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Q-Gears / Re: Q-gears logo/Splash Screen contest.
« on: 2006-05-18 04:05:25 »
I scaled the font so that the letters would have the same height, width, and spacing as a normal Final Fantasy logo. I might make the gear bigger, though, to make the whole thing scale better.

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-05-17 23:05:06 »
I am. I am really into web design, and I hope that I can do well.

Archive / Re: Ah!!
« on: 2006-05-17 22:34:02 »
Turn of FSAA, if your video card supports it. That usually helps.

Q-Gears / Re: Q-gears logo/Splash Screen contest.
« on: 2006-05-17 20:17:07 »
How about this? The colors are FF7, but other than that I think it fits the idea pretty well.

General discussion / Re: FF on PC
« on: 2006-05-17 19:25:28 »
FFXI is on PC, but that hardly counts.

edit: fixed my number. I meant 11, honest!

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 game crash
« on: 2006-05-16 18:24:45 »
Does it crash while you're already walking on the world map, when you try to enter a city, when you first enter the world map, when you try to enter a vehicle, when you enter a battle, or what? Whatever it is, a reinstall might help.

If that doesn't help, perhaps your CD is scratched.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2006-05-16 18:21:46 »
NPC Reconstruction basically IS the Reunion patch, just a new version being developed by somebody else.

Saying "Alot better than the reuinion patch IMO" is much like saying that Debian is better than Linux.

How ironic. The last post before it gets revived says
And Red, don't revive dead topics.
And then Krack goes and revives it. The logic escapes me.

'Tis cool, but are you using the Reunion patch or the NPC Reconstruction patch?

Completely unrelated / Re: Colleges and such
« on: 2006-05-16 18:02:19 »
Ah, this fall I'm going to Washington State University. It's supposed to be good for civil engineering.

MIT is one of the highest rated tech schools in the country. Only thing is, I'd advise going to a smaller school because the little ones have smaller student-teacher ratios, meaning more one-on-one time and a potentially better education. Some people work well with crowded lectures, but it really depends on the person.

Archive / Re: [BETA] Battle-Swirl Fix
« on: 2006-05-14 05:12:53 »
Keep in mind that the exe is easy enough to replace, so it's not a big deal if it breaks it.

Announcements and site development / Re: Temporary forums
« on: 2006-05-14 04:08:12 »
I think that a picture hosted offsite would not use the site's bandwidth. It would, however, slow down loading on the user's end.

Hmmm... How odd, it seems they decided to change the name directly after E3. How dumb. Even though the website refers to it as Smash Bros. Dojo, the video on the site still says Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Note the lack of "super" in the new name.

Archive / Re: Quick Question.
« on: 2006-05-13 16:57:33 »
I think a hex editor would do it, but I'm not sure what file you'd have to edit. Most likely something in the data folder, though.

Also, I don't know if you would be able to change the name to something of a different length without ruining offsets.

Zelda: Twilight Princess
Yoshi's Island 2
Super Mario Galaxy
Red Steel
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I've never heard of this "dojo")
Final Fantasy XIII
Sonic Wildfire

Archive / Re: FF7 Alt-Tabbing to desktop and back
« on: 2006-05-13 04:10:29 »
This is a very well known issue, and I don't think any solution has been found. If there is some sort of patch, it would probably be in this thread.

Q-Gears / Re: Enhancements
« on: 2006-05-13 01:34:31 »
It seems to me that analog gamepad support would be a nice feature. It would completely eliminate the need for a run button for the select few.

Archive / Re: Stormmedia Final Fantasy Sound (SFFS)
« on: 2006-05-12 19:29:03 »
I was actually talking to stormmedia. He said "I'll do another zip later but for now use winzip 10." and I was suggesting he use 7zip when he does.

I liked the music and visuals. That was incredible. The story wasn't particularly memorable, but it wasn't insanely bad either (compare to movies such as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians). The voiceovers were good in both languages, and the westernized script was both believable and fun.

General discussion / Re: Limit System?
« on: 2006-05-12 04:33:11 »
The trick is to set it when your limit bar is already at zero. Or to set it right before a boss battle where it will pop right back up anyway.

Archive / Re: Stormmedia Final Fantasy Sound (SFFS)
« on: 2006-05-12 04:25:58 »
Use 7-zip. It has an extremely high compression ration, and doesn't run into version compatibility issues. It's not as widespread as zip, but as long as you link to their site, it works well.

Archive / Re: Aeris in "Weapons awakening" fmv?
« on: 2006-05-11 04:39:28 »
Dude, your link doesn't work. So really, there's nothing for the admins to complain about.

Announcements and site development / Re: Temporary forums
« on: 2006-05-10 00:04:15 »
I am the bird. I believe that this does in fact link to AnimeVamp's patch. This, however, still links to Qhimm.

Archive / Re: Weird control problem (FF8 PC)
« on: 2006-05-09 23:44:46 »
Dude, he posted it here after being told not to post it where he did before.

You tested your hardware? That means unplugging any and all controllers and restarting your computer and trying again?

Completely unrelated / Re: Springtime for Engrish!
« on: 2006-05-09 23:39:21 »
This is the best topic ever.

I was half tempted to quote your entire article just to say that.

Edit: You should also include a complaint about the following scenario:

I want to play a game. :-D
What would that be? lol
How about backgammon
That sounds like fun
Or maybe checkers.
I like that too.

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