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Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2012-12-04 01:55:04 »
hmm.. it says you have a broken LGP, so you may start by not using LGP tools as stated in the app.log,

have you tried installing the mod thru direct method? with direct method you wont need to recompile battle LGP, just copy the files for Red on the correct folder in the Direct folder in your ff7 directory, also make sure to enable direct method in the ff7 config,

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Vincents Weapons
« on: 2012-11-28 05:35:57 »
I'm still redoing the textures for  the two previous gun..
just keep the guns coming, I'm still interested to texture them if you're ok with a little delay..

Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2012-11-26 23:33:07 »
Here to clarify some things for you.

-FF7 mods encounter problems sometimes due to incompatible computer so a post of your specs might be a good.

-for the app log, its a file found on your ff7 directory, after running ff7, open this a file and post the contents here. It will be helpful to identify what errors you might be encountering while playing the game.

-Screenshots will also be helpful to identify your problem.

So if you want help, your cooperation will be appreciated.
Also read the earlier posts, There have been known problems before with this red textures on some computers, so try reading the solutions provided before it might help. ;D

Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2012-11-26 07:32:01 »
dude it could really be easier to help you if you follow my advise before..

Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2012-11-25 00:56:39 »
We may need more info to be able to help like:

-your computer specs
-an app. log
-screenshots on how red appears ingame for you
-and maybe tell us how you intalled the mods

I think you should keep it as it is, it looks awesome anyway.. instead you should  focus in porting the model to FF7 so it'll be usable ingame, any adjustments in textures should be after converting the model to ff7 format.

LoL ;D ;D ;D can't help but laugh on those cloud and nanaki with wheels.. you really made good use of the available parts in game.. I personally like what you did with vincent , looks badass.

I really set a bad example on the hdd crash, LoL this is the second post where I saw my name in a "don't do what this guy did" warning, LoL ;D ;D ;D somehow this makes me look stupid..

I agree, this is the best sephiroth here, even better than the ripped ones I saw before.. Anyway goodluck with it, I guess there would be issues when cutting up the jacket parts, they are kinda messy in the vanilla, I worked on a seph model before so I can tell.. But with your skills I know it won't be hard for you, ;D ;D ;D

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-11-21 04:14:11 »
LoL, I don't really mind calling anyone buddy when I get along with him/her no matter the age gap, Lol I believe we're all kid's at heart here .. but if it bothers you then I wont call you buddy .. ;D

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-21 04:01:23 »
yep, I was about to release it too, just minor adjusment and in game testing was missing, Hayst, it was my fault though, modding was kinda a habit for me, just things to do to spend my free time, and I just started doing this recently so backing up my modding files didn't cross my mind at that time yet, I kinda took it for granted, and I'm regretting it a lot now, LoL.. at least that's a lesson learned now.

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-11-21 02:35:25 »
Thanks man, some people have been asking for this for a while now, I know many will appreciate this, Thanks Again..

For my opinion on the model, He looks different from my battle model, mainly coz of the buffed body.. Well it depends on peoples opinion and some may really like this. But for me I prefer it  leaner (LoL of course this opinion is biased since i made the lean battle model version)

Well done here buddy, I hope you continue with the other models..

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-20 21:56:18 »
Hehe oki, its no biggie,

I'm not sure if I can list them all but here,

Projects on hold due to lost files, will be continued but will be delayed:

-Frog textures (both realistic & less detailed version)
-HQ Cid Battle Model (WIP 90% complete  :'( :'( :'( )
-HQ Sephiroth (WIP)
-Vincent Gun Quick Silver Texture
-Vincent Gun Outsider Texture
-Nightmare Custom Enemy: Black Diamond
-Nightmare Custom Enemy: Mutated Bottomswell
-Retex on ZL325 aerith model (WIP)

well this are what I can recall, I also started working Tifa dolphin style hair, although it was just a small  incomplete work.

For some of this I think Ican still find some copies in my google drive or in my emails.. but the all updated versions were on my hdd..

Also to mention I also lost my FF7 installer and all mods I downloaded so downloading all those files again will require time, and effort on my part LoL,

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-20 20:53:49 »
LoL those are some very misleading statements there, let me correct first some points before we get into trouble..

You said you resized parts of Sephiroth's body at and Remus's Sephiroth head at and retextured them yourself to make your Sephiroth.

Yeah its true I did resizing of sephroths body parts as seen there, then I used revised Weemus sephiroth head(altering the hair), I also retextured it but it never  got completed, only the head was retextured since it already has a UV map.

You also said you gave Cid's head to omega and you made the body yourself, so Cid's body is lost.
And all of Vincent's guns you remade are gone.

This is a little off.. I never said I made the body myself, atleast not all, the torso and arms were from weemus cid field model, but since the legs of weemus cid field model is not detailed  enough to be used for battle models, I made my own. The only part made by me was the entire lower body, (the thighs,Legs,boots)

I don't get what you mean by giving cid's head to omega, but the Head I'm using was modeled by omega.

Reckos still has the vincent gun models, since he's the one modeling them, But I lost the textures for quick silver.

Does that about cover what you lost in the crash?

I don't know why your asking this, LoL ;D
But those are not the only ones I lost, there are a lot more it was a 500GB hdd after all, do you want me to list the files I lost here?

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-20 13:52:37 »
Sadly, yes.. I lost sephiroth in the HDD failure..

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-19 02:21:40 »
yep, please release those in your own thread since I intend to keep this thread exclusive for my HQ battle model revisions, Thanks!

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-19 01:21:29 »
Yup people have different preference after all, so if it doesn't bother you you can always release both, gives lot more options.

As they say, the more the merrier! ;D


Bootleg will install any models you place in the BootlegCustomModels folder.
Otherwise, I would need to recompile bootleg.exe with the updated models.

I see, I'm actually concerned if there will be issues in installing my mods if make some updates, like when choosing presets and etc..

how about if I don't change the file names of the models when doing the updates, will this help avoid problems in installing my updated mods thru bootleg?

I'd rather avoid bothering you with recompling the exe , LoL ;D

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-18 12:42:23 »

-When converting battle models to field,should i make adjustments(you know,like making cloud look not lanky.)or keep it as it is?
-I think Barret's AC gun for field is a bit too much.Should I size it down?
-Why the revised buster sword looks bigger than other weapon?


-Its your work now, so I don't really mind if you make adjustments, LoL I won't stop you with whatever you want to do with the field models.
But then if you want my opinion, I think you should keep the adjustments at the minimum, since you're suppose to make field versions they must look as close to the battle models

-same as above, do what you want with it, I also think it's a bit too big for a field version, I think there was a conversion of this barret done before by JLOutlaw you can check it out too.

-Uhmm, LoL my bad.. I had to resize the bustersword to match with revised body proportion of cloud, unfortunately I forgot to resize the other weapons, LoL ;D

Just to clarify some things,  ;D I'm going to make updates and fixes on some of my model revisions, will they still work with bootleg 0.40 if I make those updates after the new bootleg is released? 

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Vincents Weapons
« on: 2012-11-18 05:33:15 »
@recko, sorry I lost my files due to HDD failure, I will have to redo those, so it may cause delays on our project here, I also need to redo most of my other projects too, so It may take a while, again sorry dude,

@mayo master
Recko might be bable to help, he did the gun models and worked on a gun related works before ,

I think it won't be easy to port this model to ff7 format w/o the overall quality suffering.. I think the face lacks the pretty boy features of sephiroth,
but other than that this model perfect, awesome details can't wait for this to usable in game

Hey guys, thanks for your replys!

              i'm confused about "what is the current format of this model"? do you mean what program it was made in? if so, 3ds max 2011... well, the final low-poly model anyway hah. other than that, it can be exported to any format you need, i would imagine.

Yep I'm asking if it's in 3ds format since I remember there are issues in porting from blender and needs more complicated steps in converting

As for cutting the mesh up to match the vanilla sephiroth, i think that's where i would probably need help. i've seen new models for cloud, tifa etc. in game, and they all appear to be fairly "seamless", as in there are no visible cuts. from what i remember the vanilla poses for most of the characters is close to their idle stances in battle mode right? so would i need to pose this model to match the vanilla one, and then make cuts in the mesh so it's segmented like the original?


The models you mentioned are not entirely seamless, LoL cuts are visible up close, but they don't show that often.
I suggest you make the individual cut parts match those in vanilla to avoid overlapping and floating parts during some animations.

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-17 02:34:28 »
Thanks Pit! I did not notice the yufie model hair issues before, and there were no comments about it before, so thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it..

Also yes I'm going to continue working on this model revisions of main characters, I'm making it a priority in my to do list right now (regarding modding works) I'm currently redoing the Cid model since I lost it's files due to HDD failure, the model is complete but it still lacks texture and needs to be ported to FF7, since I worked on it blender again.

For Cait Sith, I'm planning to just do a retex on the guy without remodeling.

Then I'm going to proceed on Version 2 of Tifa, Vincent and Yufie

About time for a sephiroth of this quality, LoL I'm so excited to see this in game, Btw what is the current format of this model? this will have to be have to be cut to pieces you can view the vanilla sephiroth model as to how the cut pieces goes, also the textures may not appear the same in game, so adjustments may have to be done after porting the model.

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-13 09:57:52 »
well I'm planning on making this thread exclusive for the battle models I'm revising,
so I think you can start a new thread for it, so discussions about your conversions can be discussed there.. ;D ;D

Yup it's really easy if you know ins and outs of the basic tools like kimera an pcreator, but can also be a bit tricky and a hassle sometimes, needs patience, and  a lot,

thanks in advance I know many will appreciate it.

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-13 09:18:12 »
Can I help you with that?

With converting to field? sure.. I don't really mind.. you can even release it as your own ;D

I'm still planning to continue with HQ main characters, so far for Cid I only hace the head model by Omega, Lol.. I also finished redoing the legs and boots model, but its not textured yet.. the sephiroth was lost unfortunately, I may have to start from the beginning again, I also lost my installer of FF7 so I can't do testings for the model till I can get another copy of the installer.. So far I lost all the mods I have, I can still create models since it's easy to grab the tools needed and I still have my blender and photoshop, but it may take while to have my ff7 running again, maybe I can let guys here do the testing ;D ;D

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