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I am very interested in your job, you will create a patch or tutorial?
If you are interested you could look ENEMY301.LZS file, this contains the Soldier first class model.
His uniform has to fit well Cloud.

HICLOUD is model of final fight with Sefirot

Do all the animations correctly?

LOOOl this amazing, congratulations

This a great job, congratulations

Ok i wait the next version ;D thanks

Myst6re who update the field.bin?with an hexadecimal editor?its necesary decompress with gzip?
your program is amazing  :P

Ey tio gran trabajo llevo tiempo pensando en cambiar la fuente del juego pero no sabia muy bien como.Lo unico que se me ocurre por lo que puede ser el fallo es que la imagen tim que has modificado sea algo distinta a la original¿las has comparado bien?suerte

Thanks for the reply Gemini, i will prove.
Edit:I have another question: how I can change the letters HP main menu? It can be done by modifying the patymenu.mnu with a hex editor?

The file size is reduced, when decompress with Gzip I get a warning: "garbage ignored." Then I reinserted using the CD-Mage, who patched the file with 0 to get the original size.
The file does not increase in size, on the contrary, is decrease.
Thanks for the replies.

Hi people, I have a problem with the file Window.BIN. I decompressed with gzip, I extract the picture tim and  modify this, after I have reinserted, but the game does not work, it freezes after the text "Sony Computer Entertainment."
How I can modify this file?
The steps I followed:
1 extract the file WINDOW.BIN
2 cut the first bytes of the file
3 decompress with gzip
4  extract the image tim and modify
5 reinsert the image tim
6 compressed with gzip
7 paste the cut bytes previously
8 the game crash
Hope you can help me, thank you all.Sorry for my bad english.

Gameplay / Re: FF7 speed game
« on: 2012-05-27 11:18:34 »
OOh this is great, a lot of thanks yeshuachrist, great job.

Gameplay / Re: FF7 speed game
« on: 2012-04-03 22:39:34 »
When you open the final fantasy 7 iso, you find a file called system.cnf, this file sets  the speed of the game. It possible modify this file?

Gameplay / Re: FF7 speed game
« on: 2012-04-03 14:16:44 »
Of course, but I have not explained well. I want the game go a little faster on psx (machine, not an emulator). Is it possible to speed up editing the config file?

Gameplay / FF7 speed game
« on: 2012-04-03 11:59:29 »
Hi all, I wanted to ask a question: is possible to increase the game speed?
I use the PSX version

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-21 16:55:46 »
Ok , OK i´m understand XD, so replace a name of attack with {BOX:RED} in kernel.bin but if a character use this attack the box appears in red :0

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-21 15:54:14 »

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-21 14:09:03 »
But I want to change the color of the box with enemy attacks, in kernel.bin it works but I want  change in scene.bin

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-21 10:55:20 »
In a video on youtube, I saw that worked, but was probably modified with a hex editor.

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-20 23:24:47 »
no no, i´m not insert a space in the name of attack, i write this:{BOX:RED}Cure3 (not space)but doesn´t work

Gameplay / Re: Box text color
« on: 2012-03-20 12:58:13 »
I tried what you said Bosola, but in the box appears this text: {BOX: RED} Cure3 and the box is the same color.

General Discussion / Re: Problem with armips
« on: 2012-03-20 12:46:04 »
It works! Thanks, but I get another problem. I start from cmd and write the following: armips.exe code.asm [-temp tempfile.txt] [-sym symfile.sym].
And I get a notice telling me code.asm file not found, what is the problem?

EDIT:Well, I learned how to open a file, but I get a warning: fatal error unspecified architecture.
How I order the structure of psx?
I try to open the file (SCES_209) is compressed in gzip?

General Discussion / Problem with armips
« on: 2012-03-19 16:46:12 »
Hi, I have a problem trying to use the program Armips. When I try to start it I get a notice that there is a problem with the file MSCVR100.dll. Tell me would  I can do to fix this problem? Thanks

Gameplay / Box text color
« on: 2012-03-13 12:52:08 »
Hi all, I want to know how I can change the color of the text box of enemy attack? I want some attacks appear with a red square as the limits breaks , is this possibly?thanks for your attention.

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