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There is no scene.bin as that is unique to the PC edition
The PlayStation versions use a scene.bin. Same format too-- except the original Japanese releases which had some additional padding. I think the only difference between the original English PS and PC scene.bins is the AI for the Chocobo enemy.

RunScript(15) runs the enemy's sixteenth script: What Proud Clod calls "Custom Event 8". All custom scripts are executed in this way.

One correction, though.  Lastmap does not go back to any other map.
There's a scene at las4_0 after the Safer fight and before the final Sephiroth fight.

General discussion / Re: FF Wiki - Too much nonsense
« on: 2018-10-08 03:13:20 »
You can edit the wiki without an account if you don't mind revealing your IP.

I just checked the game and the Midgar Zolom has two spawns points, and always seems to spawn on the opposite side of the marsh. I didn't save/load the game each time, but I can't imagine it decides its spawn position differently to the way it does after its killed. So you can't get spawn trapped.

It wouldn't be as easy as saving the single point position of the Midgar Zolom if they wanted the game to load the game exactly as the Midgar Zolom appeared when it was saved. If they did ever consider it I could see the length and complexity being a reason to not even bother.

General discussion / Re: FF Wiki - Too much nonsense
« on: 2018-10-08 01:24:39 »
Then fix it? The bit you're complaining about was written by someone with literally four edits to their name (and that was their first). The wiki receives lots of traffic, but only has like one or two people who check every edit made and they are not experts in everything.

Above Bahba Velamyu's monstrous circular mouth is a rather human looking nose. It looks like a face. On its back it has a singular eyeball.

Baba Yaga is described as having chicken legs, and the Bahba Velamyu's legs are vaguely chicken-y. I think it's a stretch but it's a strange possibility.

If this is just smashing words together as is done for many of VII's other WTF enemy names, the "myu" is probably the first syllable in "mutant". "rau" could be from "round" as in its mouth. "ve" from who knows.

I guess Baba Yaga kinda checks out. They usually write that バーバ but other enemy names formed in a similar way have ignored the chōonpu (and "baba" is also a Japanese word meaning old woman in the same way anyway).

And Gongaga too. Yeah, I don't know you've translated it but Red XIII slips out his natural first person pronoun (オイラ) instead of the one he's been using around the party (私) when he first gets to Cosmo Canyon -- He effectively says "This is オイラ's... no no! This is 私's hometown".

This doesn't really translate, but the official localisation instead goes with "Here is where I was... I mean, ... this is my hometown.". Which doesn't make sense as a thing to say! "Here is where I was born" is true and conveys the same thing!

The FFIV characters have had their names written in Latin text in Japanese publications that do not match the English localisation, such as the 25th Anniversary Memorial Ultimania and the Final Fantasy Art Museum cards (I'm sure there are older ones but I don't know what they are).

Honestly I'm not sure they're entirely reliable to the original author intention, but since they don't just go with the English localisation (e.g. Cain, Tella, Gilbart, Golbeza) they're a little more reliable: Palom and Porom are written "Palom" and "Porom" in these.

He has his strong build because:

"I never was in SOLDIER.[...]And I created an illusion of myself made up of what I had seen in my life[...]"
"Illusion, huh...? Pretty damn strong for a 'lusion, I'd say."
"I'm physically built like someone in SOLDIER. Hojo's plan to clone Sephiroth wasn't that difficult. It was just the same procedure they use when creating members of SOLDIER. You see, someone in SOLDIER isn't simply exposed to Mako energy. Their bodies are actually injected with Jenova cells..."

The game's explanation is that is just what Jenova cells do.

Sephiroth/Jenova suggests in the illusion at the crater that the Jenova cells in Cloud created "Cloud" from Tifa's memories. While that wasn't true, I don't think there's much reason to think Jenova can't do that. For the player it alludes back to what Ifalna says in the recordings at Icicle Inn, about Jenova appearing as people's loved ones -- taken from their memories.

With that said, I thought it was a point in the original game that in Cloud's case it wasn't Jenova stealing memories. It doesn't have to be. Cloud didn't get his Nibelheim memories directly from Zack's memories. Cloud has his Nibelheim memories because he was there, with the blanks filled in from what Zack told him (I believe all scenes where Cloud wasn't actually there, Tifa also wasn't there so we don't have to believe his retelling of those scenes were 100% accurate because there's no one to call him out anyway). Jenova's involvement is that her cells "helps" Cloud patch together his mind, filling in gaps and somewhat influenced by Cloud's ideal (which Zack fulfilled).

The reveal Cloud was there the whole time explains why he can fairly accurately retell the events. If the truth is Jenova still siphoned Zack's memories, then.... Well it's just absolutely unnecessary.

You say there's no good reason to have a Quit option, but is there a good reason to not have it?

You say it's not as the developers intended, and of course you are referring to the Japanese developers-- who didn't put in a Quit option because you don't just quit applications on the PlayStation. Rather, the Quit option is as the developers intended because the people who worked on the PC version saw fit to specifically add that option for the PC version.

You say "catering to the minority" like one extra option at the bottom of the menu they can simple ignore ruins their experience. It doesn't. I've not seen anyone call for its removal before.

And yeah, you can use Alt+F4... except in the scenarios where you can't. And then there are scenarios where it's just more difficult, or it's just not what people like to do. If this was a debate of adding a Quit option, sure, whatever you say. But you're removing a feature that people were already using that absolutely doesn't detract from the game.

I assume a Neck Hunter doesn't collect necks. I would assume they target the neck, and thus remove the head. A Head Hunter removes and collects heads.

As for Nomura knowing English: Well if we were to follow the artwork Bomb would be "Bom" and Yang would be "Yan". :p

Although yeah, VII has more bad cases than good cases. There have just been a few times I've thought "oh, that's a clever improvement" in amongst the "why just 'Wig'?"s.

This isn't to say there's anything wrong with trying to be as faithful as possible. I expect fan-translations to be more literal than liberal because their only purpose is to give a foreign product to an audience already interested in the source. Professional translators want to transform the product to fit in well with a new English audience. I have to say I didn't think about FFX's or XIII's text and dialogue much when I first played them. It was only when I saw scenes with the original Japanese text and audio compared that I was concerned with the number of liberties been taken.

[...]Neck Hunter are literally that when you translate the katakana. The question here isn't why they were changed for the sake of it, but why did the original localization change them at all?
Because it's localisation. With the English names transcribed into katakana the people who choose the names might not even have a good idea of English. "Evil Wrap" (or Ibiru Rappu) might sound good to a Japanese audience but "Bad Wrap" far exceeds it as a good name for an English ear. The puns! Neck Hunter is another fair example, because "Head Hunter" barely changes the original meaning and adds in the wordplay.

You might view adding these cases of wordplay as unfaithful, but the Japanese version uses wordplay, and there will be times where that's untranslatable. The pun in ミラージュ on Mirror (ミラー) and Mirrage (ミラージュ) sort of comes across in English, but it's a lot more obvious in Japanese.

Though I won't defend changing サーチアイ to "Scrutin Eye". That pun's just bad.

The red and green versions of that Ultimecia Castle exist in both versions of the game, and the scripts to switch to the green version.

I don't know much about VIII scripting, but the difference is in Entity#10 director0, Script#1 Default. The English version has these lines:
Code: [Select]
PSHN_L      1
PSHN_L      53
REQ         12

I don't have the means to test it, but getting the blood version might be as easy as removing those lines in Deling.

I assume he refers to enabling the Save option in the menu (which was used for debug purposes). At the very least the menu name and description are left in the data.

Completely unrelated / Re: Trump president now!
« on: 2017-01-27 21:17:51 »
It's more likely Obama listened to the experts before he opened his mouth.

On the other hand Trump just says the things that he "feels". Even after hearing the expert opinion he still says "I happen to feel that it does work".

Personally i'm pissed at Kingdom Hearts 2.8 remix, since i already bought 2.5 on ps3...
KH2.5 and 2.8 don't feature any of the same games. 2.8 has Dream Drop Distance (the 3DS game), a small Birth by Sleep related game, and something Kingdom Hearts X related.

It's more likely it's just one of those "multiple words thrown together" names. The "kyu" from "culex", the "biru" from "evil", and... no idea for the rest.

Although I just looked at the Beacause doc and you call it "Cuvilduns"?? I would have gone "Cuvildunus", because it's ヌス, rather than ンス. Off course, transcribed words don't usually use ヌス-- words that sound like they might usually end up using ナス. However, FFVII itself has the Longinus (ロンギヌス).

There are a few enemies with different HPs in the Ultimania guide to what I calculated. These enemies are Torama, Elnoyle, Iron Giant, and Behemoth. I think that's it.

I believe I determined their (simplified) formula myself. On their FFWiki pages I list them.

So I figured Behemoth's Japanese formula was 3*lv*lv + 260*lv + 35000. Which I woud assume is [60, 0, 2, 35] in the data. Unless the Ultimania is just plain wrong. It might be worth mentioning that the English guides also use the same HP values as the Ultimania, but then again, they also use images of red Gerogero so I assume they were just given the Japanese information when writing the guides.

Edit: Okay, so I'll preface this by saying sometimes they match the Ultimania stats (which give stats at Lv1, every ten levels, and the max level), sometimes they are way off.  I do know that some changes were made from JP>EN so this could be a product of that. Also I'm suspicious of my math.floors, I may have added them at random to see what gave me the right results.

Here's the formulas I used (in Lua) for the FFWiki, probably with more brackets than I need. You can see the results of these and judge whether they are correct on the individual enemy articles on the wiki: example.

local calc = math.floor(((lv*a/10)+(lv/b)-math.floor((lv^2)/(2*d))+c)/4)
return math.min(calc, 255)

local calc = math.floor(lv/b)-math.floor(lv/d)+(lv*a)+c
return math.min(calc, 255)

Most of the other kanji enemy names are for human enemies - soldiers. Rather than sounding like a cool fantasy name as with most monsters, these are meant to convey a military position to the players.

I decided to check the list for other enemies: There's the XCannon which does the "mega ultimate extreme" thing like Omnislash does. The Unknown enemy's names aren't really meant to be names, they're just "we don't know what these are" and therefore to convey that meaning having their name be "unidentified" in Japanese makes sense. And then there's the Gi Spector, which in the same way isn't meant to be the name of a monster in the VII world, they're just "a spectre of the Gi tribe".

Most of the enemies around Wutai have their names written in kanji (do their names also make sense/make more sense if read in Chinese?), while most other monsters in the game have English-based (katakana) names.

When I noticed this I thought it might have been better for the localisers to just romanise the names rather than translating them. This distinction is something the developers deliberately did that gets entirely lost in translation. Romanising the names instead doesn't lost much because the enemies names are rather boring -- like "Bizarre Bug" and "Thunderbird", and instead we get things like "Kaikichū" and "Raijinchō" [they actually use Raijincho in Crisis Core--that game also has a sandaabaado enemy so the dinstinction is necessary].

Maybe it's something you might consider.

I once worked on something that generated enemy ability information. These have Hidden element:
Dorky Face's Curses
Hell Rider VR2's Electromag
Dorky Face's Funny Breath
Demons Gate's Petrif-Eye
Cokatolis's Petrify Smog
Attack Squad's + Marine's Smoke Bullet
Gagighandi's Stone Stare
Bagrisk's Stone Strike
Ultimate Weapon's Ultima Beam

In the JORG version:
Ultimate Weapon's アルテマビーム (Ultima Beam)
Flower Prong's エネルギー吸収 (Energy Siphon)
Garuda's おどり (Dance, both of them)
Bandit's かつあげ (Hold-up)
Griffin's くじゃく (Peacock)
Sea Worm's, Land Worm's サンドストーム (Sandstorm)
Joker's ジョーカー (Joker)
Bagrisk's ストーンストライク (Stone Strike)
Joker's スペード (Spade)
Attack Squad's スモーク弾 (Smoke Bullet)
Joker's ダイヤ (Diamond)
Twin Brains', Chekhov's にらみ (Stare Down)
Dorky Face's のろいの言葉 (Curses)
Bloatfloat's バキューム (Vacuum)
Godo's ビーストソード (Beast Sword)
Dorky Face's ファニーのいき (Funny Breath)
Unknown's ブラスター (Blaster)
Kyuvilduns's へばりつき (Lay Flat)
Grenade's, Bomb's ボム爆発 (Bomb Blast)
Yang's ヤン自爆 (Suicide Yang)
Dragon Rider's ライダーブレス (Rider Breath)
Carry Armor's ラピスレーザー (Lapis Laser)
Twin Brain's, Chekhov's 吸収 (Absorb)
Bandit's 強奪 (Mug)
CMD. Grand Horn's, Bagnadrana's 毒ブレス (Poison Breath)
Killbin's 物理攻撃 (x)
8 eye's 眼力 (Eyesight, all four of them)
Demons Gate's 石化アイ (Petrif-Eye)
Cokatolis's 石化スモッグ (Petrify Smog)
Gagighandi's 石化にらみ (Stone Stare)
Desert Sahagin's 砂鉄砲 (Sandgun)
Hell Rider VR2's 磁場転換 (Electromag)
Flower Prong's 花粉 (Pollen)
Serpent's 龍宮の舞 (Dragon Dance)

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