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General discussion / [REQUEST] "Load" or "Quit to Menu" ??
« on: 2011-07-16 21:59:10 »
Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, but searching for "load," "quit," "title," "menu," or combinations of them yields just about every thread in this forum.

Is there a mod, or would it be simple enough, to add an option to the field menu to either load a saved file or return to the title screen/top menu where I can choose to continue from a saved file? I'm tired of quitting the program and starting it again when I want to try something a second time.

Attention Sackboys and Sackgirls,
MediaMolecule has just announced an upcoming download pack of Final Fantasy VII costumes!
Details here.
Are you stoked? I'm stoked. If only there was a level pack to go with them. But noooo, Toy Story gets a level pack...

General discussion / [REQUEST, I guess] A few things
« on: 2011-07-05 03:03:19 »
[PC VERSION -- if there's something equivalent for PSX I guess it's worth noting.]

I consider this more a general inquiry as to mods' existence or feasibility than an actual request that anyone make them, but if something strikes your fancy I'd obviously be thrilled.
Apologies in advance if any of the items I'm about to describe are so easily accessible as to make my query unnecessary.

The Menu Overhaul contains kranmer's Save/PHS Anywhere -- are these available in a patch of their own?

A couple items about limit breaks:
1. Can it be made so that, when the limit meter is full, you can still choose a regular attack? I don't mean always having the choice between the two, like the Limit Always Full feature in kranmer's trainer, I'd just prefer sometimes to keep using regular attacks and save the limit break until I need it.
2. Could the four levels of limit breaks be combined in one menu (in battle), so when the meter is full your character gets up to seven choices how to use it?

How difficult would it be to expand the party beyond three people? It might get hectic, but I'm curious what it would be like to battle with the whole cast at once.

Have any avatars been made that are 3D renderings of the original ones, rather than Advent Children screencaps?

Has anyone designed (from scratch - not ripped) a Crisis Core Aeris field and/or battle model?

I realize it's kind of lame to just ask people to do things, so if anything above doesn't exist but seems simple enough, feel free to point me in the right direction to do it myself, bearing in mind that I have zero experience (i.e. explain things to me like I'm a child).

General discussion / New member, please advise
« on: 2011-07-01 22:16:21 »
For starters, I only discovered this a couple days ago and I am absolutely in love with this community and all mods and projects that come out of it.
Second, I promise that I tried to find answers through the search function and various sticky threads before posting this question. I can't promise I did a good job of reading everything I saw, but I did my best. So if I'm asking something that's been asked and answered elsewhere before, I apologize. I also apologize if this thread itself is in entirely the wrong place.

Now, my actual question. I'm not the least bit skilled at programming, so is there a place on these forums or elsewhere for people like me to request a mod, explore its feasibility or anyone's interest in it, or ask (after doing my best search, of course) if such already exists?

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