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Thanks very much  :)

Maybe I'm totally missing something here but is there a way to use BC to do a full level up? I manually changed some levels when I was messing around but it doesn't seem to change any other states like HP/MP.

Really sorry If I'm asking a stupid question :)

Hey guys,

I'm running FF7 on windows 7 x64 and I've had a few crashes. I know it's been mentioned a few times but I could not get FF to run using v0.7.10b until I had filled up all save slots. Once I got it running everything seemed pretty smooth until I tried to change equipment or when I tried to enter the materia screen. Both caused crashes. At the moment I'm using v 0.7.9a with no crashes apart from it been unable to access some textures like Tifa.t09 which I can live with.

I'm pretty new to reporting crashes so if there's any additional info I can give let me know.

All the best,

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