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Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2016-01-09 22:47:46 »
Please wait for next tS version, since current will not work with R04.
so what is the % until the next release

so your saying your 60fps psx style patch will be available to work again on the R04 Release? if so thank you becuase i've been trying to get it to work and it doesn't and the log file doesn't help me to figure out why it don't work currently.

If memory serves me right each episode of Xenosaga on the ps2 full games as well. i not gonna jump down square enix throat just yet until all parts are released. Xenosaga got me worried if its series was gonna be bad but turned out to be good in the end.

General discussion / Re: CLOUD IN SMASH BROTHERS
« on: 2015-11-13 14:11:47 »
i was expecting ethier Cecil , Bartz, or Terra to be the picks for if any of the final fantasy icons were gonna be in smash

yours has has Felix's fonts and materia icons integrated with the old style you can't exactly just copy and paste just get to work

Is There Any Way To Get The Menu Overhaul Here In English?

as much as i want to put my stuff for 7th Heaven i keeping it away from it for the time being. maybe in the future i will ask to put it in there but for now no. there are some things that need ironing out that i'm currently working on that will be added in time. once i feel satisfied will my work as a whole is 100% only then will i add it to 7th heaven

combination of original English fmvs, crisis core secret ending, and ps3 tech demo

lol i cant believe i spelled that wrong lol! Anywho yes i do.

Alright folks i'm long over due for update to my mods i released he so without further do lets get this shindig rolling!

New Opening FMV

Sound Effect Mod Updated
Add more sound effects

Be to extract to the data/sound

Item And Spell Name Patch
Removed Weapon Edits
All enemies now have there spells and items named the same as the list below
warning if using DLPB's Menu Overhaul install this mod first and be sure not to install his Re-translation mod

Be to extract the folders to data/
Item List changes
Turbo Ether Is Now Dry Ether
Echo Screen Is Now Echo Herbs
Kiss of Death Is Now Coeurl Whiskers
Mute Mask Is Now Silent Bell
War Gong Is Now Bacchus's Brew
Normal magic list
Code: [Select]

Cure , Cura, Curaga, Regen
Posiona, Esuna, Resist
Rise, Arise
Mini, Toad
Sleep, Confuse, Silence, Berserk
Protect, Shell, Reflect, Wall
Haste, Slow, Stop
Dibarrier, Dispel, Death
Escape, Remove
Fire, Fira, Firaga
Ice, Icera, Icega
Bolt, Boltra, Boltga
Quake, Quakra, Quakga
Bio, Biora, Bioga
Demi, Demira, Demiga
Comet, Cometeo
Freeze, Break, Tornado, Flare
X-Cure, Shield

Summon List
Code: [Select]

Deathblow/Fat Chocobo
Diamond Dust
Judgement Bolt
Gaia's Wraith
Divine Judgement
Flames of Rebirth
Black Cauldron
Ultimate End

ExSkill List
Code: [Select]

Frog Song
L4 Suicide
Magic Hammer
White Wind
Big Guard
Angel Whisper
Dragon Force
Death Force
Flame Breath
Metra Magic
Bad Breath
Aqua Breath
Magic Breath
Goblin Punch
L5 Death
Pandora's Box

Why not called it X-Rise I renamed Full-Cure to X-Cure in my patch due to it having the same impact as X-Potion. Crap that wouldn't make sense at all due to the materia working in conjuntion with the All materia

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 - Vertical Lines
« on: 2015-09-16 20:56:30 »
it looks like its a field pack issue. what field pack are you using?

Don't Forget Legend Of Dragoon OST One of Best

do not click link that was posted in the friend chat i was hijacked and i just finish fixing my issue before it could start taking my steam items thankfully nothing is taken but i thought it should be worth warning you before you get affected its a current hack going on steam and thought best to warn you all for security reasons. i had to change emails and passwords to be safe i suggest you do the same.

Completely unrelated / Re: windows 10
« on: 2015-08-17 17:32:20 »
i've had no problems with windows 10 on my old Gateway GM5664 Desktop Computer and my HP 15-d072nr Notebook from a visual stand point, as for sound i fix it by setting my sound cards to 16-bit 44100 mhz setting.

game recording on my Gateway GM5664 (because its old as heck and wanted to test it)

wasn't the first kernel mod Spell Name Patch by ZeroX or was it Ultima Espio's Aerith Revial Mod?

this is my thoughts about ff7 remake. keep in mind the video was recorded before before E3 i still stand by this while the remake is happening

i have windows 8.1 and the only issue with gaming is only with Megaman X4 being slow in full screen. ff7 pc with and without mods i havent had any issues with so far

I gotta say, that was quick. It'll be a while before the mod reaches it's final release, but there's an Arrange mode I'm working on that might be worth a whirl in a few weeks when it's done. It'll be using the .exe patch and I'm going to adjust some of the mod's content to freshen things up for returning players. Cheers for playing the mod, bud; glad you enjoyed it.
Well i've gotten so used to jrpgs now that its almost to dam easy to figure things out without a guide

i've beaten the game with this mod i must say it was a nice challenge i would report bugs but its stuff thats already been said with it so i will wait untill the final release of this mod to test again

yes these are what i needed

might i suggest that if you can make a separate download for the new models that are required for this mod instead of automatically adding them to a full lgp file thus allowing the user to put them in the direct folder or having them apply the new models to there lgp file manually using luskys or krammers lgp program.

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