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Graphical Modding / New model in PSX
« on: 2014-01-30 14:43:32 »
Hi all , i work with the models to create a new enemies combining parts. I show a video with my first creation, although his bones aren´t well placed but is very difficult work with PSX model. I want to encourage all PSX´s modders for create new models in PSX version.
If anyone have a question ask me.

Thanks to wiki information and sorry for my bad english

Edit FF7. exe

If you use PC version exist a solution to eliminate mega-all of the attack command and you use double cut even equipped mega-all materia.

Gameplay Modding / Re: FF7 Limit breaks FF8 style
« on: 2014-01-19 16:40:56 »
If you delete the AI of VIncent, when uses his limit , he transform but he doesn´t nothing

I write a tutorial on first reply.

You´re right Bosola, limits break needs a special code, so i write a new AI and it´s works! At this moment i´m occuped but later i edit my first reply and create a tutorial for all.
Thanks for your replys.

No, i work with the PSX version, can be the version of game a problem?

No no, i put the correct ID for limit character

The character no realizes the limit attack, only appears a empty battle dialog. The only limit what realizes animation (red aura) is berserk dance (ID 70) but the games frezze, its very strange.

Yes i see the Vincent´s AI and try this code. Basically save the id of limit in local var and then perform local var with the index of limit command. I based in this AI write this code:
11 0000
60 70  ----------> index of berserk dance (Galian beast limit)
01 2038  -----------> Limit level(?)
60 02
12 2070
02 2040 -------> Unknowm target
60 14
01 0000
And Yes! the character counterattacks with the berserk dance limit, but only apperas the limit animation, then the games freeze. I tried with others ID of limits and appears a empty text box.

Warning: this code only work if the character have the desire limit learn and his level is selected in main menu. For example if Cloud level is 1 and we write in his AI perform Meteorain, the game freeze. If Cloud´s limit level is 1 only perform Braver and Cross-slash.
1º In first place we need the ID of desire limit and his level (1,2,3,4)
2º Mark the desire character in his AI using the formation number code. You can write special condition to realize the limit ( Self HP /2, action index or battle ID).

12 2070                                                          List of character    ID         HEX
01 4060                                                          Cloud                    16         10
80                                                                   Barret                   17         11
60 XXXx (ID of character)                                Tifa                       18         12
90                                                                   Aeris                     19         13
                                                                       Red XIII                20         14
                                                                       Yuffie                    21         15
                                                                       Caith Sith             22         16
                                                                       Vincent                 23         17
                                                                       Cid                       24          18
3ºSelect the limit level:
11 2038
60 XXXX---------------> 01, 02, 03, 04

4ºTarget and perform attack:
12 2070
02 XXXX------------------------->Desire target
60 14----------------------> Id of limit command
60 XXXX -------------------> Id of desire limit break

EXAMPLE: Cid perfrom Boost jump when enemy hits him (only if we select the limit level 1 in main menu)
12 2070
01 4060
60 18
11 2038
60 01
12 2070
02 20A0
60 14
60 9C

Of course you have my permission for publicate this model in your mods, after all i created these models for you

The other Barrets models is using for diferent weapons you equiped, so its necesary change the other models for 100% work in -game. I think fhinsh these today.
Thanks Lazy Bastard  ;)
Edit: the four Barrets models its finished, test it meesbaker!

Barret completed!There is only change the other models of Barret, is has four models

WTF? 3 messages? should be a problem of the forum

I´ve changed the color of Tifa boots and test it but the code o black you say me is very black and do not appear in the screen because the shadow of character is the same color, so i used other code (like Sephiroth boots) for other tone of black. I think this color is best than other so i send you a new model.

Tifas boobs ( :o) completed!

WTF? i dont see the color of the boots  :-o jejeje ok i change the boots color, its a easy work
Edit: i upload the new model

I finished the model, i sent you for private, i hope you like  ;)


The first part have been modified (left original, right modified) i continue with the next part,torso, its the harder bone because combine various colour.

Well i change the color of Cloud for you, say me the rgb you used in field model (hex code).

Meesbaker you dont change the color of battle model?

WOW simply great, you use the Cloud model in train during conversation with Jesse for create the new model right?Its a great job, congratulations meesbaker

FF7 Tools / Re: Official Proud Clod 1.5.0.α_4!
« on: 2013-09-30 18:11:47 »
Proudclod not change the music of battle, so change this you use makou reactor, because the music is a field script not battle script.

Great job, congratulations.

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