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General discussion / FF7/FF8 Steam Newegg Sale ($3.60)
« on: 2015-11-28 22:13:27 »
If anyone was looking into picking up the Steam version of FF7 then NewEgg seems to have a Black Friday deal going on that's dirt cheap, should be there for the weekend. FF8 seems to be going for the same price:

Edit: Okay, seems to have ran out of stock for the UK but could be still there for other places.

Hey all,

We discussed this before a way back, but I've been having trouble getting a value to write to a variable within battle for use on a field screen. I took Barret's old Battle Date variable from the default Kernel AI script and put it into an enemy's death counter script to try it out. Would appreciate if someone who knows the AI stuff better than I do could look at this real quick:

Code: [Select]
11 0000
60 50
60 00
01 0000
11 2018
01 2010
11 2010
01 2010
60 01

0x000LocalVar:0000 <- 80
0x006TempGlobal <- &GlobalVar(0000)
0x00CUnknown(2018) <- GlobalAddress
0x013GlobalAddress <- GlobalAddress + 1

Have I made a mistake here? It (supposedly) works in the kernel AI for cloud's Physical Counter group but maybe it needs to be handled differently in an enemy's death script?

Hey all,

I was wondering if it was possible to reduce the movement speed of the player-controlled group by about 50%; I tried using the flevel script command to set it's movement speed that way but I think this only affects scripted movement rather than player-controlled movement. I checked certain fields like gaia_32 where Cloud seems to move slower than normal but couldn't spot anything. Any ideas? Is it handled by the .exe or is there something in the flevel I've missed?

Troubleshooting / FF7 1998 Problem - New Graphics Card?
« on: 2015-09-12 16:04:09 »
Hey all, so I encountered a problem where FF7 1998 (converted with 7H & using Aali's 8.1 driver) will close down on start-up with no error message. In the past this has happened due to a file being misnamed somewhere but this time everything's got the correct name so I'm at a bit of a loss.

I recently installed a new graphics card though, an Nvidia GTX970, and I remember there being trouble of some kind with certain brands of card when running FF7 a while ago; could it be related to that? It's the only thing I've really changed in the PC since I last played it. Any help/info/ideas about what the problem is would be appreciated.

Edit: The Steam version seems to work fine, and I tried replacing the 1998 files that I usually mod with default ones in case one had been corrupted but same thing; closes down before the Eidos movie can play.

Hey all,

I was wondering what the triggers were for the game to load a Mystery Ninja encounter? I got a bug report on a different forum where someone managed to get one of these encounters despite having Yuffie already recruited. In NT, the event where she's recruited was modified and the battle is triggered from the field screen instead of the world map (it was to make her a mandatory party member to deal with the three-party Bizarro fight at the end of the game + deal with a common complaint where players had trouble finding her in Junon's forests).

Thing is, I made sure to keep all the variable switches in both the field script and the in-battle AI. So I'm wondering if there's another trigger somewhere? Is something flipped when the normal Mystery Ninja battles are activated from the World Map?

Edit: I found these in the save map on the Qhimm wiki (copied as-is):
0x0D29   1 Byte   Yuffie can be found in the forests? (LSB only) others used?

0x0D73   1 byte   Yuffie Regulary. Has the character entered the party regulary? For example Yuffie further appears in the forest if this option is off.
0x6E: Yes; 0x6F: No

I cross-referenced it with DLPB's save map database, and it seems that the first one is field script though Makou couldn't find any in the field code (though that's partially the reason the database was made; Makou can't find certain used variables) while the second contains world map triggers like the buggy breaking down, etc.

I'm thinking because of that the second one is more likely to be what I'm looking for. I was going to set up a special dialogue tree to try and find out which of the 8 bits in this variable have been flipped (after teleporting to the Junon area and encountering/recruiting Yuffie from a new game to try and keep any of the other bits from being flipped) but I don't know what that 6E/6F =Yes/No is referring to above (is it the bit address? If so, which one?)

Hey guys,

I'm hunting for the OpCodes that handle the 'Weak to' elemental flags (I've only got Absorb and Null in my notes); has anyone happened to find them or do these flags not exist? The Ops for Auto-Hit & Half Damage ones would be handy too.

I've been trying to set up 'static' character stats that remain the same no matter what level and while I've been able to set up the stat-growth curves to do this, Cait Sith & Vincent's starting stats are very difficult to fine-tune because their initial stats aren't present in the kernel (or at least they're not shown in WallMarket; I think the only way they can actually be changed is in the .exe, but I'd like to avoid coupling the NT Mod with a mandatory .exe patch if possible).

I was wondering though if Sources used on Young Cloud and Sephiroth carry over onto Cait and Vincent? I'd be able to adjust their starting stats this way if that's the case; does anyone know if this happens, or do the sources used on Y. Cloud and Seph vanish when the game overwrites them with Cait & Vince?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 Sound Effects
« on: 2015-05-20 15:31:04 »
I recently found Luksy's sfx tool, and I was interested in finding out about what limitations to keep in mind when replacing sound effects; for instance, is there a limit on how long the sound effect can be, which audio channels it uses, etc? I'm thinking about replacing the uncommon/rare ones for use as Ambient (rain fall, for instance).

Troubleshooting / Sephiroth's AI
« on: 2015-05-14 00:21:39 »
I've encountered an unexpected and annoying problem. In NT, there's a cutscene skip for the Nibelheim Flashback but as an easter egg for players who did the flashback anyway, I set up Young Cloud and Sephiroth to be player-controlled with a small arsenal of high-level Materia. It worked fine until what must be very recently.

Young Cloud is still controllable, but Sephiroth seems to have bugged out. His Main AI appears to be active, despite there not being any which results in a 'blank' turn. The flags for both to make them invincible to damage also appear to be non-functional.

Some character AI was added recently to the others; is there a limit to how much AI the kernel can hold? At the moment the total script size is just over 1000; is that above the limit (if there is one)?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Item Sorting
« on: 2015-04-19 15:12:39 »
Hey all,

I had a question about how items are sorted through the inventory using the different categories. I've always used Type as it sorts by their actual item index, but a few people have been asking about the others like sorting for Battle (damage dealing items I imagine) and finding it to be a bit all over the place. Is there a way to change the way these sort categories behave? Or is there info on how they sort items anywhere?

Troubleshooting / Running with Intel Integrated
« on: 2015-04-07 23:29:11 »
Hey all,

I upgraded my PC recently and added a graphics card (nothing heavy-duty, just a budget-friendly Asus 6670 HD) but I'm finding FF7 to be a tad choppy now and then in the world map and certain other places. I've been told that it runs a lot better with an integrated 'card' (I used to play it through an Intel integrated on my old PC which was nice and stable); what are the steps to getting a game to run through integrated rather than the dedicated graphics card? This is the first card I've owned, and I'm not sure of the steps. A lot of forums tend to be focused on dealing with the opposite problem of getting games to NOT run on integrated :p

In short, is this possible? I think that a re-balance of FF7's battles needs something to be done with it's formulas. I've done what I can with fine-tuning, cuts, and other tricks but that can only go so far.

What I was specifically interested in was cutting down the Physical formula's dependency on Level, repurposing formulas for pulling other stats for calcs that use VIT or SPR instead of STR or MAG (I saw Stamina being used in a FF6 mod in place of Vigor/Magic for certain attacks and healing spells which created some interesting depth), adjusting the multipliers for Ultimate Weapon formulas, and giving magic attacks a critical hit check. How viable would any of these be?

I was testing out Midgar for NT 1.3 when I ran into a strange error when trying to fight Air Buster. The game crashed and threw out this error: Instruction at 0x005d9049 referenced at 0x038effff couldn't be written (1998 throws this out, while Steam just reports an unhandled exception).

I've not seen something like that before; can anyone advise on what the potential issue could be? From what I can see, there's nothing visibly wrong with either the enemy or the formation in the editors. Other encounters loaded from this scene appear to be functioning normally and I'm going to try using a back-up in case there's some kind of corruption but would appreciate any info on what the error is related to.

Edit: It's not the model either; a new formation using this enemy is functioning normally (just tested it).

Edit 2: Fixed it, was an AI issue related to levels. Sorry for making a new thread, just panicked a bit and thought that the scene.bin was corrupt or something.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Snow Field Encounters
« on: 2014-12-13 22:16:24 »
I'm trying to clear space in my NT Mod's scene.bin and one area that takes up a huge amount of space with duplicate monsters is the Great Glacier. Before I start shrinking/deleting formations here though, I wanted to double-check with someone that there were no Snow Field encounters in scenes 168-173 (the pseudo world map where flag poles are planted). As far as I know all the world map encounters are at the top of the scene.bin but just wanted to avoid any potential problems.

So one thing that could be handy is centralising all the known hacks/fixes for FF7.exe into one file that can be added to and customised fairly easily:

I put this .txt together for use with DLPB's 'HextLauncher' (just drop it in the HE_in folder after installing HextLauncher, and set yourself user permissions to edit the .txt file as needed like you'd do with Aali's .cfg). These effects can all be activated independently from one another by deleting the '#' symbol from the line. To de-activate them again, restore the '#' symbol:

Note that all of the hacks here were found on threads posted by other contributors, so full props to them for this stuff:

-) Long Range enemy attacks (all enemy physical attacks will be long range, unless the short range flag is ticked for attacks using the PrC tool).

-) Poison Options (allow enemies immune to poison element to get status and to change element of poison status 'tick' damage)

-) Materia Equip Effects (the ones listed in the file are custom-made for the NT Mod, but they can be altered for other uses)

-) Command Materia - Commands don't overwrite the Attack command but instead are placed in a new slot

The rest are untested:

-) Mega-All no longer gives Slash-All

-) Disables Materia Split on Master (used in N7 so should work)

-) Cait Sith & Vincent starting stats/equipment editor (I'm not convinced these are the correct addresses, though)

-) Snowboard NTSC Times Fix (this is in DLPB's mod, so likely working)

If this was built upon, it could be a very handy modder's resource for making edits easier, something that could just be distributed and dropped in without having to bother with .exe patches and the like. It'd also give a little more versatility to Gameplay mods that come out that would have otherwise been limited to editing the scene, kernel, etc. Either way, I'll be adding to the notepad whenever I see something; I've got my eye on another forum that appears to be applying Gameshark codes to FF7 Steam's .exe (one of their members was able to add an E.Skill to Cloud's equipment with specific skills learned on it rather than all of them) so I want to try and add those in.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Sound Effects in Makou
« on: 2014-11-12 01:42:01 »
Hey all,

One of the things I'm missing from my notes is a proper listing of the game's sound effects for use with Makou Reactor (what I'm looking for at the moment is the Phoenix Down sound effect but it's likely I'll need to get a list together for quick reference soon). Does anyone have such a list already kicking around that they could share?

Hey all,

Was wondering if there was a way to either speed up or cut short Summon animations in FF7. I'm specifically wanting to cut Bahamut-ZERO down to the last segment when the beam actually hits; is this possible?

[FF7 2D Menu Sprites - AbyssWolf]

Download Link

This is a quick Menu mod that replaces the FF7 menu portraits with the 2D Sprites made by AbyssWolf.

Direct the Installer to the 'Data' folder of your installed copy of FF7; listed are the default directories, but custom directories (such as C:\Games) will work as well:

-) C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data

-) C:\Program Files (x86)\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data

If you experience any problems, leave reports and questions on this forum thread. One problem you may encounter is with the download of the installer itself; due to it's rudimentary nature, browsers such as Chrome tend to flag it as malicious. If this happens, recover the file from the Download section of the browser and enjoy a Doom reference when marking it as safe. However, to ensure security only download the installer from this Qhimm Forum thread. On the upside, the installer is fairly straightforward to use.

The Sprite author, AbyssWolf, made all the artwork patched in by this mod, which was made with his permission:
-) Deviant Art Profile:
-) Tumblr Profile:

The guy has quite a lot of other neat sprite artwork on there. I recommend checking it out.

Hi all,

At the moment I'm trying to come up with a in-game enemy AI system that would allow for 2-3 different settings, adjusting the EXP given by enemies (and in some cases their stats depending on the chosen setting). Basically it would be fast, normal, and slow; it'd let people choose between playing a 'fast' game or getting stuck into a lasting challenge. It could also be changed mid-game without any consequences.

I've got a pre-battle AI template set up, but what it needs is a trigger that can be set through the field. I've been looking at the character AI that handles 'Love Points' through Global Variables as a point of reference but I'm a little unsure about the way functions with these are carried out and how the numbers used determine the variable address. 7H could easily skirt this by swapping in different scene.bins, but I want to keep the non-7H version of the mod as functional as possible and keep file clutter down for the planned 7H one.

That, and I reckon having global variables to make use of in AI might lead to some interesting new possibilities when making enemies beside stat alterations. Let's say you're fighting Reno and Poison is effective so you use it against him. A variable flips when it returns true that the actor is poisoned; this then unlocks AI in subsequent fights (using that global variable) where he makes use of an ability that prevents or gets rid of Poison because of what happened in the last encounter. Recurring enemies with 'evolving' AI like that could be a good laugh, and be used to present different kinds of challenges. There's a lot of other possibilities as well.

I'd appreciate pointers on these global variables; I'm already finding this to be a bit of a nightmare for my usual trial & error approach  :(

General discussion / FF7 Music behaviour poll
« on: 2014-07-25 18:43:30 »
Hey folks, was hoping you could help me out by lending your opinions on something.

I've got two flevels for my mod; one has normal music behaviour; battle theme plays, victory fanfare plays, no change. But the other doesn't play the battle theme or victory fanfare for random encounters on field screens. The idea was to make each area's encounters feel more specific to the area you were in and cut down on fatigue from hearing the battle/fanfare too many times. This isn't used for world map or boss battles (some other encounters are also exempt). It can be seen/heard here at 7:12 -

At the moment I'm about to go ahead with some extensive flevel changes to make v1.2 of the NT Mod which would be making use of 7H and breaking the flevel.lgp down into it's constituent files so it's easier to distribute and blend with other mods. Thing is, it'll get trickier to support both flevels the further I go so I want to drop one of them in favour of the other. I'd like to keep the Field Music one but I imagine that the majority of people would prefer the regular music behaviour. Got a strawpoll set up here:

Hi folks,

I'm having a go at re-designing the Lost Number battle and my idea was to make the fight revolve around a mathematical riddle. The player has to make the value of the variable land on a certain number to trigger one of his two transformations (if 'killed' in his composite state, he revives and resets the variable).

Thing is, a fight like this could be quite awkward so if I went with this prototype I'd want the player to have an easy way of keeping track of the variable. Is there a way to have the game read and print the value of a variable as a text string? I'm not sure how to represent the variable in the string.

Hey there, folks.

I cobbled together a Lv.1 mod for someone recently and figured I'd release it here too for anyone who's interested in running a Lv.1 challenge (without the headache of setting it up). Essentially, this mod sets all characters to start at Lv.1 and all enemies give 0EXP. It also covers Cait Sith and Vincent by setting their EXP charts high enough so that their starting EXP doesn't push them up to Lv.2 automatically when they join the party. For Cloud's Lv.1 stats, I've used the in-game stat tables (so rather than using Young Cloud's Lv.1 stats, I've used what I'm hoping is Cloud's 'natural' Lv.1 stats; if not, it's fairly consistent with the other character's Lv.1 stats in any case).

-Mod Link-

The installer is compatible with both the 1998 and Steam releases; you'd select the data folder for the 1998 installation or the lang-en folder for the Steam installation. If you have any questions or if you find a bug with this mod, then let me know. The installer is around 5MB in size.

Hi all, I've been making tentative steps into FF8 modding with an aim of making a special mod specifically for a challenge run. Was hoping to get some advice about making certain things happen with the game using the currently existing editors. If anyone has some Gameshark notes that could make these things happen, though, then I'd be very interested in that too.

First, I was wondering if it's possible to have all enemies/bosses in the game have the Aura effect active at all times. Aside from the strength boost, I was reading about the special attacks that certain monsters gain access to under Aura; are there many of these attacks or is it limited to Thrustaevis, Raijin, and GIM52A? (pulled this info from the Wiki). I know it's unlikely, but is there a flag for Auto-Aura or a way to insert some AI into the enemies that has them placed under the Aura effect? If it's not possible/feasible at the moment, then no worries.

As a back-up, I was thinking of doing a Lv100 run but I thought it would be a nice twist to do it with an initial-level party, rather than a Lv100 party. Is it possible to circumvent the game's mechanics and have enemies spawn at Lv100 regardless of party level? A few folk told me that the enemy level is fixed for certain areas, like the Lunatic Pandora, so I was wondering if there was something in the flevel that activated this and which could be altered and applied to more areas (haven't had much luck deciphering the scripts). I also read somewhere that the way the game handles enemy level and where this calculation takes place is currently unknown, but it never hurts to ask.

Any advice that can be offered would be appreciated. Could always do a plain ol' Lv100 run with other challenge conditions but there's something about fighting golden enemies that just seems appealing, y'know?

[New Threat Mod v1.5]

[September 1st 2019] - Regular Installer

[September 1st 2019] - 7th Heaven IRO
*NOTE: Specifically for use with the mod-loader program 7th Heaven (7H).
For more information:

Temporary Document to locate Weapons, Enemy Skills, etc. (contains spoilers)


[Prototypes & Variants]

Spanish Version
Thread Link
*The Spanish version of NT was put together and translated by Markul; be sure to give him props.

[September 1st 2019] - Vanilla Combat
Version of NT using vanilla enemies + characters but using NT's field scripts. Most new encounters were also disabled and unique items held by these encounters were returned to their original locations.

Installer - Download

7th Heaven IRO - Download
*This IRO is a version of FF7 NT with just the updated script + events, but using default enemies/combat system.

[Feature List]
Spoiler: show

~~Features Overview~~
Below is an overview of each feature offered by the mod, broken down into section.
More detail of the changes can be found on the respective feature's page.

Event Scripting & Dialogue
-) Text:
   + Dialogue in the game, and all other text, revised.
   + Plot points made clearer & general grammar improved.
   + Original style and quirks maintained.

   The goal of this change was to provide a better script while also retaining
   what makes the game's dialogue unique. Characters generally speak in the same
   way that they originally did, and new scenes were written carefully to make
   them fit with the rest of the game.

   These changes should not be viewed as a retranslation of the original script
   in the Japanese version, though it was referred to at times for some of the
   more obfuscated scenes.

-) Events:
   + Deactivated/bugged scenes restored to working order.
   + Party members can be found and interacted with in towns/cities.
   + Additional sidequests added.

   A number of scenes exist in the game files that were either stripped out or
   left unactivated due to oversights. The majority of these have been restored
   and in some cases adapted into a more complete scene.

   While visiting towns, the player can find various party members around the
   area with their own dialogue (which may change depending on the player's
   progress through the story).

   New content was added that provides optional encounters or gates off certain
   items/abilities. Each character has their own encounter to deal with in order
   to obtain their final Limit Break, for instance.

Battle Balancing
-) Curve of Progression:
   + Intended to be moderate with a stable curve to the end.
   + Grinding not intended to be required but EXP is freely available if needed.
   + NOT a Hard-Type mod, though some difficult optional encounters exist.

   FF7 NT's aim is to avoid the label of being a 'hard-type' hack, the name of which
   carries a stigma of punishing fights, HP bloated enemies, and unfair mechanics.
   The goal with this mod is to strike a balance between being accessible while also
   having enough weight in its combat to make it satisfying to play.
   That's not to say there aren't some excellent hard-type mods out there; Gjoerulv's
   Hardcore mod is the best you'll find for testing your knowledge of FF7 mechanics to
   its limits. But NT is trying to occupy a spot that's around the midcore area;
   something that can be played casually while enjoying the enhanced features present.
   Players will be looking for, and expecting, different things from their FF7 playthrough and
   it's impossible to cater for both extremes. Instead, NT looks to cover as wide an area as
   possible in the middle; for players who hit a problematic spot, grinding for additional
   levels/items is easier than it was in the base game. For players wanting a more serious
   challenge, optional encounters can be found and the Arrange Mode (hard mode) setting may
   provide that challenge.

-) Characters:
   + Each party member has more defined base stats.
   + Unique innate ability for each character to use in battle.
   + Player chooses which stats to raise to help make character builds.
   A criticism made of FF7 characters is that, in-battle, they can feel interchangeable
   due to the lack of a character-specific skillset (Limits not withstanding).
   NT first tackles this by altering the base stats of each character to make their role
   in battle feel more defined.
   Going further, an innate ability was added to each character that either works passively or
   is activated by the player. These abilities cover effects such as surviving a KO once per battle
   while retaining all buffs/any queued actions, raising stats over time or in response to certain
   actions, refreshing MP, and others.
   In addition to that, the stat growth of each character is no longer tied to level.
   Instead, after unlocking this feature the player purchases upgrades for the character
        to develop their stats. Players may want to build on the established strengths of a character,
        address some weaknesses they have, or maybe even take them in a radical direction like turning
        Barret into a tanky spellcaster or Aeris into a front-line fighter.

-) Equipment:
   + Full revamp of every weapon, armour, accessory, and item.
   + New effects and stat gains on equipment.
   + Better item effects.
   Equipment serves as the other half of preparing a player party, with most pieces
   having either a stat bonus or other effect like elemental/status resistance to consider.
   These can be used to either bolster a character's stronger stats, round out weaknesses,
   or exploit a weakness in local random enemies or a specific boss.
   Items also have more consistent effects and provide more utility. Potions raise HP by 300
   making them more relevant through early areas of the game and attack-items are more rounded out.
   Some new items have also been added with their own effects to discover.
-) Materia & Spells:
   + All spells revamped.
   + Materia AP, Spell-Lists, and Bonus/Penalties revised.
   + New Materia and Spells added.
   Every spell was tweaked and some effects modified to bridge some gaps and create more balance
   and variety in the player's magical arsenal. Enemy Skills were mostly revamped to remove redundancies
        and make some more interesting effects available that would be out of place in the conventional spell-set.
        Summons ignore magic-defence, making them useful as a panic button or for busting highly defensive enemies
        and some additional spells were added like Osmose and water/holy element equivalents to the Contain spells for late-game.
   Materia has some alterations to AP levels and some new ones were produced to handle new spells like
   the Osmose Materia. Some Materia like Summons have been locked to 1-star and cannot be divided; to
   account for this, the way in which Master Magic, Command, and Summon are obtained has been changed;
   they will no longer consume all the requisite Materia when being made, but can also only be obtained
   Finally, Materia has had the stat bonuses and penalties they give altered. HP penalties are less
   prevalent with basic Magic materia and more situational Materia like status magic now carries some
   better benefits to make them less of a dead weight when their spell isn't required.

-) Enemies:
   + Comprehensive overhaul of enemy stats, attacks, formations, and AI.
   + Remixed version of every boss.
   + Brand new enemy/boss encounters.
   Every enemy in the game has been updated with stats that better fit the intended curve of progression,
   adjusted attacks (and some new ones), some alterations to the formations they appear in, and more
   importantly a full re-write of the majority of their AI. Unique behaviour has been maintained and
   rewrites were made to fix bugs or to make the mechanic(s) more prominent.
   Each boss found in the game has had more drastic changes made and will be sporting some brand new
   attacks and behaviour in addition to their visual changes (mostly palette swaps, but in some cases
   a few model modifications). A retry option was also added to a number of boss encounters that occur
   during the lengthier story segments (which comes with an opportunity to adjust party set-up).
   In addition to the pre-existing monster roster, brand new enemies were also added with their own
   unique models. These new enemy models were made using pre-existing game assets for visual consistency
   with the other enemies found in the game.

Spoiler: show

~~Installation Guide~~
There are two core versions of FF7 PC; the 1998 version, and the 2012/Steam version.
While both have a similar folder architecture there are some key differences that need
to be kept in mind before patching your game:

1) Do NOT use a cracked copy of the game
   Games with patches to beat copy protection tend to have alterations made to the
   executable that are lost when a mod is applied that makes its own changes to that
   .exe file. This will then cause the game to no longer boot as the cracks needed
   to make the game run will be lost.
2) 1998 version compatibility
   Getting the original version of the game to run on a modern PC has some steps involved
   as it was originally designed for the Windows 1998 OS and has pretty severe compatibility
   problems when running on newer operating systems. You will need a copy of Aali's Graphics
   Driver to get the game running in a state similar to the Steam version. Bear this in mind
   if planning to acquire the 1998 PC version.
3) Patching to Spanish/German/French
   The folder architecture and some file names are different in the spanish/french/german
   versions of the game. Compatibility options have been added to the installer but the
   files will mostly be converted into English. However, the mod has been translated to
   French and Spanish and is maintained by Mexico (French version) on and Markul
   (Spanish version).

Next to consider are the modding platforms available for FF7.

1) Stand-alone
   For users wanting to play the NT mod on its own with no other modifications this is the
   fastest and most stable option. The installer will patch the game files and you'll be
   ready to play within a few minutes.
   Download the Stand-alone installer, right-click it to bring up Properties, and ensure that
   the installer has admin permissions + is unblocked (if this option appears).
   Next, make a backup copy of your game's Final Fantasy VII folder; this is to quickly revert to the
   default game files without having to perform a reinstall/file verification to reacquire
   the base files.
   Run the installer as Admin, and progress through until asked for the directory in which
   FF7 is installed. The target address is the folder called Final Fantasy VII (or FF7).
   Confirm and check the installer report; if it was successful, then you're ready to go.
   Also note that the installer is fairly robust; it will overwrite any version of FF7
   so if it has been modded already these changes will likely be lost; on the plus side,
   this also means you don't have to have a 100% clean default copy prior to installation
   and avoids issues with 'unknown version' problems.
2) 7th Heaven Mod Loader
   Often abbreviated to '7H', this is a mod loader that reduces mods down to their constituent
   files in order to combine mods and produce compatibility via a launcher without having
   to manually combine mods together. It has its limitations, some mod types can't be
   combined through this process, and both the program itself and its installation process
   are prone to error.
   A full set of instructions for preparing 7H can be found here:
   Once you have installed 7H and have tested that it is working as intended, you are ready
   for the next step.
   7H uses 'IROs' which are basically mods packaged up for use with 7th Heaven, and are named
   after the original author of the tool. With 7H running, you can either import FF7 NT's IRO
   and activate it that way, or you can activate it through the catalogs available through 7H.
   They are the same file, just acquired in different ways.
   When activating NT's IRO, make sure to have an appropriate mod load order (a
        recommended list can be viewed on the 7H Tutorial).

3) Reunion Modding Platform (IN DEVELOPMENT)
   This is still in development and a section will be added when it officially releases.
4) Sister-Ray Modding Framework (IN DEVELOPMENT)
   This is still in development and a section will be added when it officially releases.

Cross-Platform Modding
Thanks to the efforts of certain individuals, the NT mod has been successfully installed to several
platforms including Android and the Nintendo Switch. No known port has been made to the PS4 version
but as the file architecture is identical to the PC version it may well be possible. I will try and provide support
for cross-platform, but it will be limited as I'm unfamiliar with the process and do not own a Switch to test.

Android: (Unsure where to find out more, a user reported getting this to work)


PS4: Not yet confirmed
Testing the Installation
The final step is testing that the mod has installed correctly across every file; the core files
for NT are: scene.bin, kernel.bin, flevel.lgp, battle.lgp, and the executable. Always start a
new game when playing NT for the first time; character stats and starting equipment is initialised
when starting a new game and will be altered/lost if starting from a pre-existing save file instead.

Scene.bin: This file is where the enemy data is kept. In the first fight of the game against MPs,
these enemies should be called 'MP Trainees' instead.
Kernel.bin: This file is where the equipment, spells, and character stats are stored.
It is also responsible for setting the game's initial state and acts as a look-up table for the scene.bin;
if the kernel is wrong, you'll have the wrong encounters loading in places and other issues.
To test this file, check that Cloud has access to the Fire spell at the start of the game.
If he does, this means that the kernel has been modified successfully.

Flevel.lgp: This file archive handles the game's dialogue and events.
When starting a new game, a new set if dialog boxes and options should appear
for selecting Game Type instead of jumping straight into the opening FMV.
.EXE: This file is what makes the game run and contains various pieces of information such as Limit Break data.
To test this has been patched, try using a Potion in the field menu; if it restores 300HP here then the .EXE is patched
(note, this test is to be performed outside of battle; the behaviour of Potions in-battle is handled by the kernel.bin).

1) I've installed the mod and now my game won't run at all
   A) This can be due to either patching a non-English version of the game, patching a pirated
   copy that relies on .EXE hacks to beat the copy protection, or a bad install of the game that
   has been broken by a Windows update (common issue, particularly with the 7H Modified version).
2) I installed the mod but failed one of the installation tests
   A) This issue typically occurs with the 7H version and with the kernel.bin file specifically
   or the .EXE file will fail to patch due to security protection. For best results, it's more reliable
   to have FF7 installed outside of protected systems folders (for instance, outside of Program
   Folders) and to ensure that any installers used are being run as admin & are unblocked via
   properties on your PC.
   If the issue occurs on 7H, then you may need to repeat the installation process for 7H again.
   In severe cases, a manual patch is available which is placing the mod's files directly into
   the FF7 folder. This is available on request if troubleshooting fails.
3) The Installer (stand-alone) says it can't find files to patch/they are already patched
   A) The target directory for the installer changed for the 1.5 and 1.5+ versions of the mod
   from the FF7/Data folder to just the FF7 folder itself in order to apply changes to the
   game's executable file. Older videos and materials of installation will report the target
   directory as FF7/Data so watch out for that.

   Another possibility is permission issues. The Installer should be set to run as admin and
   be unblocked via its Properties. For better results, having FF7 installed in a non-systems
   folder can also help (typically it installs to Program Folders by default which can make
   it more difficult to alter by third party programs).

Spoiler: show

FF7 NT is a gameplay overhaul mod that's aiming to rebalance the game's systems while introducing new/revised content. The level of difficulty is intended to be accessible to all players, with grinding being optional rather than mandatory. Random enemies and boss battles have been revised with new mechanics, story scenes are tweaked with some deactivated scenes renovated for use, and some quality of life additions have been made. The central idea to the mod is to make the game a fresh experience but to also make it 'more of itself'; that means trying to maintain as much of the core game as possible but with adjustments to make the different gameplay elements work together better.

Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions for features are always welcome.

Spoiler: show

*Note: Changelog was not maintained throughout NT's development, so previous updates are not listed or are heavily truncated

May 2019:
July 2018:
June 2018:

v1.5: Current version: undergoing revisions
v1.4: Arrange Mode added
v1.35: Rank-Up added for Sources and character stat advancement
v1.3: General overhaul of battles, etc.
v1.2: Additional features added
v1.1: Rebuild completed
v1.0.5: Hotfixes and amendments
v1.0: Initial release

Spoiler: show

FF7 NT has been a hugely positive part of my life and helped me get into programming, which led to a new vocation as a developer. The mod was only possible to build because of the effort put in by the modding community here in disassembling/supporting the game, and the continued support of players.

Tools & Technical Information:
-) Borde: Kimera & Img2TEX tools
-) DLPB: Assembly lessons, Hext-tools, and Ochu
-) EQ2Alyza: 7H Catalog support
-) Luksy: ULGP tool
-) Myst6re: Makou Reactor tool
-) NFITC1: Wall Market & Proud Clod tools
-) Markul: Creating & maintaining Spanish version of the mod
-) TenkoKuugen: Assembly information
-) Kalderasha: Donated new field models (chibi-style) & 7H support
-) UltimaEspio: Donated Aeris animations from her mod
-) Bosola: OpCode Sheet
-) Gjoerulv: For helping me get set up with modding using Wall Market

Thanks to players who got actively involved with NT's development, providing troubleshooting, feedback, and giving the mod exposure through videos/streaming:
-) Bowser9
-) Cicadian
-) FFMan
-) Jugend/Rob
-) Karifean
-) LetCreativityPlay
-) Loseless
-) Neurosephiroth
-) NGPlus Community (formerly ID Community)
-) PotatoHandle
-) RagingFlare
-) RedManMark86
-) TheStrahl
-) Xerokynos

Special thanks to these three, they've been ongoing supporters of the mod on a technical level for the last couple of years and helped to troubleshoot user problems and maintain interest in the mod. I was really lucky they came along and stuck around:
-) Strife98
-) iDerek759
-) Uprisen

For Donators: I really appreciate the generosity that's been shown, I'll pay it back by making sure NT continues to grow and improve; thanks to all of you.

I was testing fights when I found I'd accidentally left some model IDs unchanged in the scene.bin, so instead of Sweepers and Mono Drives I got a horde of Clod and Harpy instead. Thing is, after a few turns the Clods synched up with each other and started to use two spell animations together at the same time.

It starts after 40s in this vid:

Proud Clod was using his 04 animation (according to the Proud Clod (...) editor) for the spell attacks which is one of his normal animations for attacking (wrist laser) as far as I'm aware. The game locks up when Haste is used with Matra Magic, which I'd presumed was because of a mis-match between Clod's and Harpy's animations but I think they synched with Light Shell and Vacuum prior to that. There was nothing special in the AI that I could see, which I've provided at the end. Is there something different about the way Proud Clod's animations work because of his Jamar Armor? Anyone got any ideas on this or seen something like it before? If it's not specific to Clod then it could perhaps be used (with some finesse) for 'combining' spell animations in gameplay mods. Maybe.

'Proud Clod'/Sweeper AI
Code: [Select]
0x000 If (Random MOD 4 == 0)
0x000 {
0x009 TargetMask <- RandomBit(AllOpponentMask)
0x011 Perform("Matra Magic"[0052], EnemyAttack)
0x016 }
0x016 Else
0x016 {
0x019 }
0x019 Else
0x019 {
0x01C If (Random MOD 4 == 1)
0x01C {
0x021 If ( (AllOpponentMask.Status:Darkness == 0) )
0x021 {
0x02E TargetMask <- RandomBit( (AllOpponentMask.Status:Darkness == 0) )
0x03D Perform("Tear Gas"[0119], EnemyAttack)
0x043 }
0x043 Else
0x043 {
0x046 TargetMask <- RandomBit(AllOpponentMask)
0x04E Perform("W-Suppressor"[0118], EnemyAttack)
0x054 }
0x054 Else
0x054 {
0x057 }
0x057 Else
0x057 {
0x05A TargetMask <- RandomBit(AllOpponentMask)
0x062 Perform("W-Suppressor"[0118], EnemyAttack)
0x068 }
0x068 Else
0x068 {
0x06BPOP(Random MOD 4)

'Harpy'/Mono-Drive AI
Code: [Select]
0x000TargetMask <- RandomBit(AllyMask)
0x008 If (Not  (Random MOD 4) )
0x008 {
0x010 Perform("Heal"[026A], EnemyAttack)
0x016 }
0x016 Else
0x016 {
0x019 Perform("System Upgrade"[0013], EnemyAttack)

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