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2.0 when, FF7 remake didn't do it for me. Keep up the great work sega hope you can continue on FF8 aswell, much love

Still needs a bit of time.

There seems to be a bug in materia growth. I killed a boss that yields 100,000 AP. I equipped some triple growth items to master a bunch of materia, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly. I did several experiments, all with the same outcome.

Cloud was equipped with a Precious Watch (shown as triple growth). In it is an Osmose (170,000 AP to master). After the fight it has gained 103,392 AP (???), with 66,608 to go.
Spoiler: show

Tifa was equipped with a normal growth armor with an HP Absorb (100.000 AP to master). After the fight it has gained 34,464 AP, with 65,536 (2^16, but that may be a conincidence lol) to go. Well, at least the 34,464 is consistent with 103,392 / 3.
Spoiler: show

So my next thought was that maybe AP is shared over the three characters, so I did the same with 1 character dead. AP gained is exactly the same. So I did another test. I went to the crater and fought a dragon. He yielded 5,700 AP. I checked the Osmose materia on Cloud, which was now at 120,492 AP (so 103,392 + 3*5,700). So triple growth seems to work as expected, and AP is not shared.
Spoiler: show

Anyway, now I'm stumped. Any insights?

I think there's an upper limit on what AP received can actually be; it's a 2-byte value initially so the max I can set on my end is 65535 per enemy. But the max range for the value when modifiers are applied, and when all enemy AP is counted together, I'm unsure. So what might be happening is, the value is hitting the max that can be stored for calculation and then overflowing back to 00 and counting back up from there.

I'll need to go through and set AP for the end-game bosses so that this can't occur.

Hi Sega! Was continuing to use Vanilla New Threat through the Qhimm catalogue. Got to the part of Corel Mega Materia quest, and I believe it was the last two sections of the train that took me to Proud Clod's battle screen. I can't remember if the encounters were different. Anyways, looking forward to 2.0! Thanks for all your work!

I'll sort that out.

Thanks for the concern. Items are also heavily restricted (per the class instructions), but I did beat the fight without any major issues once he got put into the 2nd stage. Three full Level 1 limit bars plus rank 2 stats (Cloud as the SAM is beastly) dealt more than a good third of his HP out of the gate, and Yuffie's LB slowed him, allowing more attacks from my team.

Well, glad to hear you're through.

I found something odd (Spoiler):

Spoiler: show
Even though Aerith is dead, she's right there when parachuting into Midgar:

I'm guessing it's a flag that's set incorrectly?

Is that from the latest IRO from this thread (or my catalog) or is it from the Qhimm Catalog? I thought I'd fixed that earlier.

If it is an upgrade the save files will be fine?  Or is it necessary to start a new game.  Being 15 hours in, I’m reluctant to start a new game.

Yeah should be fine.

So, I gotta ask if something is an intended feature, or an oversight (wouldn't be a bug, but...)

I'm hunting chocobos. When I face off against Valorons (sp?) near Rocket Town, the bad guys themselves scare the choco away when they case Wall +All. Combined with the low encounter rate of chcobos in that area, and the number that end up not being "great", this is a bit maddening. I know I can get Greats from Mideel, but I've always had better success with breeding/racing chocobos when they're from different regions (So a great male choco from Mideel and a great female from Rocket Town seem to produce a better racer than 2 greats from Mideel. I don't know if it's actually coded like that, but just something I noticed once).

In any case, is there a way to either a) not have chocobos spooked by status change or b) remove the +all component from the Valorons' self-buffs? Or is this intended and trying to figure out how to kill both valorons, without hitting the chocobo, before their first turn, an intended challenge?

I wasn't aware that happened, I'll set it to single target casts.

(Can't seem to edit posts...)

Update: I leveled up to one more set of stat boosts and the combination of increased ability scores, full limit break bars, and higher levels allowed me to continue being the classes that I wanted to be, forcing Jormungandr onto his second stage before he could Tail Slap me into oblivion!

  • Barret: Dark Knight (front row; only gravity and destruct equipped)
  • Yuffie: Bodyguard (back row (no tranq); can't use spells but can equip elemental materia for elemental affiliation on weapon or armor, had cover materia but was not used)
  • Cloud: Samurai (front row; only sense and counter materia -- used limit breaks to beat the distance gap)

Thanks again Sega Chief! Still looking forward to 2.0.

From what you've got equipped, I can't really see you beating that fight easily. You've rendered Cloud and Barret mostly useless, unless Barret has a gun equipped in which case he can get some attack stacks and deal a bit of damage. Yuffie can at least function with elemental. NT's arrange mode isn't really built for self-imposed challenge runs like this, as boss fights tend to have your full kit in mind when they're being specced; at the very least, swap in a character who has access to Barrier magic and/or healing magic to alleviate the strain a bit. Cloud is an absolute lost cause, so he'll need to just Defend and use items when needed. If he dies, only revive him when the boss starts to prepare Waterpolo. Yuffie can inflict Slow with Greased Lightning which should be done as early as possible.

If you have anyone with Morph, and assuming attack-items are fair game, try to Morph some Zemzeletts for Swift Bolts; this should deal good damage, as it has 1600 damage at base (before Magic Defence is applied, but should still be very high). War Gong for Berserk (to be used on Yuffie) can be acquired from Levrikons from Morph as well for a 1.5x damage boost but that means relinquishing control of that character which is probably not advisable. Could be used late on to push to the end or something.

Custom Sweepers Morph into Shrapnel; use for that could be hitting boss + Waterpolo at same time, should deal enough damage to kill the Waterpolo in one shot. Prowler can be morphed for Speed Drink, but it'll be tricky to morph it in time without using status ailments like Paralysis/Stop to keep him from fleeing the battle (Cross Slash/Seal Evil can do it, or Added Effect + Time in a weapon). If you can get Speed Drinks for Haste and Slow Jormungandr, then set ATB to Wait on the slowest speed, you'll have a tidy speed advantage.

Vampire Fangs can be morphed from Kalm Fangs, but unsure what their usefulness would be. They were buffed from the original game and may be a way of dealing damage while healing to take some strain off in a pinch. Base damage is 512 before defence is applied, so probably looking at 400-450 or so.

Hi Sega I want to thank you for making the mod. Playing it was amazing. I wanted to ask about the question marks at the bottom of the check character sp list. Is/was there a bonus character of somesort? Also, would you consider adding a new game+ of some kind.

Sorry about the entry on the SP list, it was for testing (I was thinking of using a total SP pool for all characters I think but abandoned it). But I'd accidentally spread it to every save point and never got round to removing it.

New Game+ is a tricky one. There is a debug command to 'reset' the game but I don't know if it does all the variables correctly. Also, the balancing of the game would still be as-is so it'd be little challenge for the vast majority of the 2nd playthrough.

What I was thinking of doing though was setting it up so that after beating Safer a save game can be made that reloads the player back to just before the point of no return, so that once the ending is finished and the game client closes the player can then use that save to carry on.

Hey Sega,

I'm enjoying the New Threat mod so far, though I did have a couple of curious questions:

  • Which fights require "certain setups", such as the Jormungander fight? (E.g. Certain setups being "must fight from back row and use Bolt to survive") I'm actually doing a class-based, class-locked run of the mod and was unable to complete this fight, at least without power leveling (currently in the process of that). I'm fine breaking the whole class-locked thing every now and then if it's necessary to move forward with the mod, but I figured having a heads up would be nice.
  • For 2.0, are you planning for more stat customization? In relation to the above question, I'm playing class-locked characters, and having the ability to pick-and-choose a little bit more per character would be nice. You give many great options already, but a couple of them didn't quite fit for my run--that said, don't feel like that means you NEED more options. Merely a curious question.

1. I'm not actually sure to be honest. Arrange Mode's Jormungandr boss is definitely a spike as it's brought up a lot. The others maybe not so much, but Demon's Gate might be tricky.

2. It was suggested to add a 3rd option where the player pick the stats instead (so the pre-determined sets, the randomised sets, and then a new self-pick set). I haven't implemented it yet, but it should be fairly fast to do it.

Hey Sega,

this mod looks awesome and I want to stream it. I'm wondering if I can do an item and materia only randomizer with it. Basically I want the game to remain the same, but with chest rewards and field materia randomized. Is that an option?


Cat :D

Download the auxiliary part for the flevel, and use that by itself. That one does item/materia. Note that some things won't be changed on certain fields due to some exceptions that need to be added in.

Are you going to still have the auto-tent and check SP options available? I like those =)

Also, how about a way to set Party leader? I saw on some streams (I have a guilty pleasure of watching people flip out every time X-ATM comes back!) that people started doing the disk 3 sidequests, only to realize that the required party member wasn't the leader, and they had to backtrack to the Highwind and switch it up. Might be a good QoL thing. Maybe that can be D3 only, and of course Cloud is required for the North Cave section, or would that be too much work?

SP itself isn't a thing anymore, the upgrades come at fixed points which can then be spent at a Save Point. Auto-Tent I think I can add as a shortcut like how it is now.

Party Leader swap I'll review when I get to it.

Is there a way to check if the latest version is installed without starting a new game?

When in doubt, can reinstall the mod from the latest files; assuming it's not being upgraded from 1.4, save files should be fine. If it's an IRO, then should be a release date field on it (if downloading from the catalog).

Just for further clarification, this Hard Mode toggle means the difficulty changes of Arranged from Normal, right?

For example (please correct me if I'm wrong), I could play in Arrange mode but not have this Hard Mode toggle on, resulting in a sort of difficulty between Normal mode and Arranged?   

They'll be balanced roughly the same, and you can toggle hard mode on for either.

You have prepared the jump point to Mr Smile in the save points,so maybe you can use that to make in that map all the scripts you need for the Extended Menu like for example , the square button makes the jump,initialy the background is set to black and there is no music(or yes) then the menu options appear, and if the user want to go to the rank up screen, only need to show the background ,activate the music ,and execute the script. Its just an idea

Yeah, could do.

What is the difficulty difference between normal and arranged by the way?
I heard there is a randomize stat option but I dont know where to find it.

Also, if I only use the installer instead of 7th heaven, would steam achievements still work?

Enemies get a level boost which ups their damage dealt and affects some other things like steal success, magic accuracy, etc. Some also get an alternate attack to use. Some of the bosses are changed for a variant.

The randomise option is for the rank-up/Source-Point system. Instead of picking a pre-determined set of sources to upgrade the character, the randomiser rolls some sets for you to pick from.

For 2.0, Save Points are getting reworked. Instead of the big menu, it's just a simple Save Point message like vanilla. But by pressing Square, an additional menu can be opened to toggle some settings:

The ? option is just the telport to the Source Point/Rank-up screen. This becomes visible once you get your first upgrade available, similar to how it goes with 1.5.

The 'keep field music playing for battles' option has carried over, but the Random Battle toggle is being retired in favour of a maxed Enemy Away Materia being equipped on one of the early characters who joins the party. Idea is that an Enemy Away is a lot more versatile for adjusting encounter rate (don't need to visit a save point to do it) and has the advantage of affecting World Map encounters as well. I think the rate reduction is 87.5% for a maxed Enemy Away but the value held for it in the kernel is 14, so maybe it's possible to lift this closer to 100%.

Hard Mode toggle is also something new; this is what was going to be used with Arrange Mode (or Game Type B as it'll be called) but then I thought that people might want to play through the altered game events but without the difficulty increase, and then there might be people who want a difficulty increase but with the game's normal events/bosses. As the difficulty increase is handled through enemy AI, I figured the best approach would be to separate the difficulty increase out into its own option instead.

No EXP Mode was suggested on the Discord, so I've added that in. As the name goes, it lets you set EXP given by enemies to 0.

What I'm looking for now is any further suggestions for options. The way scripts work in this game is that field scripts are unique to each field screen, meaning there is no centralised script for Save Points on field screens. That means it takes a lot of time to spread a change to every Save Point in the game, given that there's quite a few of them. So if you have any ideas/suggestions for extra options to be added to this menu then now's the time to make them. I'll be implementing the new save point script across all of 2.0's fields in a couple of day's time.

Could you recommend a item location guide that goes chronologically?

Most guides go chronologically.

You always have to take everything so seriously Sega lol. You don't know me by now or my inherent sarcastic nature I mean come on look at my face and tell me I look serious. I know what an escort is but thought it was pretty funny to look at it from the perspective that I said.

If you think about it, using your definition, the literal meaning of the piece of armor is the "guard guard" sounds pretty silly to me. At least with my way it means protection the actual guard of an escort. Why would it be restricted to female characters anyway in your "proper" definition. You saying girls cant protect something or someone valuable?

(<---- again look at the face) :p

I'd rather not look at your face.

Depends on wether you wanna get ALL items, or just the essentials. Most of the things you'll want are given to you near the end of disc 2 and 3 by doing the side-quests. The items you'd have to worry about missing are moved so you shouldn't miss them.

Everything else is replaced with duplicates of items you'll already have, or consumables.

You'd really just need to use a guide of the entire game, since they generally make sure you're given enough information to grab everything. Like Sega said, the huge majority of item placement isn't moved anywhere. If it was moved, it's accurately detailed in the "Where Is This?" file you're given with the mod.

Well, if most of the stuff is only consumables and not some good armor/materia, then an essentials guide would be enough.
Also, are materias on the materia spots and consumables/armor/weapons on the same? Or is everything over the place?

Depends, some are some aren't. Steal is in the same place in the Sewers for instance, and Full Cure is still in the Cosmo Canyon shop back-room. But you get Underwater Materia from the white chocobo in Mideel instead of Contain Materia, and HP Plus is found in the Crater where Mega-All was in vanilla (with Mega-All being in the Purple Materia cave). The locations used are the same, just not necessarily always the same thing sitting there.

I'm just before Reno & the plate, really loving how the battles are more involved versus "mash circle to win lololol".

I am curious to one thing though.... Since we are capped at level 1, doesn't that make our steal rates effectively zero percent? Is there a way to patch this to a flat percentage (ex/ 30% or 50%)?

Thanks for this mod!

Edit: tried some google-fu earlier and couldn't seem to come up with anything that worked. Tried to do it with the Godo setting of "Max Drop/Steal" to no avail. I think I understand how to do it through Bahamut with patch-all, I am just confused as to the actual values to be entered. Am I on the right track?

Yeah, but I'd say that's a part of it. The goal is to beat the game with a Lv.1 party so things like steal/manip success, magic accuracy, party damage, etc. all factor. Setting the steal-rates to the highest possible rate with an editor will only help for a little while as the level-difference between the party and enemies slowly ramps up over the course of the game until it becomes impossible again.

Sneak Glove and Hypnocrown can get around this but the former isn't available until the late stages of Disc 2.

Having difficulty getting a Mu (and a few goes at their stronger version, Trickplay) to cast Lv4 Suicide. Might be a good idea to slightly bump up their chance of using it, if you can. Have spent several hours with Aeris just beating them with the Wizard Staff to restore their MP waiting for them to use it.
That's not a issue from the mod I don't think. Just played the original PS version on my Vita and they do the exact same thing. Can't manipulate and won't cast L4 suicide. Just got to keep on trying.

I'll adjust it.

Hey Sega, is there any specific reason why Aerith can't equip the Escort Guard? I have it, and it shows up for other characters, but when I try to equip it it to her, it's not in the list!

Escort Guard and Minerva Band are locked to male characters and female characters respectively. Cait Sith can equip both.

It's for male characters only. Its a guard for an escort.  Its like that in vanilla as well I am pretty sure. This game was from an earlier age where the social normal was for an escort to be a girl I suppose :p It's opposite is the minerva band, only girls can equip that.

An escort is a group of guards you send along with someone to get them somewhere; you escort them there.

Cait Sith can equip the Minerva Band and the Escort.

Though, that may just be due to spoilers.

A long time ago, characters had an 'ultimate armour' in addition to an ultimate weapon that only they could equip. The odd one out was Cait Sith, who was able to equip any of the other character's ultimate armours including the escort guard and minerva bangle (which were like an alternative ultimate that could be equipped across several characters). It was done to make him more appealing as a party character, but the whole armours thing itself was flawed to begin with due to the lack of actual armour entries and was reverted. Cait kept access to escort and minerva though.

Hey guys,

I want to do a 100% run of this mod, but the "Where is the thing" document doesnt really show the items in a chronological order. I really dont want to miss anything. Also is there everything that was added newly to the new threat mod? Help would be appreciated.

A vanilla guide for item locations would do 95% of the work. Some of the stuff in those locations is changed but the location itself isn't, so following that guide would get you to most of the stuff. The things listed in the document are items not in their usual places and most are for Disc 3 which can be done in any particular order.

Ah I understand. I'm assuming then that the Junon cups dont have good drops/steals/morphs?

Can't actually remember, probably not.

So someone told me that you can fight the Commandos on the Highwind (the ones in the Chocobo room) but I haven't been able to do so (the Captain is sleeping in the hay). Is this Disc 3 content or have I been trolled? Just finished Return to Rocket Town. Thanks so much!

There used to be a Boss Fight menu handled by those NPCs but it was retired because it meant I couldn't put certain things on their drops/steals/morphs without making them farmable via that menu.

Just checked, Titan, Ramuh, and Ifrit aren't Mastered, though next level says 0. Any way to address this?

My bad, I'll need to set those as mastered in this version.

You'll need to use a save editor to either set those Materia to master, or add a Master Summon to inventory.

Hi there,

When the game crashes it says an emergency save file was created... am I able to get my progress back, and if so how? Not sure how to access this emergency save file.

I'm not entirely sure what that emergency save is either, it seems to be used with the driver but I think it's more of a crash dump for debugging or something rather than an actual save file that can be used.

I have collected all 16 Summoning Materia, and have gone back to the Cosmo Observatory and selected "get closer..." on the Red Mega-Materia, but nothing happens. Isn't this where I get the Master Summon materia? Bugenhagen is gone since I finished Red XIII's Level 4 Limit Break quest.

It should work the same way as before, regardless of whether Bugenhagen's around or not. Are they all mastered? They're intended to drop as Mastered, but some have multiple pick-up locations so if any of them aren't then I'll need to adjust that.

For the drop, you can't Steal anything otherwise it cancels the drop chance from happening. It seems that Armored Golem gets brought up a lot though, so what I'll do is set the Max Ray as the Morph as well.

I didn't realise the route was temporarily blocked before the pillar, I was able to get out of sector 7 by this route on the first visit to the dark cave.
I just loaded the save to make sure I was not mistaken, I went through that route by pressing the down arrow key then randomly hitting left\right arrow key.

I'm going to check through the entire event because it seems I've used the 'character exists' check for a lot of the scripting but as this has been changed to a PHS Lock instead it's throwing a lot of it off.

Hey Sega - what's up with missing score only having 4 materia slots? I saw this was asked a few months back but never saw a response.

It gains power from AP and is potentially the strongest of the Ultimate Weapons (save for the enemies killed formula but that takes an unfeasible amount of time to build up) so I figured reducing the slots would rein it in a bit.

Hi, sorry if this question has been answered(probably several times), but is all the information correct on the status screens?  For example, the value given for MDef is the real value, and it does what it says it does?  I assume so, but wanted to be sure.

Just recently started this mod, and so far I’m very impressed.  Seems to be a good challenge and I like most of the changes thus far.  I hope it remains challenging to the very end.

I have the character AI double their defence stats when the battle begins, which is similar to what enemies get; any defence stat listed for enemies is actually doubled by the engine. That's why Guard Scorpion, who sets its Magic Defence to 300 or so in AI, is about as tough against spells as an enemy with about 150 Magic Defence.

Hi Sega Chief,

Can't thank you enough for this mod. I have been in awe since I started this.

My one complaint so far:

Would it be possible or you to un-nerf Aerith's limit breaks? I don't think their natural strength would be out of pace with this mod. I'm at the point where she has just learned planet protector. It hasn't seemed to block much of anything. The shield status is nice, however every boss seems to pierce through it. Wall and regen are a bit redundant with 3 cure-all materia equipped and a dedicated barrier placing tank. I am assuming pulse of life and great gospel took a nerf as well? Are the other two limits unchanged or should I give up training her? Her awesome limits were kind of the only reason to use her long-term.

Hope you will consider this request,
Thanks again  :)

Gospel is the same as before; Peerless + Full Cure, while Pulse of Life is a full restore + KO revive.

I'm on normal. It seems things have gone back to stable after disabling all the model mods. Currently I only have the gameplay addon, animations, and the textures (battle/field/world) enabled. FYI: Using 7H and only the mods from the 3.0 catalog to begin with.
Guess I'll keep it like this for now. I don't want to keep you from doing other stuff over some weird interaction between other mods :)

Maybe it's a vram issue then? Model mods should be compatible, but it sounds like the game is struggling with the assets. Increasing delays sounds like increasing load, so maybe the cache isn't getting cleared properly.

It is possible, I believe its a glitch. I was able to go out of sector 7 right after I exit the train by fiddling around this area.

That's not caused by the mod, that's a glitch that's part of the normal game. Speedrunners use it all the time.

The speedrun skip is for the start of the game when two guards block that route, but in this sidequest that route is open and used to get from Sector 7 to Sector 6. Problem is, the route should be temporarily blocked for the pillar then re-opened afterwards so I guess the check on it failed. Maybe it uses the exist check on red/vincent.

I dunno if its just been me missing them but I have not seen a single Echo Drop in any shop and I'm now at the point of remedies.  I had to spend a lot of time farming steals for echo drops as silence can be a quick killer if my heal person got silenced.  Basically had to keep them equipped with silence proof the entire time as there wern't any echo drops being found or able to buy them.  Saw basically every other status healing shops, just not the echo drops.

I think I changed the Under Junon shop to stock them, and upper Junon should have them as well. The cargo ship shop was changed but not sure what to as the original inventory was just potion/phoenix down. But according to the Wiki I'm seeing that Costa Del Sol, Corel, Gongaga, Cosmo, (maybe Nibel but this wiki says it doesn't stock Ethers when I was fairly sure this is the first place they become available for purchase), Rocket Town, Wutai, Temple, Bone Village, and Mideel all don't have them. The Gold Saucer hotel shop has them but that's a bit out of the way; they should be common to each store on the main story route so I'll swap some shops about to get them in available.

Yeah, but even that didn't work. I had to unsubscribe, go into the ff7 mods folder, manually delete the NT mod info in there, restart, and it still gave me that error when I tried to import. However, when I resubscribed, it seemed to have downloaded the newest version!

That said, I figured out the commands thing: It's a bug with ESUI when combined with NT, it's not able to show the enhanced icons. Apparently that's being worked on!

Oh, and since you wanted to change all the commands, you should know there's one point in early disk 2 (after the City of the Ancients but before Gaia's cliff) where it asks you to hit [ok], and this wasn't replaced by a psx button command. I just remember seeing it and figured you'd wanna know =)

The button icon changes with ESUI seem to work when I try them.

Is it normal that 7th Heaven doesn't let me update? I have to delete NT and then download from the catalog to update.

I made a few updates today so I didn't change the release date in the XML, which is why it didn't detect an update.

Same here, here's the error:

20:34:19|INFO|SeventhHeaven.ViewModels.ImportModViewModel|Mod import progress: Parsing information from mod.xml | 50.00%
20:34:19|INFO|SeventhHeaven.ViewModels.ImportModViewModel|Mod import progress: Copying .iro file to library | 75.00%
20:34:19|ERROR|SeventhHeaven.ViewModels.ImportModViewModel|System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'G:\G-Steam\steamapps\common\Final Fantasy VII\mods\7th Heaven\debe4027-3b07-4fab-a45b-d7acb444973a_FF7 NT IRO.iro' is denied.
   at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
   at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)
   at System.IO.File.Copy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite)
   at _7thHeaven.Code.ModImporter.Import(String source, String name, Boolean iroMode, Boolean noCopy)
   at SeventhHeaven.ViewModels.ImportModViewModel.TryImportFromIroArchive()

I seemed to be able to download it, did you try deleting the previous NT IRO?

Just tested it, now the boss fight is triggered normally when I jump down to that sewer area. Thanks Chief!

And before I apply the latest patch, I did a couple of run into the dark cave, each time doing different things in different order.

Here is what I got,

1.) I got out of the cave by going straight into Shinra HQ without picking up the other team members in different sector of Midgar. After leaving dark cave, I'm stuck with Tifa and Barret, all the other members are locked in the PHS.

2.) This time, before heading to Tifa's Bar, I went to pick up Yuffie and Aerith then head back to the bar and rested. After that I switched out Tifa and Barret with Yuffie and Aerith then head to the tower. After reaching the tower, got stucked after Tifa & Barret came out finished their dialog.

And that's it, I tried my best to describe everything. I know its a bit difficult to understand, because English is not my native language. Sorry about that.  :-[

I didn't think it was possible to go out of Sector 7 before dealing with the pillar. I'll need to check that out.

I'm getting another softlock in the Vector fight. got her down to under 1000 hp, and the game started having trouble. It recovered a few times, with every next choke getting longer until it just stopped completely (music kept going). If I'd have to guess, I'd say it's a memory leak in the AI (the fight was dragging on for quite some time, as it seems my chars are somewhat underpowered), although I have no clue how the memory is managed at all, so that might not actually be possible. I decided to disable all other addons for now, assuming it's an interaction problem somehow.

That sounds odd, if there's an AI problem it'll just hang/soft-lock and won't recover at all. I'll check it over, are you on normal or arrange?

Ok, Sega.. now I have a problem. I spent hours going down the crater. Finally reached the bottom to the part where it the team gives you all the items and the guy appears explaining all the "new threats". However, my PHS is still locked. They only players I can select are Tifa, Cid, and Vincent. I was able to fix this using a save editor, but do you think this will impact the game going forward? The only strange thing I'm noticing so far is that Cloud's ATB resets to blank at the start of every battle.

It won't affect the save file, lock and unlock are just states for the PHS. I'll need to add those flags to the Crater.

Your ATB resetting at the start of a battle is a separate thing that the game does when something is in effect and will be due to something Cloud has equipped (I forget if it's sneak attack, or something else). It was in the base game, but I can't recall what the underlying cause was.

I've patched the Crater thing.

Wow! your reply is really fast  ;D
I applied the patch, now I can pick up Cid. But there's another bad news, I'm still stuck by the car after I picked up Cid.
Sorry for giving you this much troubles.

Oh I forgot to mention I did a quick dark cave revisit and still ran into the same problem before I apply the patch

I checked again, I missed part of the old check. I've replaced it with a key item check which should sort it.

Hello again,

Just signed up to Patreon.

If you can do the same job with FF8 that you have done with this itll be awesome.

Yeah, I'm returning to FF8 NT once 2.0 is out.

No question but just wanted to show Sega some love. This mod is great stuff! Can't imagine how many times you've had to answer the same question in a 385 page thread. Thanks for being so attentive to the community.

Cheers, bud.

Patches are up.

Hi, I updated the mod. But now I ran into another problem, the screen went black then game crashes after I jump down to that area. I think I might just load an earlier save file and visit dark cave to see if I'll ran into the same problem again.

Sorry about that, I guess my script change made it worse (probably been caught in a loop or something). I'll check it again.

Edit: Odd, another label jump's been added to the top of an init script. A quirk of the tool maybe but it only seems to have started happening recently; must be something to do with what I'm doing as I haven't changed tool versions. Oh well, at least I've spotted it. Will upload patches.

Edit2: Removed the loop

Hey again

So I'm just doing the Junon Leagues for the first time. I'm curious. How many rounds am I supposed to go against the three guys? I'm doing the Pugilist Tier, I'm currently sitting on 124 points in the Division but it doesn't seem to end. I've done well over 10 rounds and its getting pretty tedious as there's no visible end in sight. I'm reluctant to retire.

It's only supposed to be 2 rounds, not sure how that's happened. I'll have a look.

Thanks to A. P for the donation; sorry about the Mideel thing, it was a debug routine left on an NPC. I think it's been removed from the latest versions though.

Ah fair enough,

When I was escaping the reactor a minute ago I wondered if ot might be something really close to the start.

Itll be cool to eventually see whatever it is.

Is 2.0 going to be wildly different from what we have now or still fairly similar?

It's a full overhaul so it may do; some of the stuff from 1.5 is coming over though like the source-point system.

I'm back with another "problem"! I put that in quotes for 2 reasons: 1) I'm still using the catalog version of the IRO so I'm not 100% sure if it's up to date (I uninstalled and reinstalled), and 2), I feel like most people would see this as a good thing.

Anyway, Yuffie seems to be maintaining Perfect Dodge even after the message says she's lost it. I'm trying to limit-train her, and I cannot for the life of me get anything to hit her more than once with a physical attack! I can switch to magic-wielding foes, but for right now it seems like her stats aren't actually resetting upon being hit with magic.

Also, speaking of secrets, any hint about the secret 10th party member that's teased in the party list when you're checking your SP?

I think this must be why I stopped using allocation and went to addition, looks like it has its own problem with resetting back to the original value. I'll see what I can do.

There is no 10th party member; the 10th slot was a random string I used to test a total SP counter but forgot to remove it. It's on every save point unfortunately so removing it would be a bit of a undertaking.

Hey Sega Chief,

Just reinstalled FF7 today ready for another go at NT.

I have to ask out of sheer curiosity, what is the hidden enemy no one has found in 5 years?

Even if you dont spoil it here and PM me with it I'm just really intrigued!

Though if you dont want to say I obviously understand.
Looking forward to 2.0.


It was a bit of a dud I'm afraid, I actually forgot all about that message until recently when someone brought it up. The boss it refers to is no longer accessible due to some changes made in the Dark Cave conclusion. There was a window of time where it could be found in the diorama room during the timed escape but that part no longer occurs.

I'll keep the current secret boss for 2.0, but the whole secret boss thing has kind of flown the nest I'd say.

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