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Hi everyone, I was playing the NT Vanilla Combat 1.2, and found a game crashing error in the escape from Shinra Tower.

In this part of the game the party splits in two, Aerith, Barret and Red XIII, take the elevators, while Cloud stays in the top floor to fight Rufus, and Tifa stays to wait for him, Aerith's team is supposed to be attacked by two robots in their ride of the elevators, but this battle is gliched, only the second robot attacks and the background is wrong, (it is supposed to be the moving elevators, instead is some sort of street or rooftop), once the battle is won the game continues normally, but after you finish the Bike chase minigame, the battle with the boss of that area won't load, (Boss battle music will play but the screen will remain black forever).

I think it is worth mentioning that this error was not present in the first version of the Vanilla Combat Mod, but appeared in both the first Revision (01-09-2019) and the second revision (23-09-2019), so maybe one of the new changes accidentally broke that especific battle by accident.

I will try to skip this battle using Black Chocobo and continue my playtrought so I could keep reporting what I find. See you later.

Is the arrange mode option at the start of the game available by any chance? If it was a kernel synch issue then there probably would have been more wrong encounters by now but it sounds like it's pulling in Arrange battle IDs (Gunners have some unused battle scenes using the streets). When you fought Air Buster, was the camera at a different angle than the normal side-on one?

Gameplay Modding / Re: Possible issue with "New Threat" mod?
« on: Yesterday at 22:32:57 »
That's a wrong encounter, which is usually caused by the scene.bin + kernel.bin not being synched with each other (this then causes the wrong encounters to be looked up and loaded). It's a common issue with 7th Heaven installs not being quite right and tends to be the first point of failure. As for fixing it, I don't know of a better way than uninstalling then reinstalling the entire thing I'm afraid; 7th Heaven is a bit temperamental because of the registry/game-conversion step.

Do you have anything else on like a translation mod for instance, that can affect the kernel as well and overwrite NT's changes to it. One way to check is to open the party menu and see if the Potion help text reads 100HP(default) or 300HP (NT). If it's 100HP then NT's changes haven't applied. If it does say 300HP though then it'll be something else.

Let's try these:
NT Vanilla Combat Installer 1.2!O1k2nShY!wHz4T3fkGTAQbJP2vTAksMFoJ_lJdI5XKHNsvmpyUhA

NT Vanilla Combat IRO 1.2!OpsygaSb!g-fHtr3QA2Z9Sp7WV4rBN7roX6G8F_46UZGzLOPU2WM

1) Removed the battle trigger in Mythril Mines
2) Checked Battle Square; seems to be functioning now
3) Materia was all set to be obtained at 0AP, some were still dropping as maxed like a few of the summons.
4) Osmose materia was disabled from pick-up as it doesn't have data set in the vanilla kernel.
5) Shinra Mansion now accessible again, the soldiers were disabled but one of their scripts was locking the triangle used to access it.
6) Ending behaviour trigger removed altogether for standard ending.
7) Some fight triggers changed to vanilla; Jenova-Death for instance, and some others removed (Elena fight in Icicle Inn)
8 ) I checked through for any left-over encounters still using IDs from the NT scene.bin but couldn't find the ones that were triggering in North Crater + Temple of the Ancients.
9) Did a sweep and altered new items to be default items instead, and made some text changes so that default names are being used

Hi, I installed the game and the music isn't on but the sound effects work.

If it's steam then the music should work by default, but if it's 7th Heaven then I think the music needs to be acquired/the folder with the MP3/OGG files has to be specified in the .cfg/7h settings.

Hey Sega Chief, I just beat Powersoul keeper but he didn't drop HP<->MP materia, isn't he supposed to? I watched some videos on Youtube and noticed that he does drop it. I'm using the June 2019 iro NT version.  Is this a glitch?

Yeah, he's supposed to drop it on the ground. Not heard of it not appearing before, it's the same script as the counter-attack materia drop used in default.

Thanks for your hard work Sega Chief.

From what I see in my first playthrought there are a couple of things that had not been adressed.

1. The Boss battle in the North Crater, during Sephyroth´s Reunion, it loaded a group of weird enemies, whent it should load jenova-DEATH.
2. In both the Temple of the Acients and the Norther Crater sometimes you are atacked by a monster with the model of the "Acrophies" (That Snake-crab Thingy) the bakground will be all Black and the moster wont take any action, exepct showing a message saying "Sorry you have found a battle error please contact staff" (I don´t remeber the exact wording but that was the general intent of the message) the monster had a lot of HP but you could kill it normally with some patience, after the battle the game will continue as normal.
3. During my playthrought I picked some items with a blank name and no descriptions in the menu, I don´t remember where, since I only notice them when I was selling some things in a shop, I sold them to get rid of them so no big deal.
4. I don,t remeber exactly where but one of the scripted battles will load the custom Yuffie recruit Battle (Yuffie againts everyone else), instead of the intended enemy, sorry, I know this last one is too vague to be usefull but I wanted to note it before I forget about it.

Again thanks for this great mod, and keep up the good work.

Ah thanks, I knew I was missing some but I couldn't spot them in my notes or on the thread.

Need some help with a problem.

I'm attempting to play the New Threat mod through the mod loader in order to play through 1.5 with some additional mods, primarily the ninostyle battle models, but the mod loader is bugged for some people running the latest version of windows 10 and unfortunately I'm one of those people. So I'm having to use a work around by setting the exe's resolution to 640x480 in the exe's properties but it's causing some strange problems. I've tried this with all the mods deactivated and the problem still persists.
(apologies if the images don't display properly, I'm new to actually posting on forums)

I am using no other mods except for New Threat 1.5 and NinoStyle Battle Models.
I've reached out on the mod loader forum and I've been told to reach out here in case it has something to do with the New Threat mod.
Here's the link to that thread for more details.

It looks like menu-overhaul/beacause is being used from the look of the menus. The font, layout, and gauge colour are different. You'll be wanting to use a standard ff7.exe so check in 7h and make sure it's targeting ff7.exe and not something like, say, ff7_mo.exe or similar. Other possible cause is that your ff7.exe itself has somehow been patched with menu_overhaul/beacause from earlier modding and has carried over.

Hello Sega Chief.

I'm playing the NT mod with the latest version and the Zolom didn't use Alpha. He shot me with Beta, as in the normal version.
Is it normal ?

That's fine, Alpha skill was repurposed into something else and Zolom was given Beta back.

So I've been working on the vanilla combat version today, here's progress so far:

1) Removed the battle trigger in Mythril Mines
2) Checked Battle Square; it seems to have been fixed from the last update but maybe the IRO was generated with the wrong flevel or something. As a side-effect I got the achievement for starting a battle in Battle Square which was the last one I was missing; only took me 6 years :I
3) Materia was all set to be obtained at 0AP, some were still dropping as maxed like a few of the summons.
4) Osmose materia was disabled from pick-up as it doesn't have data set in the vanilla kernel.
5) Shinra Mansion now accessible again, the soldiers were disabled but one of their scripts was locking the triangle used to access it.
6) Ending behaviour trigger removed altogether for standard ending.

Anything missing? As in, battle triggers for fights that shouldn't exist with vanilla enemies? Or inaccessible equipment/materia?

Next, I'll look at the regular NT version. I think the ending is still going wrong which is a bit baffling but I'll just remove the script call altogether if it's still in there. There'll be some FF8 NT progress to report on tomorrow as well.

Hello, on "Disc 3" of the Steam Version here, and finally taking on my party's final limit break sidequests. Which are great, but the game isn't terribly clear on all of them.

Right now I'm stuck on Cid's sidequest. I visited the Tiny Bronco, and the mechanic made allusions to needing something Shin-Ra made, and mentioned Wall Market.

Well I went to Wall Market and scoured it. It's possible I missed something but I know I checked every place anything Shin-Ra or mechanical could be.

Furthermore when I search playthroughs of this mod, this doesn't match my playthrough at all: when the party returns to Cid's house, there is no discussion about the Tiny Bronco - instead they meet Cid's protoge and fight his creations? The playthroughs also show Tifa as party leader, making me believe I could have pursued everyone's final limit breaks before regaining Cloud - an option that was not made available to me. The "New Threat" guy on the Highwind's bridge didn't become available until I hit the Northern Cave after defeating Hojo. So far I've gotten Barret's and Red XIII's without issue (unless you count the pain and humiliation of multiple defeats haha) and have located but not yet beaten Vincent's and Yuffie's.

TL;DR So here's my questions:

1) Has the quest for Cid's final limit changed in this most recent version of the mod? Because let's plays of the mod seem to indicate that. Unless...

2) Is there a bug where the little twerp doesn't appear in Cid's house like he's supposed to? Or...

3) Am I just missing the next part of the quest due to my ignorance? I checked everywhere with Cid in my party.

That sounds like an old version, 1.4 probably. The catalog IRO still hasn't been updated. Updating now to 1.5 would be a bad idea as some of the savemap variables were changed around between versions.

Sorry to hear you got sick Sega Chief, hope you get better soon.

Also a quick question for when you rejoin the forums: Any idea when there will be a new version of the vanilla combat mode? I am really looking forward to that one.

Anyway, best wishes, hope to see you back soon.

I'll sort it out during the weekend; I need to figure out how to fix this corrupted field.

Thanks Markul and Kain for fielding questions this week while I was ill.

Hi all I caught the flu so will be out for couple days. Will pick up peoples posts when I'm a bit better

General discussion / Re: FF7 /FF8 Midi audio
« on: 2019-09-13 13:00:45 »
My understanding was that the music was played using midi instructions in an AKAO format. I don't know what the deal with the PC ports is, but out of the box the original 1998 version was set up to use Midi synthesisers like Yamaha (but it wasn't a 1:1 recreation of the PS1 music, different instruments and stuff). I don't know if these read from the .AKAO files but I imagine they do. There are a couple videos floating around where people have set up proper MIDI support and recorded the music; it sounds fairly decent, not same instruments but clean-sounding.

I recently came across videos of Roland machines playing old game music and they sounded super good; it'd be really interesting to see FF7 PC midi music ran through that.

Thanks about the Shout info. Was mostly wondering if any Materia was Hidden element so I could add it to physical attacks against the weapons.

A lot of Materia has Hidden element by default, in fact Materia can't be non-elemental so it's believed that the element 'hidden' itself was designed to act as non-elemental at one point 9this would explain why a lot of unrelated attacks in the japanese original version (not international) carry the Hidden element). If you combine a magic materia that has no listed element with elemental then it'll add Hidden.

The soft lock was interesting, and had something to do with the area outside of the area the event is in. It happened when trying to enter the outer reactor area where there is a save point. Also notably it took a super long time to save my game at that save point. Might just be some choppy event sorting on the game's part. What happened exactly was that I beat the dragon, left, and it got stuck in some sort of loop where the bgm was looping on a black screen. Quit to desktop and re-opened my game and the zone had finally loaded then, though.

That sounds odd; it's a fairly low-load screen. Maybe a blip with the game client itself? The steam version can crash when it loses window focus sometimes.

more elaboration on tifa balance:
Spoiler: show
I'm not really sure if this is intentional, but now that it is late game I am basically just annihilating every enemy and boss with Tifa. And, for the brief period that Tifa wasn't on my team during Mideel, I was annihilating enemies with Vincent + Masamune + x4cut (fort condor battles are incredibly easy if you just are as aggressive as possible, so this weapon is not hard to acquire at all). I know I've already stated this, but once I acquired the powersoul from the reskinned demon gate, the game has been completely broken wide open, with Tifa just punching enemies for anywhere between 2000-9999 with x4cut, counter command + mime, etc. then just having my other two party members keep everyone buffed and alive. I will say it has been very fun, but the challenge aspect of the game where in early game before this, many battles were very hard attrition wars where one mistake could kill my party, and now all of that is just out the window. Even enemies like the (weaker than vanilla?) ruby & emerald weapon were basically a cakewalk. The only sort of "nerf" to this strat is that x4cut assigns targets at random, so some of the bosses that try to chesse you with having sequential invulnerable parts like the Cait Tank are slightly more difficult. If x4cut wasn't random, I'd probably have finished the hack by now. Basically now that I have Premium Heart, the only difference is I no longer need to use Cursed Ring

Powersoul was originally removed but there were complaints about it being missing so I re-added it knowing there wasn't much (at the time) that I could do about its formula. Same with the Ultimate Weapons, I considered dropping the special formulas for them but that felt like it would just make them the same as the other weapons. Since then I've gotten info on where these formulas are stored, so their damage multiplier can be adjusted. In the final build I'll be making .exe adjustments to these formulas but for now, I'm leaving them as-is.

Also wanted to say that once I switched to Arrange mode at the Corel entrance to Gold Saucer, I toggled the Randomizer on and have been using it ever since. I liked the mechanic a lot, but the whole aesthetic of it is a bit wonky. I would maybe give it a different name instead of "Mister Smile" and clean up the text box display for the randomizer. Basically I just always took the +10 or +15 buff if it rolled one, and always took Luck if it rolled over 5. My whole team having quality stats with mid-to-high Luck has payed off pretty often in fights. I guess this didn't polarize my characters identities as the hack intended as much as it is supposed to, but I was able to shore up any low stats with all the crazy buffs on equipment and materia.

Another thing is I didn't really think that the troll jokes on relevant item locations added to the game's quality. I mean, yes it's kind of funny to find the Sense Materia, or to get regular junk (A Heavy Ring and that Spear both seemed really out of place and random, as they are both fairly common items that don't hold much relevance) for the Mythril. I would suggest just giving the player something cool & interesting, maybe even objects alluding to the vanilla item. I don't really want to ever play a hack and feel trolled or ripped off for going to investigate something that's normally worth doing in vanilla. This also goes for the Curator challenge boss in Shinra Mansion. Defeated it and was aggressively informed I'm not getting strawberries? Could easily just give the player a Key Item that's just a badge of honor that serves no purpose outside of 100% completion. I guess opening that chest counts as part of the completionist route? I can't say cause I'm not a completionist or a speedrunner.

I think it might also be relevant to remind the player, maybe in various shopkeeper dialogue, that selling high AP materia like Sense and getting a new one is very relevant to staying on curve with being able to pick up items and equips. I would even go a step further to discourage the player from selling their armor and weapons and take this route instead, as the stat buffs of each weapon continues to be relevant as the game progresses, despite their attack power being outclassed. Have not touched the Throw materia this game, but that's also another corner case for not selling your weapons to pay for ether, hi potion, and tent.

Stuff like the AP grinding weapons and the Precious Watch are kind of so late in the game that they are only relevant if you just somehow failed to grind your materia for the whole game. These are fine I guess, but as an experienced player I was making sure to grind AP from the very beginning on each materia.

Speaking of AP grinding, I wanted to point out this thing from Vanilla that carried over to NT and has been on my mind forever; Vincent and Cid are the only two characters with a Double AP weapon that has a combo slot. Everybody else has singleton slots, as do all the armor. Is there any way to switch around the slots on any given weapon, maybe give each character a double AP weapon with a combo slot? I say this as it is very relevant to level up some of your support materia, and kind of pigeonholes the player into using Cid and/or Vincent during that period of disc 1 while you're still maturing your materia.

edit: Also, terribly sorry if this is an unpopular opinion,
Spoiler: show
but I just hated the Dark Cave sidequest. Everything about it felt like I was just being subjected to the remnants of a separate, discarded hack (maybe the original frameworks of NT?), none of it was relevant to the story or made any sense, none of the events were explained or even speculated upon by the characters outside of them all saying "hmm... something weird sure is happening!"(this was particularly painful to go through, as there easily could have been more elaborate dialogue, such as the during the Amalgam fight, literally anyone could have said something about how jesse/biggs/wedge were being used in the cutscene. Also the Amalgam was a really weird fight where Barrett's Drill Arm made it no longer difficult), and basically the only point of it seemed like showing off some unused reskinned enemy models (speaking of, that weird reskinned rainbow thing in ancient forest is just hideous...). But all in all I just did not enjoy any aspect of this, and felt like the item drops added in, two key items and the mystile, were just thrown in arbitrarily to make you not feel like you just wasted a bunch of time running around midgar. When this event was explained as a sidequest, I was really not expecting that it would just be a weird recycling of the start of the game, but rather a unique sidequest with it's own events.

The randomiser was added as a test but kept in for people to try out. I think the current plan with it is to offer the standard vs the randomiser as a choice when first using the system and lock it in.

I think I'll either add a double-slot to the other character's 2x AP weapons or set Vince/Cid's weapons to use single slot; not sure yet. Balance-wise should probably be singles; trading elemental damage up for boosted AP growth.

Dark Cave is a half-finished mess that was going to be ditched (or at least reworked) for 1.5 but didn't make it in the end. It's getting the heave-ho for the final update and won't be available anymore after that except by going back to older versions (like this current one).

Right before you descend into the final area of North Crater, where the team regroups, you'll get a phone call where someone from the highwind somehow has phone reception and calls you to say that there are now sidequests and stuff. At this point, it isn't mentioned, but there is a guy in the meeting room of the Highwind that now appears and lets you change your party leader. Keep in mind that this only lets you switch to Cid or Tifa, and the game thinks that cloud is "dead" if you do that, so if you did not put him in your party when reforming at the highwind, he can't be selected to switch out using the PHS; you have to move him using the guy in the highwind. This also extends further where if you do put Cloud in a party with Tifa or Cid, Cloud and the party leader both can't be moved from the party.

Another weird thing about this is that you get the phone call where the sprite in middle of the pilot deck in the highwind says they now have info on the "new threats" but that sprite is already there as soon as you regain Cloud from Mideel.

Spoiler: show
Also, there seems to be some sort of rumor that the endgame sidequests can be accessed only after the point in Disc 3, but that's not true. I was able to complete Yuffi and Vincent's lv. 4 limit quest during disc 2. The Yuffi mirror battle was pretty disgusting, and I was able to get through it by confusing the mobs so that they would kill themselves, triggering the Ruby Weapon ringout effect on themselves. I have noticed that recent versions of the hack have had failsafe script added to some battles such as Zack, to prevent the player from cheesing the opponent with something like poison when it was previously possible. I'm not a huge fan of these hotfix approaches to battles in order to make them seem harder, or battles that try to cheese the player by slapping you with statuses when you aren't expecting it, such as the Gilgamesh fight

Weird request but, would it be possible to just make chocobo breeding less random? Honestly chocobo breeding in this hack was entirely moot and unnecessary, as the Guidebook now gives a gold chocobo, so you basically can get a gold chocobo literally right after chocobo breeding is even available. Not sure if any items in the chocobo races are actually relevant at all - maybe Final Attack? The only item I got from the races was a Cat's Bell, which I won before I had my own chocobos.

Speaking of, I still have yet to find the Final Attack materia, but I'm guessing it's in an unexplored zone of the crater or something.

wrt last post, I would say that Tifa breaking the game wide open could be mitigated by just making the curse ring available later in the game instead of at Godo. Not sure why anyone would even use the Relic Ring. Honestly items that don't tell you what they actually do beyond buffing a stat are a big turn off.

The party leader swap thing was restricted due to the way the world map chooses which model to render as your character. It does it by priority; if Cloud is in the party, he overrides Tifa and Cid even if he isn't the party leader. Same with Tifa over Cid. Where this causes problems is that if you go into the menu and PHS in/out characters of a higher or lower priority and then save your game without exiting the menu, the coordinates of the new world map model will not be updated to match your current coords. So when you next load the file you'll be stuck at 0,0 in the middle of the ocean (the game uses this as a storage area for all unused/invisible models like the buggy and bronco). That's why I've set the scripts to block you from moving in/out these three after changing party leader.

Confu on the two mobs in the Yuffie Lv.4 Limit fight is fine; I left a lot of these guys with status ailment weaknesses so that people would come up with different ways of beating them. Poison counters for human bosses was necessary at the time because, also at the time, Poison status ticks carry the Poison element meaning that an enemy weak to this element would die in 16 ticks rather than 32. People weren't happy with Cloud's Lv.4 Limit fight because of that, so a change was made. Now the poison status no longer relies on the poison element and has non-elemental ticks so the counter-measure can probably be removed now.

I haven't really looked into the mechanics of chocobo breeding other than looking through the scripts a bit. They are very long. I think my goal with an adjustment to how this works would probably be to reduce the cooldown on it and to try and fix the RNG problem on PC; on PSX, we had a soft-reset we could use to reload a file and try again but for PC we have to 'hard-reset' which results in the same RNG getting spat out (endless Green Males, etc). Might be interesting to try and raise the stat cap on speed too, see what happens.

Final Attack should be awarded from beating Special Battle, like in original.

Hi Sega Chief!

Really enjoying all the tweaks since the last time I played through New Threat--the changes that made physical attackers more useful are especially welcome!

But I mostly wanted to pop in and mention a few minor issues I've run into (I'm currently just past Rocket Town and about to do Wutai on "Disc 1"):

--There are a few tex boxes with bad line breaks. A couple stuck out to me in the very beginning (but of course I forgot which ones by now because I was dumb and didn't write them down), but the big one now is our stat-up guy. His line about making a deal splits "deal" between 2 lines and it looks bad. Outside those 2 instances, no bad line breaks elsewhere that I've seen though!

--Mideel enemies on Disc 1: I notice that the griffin has its XP zeroed out when using Odin, but none of the other enemies do. I seem to remember you wanting to zero out all enemy XP when they're OHKO by Odin, so I wanted to point this out in case you might've overlooked this!

--In preemptive attacks, for some reason I still do double damage on my first physical attack on any enemy even if they turned around already. Again, not sure if this is intended!

--Finally, this only happened once in a Mythril Mines fight, but was super weird. I was carefully trying to morph one of the guys with the ball and chain, and all my actions kept happening without on-screen animations (healing, attacking, stealing, etc). Nothing went wrong, I morphed the enemy, and everything went back to normal afterward, but it was really odd and I didn't know what was going on.

Wonder how that happened, I'll fix the line/text box.

Mideel world map enemies are a bit of a mess for EXP; I implemented a 0exp hack there because it was possible to fight enemies there early, but then messed that up, so removed it, but only partially. I'll just remove it next time.

Pre-emptive, that's aN oversight/bug with the game engine. Enemies retain the 'back attack' flag or whatever it is (same with party) until struck.

Maybe the Mythril Mines enemy has that sound-wave based attack that causes same issue that Vincent's Mug animation (for certain weapon types) causes. It was a yellow-looking attack.

Had a strange thing happen where Ruby Weapon was just missing in my game entirely, but after defeating Zack and doing Tifa's mission, he suddenly was back in his normal spot in the corel desert. Does something specific trigger it's presence? If so, might want to add text to notify the player. Might also hint to the player at some point in-game that the items for ultimate weapons can be farmed in the northern cave.

It's based on battles, like the cooldown on chocobo breeding + unlock 2nd part of Vincent's sidequest; the unlock condition is Ultimate Weapon but it doesn't show up right away, not until some battles done and world map reloaded.

Is Shout the same thing as Hidden? Was noticing there is Shout damage but nothing in-game seems to protect against it or be weak to it?
It's a separate element from Hidden; it's primarily used in NT for breath attacks or sound-based attacks. Cait Sith's weapons use them (arguably they should use Hit, but I opted for Shout due to the megaphone). You can block it using Elemental + Bahamut summons.

just encountered some sort of soft lock where once you beat the dragon in cid's quest you get stuck loading to the next screen when you exit.

First time I've heard of that happening. Do you mean leaving the screen or directly after the battle is over?

not sure if it's posted anywhere in the game, but after talking to the tiny bronco engineer then going to wall market as he alludes, no event triggers. im guessing I may need cid as my leader, which I understand you get access to once you get to the bottom of north crater, but nothing in-game states this outside of just saying that you need cid.

Cid has to be leader, yeah. I'll sort out the dialogue to make this explicit, or build in a party leader swap when going to his and Tifa's quest start.

Hey I can answer these, if you fail the submarine mission and have to get torpedoed back to the town under Junon, the 'dog door' opens so you can steal the red submarine instead. The oversoul shards are definitely at Battle Square prize redemption in Disc 3.

That also reminds me that while stealing the gray submarine, its very easy to miss the chest for Leviathan Scales which is one of the only forever missable items and completely kills Yuffie's quest. Maybe that should have a fallback? Is it possible to add to bone village or something?

The Levi scales I think have been added to Gelnika as of the latest patch so if they're missed in Underwater Reactor they can be picked up there.

Hi, I have a small question, sorry if it turns to be a dumb one, but I don´t really know much about game moding.

Is it possible to patch only the retraslation and small history changes (Yuffie and Vincent´s automatic recruit, Aerith surviving Sephyroth´s attack) without changing the battles, materia and item locations? I ask this because I really liked the original game, except for Aerith´s pemanent death, and I love the new traslation and the little extra lines you gave Aerith after her survival, they are really in character for her, so a game with only these changes will be my ideal version of the game.

Also I presume that with less changes  there will be less probability of the game crashing frezzing? I´m just guessing, excuse me if this is actually wrong.

Of course this is just my personal opinion and I don´t mean in any way to critice the people that enjoy the more challeging combat and the extra bosses, as I understand that is a big part of this mod, I just wanted to express my opinion and ask if it would be possible to change the game the way I described.

As always thanks for your hard work, and for stay involved with the community and answer these little feedback posts.

On the front page of this thread is a derivative version of this mod called Vanilla Combat; it's the NT script changes (mostly) but with regular enemies + kernel. One caveat is that it currently has some problems in it; the battle square field is corrupt and some encounter triggers for NT bosses were missed which has unintended enemies loading for them. I'm going to give it a once over to try and fix it.

Is there a list of all the bosses that can successfully be morphed? I wouldn't want to know what they turn into, but just if it's possible.

It's pretty difficult (and occasionally frustrating) to morph the bosses, especially with the increased difficulty. Kind of has made me dread boss fights because I'll put in so much effort, maybe even accidentally kill them because of a surprise crit or counter attack and have to redo it, just to find out they don't even turn into anything.

Would be cool if Sense could say whether an enemy was morph-able, but I get that probably isn't an option.

You don't have to morph the bosses, they don't carry anything missable.

Hi everyone.

I just finished my first playtrought of the vanilla mode and wanted to share some observations , that maybe could be considered for future versions of the vanilla patch.

1. Osmose materia seems to be gliched, found it outside aerith's house, appears as a magic materia without name, skills or stats, and does nothing when equipped, maybe it  should fixed be removed.

2. Several differente materias are recived already mastered, I guess this could be a leftover from when those were rewards for events or fights that don't appear in the vanilla version, I suggest returning them to normal.

3. I experience the frezee every time I tried to enter the arena in the battle square of the gold saucer, even after applying the september update patch.  :(

4. the first time I arrived at the shinra mansion in Nifleheim I could not enter, the red arrow showed the door as an entrance point, but Cloud just could not enter, I used Black Chocobo to edit myself inside the mansion and followed the game normaly, still could no enter the mansion again after leaving.

5. The boss battle in the norther crater was change to some weird mosnsters that when killed gave me a massive EXP boost (around 17 levels up, from 50  to 67) after the battle the game continued normally.

6. After defeating  Sephyroth the ending video, wont load, instead only a screen with every character and a robot (Sega Chief's avatar I guess) will appear, congratulating you for beating the mod, I guees this message is intentional, but I also presume it is suppose to appear after the normal ending, or maybe after defeating the extra bosses in the hard version of the mod.

And finally I would like to do a little suggestion regarding Aerith, I think it would fit better with the history if she died like normal, and then rejoined the group when Cloud and Tifa fall into the lifestream when the Town of Mideel collapses, I think it would make sense that Aerith being a Cetra could guide Tifa inside the lifestream so she could enter Cloud's mind and help him sort his real memories, (as in the original history is never explained how Tifa could witstand the sensory overload of the lifestream and enter Cloud's mind, instead of just going insane with Mako poisoning the same way Cloud did), also there is precedent in the story of Sephyroth being impaled / fatally injured, and then reviving after falling into pure lifestream, also it could be optional, after Aerith helps Tifa and Cloud inside the lifestream, the player must choose if Aerith should come back, or if she has already done enought and should rest in peace, that way we have the option of  having her back without dimishing her sacrifice too much, I mean is a little humorous to watch Cloud cry in despair at the dead of his friend, and just a second later casually throw her a phoenix down and said well that should be good enough :P , makes it look a little too much like a parody.

Anyway thanks Sega Chief for this awesome mod that make me pick up one of my old favorites and play it from beggining to end, I love replaying old games, but abstained from ff7 because I hated to lost Aerith and have no way to have her back, and this mod fixed that particular grievance of mine, so thanks a lot. :)

Thanks for the feedback + bugs; I cobbled that version together fairly fast so there's likely still issues in there. I'll clean up the ones you mentioned (actually, I think I forgot to remove the the mythril mines fight with the turks as well). I thought the clean import for the battle square field would do the trick but apparently not; I'll need to see what I can do with that to salvage the flevel.

In the files downloaded, and if you aren't using the version in 7th heaven, you can find an excel with all that information. Pretty usefull.


A question,
Spoiler: show
 I just killed the chocobo from Kalm and the old man gave me the 3 fakes materias. It gave me again the long range materia and the Desert Rose and Earth Harp. The reward here depend what materia I touch to trigger the battle? In that case, what are the others rewards?

And I guess I finished all extra content. Pretty fun them all. Only Sephi left.

I don't have enough words to praise this mod. In many cases it made the history more comfortable to read and follow the events. And battles were so much fun. Thanks to do this.

It should be the same regardless of which Materia you interact with first, they all fire the same script so no worries there. Glad you enjoyed the mod, bud and good luck with the final battles.

Potential improvement feedback on the mod. I realize there is 'arrange mode' so some balance thoughts here are maybe being too stringent.

Spoiler: show
Here's the most important ones first:

- In the special 'dark cave' at the end you can go out the top door and end up exiting out of ancient forest on the world map and being trapped!

- I've noticed loading up lots of counter attack, cmd counter+deathblow, added effect+hades is causing a soft lock when hades succeeds sometimes. Dunno if that is the mod or just a FF7 glitch. :(

- I kept getting soft locks with multi-target enemies using w-magic + quadra magic + ultima, maybe just a FF7 bug.

- I kept getting soft locks on multi-target enemies with command counter + 4x cuts linked, again maybe just a FF7 bug.

The rest:

- A lot of documentation says LV5 suicide which is now renamed quarry fuse, could be confusing

- Alpha & Magnitude8 are still listed as enemy skills, chronocure is missing

- Chronocure could be explained a little better that its based off gametime (I think?)

- Seems like this mod tried hard to make MP valuable since ether is 1500 and you get osmose as a primary way of MP by syphoning from enemies. One trick I realized was once I get Cait Sith, I can use osmose on him as his MP regenerates and get two strong MP pools.

- Since Fort Condor battles are emphasized and it says like 'you need at least 3000 gil', it would help to clarify that you don't actually give funds to the dude at the lookout shack. I never understood that.

- It would be nice if Fort Condor mentioned upfront there was nothing unique to lose, I grinded thru all those as I wasn't sure if anything good was there.

- Where is the thing list - "MP Plus: Ziegfried Encounter OR Temple of the Ancients" < Could be more descriptive to say where Ziegfried is found.

- Before temple of the ancients after cait sith betrayal theres a fort condor alert but the quickwarp guy isn't there

- If you could get a 'quit to main menu' feature in the game that would be amazing instead of quitting/relaunching the game or trying to suicide.

- You tried super hard to fix the storyline disaster that was Cait Sith's sacrifice XD Thanks

- Chocobuckle could probably use some elaboration on the document too, it just said "feed greens" which didn't work. I researched: it has to be 3 mimett greens first then do L5 (quarry mine) and that did it for me.

- I feel like Midgar zolom could maybe be stronger, I found I could break the game wide open after temple by grinding thru Zolom quickly with 300 AP + double AP equipment + using gil plus after Temple of The Ancients.

- The special fight in the temple was great. Also I was surprised demons gate was much easier than I anticipated, maybe I am just a good preparer...

- A condor fight right at disc 2 swap but before the big battle isn't announced by the special messenger popup, I know b/c I went to Fort Condor anyway, or maybe I pre-empted a notice

- The sunken gelnika engine room has a yellow orb showing that you can't pick up (?) I thought this is because its double cut pickup which was moved... should put something there if the yellow orb can't be removed. Another joke like the W-Item bit? :)

- I found myself digging up infinite copies of Bahamut Zero from bone village disc 3, maybe because I went from v1.4 to v1.5 after Midgar though.

- Maybe I missed the note, but couldn't figure out how to change party leader for sidequests without doing a lot of searching for answers out of game. The New Threat NPC guy should say something about that like the README.

- On crater right path, the spiral going down shows a treasure chest on the next screen until you get there and it turns into a save point, kinda confusing.

- In Cid quest the Tiny Bronco backyard shows a rocket in background. Unavoidable I'm sure. Maybe a bit of funny dialogue explaining that.

- Dragon force enemy skill caption says "trade defence" >> "trade defense"

- For some reason Cid's hyper jump just showed him standing still with animations coming out, tried equipping different weapons. This was crater at endgame I was grinding out limits so I just wanted to see it.

- Somehow I broke Cid's big brawl at some point. I think when I gave him slash all. Ever since, I just see him running around the enemy and no damage numbers come out, although it does damage. It image skips enemies dying and shows fight won too.

- When I do the Yuffie partyjoin fight, near the end she says something like 'I'll have to use THIS' and the ground turns into a massive hole, but I never saw anything else. I felt maybe the animation broke. Not quite sure what that is.

- At the ultimate weapon smith it says you don't have the items needed if something required equipped, should note that maybe?

- If you could somehow make Golden Saucer prize redemption include batches like 5x 10x etc. for the smaller items it would be nice. Something like ethers, x-potions, turbo ethers, elixers, or rarer utility items like sun curtain would be nice.

- Maybe best for a separate mod, but someone should really tone down that Ultima sound effect with something else

- Nemesis can be frogged!

- Emerald / Ruby / Endgame was crazy easy with Yuffie's final weapon and Cid piling on counter attacks & cover with his final weapon.

- Kalm traveler says hes giving you a gold chocobo and its actually gray, could maybe add some funny dialogue explaining that. I checked the farm and it was gold as promised in the text.

- Oh, lastly, I realized in the 'dark cave' re-run that I DID miss the sense materia early game lol. Gahhh!

...and in the immortal words of the Highwind conference room guy: "Thank you for a job well done!" *salute*

p.s. Long live the immortal X-ATM Scorpion XD

BTW here is an updated list of Enemy Skills to utilize:
Code: [Select]
Frog Song Quarry Fuse
Magic Hammer White Wind
Big Guard Mustard Bomb
Dragon Force Death Force
Antipode Laser
Matra Magic Bad Breath
Beta Aqualung
Trine Magic Breath
???? Goblin Punch
Chocobuckle Deathcharge
Death Sentence Chronocure
Shadow Flare Pandora's Box

I think quad ultima breaks if an absorb hp/mp is also being used on multi-part enemies; it's an engine thing unfortunately. No idea how you got 4x-cut to work with command counter, that's not ordinarily possible. Added effect thing is potentially related to 60fps mod or something else, not sure; it was to do with Frog status. Big Brawl I think is busted on PC as well depending on the version.

The documentation, both in and out of the mod, is out of date/missing info in places. That's completely on me for not staying on top of it.

I'll keep a note of the stuff you've found + suggestions; thank you for a job well done o7

Thanks! Yes, I realized that I just had loaded the wrong save and my immunities did work against the breath/pollen attacks.

I am now on disc 3 and wanted to know: Are any of the items that are required to craft ultimate weapons able to be missed and therefore lock you out of acquiring them? Or are all of them farmable in northern crater / quest drops?

No, nothing should be missable. All the weapons you need are acquired from Crater enemies, either by drop, steal, or morph. There should be some info on that here:

Spoiler: show
how do I farm Oversoul Shards if the Goblin doesn't drop them or morph them anymore? Do I have to fight every NT extra boss to get 9 shards, now?

I think you can get them from Battle Square's BP shop as well. Yoshiyuki is held by Soldier M class in the t-junction where you find the alarm/elevator down to junon underwater reactor.

Spoiler: show
Not sure if this was intentional, but the intel officer in your airship in disc 3 doesn't mention the Shinra Mansion for the flashback fight for cloud. Also, the Where Is The Thing note in the forum's download package says that an event triggers in the Nibelheim Reactor, but doesn't state what conditions are required. Would greatly appreciate it if someone would update all of the accompanying footnotes such as this one and the item drop spreadsheet, and possibly make a weapon descriptions note that explains what buffs things grant when it isn't displayed in-game, such as Relic Ring, Cursed Ring, Flayer, Powersoul, Utlimate Weapons that have scaling effects and their formulas, etc. I think players would be extremely relieved to have these things.

Yeah you're right. I'll need to focus on updating all the text and documentation next to get it finally done, it's been left far too long.

Hello Sega Chief, you have really done some great work with these New Threat mods. My own mods for PSX FF7 and 8 I made, are based off of the ideas that yourself and others in the forum have made. They are nowhere near the quality of yours but that is to be expected with the PSX versions.

That being said, I uploaded my FF8 mod called Inernational GF Job System here but the hack is missing a few things that I hoped you could offer some insight with.

First, is how were you able to change junction magic to be 100% regardless of stock? I wanted to get that in my hack but am unsure if it is as simple as changing some hex values or if it requires coding. I could change the values if I new the offsets but that would be it.

Lastly would be if you knew of any way to change Squalls hit to be something other than 255 or if that is hardcoded. Thanks!

If you had any interest in seeing the changes to the game I made, it is located here:

International GF Job System

Sorry, bud; I hadn't checked the thread in a bit. I'll send a PM.

Thanks for your hard work, Sega Chief. The mod is awesome.

Can you please mirror the september update? does not work for me. Thanks



Doesn't look like any of those attacks used by either Icy Oscar or Ho-Chu ignore status defence. For Oscar:

Frozen Beam: Ice
Bio2: Poison
Bad Breath: Poison
Oscar Belch: Shout

So of those four, Shout is probably the most problematic to block but can be done so using Bahamut + Elemental, though it's the weakest attack there with a base of 22 and chance of Silence. Absorbing or Nulling poison should block Bad Breath.

Ho-Chu's pollen is more of a problem because it's non-elemental. 4k damage seems abnormally high looking at his stats + the base power of the attack; Lv.61, 156 magic, base power of 55 on the attack. A tidy magic-defence stat ought to deal with that. Sleep, Poison, and Dual are attached to it.

As for the AI, he has a chance to start either at a 2-turn pause, a 1-turn pause, whip sting, or big pollen. Possibly stone whip too. I'll run a test on it tonight to see what the damage looks like.

Did you go to the bottom of northern crater first? A phone call happens down there first. I just talked about that on 2nd to last page.

Another q... about these lvl 4 weapons, not sure what the descriptions mean.
"HP/MP/Limit = Atk. Str", so is this saying attacks are somehow greater/equal/lesser proportionate to percentage of these numbers?

The higher those are, the more damage they deal. For Limit, you can get more out of that if you have a filled Lv.4 Limit gauge vs a filled Lv.1 Limit gauge.

Spoiler: show
I also had an issue where the Gaea Dragon never used Magnitude 8 or whatever, even at low health despite it being in the enemy skill note. noticed you can dispel it’s dragon buff tho. It doesn’t seem to be able to be manipulated either.

Also, wanted to say that Icy Oscar *And* Ho-Chu may be ignoring status/element immunities with their breath attacks. Ho-Chu fight has been basically impossible, as he gets a turn to use Big Pollen before my party even acts. Only surviving if the statuses dont proc? had a cat’s bell equipped on cloud and somehow didn’t get put to sleep. Trying this at level 60 before entering Junon, as I farmed chocobos at the start of the mideel quest. I only managed to win against Icy Oscar because I am playing arrange mode and used the randomizer to boost a lot of my team’s luck, therefore the attack randomly missed once. The other times it was impossible to win, and this seems to be the case with ho-chu but even harder, as all it’s attacks hit like a truck. Any hints besides ‘kill it with fire’ ? It literally starts the fight with a 4000 damage attack that puts the team to sleep and then casts it again immediately.

Was also going to mention that Powersoul is pretty game-breaking. Have been able to just cheese every tough enemy with Tifa wearing it, Gigas Armlet, and Cursed Ring. and have noticed some weird glitch where if I use Red XIII’s Lunatic High, it somehow revives Tifa to max health and removes the curse ring’s death timer.  Would maybe suggest moving the powersoul to later a point in the game, such as stealing it from Diamond Weapon or Ultimate, as it has been too good to not use in many situations.

It's Crater Dragon you need to manipulate for Dragon Force now, when the skill was Mag8 it was available from Gaea Dragon because it was a bit less powerful as a skill and available earlier.

Neither Oscar or Ho-Chu should have status-ignoring attacks. I can't recall if Big Pollen is magic-based or not, but the Luck stat only affects physical attacks and nothing else. Luck/4 for a chance to land an automatic critical hit, and Luck/4 to evade an incoming physical attack regardless of accuracy/evasion (with the former overriding the latter; if Lucky Critical returns true then a check for Lucky Dodge isn't made). Magical accuracy is affected by level differences. Damage sounds overly high as well on Big Pollen. I'll need to remember to check them when I get back.

Wanted to ask - Does Goblin Punch do anything ever? I don’t understand why it’s even in the game, as it just deals a physical attack randomly thats just as strong as a regular attack.

Is it possible to mod the Enemy Skills more thoroughly? many skills like ‘????’ and goblin punch, etc have been totally irrelevant and just the magical attacks like trine or beta, big guard, and white wind have been the only useful skills.

Goblin Punch has a fringe use when the enemy has the same level as the caster. ? ? ? ? is handy sometimes as it ignores defence but the gravity element on it probably cuts its use down too hard so I'll make it non-elemental again. The skills as a whole are a mixed bag of odd effects and elemental damage to plug up gaps. They're handy in certain situations but not as a go-to replacement for conventional spells.

Is Boxer missable? On Disc 2, trying to get Goblin Punch. Been running around the forests in Gongaga for a while now, can't encounter him to save my life.

He's inside Gongaga, on the trail field screens (specifically, the field screen just outside the town).

I think Dragon Force went through a few changes from Mag8 to time flare and then back to Dragon Force again. Alpha was changed into Chronocure which is on the Death Jokers on the right-path of the Crater. That last boss is related to turning in the Desert Rose to the Kalm Traveler and is used at the end of the fight (blocking Hidden element attacks is recommended).

Is Gaea Dragon the only one to do Time Flare? I've limit breaked Nibel & Crater dragons till the cows come home and they always counter with the playing card that says "The Sun" that casts berserk... and I can't go back to the cliffs the game forbids it. I remember the Gaea Dragon casting it once, but he was too dangerous at the time and I had no idea it was an enemy skill. Can't believe I have a bricked enemy skill materia. =/

It sounds like Dragon Force has the wrong animation ID set; that'll be setting Berserk, Auto-Crit, and Haste I think. I don't think Time Flare is a skill anymore but I'll need to check. In any case, the skill you want from the Crater Dragon is Dragon Force.

also did not see any Vaccines at Icicle Inn, just hero drink and x-potion iirc. is there a way to open up the hack and just look at changes compared to vanilla? ive yet to use 7th Heaven or anything

There should have been one in the house with the map, sitting next to the Hero Drink II. If Bad Breath is ignoring status defence then that's an issue; will check kernel when I get back.

quick question about skills that ignore status immunity?
Spoiler: show
How am I supposed to learn Bad Breath from Icy Oscar if he puts the team to sleep then uses no physical attacks? equipped the sleep immunity accessory but to no avail.. whole team is basically dead by the time the status wears off, at which point the critical, confused unit dies immediately.

had a hypothesis - am I supposed to have Ice Ring and Aurora Armlet equipped or something, to survive the initial beating of Bad Breath, then manage to recover and kill it before being hit again by the rng calling bad breath again...? seems like some sort of situation like this.

Sleep immunity should be working against sleep status there; is it ignoring it? I think you get some vaccines in Icicle Inn which would be really useful here; pop one for Resist status to block all incoming statuses. The breath attack should be ice element as well so Aurora Armlet from Forgotten City is also a good shout. Poison + Elemental or a Star Pendant will help with the poison-element attacks (and I think Bad Breath is poison element damage as well).

Had something REALLY weird happen just now in Gaea's Cliff.

Took out a pair of Cuahl with Alexander, and they each Final Attack'd "Lvl ??? Holy" against my party. Each one took out a single party member, leaving me with just Cloud (at full HP mind you) and... I got a Game Over.

lolwut??? Thankfully I had saved right before, but... WHAT? I've never encountered anything like this before. I'm just gonna run from these guys from now on. o--o

What I think has happened is; Cloud was hit by Blaster earlier on in the fight which ejects the targeted party member from the fight, but the wrong damaged animation has been set meaning he's still visibly present on the field. Then the Lv? Holy attacks have come out and killed the remaining two party members.

I assumed weapons were done because Mythril Saber was listing +15 instead of +5 for magic buff but I guess I must have done that in an earlier update.

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