with no success, I'd be glad if someone could check this character and tell me what I'm doing wrong, pls let me know if I can share the download link in this thread or maybe I can send it to someone by pm?. Thnx!!

(Edit: I re-uploaded the first pic (the one of the character), since the first one was not showing the higher quality textures I´m using on the model.)

Yea, even when it is working in Kimera, I feel that maybe the problem is happening because I´m missing something when I edit hrc and rsd files, but I can´t find any tutorial or something that can help me with this, so I have been comparing my edited rsd files with some others from other custom characters that are currently showing their textures in game, and I noticed that in some rsd files the same texture is assigned to 2 different IDs, when the related .p part is a single piece, I do not know why  :-\

An example of what I mean (which I don´t understand):

This is the file: "ejdf.rsd" from the Luis Avile´s custom Zack model.


This file is referring to the chest of the model called "EJEA.p"

-Why is the same texture (ejfa) being assigned twice, to this chest? I thought you had to do that when you want to assign 2 different textures to the same object, but now I´m really confused, and this is only one of the many files I have seen with the same thing.

-Also, do I need to put some special name to the texture files I´m using on my character, or any name is ok?

Oh no I meant "blank" not black. But yea, since this is the first character I´m working on, I´m not sure if I´m missing some steps since the tutorials I have read are not "step by step" ones, so I´m a little bit confused about the exact procedure, but still it seems that I´m doing right, otherwise I think Kimera and biturn could not show the textures properly on this character. I´m working on a Cloud Field model, based on APZ´s one, but with a few of modifications, it has 2 different UVs which have been already assigned to every part of the model by editing the .RSD file.

Here 2 pictures, I can´t understand what is the problem.

This is the model opened in Kimera:

This is the same model in game:

It is not showing the textures of my model, but I can see other models in game, full textured, just like APZ´s Clound Battle model

Hello guys, this is the first time I´m posting here, although I´ve been reading a lot of posts and learning stuff about how to modding FF7 in this forum for the last two weeks, so before asking for any help, I would like to express my grattidude for the nice forum and the very good tools that some people have released in the past through this forum to make the modding of FF7 possible for everyone. Thnx!!

So well let´s get to the point, the problem is that I´m unable to get the textures I´m using in my custom characters working in game, even when they are showing perfectly in Kimera and Biturn. I have installed Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver but idk if maybe i need to adjust some other parameter in the CFG file to get my textures working, but that makes not sense since I got APZ´s cloud mod and other isntalled and their textures are showing perfectly in game, so idk.. pls  Help  :-(  I´ve even tried the LGPtools trick to "successfully" convert any BMP to TEX, but no success, all what I get is a blank texture in game, I tried all I´ve read to get a working  texture in my custom characters but when I run the game it is just blank

Edit: Also I´m using 8 bits and 256 colours BMP image files!!

Sorry my english and thnx in advance!

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