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i have windows 8.1 and the only issue with gaming is only with Megaman X4 being slow in full screen. ff7 pc with and without mods i havent had any issues with so far

I gotta say, that was quick. It'll be a while before the mod reaches it's final release, but there's an Arrange mode I'm working on that might be worth a whirl in a few weeks when it's done. It'll be using the .exe patch and I'm going to adjust some of the mod's content to freshen things up for returning players. Cheers for playing the mod, bud; glad you enjoyed it.
Well i've gotten so used to jrpgs now that its almost to dam easy to figure things out without a guide

i've beaten the game with this mod i must say it was a nice challenge i would report bugs but its stuff thats already been said with it so i will wait untill the final release of this mod to test again

yes these are what i needed

might i suggest that if you can make a separate download for the new models that are required for this mod instead of automatically adding them to a full lgp file thus allowing the user to put them in the direct folder or having them apply the new models to there lgp file manually using luskys or krammers lgp program.

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2015-03-03 03:31:54 »
I live in Central Time Zone (-6) so why is it that in order to get the correct time i have to set it to -1 which is Greenwich Mean Time Zone, that alone makes no sense

Completely unrelated / My First Remix
« on: 2015-02-28 16:08:41 »
Its a remix Of Bloodlines from Castlevaninia Dracula X on the Snes

General discussion / Custom FFXIII Series Launcher
« on: 2015-01-31 23:08:08 »

its not much but it did let me get rid of my shadows and texture problems and boost FPS By 10.9 FPS on my end

Made By

My Settings
Code: [Select]
Fullscreen Mode
Shadow resolution = 1x1(pretty much Fixes Shadow Pixelation  on my end)
Game Resolution = 1280 x 720
MSAA = 32

loving this new mod dude its giving me a new take on this game so far no problem as of yet

Well thats just primal....a new update when my laptop has been broke for a week now

Completely unrelated / Re: Random Links
« on: 2014-11-25 01:32:09 »
The Holidays Can Be So Creepy

i've always had tifa as the ex-skill user , cloud magic swordsman, aerith healer( swaped with vincnet or cid depending on how i fell)

General discussion / Re: "Final Fantasy VII Kids!"
« on: 2014-11-18 02:29:06 »
i can only lol at this

Completely unrelated / Re: The truth and other lies...
« on: 2014-11-17 10:07:35 »
i didn't care about what cause the towers to fall and even now i still don't care about what cause them to fall. the only thing i care about to this day is the mental and physical damage this event caused to the people, not buildings or the planes, just the people who there or was learning of this incident and still dealing with the aftermath to this very day.

I also assumed you were wanting to work on ff7 with this (which is the main reason why I posted in the first place)?  If not, then my apologies on that front.

the main purpose of the test was to get 60 fps for youtube on pc games that look best at 60fps. ff7 pc is so broken that 60 fps recording with it is out of the question. 30 FPS yes but never 60 FPS

You're probably going to get sick of me, and I debated not writing this, but I don't have much choice:

1. It is *impossible* to record FF7 at 60fps using hypercam, due to FF7's broken frame limiter.  The game will run at around 57-58fps even when not recording (battle and field). 

2. Hypercam is not designed to record this type of material, and it won't do so properly.  It is dropping frames in your video for this very reason

The ONLY way to record (or even PLAY) FF7 at 60fps in battles at the current time, is to set the battle to play FASTER than 60fps (with Ochu for example), and then get Dxtory, or Fraps to do the limiting.  That way you work around the broken FF7 limiter, and you are using a dedicated game video capturing software.

Really DLPB? You think i posted this due to your thinking that "i'm getting sick of you"? Its Childish Rude Post like this that make me stop modding for games out of my free time out of the kindness of my heart for everyone to have and share. Seriously the only issue i have with you is when you set a date for a release on an update for you mods knowing full well its gonna get postponed due to issues with the mods you make. if anyone is taking this hypercam fps issue seriously its you. i dont mind taking suggestions but don't tell me how to record and upload. i have never judged and told you how to record and upload your stuff. you have your way of doing things and i have my way of doing things.

Completely unrelated / 60 FPS Test With Hypercam2 Success
« on: 2014-11-06 01:14:22 »
I've Finally Succeeded 60 FPS With Hypercam2
Recorded with Hypercam2 at 640 x 480 60 FPS with Xvid Codec
Codec Settings MPEG4 SP @ Lv6 Forced 16:9
Target Quarter Max Quality, No Compression Quality
Converted to MP4 1280 x 720 60 FPS

cool cant wait

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy IV heading to PC
« on: 2014-09-28 23:14:17 »
Seems people found out how to mod the music for the game easily. There's a music patch to turn the music to the SNES version.

I wonder if this forum will include sections for FFIII, IV and XII modding in the future..

i'll take the gba music over the snes and remastered tracks anyday

why am I getting a Choby the Chocobo Knight vibe from Final Fantasy Unlimited?

Completely unrelated / New Joint Youtube Channel
« on: 2014-09-11 01:47:54 »
First Joint  Account Video. Basic Nintendo  RPG And Aspects Rant.

General discussion / Re: I wonder...
« on: 2014-08-28 02:56:33 »
I actually tried that and it doesn't work

I only got this to say.....

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