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Thanks guys. I don´t have too much time this days so the progress on games_1d is a bit slow but here is a little update:

I only have to do the crane machines, the small ones at the front and the spot lights. Hopefully the next time I post will be done xD

Releases / Re: 16-Bit Avatars
« on: 2017-07-27 23:53:30 »
Yeah, that avatar set is cool, good work editing Red XIII. I have the same set since more than one year but I haven't found a good sephiroth and chocobo...yet xD

Some progress with games_1d:



Thanks guys! I think that I should open a thread in team avalanche's section. Tsunamix's project is more like improvements on the background( for most of them it's a good solution) but some of them need more details that we only can have making the background from scratch (it's because that I'm doing this). I think that Team avalanche has a "to do" list so will be more organized.

hey guys, I started to to another background:

work in progress xd

Sure, here you go xD:

You are right, added some ambient occlusion under the "donuts" and at the edge of the central circle.

And here you go guys:

I changed the style of the litle circles and the info screen. What do you guys think?

Quick edit :

It´s going good. I think that I will finish this weekend xD

Hey Kaldarasha, I saw that scene and I thought: damm, that background is not too complex maybe  I can do something with photshop..and here is the WIP:

All the field from scratch with photoshop. It´s far from over but I think that looks good. What do you guys think?

Edit: I took your idea of the info panel xD

Nice, I will try your method and see If I can find the way to do it quickly. Thanks mate

That one looks good. I compared that one with mine and you are right, the colors are better on yours but I think that my method works very good on non brighter colors and grass,sand, rocks, etc. Maybe we can combine our projects and choose the best background of each one. On other hand, do you know how to use the batch function on palmer?? xDD

Hi guys, I have another method to improve the backgrounds.Here some pics(left waifu 4x, righ my filtered version):

I need help with the batch import option of palmer. I don´t know how it works and the palmer front end is not working for me, always says this:

Palmer.exe is in the same folder as the fontend  :oops: Someone know how to figure out this?

a little update:

Nibelheim with shinra Manor

Hi guys, I managed to edit the maps of the world map using map2obj program. I can add low quality models as well but the world map has a limit of vertex I can create and I have to delete some of them to add the new ones. The question is: is there any chance to hex edit the file and change the code that's limiting the number of vertex on the world map?

Here some pics of the project:

And here some extra stuff:

Hp--->Mp materia with buggy xD

New path to take quadramagic with tiny bronco and knight of the round island clone:

Hi!! Can you add (if it's possible) a feature in the walkmesh edit option to view the field background? It would be helpfull to edit the fields. Thanks a lot for your work!!

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I use this one:

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Releases / Re: Final Fantasy VII OVA Remake (REVIVED!)
« on: 2016-11-02 17:29:34 »
Good to see you here again, friend. If you need any help just tell me. I' m waiting for your mod for a while xD.

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Hi guys! I can´t run ff7 98 version after w10 last update. I tried to install the game with tom´s installer but still don´t work. Any ideas?

Edit: Solved changing the audio driver. xD

Sorry about that, dlpb. And Thanks for the answers, guys. I will try to do that you mean.

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Thanks kaldarasa. I tried that one you mean, but don't works. I want to active a script when cloud cross a line with 3 conditions: yuffie must be in the party, cid must be in the party and you should to have bahamut zero in the inventory. With the first and second condition works perfect but I dont know How to figure out the last one.

I'm modding the Pc versión

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Hey guys, do you know How to ask for materia in the inventory? I want to create a event that needs a specific materia in the inventory but I don't know How to do that.

If that is an error with dlls, you should see an error message. Try download vcredist_x86.exe (x86 because MR is not a 64-bit application) on microsoft website and run it.

If if does not work, modify/create the file Makou_Reactor.ini and add the line "OpenGL=false" to disable OpenGL.

Oh, and that is not needed to move dlls in another folder.
thanks for the tips myst6re but I can´t install vcredist_x86.exe and I created the line "OpenGL=false"in the .ini but still not working

I tried to register the dlls but regsvr32 gives me an error with all of them. I ran cmd  in admin mode

Hi! Which dll I need to put in that folder? I copied all dll that comes with the program in system32 and syswow64 but makou still not run.

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