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General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-21 00:37:10 »
That's me out then, i know to start small and work into the advancements cuz i know its hard. But i know im a little rushing here but i think it would be kinda boring tbh just having battles against each other would last like maybe 2 minutes max esspecially when its the ai vs the team. Plus its already biast im most sense's. I dont mean to bust the fun outta this but id much love to see the idea i posted before. Dont hate me lol i just wanna put the point out

General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-19 15:20:30 »
That is why i proposed a multi screen multiplayer rather than 2 on 1 pc, the controlls are far too hard for that

General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-18 20:10:40 »
Could we not take out the scripts for a game that already has the ability to do this and use that to make ours?

General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-18 17:20:03 »
Hmm just thought, granted making the different views would be solid to do, BUT if like me you have polayed game's that have the same coding method my example is neverwinter nights which has the EXACT same single/multiplayer story but you can both go of and complete seperate quests that all add together to all players meaning you then dont have to do the quests that they do for you. It is multi screen and have the same dialogs and same storyline. Would this not work very simular?

General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-18 17:09:53 »
+1 support for different play views but it would be fun to create an online random multiplayer like mmos :D

Well random online -- EPIC but way too hard id say. Lets start a little smaller lol. If we had pure online mode then you could have up to like 8 people excluding aeris dieng lol. Only thing is they would either have to be all online at once OR someone that played it more than others would be stuck trying to finish the game when the other people aren't arriving to help. Lol stood at the notheren crater thinking selfish @~{}£"@ never shown up lol, looks like ill do this myself XD

General discussion / Re: FFVII multiplayer mod
« on: 2012-03-18 16:42:34 »
Hmm only thing i can contribute to ideas for this would be that if for example, system link option in the title screen which would bassically run the game along side the other player's but run on a different save folder. If we could find a way to create a script to play the barret part of the game whilst the other pc played the cloud part (being as they are the main people) it would mean creating a whole new story though but through another characters eye's. I did see at some stage someone was able to create there own FFVIII-2 so he has the knowledge of creating a new story if he will be intrested. When apart they run there own story's sepreratly, there own battle's with the team they have and gather the info that cloud is told in the game. I understand ALOT of work is nessesary but omg it would rule. It would help the fact that all 8 people running around at once in single player seems a little odd so it would make sense to have 2 teams. When together they can see each other running around and have there own encounters even if teamed together. Setting the bomb for example in the reactor requires both barret and cloud so if one isnt there then you cant load the script to do it so that's pretty much done itself. I dont know whether this massive idea is make belief and a waste but regardless id love to see it happen. Try not to critisize me too much lol

Think i might leave it then, im not too good with trying it myself. Wouldnt mind learning though

Anyone able to help me? I left a post a little further down thnx

Anyone able to help out with my little issue a little further down the page??
Would be VERY greatfull as he is starting to become weak with his standard weapon lol

Enable PBO to reduce lag.
Some older ATI video cards don't support PBO.

There is a slight delay when the game loads new scenes.
Enabling texture compression can reduce subsequent load times at the cost of visual fidelity.

Sorted cheers man, your a genious, one other thing, with the ac barret model with his awseme gun. Can i have it so the gun doesnt change when i equip another weapon cuz im stuck with his gatling gun lol

I have bith the 1280 sharp and the high res movies in with my mods, was just wondering should i copy them into my movies folder or is it automatic?

Anyway to reduce lag? its rare but mainly during battle's. Its not a major thing but would be nice to remove it

Ok well i tried adjusting thje res on the config to the same size as my screen and it plays in full mode the edges are cut off on both sides for some reson, its only since i ran the bfe that this happened as it worked fine before

Aslong as you did the full install, and also have a folder in the directory (You can name it anything) with the BFE and bootleg inside along with ALL the mods that are red in the mod list (to check this go to BFE, file, modlist) If you have all the red ones in that folder they should be green and viola . . . Hopefully

Anyone know why after i install all the mods with bootleg im unable to have a full screen play? And the ODD time my muic stops too, think its cuz i have ff7 music folder AND a ficedula folder but i may be wrong

Finally got EVERYTHING working but the field scenes? thats still got me, i put the in the mods/ field folder as LPG but is it a mod / bootleg or avalanche cuz sometimes i have 2?

Hmm i dont quite have that problem but thats definitly something to do with the fancy transparant option and the new battle interface in the bootleg or the ff7config file mak sure there set to yes

yeah mine works to an extent but has litttle arrows on it aswell, also my barret model dont change along with save points or limit breaks? dunno why

This stuff is got me confused, i got most things on but some are refusing to work for me. No errors just i cant figure it out lol . . ALSO how many folders are supposed to be in the mods folder cuz SOMETIMES i have 1 and the other times i have 3??

Sorry lol, never noticed the posts, iv sorted the interface and most others but the limits and chars are set to the hd origionals. In the BFE there are options for them like having barret with his AC gun but nothing changes. And the save points changing to FF10 etc

sorry about that i never noticede XD

May need help with this??

FTH: (1188): *** Fault tolerant heap shim applied to current process. This is usually due to previous crashes. ***

FTH: (2696): *** Fault tolerant heap shim applied to current process. This is usually due to previous crashes. ***





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Its probably simple lol

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Bombing Mission Gallery
« on: 2012-01-25 18:30:06 »
fair enough cheers

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Bombing Mission Gallery
« on: 2012-01-25 17:29:16 »
How are you guys getting the back scene images? i reckon i found them in the Flevel but there all TEX files or just . . files, How are you getting to use them, Please help soon-ish cuz im dieng to learn this and earn a spot in the team LOL  :)

Is there any mods for the character shadows?

Or possably i thought that when the enemies died instead of dissapearing they would die like the team do, jist a little more real.

Uuh with the barret ac model with his amazing gun is there a way to be able to changehis weapon from the gatling gun without the image of the weaopon changing?

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Bombing Mission Gallery
« on: 2012-01-25 15:55:58 »
Oh thats cool then, gunna sound stupid here lol I litterally noticed 2 says ago that modding it was possible and now 'as you do' im hooked again from the excitment

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