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They're not music, and they're sorta not unused.

As the screenshot shows, they are distributed with the PC version as wav files. I don't remember what sato is (sounds like wind or something?), but heart is a heartbeat sound effect. They're wav files in the PC version because in 1998, when the music was midi, they wanted to ensure that these played back properly with the intended sound, something they couldn't even remotely guarantee with midi files.

FF7 can't do this on its own, but here are some options that may help, in order from my most to least recommended:

There are some paid options as well that are pretty nice, but I don't generally recommend them unless you need a specific feature not available in these free applications.

Troubleshooting / Re: ff7 not create regedit file.
« on: 2019-02-26 03:26:53 »
As I mentioned in PM, the steam version does not use or make registry files. This is not part of saving; this is stuff created by the installer, to tell the game where it's installed, whether it's a standard or maximum install, what disc drive it was installed from, where the FMV movie files are, etc. Only used by the 1998 version.

The Steam version doesn't have standard/maximum install, doesn't require a disc, and just puts the movies in always the same directory relative to itself, so it doesn't use registry file.

FAQs and Tutorials / MOVED: boxff7
« on: 2019-02-24 21:21:45 »

7thHeaven / Re: Final Fantasy VII Screen no align.
« on: 2019-02-17 21:47:05 »
This probably isn't a 7thHeaven problem. Right click on the game's exe, select Properties, and go to the compatibility tab. At the bottom, there should be an option to override your system's DPI settings. The exact wording varies by Windows version, but this should fix the game's screen to fit properly.

FAQs and Tutorials / "Help! My game's screen is cut off!"
« on: 2019-02-17 21:45:25 »
Right click the game's exe, go to properties. In the compatibility tab, there should be an option to override your system's DPI settings. The exact wording varies by version of Windows, but 99% of the time this will fix this issue.

Normally I'd just move this thread to Troubleshooting where it belongs, but since you already posted the same question there, I'm locking it instead.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-02-08 16:30:49 »
adol125, is this the Steam version, or the 1998 PC version?

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 Remako HD
« on: 2019-02-04 01:29:33 »

FAQs and Tutorials / MOVED: FF7 Remako HD
« on: 2019-02-04 01:27:21 »

a handful of 720p renders on a very rare, very old Toshiba demo DVD.
They are 480p.

The thing is, any given frame of the currently best-available videos is going to be far, far worse quality than the backgrounds. Crappy '90s video compression is crappy, and what we have is loaded with artifacts. And as the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. Quite frankly, I'd be very, very surprised if upscaling frame-by-frame could get worthwhile results.

I would think the best scaling results we could see would come from something temporal-based, something that fills in details that may have been compressed to death in one frame by examining neighboring frames, but unless the videos found in the PS1 version are loaded up with I-frames, I don't know how useful this'll actually be, since other frames already only record motion, what's changed, and not a full image.

As for using the clips from the DVD as training material... that could help, but I don't know how much, as this DVD is rife with its own problems. Among other things, it's all interlaced, and the aspect ratio is rather different. It could probably be done, and would probably help a lot (and might even help as training material for background scaling), but it would need significant cleaning up before it would be useful.

Locking thread since release thread is open.

To this day, people keep repeating the lie that it's faster than other languages.  It just isn't.  They all end up as assembly and all modern languages have optimization.
Well... (Warning: the following is generally true, but rather oversimplified.)

Many popular languages aren't compiled and don't end up as assembly. In particular, C# Java and Python are both interpreted in real time, not compiled, and in virtually all cases will run slower than compiled C++ code. While C++ may not have an advantage over other compiled languages, it absolutely will perform better than, say, Java in almost all cases.

Spoiler: show
Yes, I'm aware of intermediate languages. As far as I'm concerned, though compiling to an IL or bytecode that then still needs to be interpreted still qualifies as an interpreted language, for the sake of a performance comparison to languages that compile straight to machine code.

(And btw, DLPB, they don't end up as assembly. They end up as machine code. Assembly is itself just a low-level programming language that still needs assembled into machine code, similar to compiling a higher level language. Interestingly, any and all machine code can theoretically be disassembled into assembly, whereas you cannot decompile a compiled binary to any arbitrary higher-level language. Factoid for the day.)

7thHeaven / Re: PS4 Controller now working.
« on: 2019-01-27 17:47:16 »
You mentioned you'd used DS4Windows, but not how you'd configured it, so I wasn't sure.

For now, I was hoping there would be basic classes to teach universal programming language.
There is no such thing as "universal programming language". Most older games like this would've been programmed in C or C++, but once assembled, there is no access to that C++ code directly to change it, so everything would need to be done in x86 assembly, which requires quite low level understanding of computers and the game being modded.

This is not to discourage you, but this hole goes much deeper than you seem to realize. Nothing's impossible, but be prepared for a years-long journey to get to the point that you can do anything productive in older games.

7thHeaven / Re: PS4 Controller now working.
« on: 2019-01-25 19:40:55 »
Easy solution: Use DS4Windows, and reassign all the buttons to keyboard keys. This will make it usable even in games that don't recognize your controller for one reason or another.

Oh and btw, that's why I mentioned making sort of a keygen, Covarr. Only now Idk if things would have to be decrypted before using on a keygen.. idk if I make sense lol.
The issue isn't generating the save files with each different possible signature. That could be easily automated. The issue is actually testing them. Thus far, the only way we have of actually testing them is to generate a save file with a key/seed combination, pop it onto a USB stick, and try it. But with the public lists of keys and seeds, and no idea which combinations even need tested, we're literally looking at tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of possibilities. All of which need to be manually tested on a real PS3, one at a time. If you were to dedicate yourself to this like a fulltime job, you could still be at it for months if not years.

And that's assuming that the key and seed we need are even on those lists. It's quite possible that the numbers we need weren't among the dumped lists of keys and seeds, in which case we've just gone from months to centuries of manual human testing.

When it comes right down to it, it's just not feasible to find the answer with the information any of us currently have available. It's going to take someone with deeper familiarity with the PS3 itself and PS3 hacking that can examine the system software and particularly the system's built-in PS1 emulator and find the key in there. Unfortunately, that doesn't include any of us.

It's not about not sharing or protecting himself, dude. The reason the key and seed aren't included is because sithlord48 literally doesn't know what key and seed are needed. See he posted those lists of keys and seeds? Literally all we need is one from each list... but there are thousands of combinations between the two, and testing them is too slow for one person to realistically find the right one without a TON of luck, and there's no way at this point to automate trying those combinations.

Devina, there is already a mod in progress for FF8 that uses this technology:

Graphical Modding / Re: [FF9PC] Background upscaling mod
« on: 2019-01-16 14:31:37 »
Congrats to your first Mod.
You should let it transfer into the release section.
I'll move it to releases if there's a release in the first post; don't want people having to dig to find the release, also don't know if Ze_PilOt wants it there before more of the kinks are worked out.

Can't you use the current remade high Res art from team avalanche jusete and jmp to train the tool?
Good training data for a tool like this is data that is quite similar to the data you'll be scaling. The reason the FF9 stuff works so well is because the high-res images are literally the source images for the backgrounds. As such, ESRGAN can understand exactly how those images were scaled, complete with dithering, limited palettes, etc., and thus better understand how to undo that.

Team Avalanche backgrounds, though gorgeous, are often fairly heavily reimagined. Things that might seem innocuous artistically make a big difference on the technical side of things. A different wood texture here, a different cloth material there, reworked lighting... If you downscale those, you don't get the original in-game backgrounds. And ESRGAN doesn't truly understand concepts like "wood", "cloth", etc. It is looking at frequent patterns, color variations, etc. And those would be substantially different on the TA stuff.

So you could use TA backgrounds for both the high- and low-res training images and create potentially okay but not really helpful training data with similar problems to the Manga109 training (albeit in the opposite direction), or you could use the TA backgrounds for high-res and the original in-game backgrounds for low-res training images, and get awful useless training materials that aren't grounded in how scaling actually works. Neither is really desirable.

So, this has gotten some attention from PC Gamer.

Just a heads up to anybody who was linked here from PC Gamer:

You have not missed a download link anywhere; this mod is not completed or released yet.

My concern with using this kind of NN-based upscaling on FMVs is how it would handle compression artifacts. The PS1 videos are better than the PC videos, but even they are pretty heavily and visibly compressed. If Gigapixel were to misinterpret those artifacts as intentional detail, the end result could well be worse, not better.

It could make a good plate for compositing, though, for those static FMVs such as junair_u, to upscale only the parts of the screen that don't move/change, and then a different scaling method (such as that already used in the Steam release) for the moving bits. Could make the transition between background and FMV less jarring, at least, if only the moving part of the screen gets all blurry and smudgy rather than the whole thing.

This 60fps mod does not run the 3D animations at 60fps. Rather:

The PlayStation version runs the 3D scene at 15fps and the battle menus below at 60fps.
The PC version runs the whole screen at 15fps. This completely breaks several framerate-driven menu options.
The 60fps mod included in Reunion R05 corrects the PC version to behave more like the PlayStation version. The slots on Tifa's limit break are probably the most visible difference.

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